Chapter 413 – War Hammer

“No way…! That’s impossible…!” Kress’s voice was heard from the darkness surrounding them.

“Nothing is impossible if you try, so it’s time you face your penalty!” Nara replied back in a fearsome deep and powerful voice that seemed to cause fear to erupt within everyone’s hearts.

Dominic stepped aside as his newly transformed friend slowly walked forward and with each step he took, the ground shook lightly. His red eyes were fearsome that went well with his silver mane like hair that would cause many to collapse from just meeting his gaze.

“I’m… impressed…” said Seta in her master’s mind to share her opinion.

“Me too,” whispered Dominic, forgetting to momentarily reply in his mind due to the awe of seeing the majestic form of his friend.

Nara walked a few steps forward and stood firmly gazing in front before he said in a low deep voice, “Dom… Leave this matter to me now.”

Even though it was low and deep, his voice was powerful and carried with it a strange command of authority that not even the Phoenix Titan possessed. Dominic was even more impressed by this because he knew this was an inborn ability that the new transformation had given his friend.

“Dom?” Nara asked once again.

“Oh. Yeah. Sure! Go ahead!” Dominic said, feeling startled from coming back to the present from his chain of thoughts.

 Nara nodded his head from the side and continued walking towards where the shadow monsters with red gleaming eyes walked from the depths of darkness. Seeing his move, Kress laughed hysterically from within its depths because he could not believe the foolish move his enemy was making.

“I don’t know if you’re being cocky, brave, reckless or foolish, but I seriously hope you’ve gotten stronger after that puny transformation you underwent,” he said in an arrogant voice before laughing again.

He listened to the laughter of his enemy and when it subsided, he came to a stop and said, “I don’t know the syllable called ‘puny’ in my language.”

Following through with it, he opened his mouth and took a vast amount of breath into his lungs while saying, “Hyper—!” In the next moment, he unleashed all the gathered energy along with applying the Energy Force to it as he screamed, “—Roar!”

A wild and powerful blowing wind was unleashed and the gust became a storm that swept forward with incredible force. The darkness, which had proved to be sincerely abiding to not dispel, was suddenly dispersed from the point of where he stood to nearly twenty-seven degrees in direction. He did not stop there, however, as he began moving his body 360 degrees to completely wipe the darkness out.

“Wow!” Dominic exclaimed, surprised by the strong force of wind that was headed his way before multiple swords appeared all around him and cast a strong barrier that protected him from harm.

Within seconds, the darkness was dispersed and soon, the normality of his Unconscious World returned. Kress, who had been standing behind their backs this whole time, was exposed now that the darkness was completely gone from the vicinity. He was staring at the War Titan, who had turned around and seemed to be wearing a dangerous expression on his face.

“R-Ridiculous…!” Kress stuttered, unable to believe that his impenetrable veil of darkness was dispelled by such an attack. “I can’t believe this…! You… You did all of this with… with such a… stupid attack…?”

“I told you… ‘puny’ is not a word I know off,” replied Nara in a deep and confident voice.

As his enemy was startled by such a response, the War Titan kicked off the ground and reached his enemy within a blink of an eye. The Testament of Greed was thoroughly shocked and widened his eyes in fear upon seeing the massive form of his enemy that cast a shadow over him.

Extending his hands to either side of his enemy, Nara brought them together one another in a flash while saying, “Megaton Slam!”

Just before they made impact, Kress made a wild expression and disappeared just in time before the collision. As soon as it happened, a tremendous amount of force was released, causing wild winds to blow in all directions, shock waves to buffet Seta, Dominic and Kress who appeared a moment later as well as shaking the ground a great deal. Once it settled down, Nara stood up and turned his head slightly to look at his enemy through his red fearsome eyes.

“You escaped. Lucky,” he commented with a hint of praise contained in his voice.

“Y-You… bastard…!” Kress said slowly as he rose to his feet and glared menacingly at him.

Dominic, with the sword dispelled, rose to his feet as well and stared at his friend’s new-found power in amazement.

“Wow…! He’s… so strong! I… I can’t believe it!” Dominic said with a smile of pleasure and pride appearing on his face.

“Well, keep believing it because it’s very real, or as real as this world could be,” replied Seta with a small smile on her face.

Dominic nodded and watched as his friend took care of his enemy with relative ease.

Nara would leap towards Kress and with his massive body creating some kind of fear within Kress, the enemy kept getting out of the way before the large claw like hands closed in on him. In retaliation, Kress would fire dark energy blasts and even summoned dark creatures from dark portals to attack him, but Nara simply waved his fist forward to create a storming wind that decimated the enemies completely.

Unable to comprehend how such a thing was possible, Kress blinked with utter disbelief on his face and exclaimed, “How’s this possible?!”

“Let me tell you something… Anything is possible if you’re me!” Nara replied in a deep voice that resonated with power and authority while gabbing a finger at himself as an indication.

The Testament of Greed was shocked beyond belief by the bold words of his enemy, which suddenly made him feel very angry. That did not last long though because he quickly cooled his head and formed a twisted smile on his face.

“Alright. I admit it; you’re strong! Quite so to be pushing me back! However, you haven’t beaten me yet, and I still dominate this world! Now, allow me to show you who’s the boss around here!”

He raised his hand into the air and in that instant, the entire world began to shake violently. The ground shook as it began cracking everywhere, the pressure in the air thickened to a great deal and the wind began blowing everywhere with tremendous force. Even Dominic and Seta got buffeted by the wind, which caused them to kneel down while swords materialised out of thin air to form into a barrier of shields to protect them.

“How does it feel as I break your world into pieces, ha?! I’m still the ruler, and I will destroy the very core of your being!” Kress shouted with his twisted grin widening. “I take whatever is mine, but if I can’t have it, then no one will have it!”

The War Titan stood there and remained still and silent as the tremendous force of the wind blew in his direction. He got scratched here and there occasionally by the flying rocks, but it turned out the strong force did not affect him one bit. Instead, he stood his ground firmly and stared fixedly back at his enemy with his red eyes gleaming dangerous at him.

A few moments later, Nara opened his mouth and said, “You’re not the dominator; I am.”

With a swift movement, he extended his right hand to the right side with a serious expression on his face. In the next moment, he began exerting his force and this caused the world to stop shaking in almost an instant and the pressure in the air lessened by a great amount. Kress’s jaw dropped in utter shock and disbelief that the world he was in control a moment ago was suddenly taken over by its original with relative ease.

“N-No way…!” he exclaimed with a sharp look on his face as fear slowly clouded his complexion.

Nara began to release a strong essence of power while radiating pure red aura that surrounded him and as he glared at him, he shouted, “This is my world, my body and my soul! Who the hell are you to control me, fool?!”

Kress continued to step back in fear while Nara stepped forward firmly with a murderous aura emanating from him. It was obvious that no attacks from Kress had been able to damage him and his only trump card of controlling the Unconscious World was taken back by its rightful owner. With no idea, or methods to escape his ordeal, all Kress could do was walk backwards with his body shaking lightly with his eyes staring fixedly at the massive form of the War Titan.

“It’s about time you meet your maker and ask him how to fix your incurable greediness!” Nara said, and he raised his fist with an intent to finish his enemy off with Kress not being able to do anything to defend himself.

At that moment, the world trembled and shook violently, causing everyone to stumble and fall to the ground. Nara was startled by it and fell, so by the time he looked back at his enemy, Kress had vanished. Gritting his teeth, he got to his feet just as Dominic and Seta arrived at his location.

“Looks like Transcendent Talk’s time limit has been reached. We will be leaving now since, if we don’t, we’ll end up being sucked into the depths of this world,” said Seta in a half-joking voice.

Nara nodded in understanding and replied, “That is a serious matter. Go. I will meet you soon.”

Dominic nodded, but before he left that world with Seta, he smiled up at his friend and said, “You’re strong. Nice job.”

Nara was momentarily surprised as the world began to crack all around them before smiling softly and replying, “Thank you.”

Dominic smiled before he and Seta vanished on the spot before the world slowly crumbled and became white. At the same time, Dominic separated from Nara’s body in the real world and took a few steps back before straightening up. In front of him, the completely transformed form of Nara appeared that was the same as the one he had seen in his friend’s Unconscious World.

“W-What the heck is going on here?!” Croto, who was standing several meters away, gawked at Nara’s transformed form in amazement. “W-What happened…? How did you… change…?”

“I change because I’m the War Titan!” Nara said in a powerful voice that startled Croto and made him stop in his tracks as he was approaching him while thinking he was still Kress.

With the words spoken aloud, Nara pulled his fist back and unleashed it in his direction, which released a strong following force of wind at him. Croto widened his eyes in shock and attempted to defend himself by bringing his arms forward, but the impact force was so strong that he got lifted into the air and was carried several meters away before he came crashing to the ground.

Scratch marks, bruises and cuts appeared on Croto’s body, which caused him incredible pain, and he screamed, “I hate the pain! I hate it!”

In an instant, he was surrounded by a green glowing light and soon, his injuries were healed except for the blood stains that remained. Once the magic died, he rose to his feet and glared menacingly at Nara with a hateful look in his eyes.

“I hate you…! I hate you!” he screamed with intensity.

As he shouted, a magic circle appeared right in front of Nara and just as it was about to unleash a powerful wave at him and before Dominic could come in front, Nara screamed with a vicious look on his beastly face.

“I feel the same waaaaaaayyyyy!!!”

The moment he began screaming, he surged with wild power while radiating red aura that surrounded him. The intensity of his screaming caused a powerful explosion of force to occur, which caused the wind to blow wildly in all directions as well as send shock waves with it. At the same time, the ground shook violently as if an earthquake of great magnitude had hit it, but the forces did not stop there.

The wild blowing wind, the shockwaves, and the earthquake seeped out of the dome like barrier that was the domain of the Destiny Sword. Soon, the entire Demon Continent began to experience the shock, which caused the warring warriors to stumble and fall while greatly getting injured. Elsewhere, where the other members of the Nine Pillars of Power were engaging in combat against their enemies, they felt this force and momentarily paused to turn in this direction.

“W-What the heck is that?!” Lagron asked, his eyes widening in disbelief.

“Incredible! Such force…!” Keizer exclaimed in a sharp voice. He turned to face Lagron and said in a sorrowful voice, “It’s a pity you aren’t as strong as whoever that might be.”

Those words cause the Dragon Titan’s blood to boil with rage, and he snarled, “Oh yeah?! Well, how about I show you just how strong I really am?!” Before pausing to wait, he began surging with wild power while screaming, “HAAAAAA!!!”

Elsewhere, on a deserted island stood two warriors that had paused in their battle to stare in the direction the wave of power was originating from.

“Mmm!” Ezhno said shortly, but the look of surprise in his eyes spoke a volume of words.

Sevedant nodded in satisfaction and said without a smile on his face, “Incredible power. Fantastic.”

The Calamity Titan stared in that direction with a look of amazement on his face, and he said, “Wow…! That’s an incredible of power! Sadly, though, it’s not as strong as mine.”

Lakshman, who had also turned in that direction, wore a smile of satisfaction and thought, “This power… Yes…! It’s Nara’s! He’s back in control of his body and even more of a surprise is that he transformed into ‘that’ and has truly become fearsome! Nice!”

Smiling confidently, he turned his attention back to the enemy that was still staring in that direction in amazement. Sensing that a pair of eyes were on him, the Calamity Titan turned and looked in the direction of his enemy before smirking.

“Don’t becoming overconfident now that one of your people had become this strong! They’re still no match compared to me!” the Calamity Titan said and gestured at himself with a confident smile on his face. When Lakshman did not react like he desired, he sighed and said, “Enough games. Let’s get serious.”

With that said, he extended his right hand in front of him and said, “Come to me, Disaster!”

In an instant, dark particles of light gathered in front of him before a strange looking sword with black aura surrounding it had appeared. Lakshman, who had heard him shout its name out loud, widened his eyes in shock.

“Disaster?!” Lakshman exclaimed with a look of disbelief on his face. “You don’t mean—!”

“That’s right! This is the very weapon that causes disasters to its surroundings and leaves calamity in its wake,” said the Calamity Titan with a mad look in his eyes. “Yes…! It’s also going to be the instrument that’ll lead you to your demise!”

The Phoenix Titan, possessing memories of his ancient life, knew full well just what kind of dangerous weapon it was. He instantly became concerned for the life of his brother, but he was more concerned as to how his brother had been able to obtain it in the first place.

“How…? How did he find it?! I was sure I had destroyed it?” Lakshman thought, desperately trying to think of how its location could have been leaked without his knowledge.

He was forced out of his thoughts when his enemy asked, “What’s wrong? Don’t tell me this level of might took you by surprise?”

Lakshman glared at him angrily and said warningly, “Calamity Titan…! You’re holding a very deadly weapon! Its use could be catastrophic! I suggest you just drop the sword now and teleport it out of here! Do it now!”

While the Calamity Titan was his enemy, his caring for his brother did not allow him to see his brother get carried away by its destructive power only to witness tragedy. He knew, very well, just how dangerous that weapon was, since it was the weapon responsible for destroying a portion of the world. Not only that, but he remembered fairly well that it’s previous owner was none other than the Ancient Evil, which was said to return sometime in the future.

The Calamity Titan looked like he was listening to his enemy’s warning, but far from throwing it, he began to surge with power while gathering a dangerous amount of energy into his sword. As it began to glow in a dangerous purple light, Lakshman made a panicked expression on his face as he knew what his enemy was about to do, and he got confirmation of it when he spoke to him.

“Thanks for the advice, but it’s a waste to throw it away when I sense so much fear in your voice!” the Calamity Titan said jeeringly. He moved his sword to the left and held it with a menacing look on his face before swinging it across while shouting, “Death by Disaster!”

At the same time, Lakshman quickly channelled energy into his Celestial Blade and raised it above his head before swinging it down while shouting, “Light by Soul!”

From the dark sword, a devastating purple slicing wave of destruction was released while the light sword unleashed a powerful white slicing wave of destruction with incredible force. The two waves surged forward and collided in the middle, causing an incredible struggle between two opposing forces that caused the wind to blow wildly, shook the ground around them tremendously and sent shock waves everywhere as the ground cracked and got destroyed all around them.

This lasted for several seconds before the clashing forces went wild and exploded, resulting in a sphere of destruction that spread to all sides. Both the Calamity Titan and the Phoenix Titan disappeared before it reached them as it dug a deep hole in the ground while spreading for several seconds before dispersing. As it vanished, it left behind a huge hole in the ground and a lot of destruction in its wake that would take a lot of time to repair.

As the smoke spreading across the battlefield slowly decreased, the Phoenix Titan and the Calamity Titan appeared once again, but at a higher altitude than before. They were staring at each other, with the Phoenix Titan looking at his foe with a very serious look on his face while his enemy looked back at him with a wide grin on his face as he treated all of this as some sort of sport.

Suddenly, the two warriors gathered energy into their swords and took fighting stances in mid-air. For a moment, time seemed to halt as the two warriors glared into each other’s eyes over the distance that spanned between them. It was abruptly broken when the cry of a monster was heard from somewhere far away, which became the trigger for them to launch themselves at each other and brought their swords forward while shouting at each other.

“Phoenix!” the Calamity Titan yelled menacingly.

“Calamity!” the Phoenix Titan shouted in a powerful voice.

Both warriors soared at each other and clashed against each other with their swords pushing forward with strong forces. The epic battle between one, wanting to save, and the other, wanting to destroy, finally commenced.

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