Chapter 424 – Final Form

Lakshman felt his consciousness return to his body in the Physical Plane and, after sensing his surroundings, he slowly opened his eyes. For a moment, he looked puzzled because he seemed to be staring directly into the eyes bright black eyes that reflected him in those retinas and found that he was lying on something soft. Then, the woman smiled softly at him and tenderly rubbed his hair, which promptly made him feel like going to sleep.

As it turned out, he was resting his head on Sonia’s lap while the others were seated around him while discussing something. The moment he met her eyes, his wife informed the rest and they huddled closer while the others remained outside, looking curiously as the wives of the Phoenix Titan gathered around their husband.

“How are you feeling?” Venezuela asked curiously.

“Are you alright, Lucky?” Erza asked worriedly.

“Can you hear us, Lucky?” Cantia asked apprehensively.

“Can you speak, Lucky?” Ondine asked nervously.

“Can you see us, Lucky?” Emiia asked anxiously.

They seemed to ask their individual questions at the same time, but for some reason, he was able to understand them all. So, he smiled and replied, “Calm down.”

Those two words were spoken softly due to him feeling tired, however, their effect was immediate. The expressions on their faces brightened, and they leaned closer while holding their babies respectively, who were looking on innocently. Lakshman saw his babies and smiled sweetly up at them, causing them to chuckle in their baby manner.

“How long was I out for?” He asked Sonia as she continued rubbing his hair while he lay in her lap.

“A minute or two,” she replied with a soft smile. “We were worried when you powered up and then suddenly collapsed.”

“If we weren’t there to catch you, then maybe you would’ve hurt your head pretty badly,” said Cantia crossly.

“We’re glad you’re okay!” Venezuela said, her smile breaking slightly with the worry for her husband.

Lakshman smiled around at them when he noticed that Sumara had remained quiet the entire time. Focusing his attention on her, he saw that she was silently shedding tears from her eyes and quickly wiping them before he could notice. Feeling worried, he mustered what little strength that was left in him and raised his hand towards her face, gently rubbed her cheek in an attempt to calm her.


Surprised by the hand rubbing her cheek and hearing her name called out by her husband, Sumara directed her face towards him. This time, unable to control her tears, they began to spill like waterfall as all the sadness and grief within her, that had built up like a river, exploded.

“Sumara…” Lakshman said softly, continuing to gently rub her cheek, which she clasped tightly while her whole body shuddered from the sobs she mustered to muffle with her hand.

After calming down a little and wiping her face, she said with small breaks, “I’m… sorry, Lucky… I was… worried. You were so… badly wounded that I… I couldn’t… watch…”

Once again, her body shuddered as great tears spilled from her eyes, which she immediately closed and began wiping the tears away. Upon pointing out about his injuries, Lakshman strangely felt that the pain was lessening and looked towards where a small glow of light was occurring. Emilia, Venezuela and Erza had their hands extended out towards him that were using healing magic to recover his wounds.

“Sumara, wipe those tears away and calm yourself. See? Lucky is fine. We’re almost done healing his injuries,” said Emilia reassuringly, gesturing at all the bruises, cuts and burn marks that were disappearing on the spot.

While Sumara was trying her best to calm down, Lakshman looked at the three women working hard to heal their husband and said in a grateful voice, “Thank you.”

Emilia, Venezuela and Erza smiled softly while continuing to heal him and, a moment later, Emilia said, “Lucky… There’s no need for thanks between family members.”

Lakshman smiled and replied in a soft voice, “I know, but I am grateful or having you all as my family.”

The women, around him, beamed at him with their feelings pumping joyfully with happiness and pride by his words. He did not really know that they had been very anxious the moment he collapsed and did not respond to them no matter how much they pushed, shoved and called out to him. It was their strong faith and firm belief their husband’s recovery that made them calm down and have Emilia, Venezuela and Erza heal his wounds in the meantime.

“Lucky, we’re your family no matter what and that’s why, I think, the Goddess of Fate brought us together like this,” said Sonia, a smile of happiness forme on her face. “Isn’t that right, ladies?”

“Absolutely!” Cantia said before anyone could in a firm voice with a confident smile on her face. “I don’t remember who my parents were since I was told that my mother died giving birth to me and my father died while hunting for food. I felt lonely but, at the same time, I felt I was not because our elder told me that my stars described that I am fated to meet with the Phoenix Titan.”

She had never shared this with anyone other than Emilia, Tetra and Ondine so, to everyone else, it came as a big surprise. Even Sumara was so amazed that her tears seemed to stop as she gazed at Cantia in awe.

“I waited, eagerly waiting the day when I would eventually meet him. Unfortunately, the people of the Camdra Beast Clan lack patience so, one day, I slipped out of my village in my animal form. I wanted to meet with him soon as I had been feeling his presence for some time, and I just couldn’t wait. So, on that day, I went out and saw a child that was near the lake inside the forest that I lived in.”

Lakshman smiled a little as he recalled the events when he was ten-years-old, entering the forest near where he lived out of curiosity. He liked that place, the lake was large and the spirits were quite energetic, being nice to him and often playing around with him. This made him suddenly feel a twinge of sadness at the thought of all of it being wiped out during the devastating that took wiped the Rodfox Kingdom and the nearby settlements from the face of the world. Still, he kept his smiled as he listened intently to Cantia, who spoke while recalling her past.

“At first, I thought I mistook someone to be someone else, but my feelings told me he was the one,” said Cantia, and she made a dejected expression on her face to express how she felt at that time. “I thought he looked somewhat handsome for a kid, and he carried a weapon with him, but I didn’t think he was strong enough to fight a monster.”

“I think,” began Lakshman with a half-smile on his face, “comparing me to the strength that your clan possess from childhood is a bit unfair.”

They all chuckled at that comment, and Cantia smiled as she continued to say, “Yeah, well, I wasn’t really judging at that time since I thought that maybe all human children were weak from childhood. Anyway, I watched him continuously when this Two-Headed Cerberus attacked him and the human friend that came with him. I watched from behind the trees as he shouted at his friend to get away and attacked the monster all on his own.”

Sparkles of light seemed to appear in her eyes when she said. “He needed a chance, a diversion to distract the monster long enough to kill it, and I so happen to be there. So, without thinking, I just jumped out and caught its attention, long enough for Lucky to swing his sword and kill the damn thing!”

There was a moment’s pause, when Lakshman said, “Oh. So, you were the cat from back then.” When she nodded, he chuckled and said, “I had a suspicion, but, well, I guess I didn’t think too much of it at that time.”

She nodded and smiled gratefully at him while saying, “I never got the opportunity to say this, but… thank you for saving my life so many times, Lucky. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here right now.”

To that, Lakshman smiled as he warmly stared at her and moved his hand to place it on her cheek while saying, “Ah, Cantia…” She closed her eyes and enjoyed him rubbing her cheek before he said, “But, you’re wrong, Cantia.” When she, along with the others, looked surprised, his smile widened as he said, “If we didn’t have each other, then none of us would be together like this.”

He spoke what his heart had felt and it made everyone smile softly down at him because they too felt it in their hearts. Their fate in their past was tragic, but now, things were different and they all were together once again. The fact that each of them were holding a child in their hands proved how they were fated for each other. Looking around at his family, he felt a great deal of hope and energy fuelling him, giving him a new sense of strength despite his present weakened state.

“I see what Darian meant; the people have faith and hopes on you, so put the same faith in yourself and dig

“Well, there’s still one family member I need to take care of,” said Lakshman, directing his eyes into the sky, where he sensed that a massive amount of energy was being gathered at.

They also sensed the dangerous energy being gathered there, but being unable to do anything to stop it, they merely looked up just as their husband did. Cantia clicked her tongue in irritation, Sumara wore a look as if she was thinking about something, and Sonia did not care that much as she continued to smile down on her husband lying on her lap.

“I think he’s going to release something massive,” stated Sumara, her voice full of concern, “although, he is taking his time.”

“He is,” replied Lakshman slowly, nodding his head slightly in agreement, “because he wants to wipe us out for sure. Like, even if I somehow got back to my full strength and everything, he wants to be sure that his next attack will destroy us without fail.”

“I think he is preparing to use Eradicate,” he thought, not wishing to say it out loud due to the amount of shock and fear it will install in his wives.

Instead, he smiled and looked at Cantia before saying, “I need some time to recover and, in the meantime, I want you to do me something, Cantia. You too, Sonia.”

“What do you want us to do?” Cantia asked while Sonia looked curious.

He smiled slightly and said, “Fine the Calamity Titan’s wife. I believe she is called Serabella.”

“Eh?” Both Cantia and Sonia asked, looking quite surprised and the same was reflected in the rest of his wives. “He has a wife in this time period?”

Lakshman nodded and thought for a moment, remembering the face of the one he had met two-years-ago after returning from the time freeze state. It was the time when they visited a village that previously attacked them, which was under attack from a certain demon woman that would have been easily dealt with by him. The only thing that stopped him from attacking her was because of a certain memory played out, causing a familiar feeling to wash over him and made him let her go.

“Sonia, you might not know, but Cantia would know because we met her once,” said Lakshman, turning his attention to Cantia. “Remember the time we visited this small village that tried to rob us in the forest? There was a demon woman that attacked us, and I came close to killing her before simply letting her go? Do you remember?”

Apart from Sonia, the remainder of his wives had been there and could remember the event as if it happened yesterday. As such, when he pointed out the clear event in its entirety, they all widened in surprise in realisation what he was telling them.

“Don’t tell me… Chandra’s wife… Erina… has been reincarnated as Serabella, a Demon King?!” Sumara exclaimed, her memories from the ancient times helping her match the woman that tried attacking them.

“Mmm. Now that I think about it, they do have a matching resemblance,” said Erza, finally coming to the realisation of the connection.

“O-Okay,” said Cantia, looing nonplussed at this sudden revelation before asking her husband, “So, you want us to bring her here to help us returned Chandra back to his old self?” When her husband nodded, he looked perturbed and asked, “I see. That is a fine idea, but… we don’t know where to find her…”

This time, Lakshman chuckled lightly and said, “She’ll probably be in the Demon Continent, hidden away inside that castle they constructed to glorify their place in this world. Maybe she’ll be sleeping and encased by a barrier that wouldn’t deactivate until everything was over, or that Chandra deactivates it.”

“I see. You want us to find her, convince her, bring her here to convince Chandra to change back to himself?” Sonia asked to confirm their plan once more for herself. When he nodded his head at her, she smiled down at him and replied, “Alright. Let’s get going. We have time to lose.”

“Right!” Cantia said energetically, and gently patted her child before handing her over to Sumara, who had a free hand. “I’ll be back soon, okay?” She asked off her daughter, who merely looked at her before attempting to stretch her tiny hands out to her mother.

Seeing this, everyone smiled and said, “Get going before she starts wailing.”

“R-Right!” Cantia said, uncertainly at first after glancing at her daughter before making up her mind and deciding to go. Clapping her hands together experiencedly, she smiled widely and said, “Finally! I can be useful again!”

“Don’t say that, Cantia. You’re already a wonderful wife and a caring mother,” said Emilia, looking up with a soft smile on her face.

Realising that she might have upset the others, Cantia looked embarrassed and said, “I’m sorry.”

Meanwhile, Sonia spoke soft words to her own baby daughter and handed her over to Emilia to look after, who was still busy with healing Lakshman’s wounds. Her getting off her feet made Lakshman also move into a sitting position with Emilia, Venezuela and Erza continuing to use their healing magic on him simultaneously. Together, Cantia and Sonia stood above everyone else, dusted their clothes and waved at them before surging with power and kicking off the ground to fly high into the air and head towards the Demon Continent.

“Even at their fastest flight, I don’t know if they’ll reach the Demon Continent and come back within a few minutes,” said Venezuela, voicing her doubt once she made sure they had truly left.

“Perhaps, but it’s fine. The only one that can really stop him now is his wife,” he said, which he had come to realise after peaking with Darian at the Border Plane.

“Can’t you just beat him, Lucky?” Erza asked curiously.

He shook his head and said, “Maybe, but that won’t stop the thing that is controlling him as we speak. That’s why, only his wife has the will and power to change the mind of the man that loves her very deeply. So, until then, it’s up to me to buy time until their arrival. So, Maga Distrab.”

With his hands placed together, he merely had to say the words before the magic activated to destroy their healing magic. They winced in surprise and stared at him with disbelief on their faces, not believing what he just did as he moved into a sitting position as if he was preparing to meditate.

“Lucky! You aren’t fully healed!” Venezuela complained, looking worriedly at her husband.

“Get healed first before you do anything else, Lucky,” Sumara said, gently holding two babies in her hands while looking worriedly at him.

He shook his head and said, “No. I don’t have the luxury to do that because my enemy is stronger than me, and I’m in a pitiful state. That’s why, you must believe in me because I will do my best to protect us all and win this war for sure!”

“Oh… Lucky…” Venezuela said softly, her face filled by an expression of compassion, which was also mirrored on the others.

It was Emilia, who smiled at him and said, “Do what you must, but please remember that we’re always supporting you from the shadows.”

Lakshman looked at her and, in a firm voice, replied with, “Yes!”

Getting into a sitting position, with his back straightened and hands placed together, Lakshman finally closed his eyes.

“Make sure to look beneath the surface!” Erza said quickly, causing him to open his eyes and look at her in surprise.

She was looking extremely worried, and thought that she wanted to help him as much as she could. So, he smiled and nodded his head once in recognition before closing his head to return back into his meditation state.

He concentrated on losing all negative emotion, distancing himself from the present situation and quickly felt his consciousness leave the surface. A moment later, he felt a friendly atmosphere surrounding him and opened his eyes to see that he was in his Unconscious World.

Here, it seemed that nothing had changed, except that the greenery was slowly withering and the simple structure crumbled. They seemed to be the reflection of his feelings, which made him look in sorrow at their state due to liking them in their original state. Even so, he had work to do and began looking around and started using his spiritual sense to find out the power that continues to be hidden away within him.

“Power is something that comes from within, not from something externally.”

“Don’t sell yourself short because you have the power within you to make the difference!”

“I believe you are the embodiment of the phoenix, so accept the hopes of the people and transform it into your power!”

Words that Darian said echoed in his mind as he continued to search for the power that was till deep within him. Everywhere he looked, the scenery was not same that seemed to extend far into the distant. Even his Elemental Sense did not find anything significant, so he began using Elemental Sight to find out if there was anything there that could not be seen by the naked eye. This also returned false when everything looked no different to how it normally looked.

“Damn,” he muttered and walked over to the swing that was still intact despite the damage done everywhere. He started swing back and forth on it while muttering, “Is this it? Is this the only power that I have?”

The place was filled with silence, except for the swing that Lakshman continued was using to swing back and forth with. He was deep in thought, thinking about all possibilities that could explain why he could not sense his power. Then, the words of Erza seemed to reverberate through his mind.

“Make sure to look beneath the surface!”

“Make sure to look beneath the surface…” he repeated in a quiet voice and looked down at the ground as if he would find a hole in the ground.

Nothing happened but, on the contrary, a realisation began dawning on him as he continued to think about those words. He stopped his swinging and jumped to his feet to remained stock still like a frozen state surrounded by the beautiful scenery that was hampered by the withering plants.

“Perhaps… all of this is a front…?” he asked himself slowly.

He closed his eyes and clapped his hands together to begin using his Elemental Sense on a wider scale with immense mental strength that he possessed. Despite that, he could not feel anything within his surroundings but, just when he was about to give up, he finally sensed it; a presence of something different. Sensing its location, he began walking towards it without opening his eyes with the fear that he might lose track of it and so, he walked for several minutes in silence before coming to a stop when he felt he was close enough to the thing he was sensing.

Opening his eyes, he found himself standing at a place that was very different from where he stood moments before. Here, the scenery was in an empty plain field with a large metallic double door placed in the middle of it. He blinked once in surprise when he found it here and realised that he had walked quite a distance to get here. The door had strange inscriptions on it along with the symbols of phoenix etched in different places while the double door handles possessed phoenix statues on their tips.

“if this is not a clear indication of my power, then I don’t know what this is about,” he muttered to himself and moved forward to open the door.

To his surprise, he found that the door was tightly shut when he tried to open it like he normally would with any door. He gripped both hands and began exerting all his strength, gritting his teeth in the process, as the door slowly opened. Exerting all his strength, Lakshman managed to open the two doors wide and released a deep sigh in the sudden exhaustion of using all the spiritual power he had into it.

He stood at the entrance and stared into, what he thought was, total darkness. For a moment, he did not understand, but he could sense an eerie foreboding from it, but he knew he would not know until he walked into it. So, he moved forward and lightly set one foot through the door and on the dark floor. He could not explain what he set foot on and immediately looked around, thinking something might happen. When everything remained still and silent for several seconds, he completely entered the darkness and began walking straight.

His footsteps echoed in the surrounding blackness as he walked on and on surrounded by an empty space. There was darkness to his left and darkness to his right and darkness in front of him, with the light only streaming through the door that entered from. Even he did not know where he was walking towards, but his legs seemed to be guiding him in that direction.

Suddenly, he heard a whisper in the darkness and instantly came to a stop to look around his surroundings. There was nothing, so he made sure to glance around a few seconds longer before continuing to walk on. As soon as he started walking, the whispering began and when he came to a stop, so did the whispering. The more he walked on, the more the whispering increased in volume. Soon, the whispering was audible enough for him to understand what they were saying.

“I am you, and you are me.”

“What?” Lakshman asked, feeing confused.

Despite the confusion, he continued to walk and the whispering gradually increased to sound like multiple voices saying them simultaneously. He tried his best to ignore it, but they seemed to pierce him like stabbing swords that did not injure him, but unsettled him instead. He even glanced around to find people chanting it, but he could not find anyone while the multiple overlapped voices repeated the words over and over in a non-stop repetition.

“Who’s there?!” He demanded, and silence was the response he got.

As he gradually walked deeper into the darkness, a light source began to emanate from somewhere in the distance. He smiled in relief upon discovering the light, which started to throw a greater relief in the surrounding darkness. Even so, the whispering seemed to increase in pitch and volume until the entire dark place was echoing with the words that made him feel on edge.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but I think I’ll find my answers there,” he thought to himself as he gradually drew closer to the light that the darkness could not get closer to.

Just as he was about to enter into the light, someone suddenly called out his name from behind.


He stopped in his tracks, surprised by the familiarity of the voice and turned to see someone he had never expect to see. There, standing in front of him, with a cool smile worn on his face, was none other than the one that came to be known as the first Phoenix Titan, Asura Rangavardan.

“W-W-Wha?!” Lakshman exclaimed, staring at the exact image of himself standing before him, which completely took him by surprise.

“Surprised to see me?” Asura asked, speaking in a manner that was calm and composed.

On the other hand, Lakshman was beyond startled and exclaimed, “Who wouldn’t me?! It’s a normal reaction when someone sees their past self suddenly popup in front of them! Well… behind them anyway,” adding the last few words as an afterthought. As Asura continued to smile, Laskhman asked, “What are you doing here? I thought we are one since your— I mean, my memories awakened during the ancient times.”

Asura nodded and replied, “That is true but, in this room, we are individuals because I am one of your past reincarnations.” When Lakshman appeared to not understand, Asura raised his hand in the air, which caused the light behind Lakshman to expand in all directions, brightening up the darkness and the room they were presently in. Lakshman was speechless when the light revealed the countless statues of people positioned all around them in a vast circle.

“W-Who are these statues… and why are they linked to my Unconscious World?” Lakshman asked slowly, glancing around and feeling a sense of knowing these people despite never meeting them in his present life.

“These,” began Asura, waving his hand around at the statues, “are our previous reincarnations. Simply put; they are you, and you are them.”

Lakshman felt like a thunder had dropped on him all of a sudden, making him continuously blink in surprise and say, “So… If these re my reincarnations, does that mean I’m inside the Room of Reincarnations?”

Asura chuckled and said, “Well, it doesn’t actually have a name, but you could call it that. This place is our link to the previous reincarnations and their powers.”

“That’s absurd! I thought the Calamity Titan—Chandra attacked the Phoenix Titan with a powerful spell that severed the link between the present and the past Phoenix Titans.”

“That did happen considering all that people told you about, including Chandra himself,” said Ausra, nodding in agreement, “but I think you will agree that the Reincarnation Link can be closed but cannot be disconnected permanently because, after all, it’s the gods who granted us this gift and only they can take it away from us.”

Lakshman slowly nodded in understanding as it made sense, but something troubled him, and he asked, “Does this mean you’ve been here before? I mean, you’re explaining to me despite us having the same memories and consciousness even though you are the past and I am the present.”

Asura smiled sadly when his present self-described him as “the past,” but he disregarded it and said, “I think, if you search your memories, you will find that the God of Justice explained about the Room of Reincarnation and the Reincarnation Link to us.”

His present self-blinked mazement and momentarily remembered the time when he had briefly spoken with the God of Justice about this matter.

“You’re right, but I don’t remember entering this room before, and I don’t think you have either,” said Lakshman, judging from the curious glances Asura as he seemed to be studying the room.

“You know, Lakshman… I really hate them,” said Asura, his voice filled with grief as he stared around at the states of his reincarnations. “I fought desperately to dominate the world so that I could restore peace to the world. I mean, it was a time no one would listen to reason and just fought on with their brawn instead. However, these… scumbags… they misused their powers, got corrupted by something evil and finally led the world to return to its warring state. I’m… disgusted at them… at myself…”

His facial expression, and his clenched fists spoke volumes of how he truly felt by seeing his reincarnations. Lakshman also could not forgive his past selves but, at the same time, he decided to accept it, learn to note make their mistakes and move forward in creating a better future for his family and the world. So, he merely smiled sadly at Asura and turned back to the spot, where the light was glowing brightly.

“Any idea what this is?”

Asura glanced at the light and said, “I don’t know, but I sense a tremendous power emanating from that place.”

Lakshman nodded and move forward towards the dais, only to find a medium sized chest. It was the source of the light that kept the room lit, and it also seemed to contain something within its depths that made Lakshman feel very familiar with. Asura joined him and they both stared at the chest for a moment before sighing in resignation.

“Nothing. No inscriptions or anything to explain what this is, but… I do sense a great power sealed inside of this chest,” Asura said finally before turning to look at Lakshman.

The present Phoenix Titan blinked once and said, “Elemental Sight.”

In an instant, everything turned grey and, this time, he could see yellow energy flowing towards the chest, coming from the gate he had entered into the room from. He widened his eyes in surprise when, taking a closer look at the energy, he could feel strong feelings of trusty, belief and hope.

Lakshman blinked in surprise chuckled before saying, “Darian is right. This is great.”

“What do you mean?” Asura asked, looking curiously at him.

“This chest is the containment of all the belief, trust and hope the people of the world has in me,” said Lakshman, explaining to his past self what the chest contained within it. Then, he gestured around at the room and said, “All of this is the power accumulated over the course of the reincarnations, which was being passed on from the previous Phoenix Titan to the next. I think that’s how Chandra was able to accelerate his power and transform into his new form with powers that could rival a god!”

Asura looked mildly surprised and replied, “When you put it that way, it indeed explains what this is all about. So, then, will you accept this and fight our brother?”

Lakshman’s smile faltered at those words, and he glanced around at the statues before saying, “I… This is the power accumulated over the many reincarnations. So, while I don’t like what they did in the past, I must accept them as me, learn from their mistakes, move forward and use this power for good. That’s the best I can do right now as the Phoenix Titan.” Then, in a more determined voice, he said, “But, I swear I will make this world a better place to live in; not through force, but through understanding because a forced peace is not what this world wants!”

This time, Asura looked at his future self in amazement and nodded approvingly before turning his attention to the chest and asked, “What about this? Will you use this power as well?”

“Yes! I will because the people are placing their trust and hope in me, so it’s only natural that I repay them by using that very hope to power me and save them with it!”

Asura nodded once ore, smiling widely at his future self because he was truly impressed of Lakshman’s words. However, he became serious in an instant and said warningly, “Don’t make the same mistake as me, Lakshman. Don’t make an enemy out of the world. Die a hero, alright? Don’t live long enough to see yourself become a villain like me.”

Lakshman was surprised by the serious warning, but he took it to heart and nodded once silently in reply. The indirect message he conveyed was more than what words could have accomplished, which satisfied Asura and made him smile again. Lakshman turned to face the chest and extended his hands to either side of the chest and began pushing the lid to slide open. As soon as he did, shimmering golden light erupted from inside the chest and swept in all directions, forcefully pushing his consciousness back to the surface.

While still in a meditation position, Lakshman breathed a deep sigh and opened his eyes. There, in front of him, were his eyes that he, as Asura of the past and Lakshman of the present love with all their heart. They were anxiously watching him in fear of something bad might happen to him, which made him feel warm affection for them surge within his heart.

“Alright,” he said, pushing himself to his feet and releasing a sigh.

He waved his hand, causing magic circles to appear and gently raise them into the air, allowing them to stand with little to no effort. They looked at him in amazement as he looked at them with a cool and composed expression that he always wore in the ancient times. This made him realise his past emotions were merging while, at the same time, giving room for his present emotions to occupy as well.

“Ladies,” he said gently, gesturing towards the place where the soldiers, Marilia, Shalany and Sonia were standing. “Get going. I’m about to release my power.”

Then, waving his hand in a farewell gesture, he hovered off the ground and flew high into the air so that his transformation would not affect his people. When he thought he was at a safe distance and watched his wives quickly making their way towards the others, Lakshman clenched his fists and looked in the direction of his enemy.

“Here I go,” he said in a soft voice.

He instantly surged with wild power, that was so intense that wild blowing winds were unleashed and powerful shock waves were sent in all directions. The entire continent began to shake violently, causing the split ground to further split away as more cracks appeared in all places. His power continued to build more and more and, soon, the world itself started to shake because of its might. Even the oceans became tidal waves that washed onto nearby islands and continents because of the wild forces of power.

The Calamity Titan, who had gathered a massive amount of energy in the palm of his hand, stared in shock at the immeasurable power being released from his enemy. He stared in horror as the Phoenix Titan began to scream in power and, a moment later, a blinding flash of light occurred before a violent et of light erupted into the sky, clearing the clouds and causing a dazzling light to brighten the world. This instantly made the Calamity Titan to close his eyes as he struggled to concentrate to gather the necessary energy into the devastating attack he had planned to unleash upon his enemies.

A few minutes later, the violent energy of light dimmed and vanished, returning the view of the world back to normal. The ocean waves subsided, the wind slowed down and the shock waves stopped occurring all around the world. The Calamity Titan opened his eyes and looked down at his enemy, only to widen them in shock of what he saw.

Lakshman hovered high in the air with his hair grown to the length of his waist with its colour changed to that of golden-red like the same colour of his Elemental Glow, which radiated golden-red aura that surrounded him. His eyes have changed from pure black to sport the shape that looked like a crown with wings that had red coloured areas while his pupil remained black. He had his eyes closed, and his hair flowed smoothly behind him by the smooth breeze, giving him a very cool appearance.

Seeing this, the Calamity Titan was momentarily rendered speechless, before he snapped out of it and said, “No way! He… He actually did it! He… transformed!”

The Phoenix Titan, now achieving his final form, opened his eyes, looked up at his enemy, smiled and said in a deep voice that resonated with power, “Calamity Titan. I believe it’s time for a rematch.”

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