Chapter 412 – Sword Justice (End)

While Seta rushed over to do battle with Kress, the Testament of Greed, in order to buy Dominic time as he headed over to the cage his friend was locked in. Kneeling in front of the cage, he stared with a saddened expression on his face at the dishevelled form of his friend.

“Nara?” he called but no answer returned. Once again, he called in a louder voice, “Nara,” and once again there was no reaction.

Nara just sat there without moving a muscle and showed no reaction to his name being called repeatedly by his friend. It was as if the man, sitting at the back of the darker side of the cage, was no longer himself. All signs showed that he was in some kind of trance with the way there was no light in his gloomy eyes.

“Damn! How could this have happened to you?” Dominic thought as feelings of great anger and sadness rose up from within.

Nara Simhara was a strong warrior with an intense amount of energy and discipline when he faced his opponents, but when he was away from the battlefield, he was different. The War Titan, when away from the battlefield, was quite peaceful, quite cheerful and, most important of all, he was a simple loving person. While he did pick fights with Lagron, he did it mostly because the Dragon Titan never showed respect for his best friend, the Sword Titan.

“Nara…” whispered Dominic, staring at his friend’s lonely form in sadness.

At that moment, a resounding boom occurred nearby, and he turned in its direction to see Seta fighting fiercely against Kress. Momentarily surprised by the intensity of their battle, he pulled himself together and turned back to face his friend with a determined expression on his face.

“Nara! Listen to me! I don’t know if you can hear me or not, but listen to my voice!” Dominic said in a fierce voice with a serious expression on his face.

His words seemed to momentarily punch through Nara’s haziness, which could be seen by the slight grunt and a slight movement he made with his body. Dominic smiled inwardly, but kept up a determined expression on his face as he continued to speak in a serious voice.

“Nara! I don’t know what you are experiencing, whether it’s good or bad, but you must snap out of it! I don’t know if you think you’re hallucinating my voice or not, but it’s the truth! You can hear me because you are trapped inside yourself! Snap out of it because we need you! The world needs you and… most important of all…” he hesitated for a brief second before finishing with a small smile formed on his face, “I need you, my friend! I need my best friend back with me!”

As soon as he finished those words, another boom like explosion occurred at the place of the fierce battle between the Sacred Spirit and the Testament of Greed. The shock was felt on the battlefield within the Unconscious World, but another shock had occurred within Nara as he, once again, made slight movements with his body as a sign that he was responding.

“Remember when I once told you how evil is something that is not easy to defeat, but at the same time, it is not something we should let ourselves be conquered by. Do you know why I said that?”

He paused for a moment to take a deep breath and while not expecting a response, he continued to speak.

“The reason is: we are different to the normal! We’re different, we’re strong, and we have the power to make the difference! That’s why we cannot allow ourselves fall into darkness! We are the Nine Pillars of Power, and you are one of our mightiest warriors, the War Titan! Nara Simhara!”

His words seemed to pierce deep into the haziness that covered Nara’s mood, which made him slightly flinch. Dominic did not miss that movement and so he continued speaking words to encourage him.

“Fight it, Nara! Fight it because you’re a fighter; a true warrior! No evil can keep down a guy like you, so come on! Fight back and return to us so that we can vanquish this evil and go home!”

The look on Nara’s deadpan face changed a little and for a fraction of a second, it looked like light returned in those eyes. It was more than enough to make Dominic feel like he had achieved something within the desperate situation he and his Sacred Spirit were facing.

At that moment, he sensed the execution of a sinister energy from somewhere nearby. A moment later, the battlefield was gone, consumed by a veil of twisting darkness that showed no thickness or depth. Only a small light hung over him and the prison cell that trapped his friend.

“What’s this?!” he exclaimed sharply at the unbelievable thing that occurred.

Looking around, he noticed Seta surrounded by a glowing light from above like him while surrounded by the same twisting darkness that surrounded them. He witnessed her activate her sword and use an attack that caused a blinding light to erupted out of her sword. For a moment, the surrounding darkness was dispelled and a glimmer of what was normal appeared, but it did not last long as the darkness seemed to suck the energy dry and covered the space with darkness once more.

“Damn! Is it no good?” he whispered, becoming seriously worried now that his Contracted Spirit’s technique had failed to pierce the darkness. “Just what is this darkness anyway…?”

While he was contemplating, he heard strange sound and much of the sounds were growling sounds of monsters. Returning to the present and looking around, he was startled to see multiple red glowing eyes appear in front of him. That was not the only place as many red glowing eyes appeared all over their surroundings. It was an incredible sight that made him feel frustrated at how the situation was becoming disadvantageous for them.

“Master!” Seta’s voice rang in his mind and in that moment, a sword materialised in front of him before her voice continued to say, “Be careful! I feel a tremendous twisted energy emanating from our surroundings!”

“Yeah. I felt it too, but we can do this!” he spoke in his mind with a confident voice. “Just activate your Dominion of the Blades!”

There was a moment of pause before she telepathically replied, “Unfortunately… I cannot use it here.” As he made an exclamation on his face and turned to face her, she continued to speak in his mind while fighting off shadow creatures, “While that technique will clearly dispel the darkness and bring forth light, it’s an extremely dangerous technique to use here because it will transform this space into my domain. That’s not good because it’s originally Nara’s domain that is not possessed, so if I were to forcefully use my domain, I don’t know what kind of problems or side-effects will happen to him.”

“In other words, it’s a risky move to use it since it might harm Nara in a serious way,” replied Dominic in his mind with a disgruntled expression on his face. When she replied with a “Yes,” he sighed deeply and responded by saying, “Very well. Let’s hold them off for the moment, but do your best, Seta! Find that bastard and keep him occupied because I have a feeling Nara is going to be awakening soon!”

“I understand,” replied Seta and that was the end of their conversation.

As soon as the conversation ended, Dominic gathered Weapon Force into his sword and swung around at the shadow creatures that were aiming for him. A powerful slicing golden energy wave was released and it swept the horde of monsters, killing them in the process and momentarily splitting the veil of darkness. It looked like success at first, but the curtain of darkness filled the gap, which made him click his tongue and look around at the many monsters swarming towards him.

“Come at me, you bastards! I’m not leaving without my friend’s freedom!” he shouted with a determined expression on his face.


Meanwhile, within the layer of consciousness of Nara that sat inside the dark prison, something mysterious was happening. That strange occurrence was, in fact, him living his daily life happily with his parents in peace.

It was a bright day with the sun shining brightly above with a few clouds covering the sky. On the ground and in the Simhara Beast Clan village, everyone was bustling about on their regular duties as warriors trained and scholars administer the clan alongside the Simhara Clan Chief. This was a peaceful scenery that showed no signs of hostility and the people were being very friendly with one another.

At a certain building, that was small and stout looking, a woman appeared at the entrance to their house. She had a beast like face that appeared kind with golden hair that fell behind her back. She was wearing simple clothes while an apron was worn at the front of her clothes to keep herself clean.

“Nara? Nara!” she called twice the name of the man she was searching for.

Several meters away, there was the sound of wood being hit by a heavy object before the sound of them splitting. With each swing, the man brought his hand, which was coursing through with Energy Force, down on the gathered wood. A small explosion like sound occurred upon impact and the wood got split before he shoved them aside to repeat this process to the rest of the wood gathered there.

Just then, he heard the sound of his name being called from behind, and he turned around to reveal himself to be none other than Nara Simhara.

“Coming, mother!” he called to his mother in a cheerful voice.

He neatly stacked the chopped wood into a pile before turning around and heading towards his mother while wiping his beastly face with the cloth that hung over his shoulders. His mother, who was the woman who stood at the entrance to the house, smiled patiently as her son quickened his steps to reach her in a matter of seconds.

“Yes, mother? What is it?” he asked the moment he arrived in front of her.

She leaned over to the inside and pulled out a bag that contained a box before handing it over to her son with an explanation of what to do with it.

“Take this and give it to your father at the mines.”

Nara chortled at the sight of the lunch box within the bad and said, “Dad forgot again?”

“Yes… Again,” his mother repeated with a sigh. “Honestly, the new expedition of finding that huge cave.”

That was the truth because, not too long ago, the cave had appeared where there once stood a mountain side cliff. The Simhara Beast Clan warriors trained near the bottom of the cliff regularly, but a few days ago, there was a test to grade the performance of the warriors by the scholars. As such, the battle was fierce until two warriors accidentally plunged themselves into the side of the cliff.

With an explosion sound, the entire cliffside collapsed with the warriors escaping to safety just in time. Once everything cleared, they found a deep cavern had opened up and once they went inside, they were thrilled to find magic stones latched onto the walls. This gave the scholars an idea to prosper the village by mining the cavern for the magic stones and selling them for a high price to merchants that visited them because of how rare and valuable they were.

Due to the amount necessary for the usage of Magic Crystals, the finding of the Magic Stones became a hot topic for the merchants and the world at large. With a more convenient object for use in various things like lamps, forming magic circles and such, the Simhara Beast Clan became busy investing a portion of their warriors into mining the cavern.

Nara’s mother sighed and said in a disappointed voice, “I know it brought us profit and all, but I still wish he took some time off to spend with us.”

He chuckled momentarily at his mother’s sadness because he was used to it and said, “Alright! I’m going!”

“Oh! Be careful!” she called after him as he quickly went on his face.

Nara beamed brightly as he walked into the crowded street where everyone greeted with respect and humility. He replied kindly back to them while feeling inwardly happy and proud of the current situation he was in. His parents dying because of his wild outburst due to a childhood shock and the animosity he faced from his clansmen seemed all like a bad dream that he had last night. Everything felt fresh, and exhilarating for him to be alive and be present in this world.

The cavern was located on the outskirts of the forest surrounding the village, which was usually filled with dangerous monsters because of the continent being the Bazaraka Continent. Even so, he nonchalantly walked into the forest bravely without any sign of fear because he knew he could handle the monsters in that forest fairly well.

Several minutes later, he arrived near the cavern where horse drawn carts were being loaded up with magic stones. These transports were bought by the village chief to help the men carry the magic stones into town to be sold to the merchants that visited on a regular basis now that this village had become fashionably popular.

“Oh? Nara!”

At the sound of the voice calling his name, he turned and beamed at the larger man that approached him. He knew this man as a friendly neighbour that worked alongside his father and seemed to like chatting with his father quite a bit.

“Hello, sir. Have you seen my dad?” Nara greeted the man courteously and asked about the whereabouts of his father.

“Your dad?” the man asked, and he thought for a moment before smiling and saying, “Yeah. He’s inside. Just wait here while I bring him.”

“Thank you, sir!” Nara said with a big smile on his face.

The man left for the inside of the cavern for several minutes before returning with his father right behind him. Nara’s father was a large bulky man with strong muscles and a powerfully built body. Originally, he was a simple man that worked as the assistant for the scholars of the village until the discovery of the cavern, which made him quickly jump on the list of people that wanted to go mining.

“I originally wanted to be strong and rich and now; I finally got my wish!” his dad had told him when asked why he had chosen to quit his previous job.

Since then, his father grew larger and his muscles increased dramatically, which impressed Nara quite a bit.

“I wish I were as strong as dad!” he thought longingly in his mind.

“Nara, my boy!” his father greeted him with a beaming smile on his dirt covered face. “So, what brings you here? Surely you aren’t going to jump the que and start mining here, are you?”

“No, dad! I’m not at your level yet, but I’ll catch up soon so don’t you worry about me!” Nara said confidently with a bright smile on his face.

His father chuckled with a bright grin on his face and said, “I like that bravado! So, what brings you here then?”

Nara lifted the bag with the lunch box inside it and said, “You forgot your lunch… again.”

He added the last word as a joke because this had been happening several times now.

“Ah!” his dad exclaimed, staring at the bag in surprise and looking embarrassed when, at that moment, his stomach grumbled. As his son and neighbour stared at him with amused looks on their faces, he coughed roughly and said, “Okay then! Let’s eat!”

“Ah. Wait just a minute. I’ll bring over mine so we can eat together,” said their neighbour with a smile. Before he could go, he turned towards Nara and asked, “Why don’t you join us, kiddo?”

“Ah. No, sir. Mom’s waiting at home for me, so I really can’t,” replied Nara apologetically in a polite manner.

Their neighbour nodded thoughtfully for a second before saying, “Alright. Guess it’s just the two of us then.”

“Right,” said Nara’s father and winking at his son as a goodbye, the two men began walking away to sit elsewhere.

Nara watched them go and smiled before retracing his steps back to the village in happiness. The world was at peace with each other, so there was not a single thing in the world that could worry him.


He frozen in his movement when he heard a familiar powerful voice whisper his name inside his mind. That was what it looked like to him because he turned around quickly to see if there was anyone there.

“Hello?” he tentatively asked with a nervous look on his face. “Anybody there?”

Total silence greeted him except for the occasional rustling of the leaves as well as the sounds that insects made. Thinking he might have imagined it, the smile on his face returned, and he soon headed back into town. Returning to his wood cutting duties, he continued chopping away at the wood until they were all complete. After which, he would distribute some portion for his house while the rest he sold around the market.


Once again, he froze in a purchase he was making and turned around to look at his surroundings in confusion to find out who was the one that whispered his name. Everyone was bustling about with their daily business without once glancing at him because they were busy.

“Boy, what are you doing?” the salesman asked, looking confusedly at him.

“Oh. Nothing,” replied Nara, and he turned back to haggle the money costs.

At that moment, he heard a louder and similar voice from before that called his name.


Widening his eyes in surprise at the recognition of the voice, he spun around and saw his best friend to have appeared there.

“Dominic!” he exclaimed, looking mightily happy. “How are you?”

“Fine. The usual,” replied his friend with a casual smile on his face.

Nara smiled when he suddenly realised the seller, behind him, was glaring at him. Apologising to wait for a moment, he turned back and quickly completed the sale. With the money in the bag and once it’s stowed inside his pocket, he turned around and began walking with his friend towards his house.

“So, how are Shalany and Ravindra doing?” Nara asked while on their way back.

Dominic’s smile widened, and he replied with, “Yeah! Both are doing fine! Ravindra’s starting to learn the alphabet slowly now and will soon be focusing on other subjects. Thanks to Mariana, the Chand’s family maid, Shalany is having an easier time doing the house chores.”

“Ah,” said Nara shortly with a smile. A moment later, they arrived at his house and he said, “I’ll be back after washing my hands and legs, so go on in first and greet mom.”

“Sure,” replied Dominic as the two winked at each other in a friendly gesture.

As Dominic walked up to the entrance, Nara headed over to the side where a bucket of water and mug were located. It was when he grabbed water with the mug and lifted it when he suddenly heard a sharp familiar voice calling his name.


He was so startled by the voice that he promptly dropped the mug, which fell and spilled water everywhere. That did not matter to him because he had been hearing that voice since that morning and it only seemed to be getting stronger. Thinking about it, he realised the voice belonged to his friend, Dominic, but it was impossible for him to be there since he had just arrived moments before.

“Could be pulling a prank on me by speaking telepathically?” he momentarily thought when the voice spoke in a sharp voice.

“Nara! I don’t know what you are experiencing, whether it’s good or bad, but you must snap out of it!”

“Eh?!” Nara exclaimed in alarm.

The voice seemed to echo from his surroundings, but no one seemed to be able to hear it, otherwise, there would be a big commotion. This made no sense to Nara, who was just living a simple and quiet life in his village when, all of a sudden, he started to hear the voice of his friend, who was inside the house, speaking seriously to him.

 “Oh man… I must be tired to be hallucinating all this,” he thought wearily.

As if in response, Dominic’s voice spoke from the surroundings in a sharp voice that said, “I don’t know if you think you’re hallucinating my voice or not, but it’s the truth! You can hear me because you are trapped inside yourself! Snap out of it because we need you!”

“No… It can’t be…” he muttered, shocked by the revelation as the voice continued speaking.

“The world needs you and… most important of all…  I need you, my friend! I need my best friend back with me!”

“T-T-The… world…?” Nara asked, blinking rapidly in surprise and disbelief. “I don’t understand… but… friends? Dominic?”

He could hear the sadness in the voice and wondered why such a feeling was present. Just then, his friend walked out of the house with a bemused look on his face as he asked, “What are you doing, Nara? Why the delay? Does it take so long to clean your legs and hands?”

He was clearly joking around with him like he normally does, but Nara’s mind was stressed because he was confused. The situation where he heard the voice of Dominic speaking from his surroundings that no one seemed to be able to hear and then his actual friend behaving completely different to what the sharpness of the voice.

“I—!” Nara began when the voice overruled him.

“Remember when I once told you how evil is something that is not easy to defeat, but at the same time, it is not something we should let ourselves be conquered by. Do you know why I said that?”

Nara’s eyes widened in shock by those words and they caused a certain scene to play out inside his mind. The memory showed two people fighting fiercely, but not so seriously to make them seem like enemies. It was like a battle to test their strength against one another and train together to become stronger than before. It was, at that time, he heard those words spoken to by his friend that made him feel puzzled and curious, but his friend refused to answer with a cheeky smile.

“Understand its meaning on your own!” he had said before they resumed their training.

“The reason is: we are different to the normal! We’re different, we’re strong, and we have the power to make the difference! That’s why, we cannot allow ourselves fall into darkness! We are the Nine Pillars of Power, and you are one of our mightiest warriors, the War Titan! Nara Simhara!”

This time, an explosion like effect occurred within Nara, who stood there shocked and dazed. He could not believe the words that the voice was saying, but it did not matter anymore because something was rising up from within him. A certain personality, a certain someone that was different to what he currently was. This entity faced a life of torture, suffering and loneliness that the present him could never understand, but it felt warm and friendly as if they were one.

There was a momentary pause in which Nara closed his eyes as his mind settled with the present him merging with the original him. This brought upon a different personality that was new and exhilarating, which slowly dispelled the negative feelings and empowered him with positive feelings instead.

“Nara? What’s wrong?” Dominic asked, walking over to his friend with a concerned look on his face.

At that moment, the voice spoke one last time in a powerful voice to encourage him.

“Fight it, Nara! Fight it because you’re a fighter; a true warrior! No evil can keep down a guy like you, so come on! Fight back and return to us so that we can vanquish this evil and go home!”

“Yes. You’re right, Dominic. It’s time to fight back,” said Nara, and he opened his eyes with a newly ignited fire burning inside his pupils.

“Huh? Time to fight back? What do you mean?” Dominic asked with a puzzled look on his face.

Nara smile softly at the appearance of his friend and said in a clear voice, “I’m going.”

Looking even more confused, his friend asked, “Going where?”

“Back to my world.”

Dominic blinked in surprise before chuckling in amusement before he said, “Nara, that’s silly. I don’t know what world you’re talking about, but this is your world. Look around you. Your family, the peace, and the nature are so friendly and captivating.”

Nara smiled a little and shook his head before stating, “I will not be tricked by any of this anymore.”

“Well, now… It’s clear you’re not in your right mind, so why don’t you—?”

Dominic was speaking in mid-sentence when Nara charged at him from standstill in a flash. Before he could react, Nara reached him and delivered a powerful punch to his gut. The impact was so strong that Dominic’s eyes widened with shock and he spurt blood out of his mouth before he flew off into the distance.

“Like I said; I will not be tricked anymore, especially from an imposter,” said Nara with a confident smile on his face.

As a response to his behaviour, everything in his surroundings began to change, twist and contort. Soon, the world he knew vanished and only a dark void remained with him being at the centre of it. Nara, who stood with a dim light pouring down him from somewhere high above, smirked as he realised that the void was closing in on him from all sides.

He was about to act when, all of a sudden, he felt the presence of two people standing behind him. Widening his eyes in shock and feeling a strange mixture of emotions, he turned around and saw his mother and father standing there. The two of them were wearing the same clothes and possessed same bodies at the time of their deaths. Surprisingly, they were surrounded by a strange glowing light that emanated particles that came off of them. It had been more than twelve years since he last saw his parents, so he did not know how to react to them being there.

At that moment, he heard his friend’s voice shouting, “Come at me, you bastards! I’m not leaving without my friend’s freedom!”

It looked like he was fighting against something or someone that was dangerous while protecting him. This made his heart ache as he stared at his parents standing there in front of him. He wanted to go and help his friend, but he also wanted to stay behind to be with his parents.

At that moment, his mother silently moved forward and placed a gentle hand on his cheek, and his father moved forward to pat him on the shoulder. They did not seem to be able to speak, but their gesture and its meaning got through to him perfectly. This made him smile and shed a single tear from his eyes for the first time since he witnessed their deaths from the isolated room he was thrown in as a kid.

He felt a great deal of emotions overflowing within him that made him shed more tears, which made his mother rub his cheek gently and his father pat him on the shoulder reassuringly. Nara wanted to spend some time with them, tell them the friends he met, tell them how he met really strong and good-natured people and tell them more, but he knew time was against him.

“Mom… Dad… Thank you for letting me live,” he said simply, rubbing the tears from his face and smiling down at them due to him being taller than them. “If it weren’t for your sacrifice back then, I would’ve died and never had the chance to meet some really great people, especially my best friend, Dominic! I am… truly sorry that I… I was responsible for your deaths,” at this point, he began to cry again and it prompted his parents to gently encourage him, “but I promise you I will be better from now on! So, look on from wherever you are as your son helps his friends and the world!”

His parents continued to move their hands silent to rub his cheeks and pat him on the shoulder for several seconds before breathing away. They walked away from him and turned around to face him with beaming smiles on their faces. Nara’s father was looking at him with a proud expression on his face while his mother smiled with tears of joy trickled down her face. They were happy to see their son all grown up, mature and strong to not be overwhelmed by the weakness of others.

At that moment, the world shook as the void drew closer and closer to where they were standing. Noticing this, his parents looked earnestly at their son with happy smiles on their faces. Nara saw this and resolving to go and smiled sadly at his parents.

“Goodbye… Mom… Dad… It was great seeing you again…” he said slowly. With his feelings strengthened, he turned around with a confident smile on his face as he faced the voice and asked, “So, you think you can kill me, ha…? Well, I guess you don’t know who you’re messing with!”

The void closed in on him at a dangerous pace as he could see the world being eaten away from all sides.

“Well then, let me introduce myself!” Nara said, and he clenched his fists before screaming, “I’m Nara Simharaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!”

With a long-ended scream, he surged with wild power that caused a momentary flash of light before everything became white. A moment later, Nara opened his eyes within the cage he was in and witnessed his best friend battling against dangerous looking shadow creatures with the surroundings completely shrouded in darkness.

He tried to get to his feet, but momentarily stumbled and knelt down instead. Even so, he mustered his strength and rose to his feet before moving towards the other end of the cage to call out to his friend.


“Ah! Nara! You’re awake!” Dominic replied while cutting down the monsters and sending slicing energy waves to all sides. “Quickly, break free of that cage! Only you can do it!”

Nara focused his attention on the prison trapping him inside and smiled in great confidence. He grabbed the cell bars with both of his hands and began to pull them apart, but to his surprise, he was amazed by how strong he was. This actually made him grit his teeth and exert his strength to a great deal as he began to pull the bars apart. He even surged with immense power while radiating red aura that surrounded him, making the ground crack and give way as it took him several seconds before the bars were finally pulled apart.

“Nice!” Dominic said, greeting his friend with a grin on his face. “Good to see your power did not wane.”

“I’m not an old man for my powers to drop so much, although,” replied Nara, and he stared at his hands, which shook a little, and said, “I certainly feel that a part of my power is not responding to me.”

“Ah. The culprit of that would be me. Me!” Kress said, suddenly walking out of the shadows into the dim light with a smirk on his face to see his opponent freed from his cell. As Nara narrowed his eyebrows with anger appearing on his face, the Testament of Greed chuckled and said, “Oh? Getting angry, are we? Don’t be like that. I beat you well and good until your friend and that Sacred Spirit showed up to save your pathetic life.”

Shocked by such insulting words, Dominic moved to cut him down while shouting, “My friend is not pathetic!”

He swung his sword at Kress, but the moment it touched him, the man disappeared into shadow smoke that spread into the wind. Despite that, they still could hear his voice.

“It’s sad, really. I thought you enjoyed that peaceful world you were so thoroughly living through, beast man. Honestly, I wished you would just live it happily since you suffered a lot in this life. Honest!”

While his voice was full of sorrow, they knew he was simply mocking their emotions, but Nara did not lose control. He remained in control, but he was angry and furious at his enemy as he stared into the depths of the darkness surrounding them with a fearsome look on his face.

“It’s a nice dream, but I prefer reality over fantasy because there’s no telling what happens when your wings are clipped and you hit the ground real hard! Even so, thinking you could keep me in that place forever when my friends needed me… you’re out of your mind! Now…! Let me show you what happens to those who mess with me and my friends!”

He clenched his fists and made a fearsome expression on his face as he began to release his power while radiating red aura that surrounded him. Dominic, who was in front, looked over his shoulders temporarily in surprise while fighting the monsters. He was amazed by the amount of energy his friend was releasing, but he got a bigger shock as more and more unbelievable amount of power was unleashed.

“Nara…?!” Dominic exclaimed, not believing what he was seeing and sensing.

“Let me show you what War Judgement looks like!” Nara yelled and began screaming at the top of his lungs like a beast.


As his overwhelming power was released, a flash of light occurred that blinded everyone and caused them to cover their eyes. The blinding light lasted for several seconds before it slowly dimmed and reverted the view back to normal. When they removed their hands from covering their eyes, the darkness around them returned to cover the area within a matter of seconds.

Dominic turned to look at his friend and was quite amazed by what his eyes found. The War Titan, that stood in front of him, had completely changed from before. He was now several times taller than before with heavy muscles of steel with parts of the clothes that tore here and there due to tension. His hair had turned grey and became spikier with his entire body changing into dark violet blue colour.

His large body swayed up and down with each breath he took, his large claw like hands came together and clenched together to emphasis the volume of his muscles and his eyes, which had become scarlet red, glared fiercely ahead. At that moment, golden gauntlet appeared to be worn on his hands and golden chains of magnificent design hung over his neck. It was truly a magnificent transformation the War Titan had undergone to truly becoming a dominating figure.

After a moment of pause and silence n which everyone gawked at him, Nara opened his mouth and spoke in a deep growling voice that was filled with power.

“It is time your penalty bites you back!”

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