Chapter 425 – War between Brothers

The Calamity Titan blinked in surprise and asked, “What did you say?”

Lakshman smiled coolly and spoke, “I said I believe it’s time for a rematch.”

This time, the Calamity Titan blinked a few times in disbelief and asked, “What?”

His enemy chuckled lightly and asked, “I spoke clearly in the Universal Language, or should I speak in the Demon Language for clear understanding?”

The Calamity Titan suddenly felt a surge of anger towards his enemy before realising what his foe was trying to do. So, he chose to form a smile on his face with the intention of not giving his enemy the satisfaction of getting to him.

“That’s a good bluff, Phoenix Titan. However, you should realise that, just because you’ve gained your final transformation, doesn’t mean your power will rival mine,” he said, speaking in a cool manner and looked with disdain for his enemy. He jabbed a finger at himself and proclaimed, “I am now the Transcendent Calamity Titan!”

Lakshman raised both of his eyes by a fraction higher, but his calm smile and serene voice remained the same when he spoke again.

“Is that so? That’s good. In that case, I’ll actually get some warm up.” When the Calamity Titan looked startled, Lakshman challenged him by saying, “Go on. Complete charging your attack. I’m waiting.”

Now, the smile was gone from the Calamity Titan, wearing a very serious expression on his face, and he asked, “Do you understand what this attack is?”

Lakshman nodded, his smile fading with a serious expression forming on his own face, and he replied. “Yes. I could never forget it even if I wanted to; Eradicate. The technique that took the lives of my wives in the past.”

The Calamity Titan nodded in agreement and said, “Indeed, however, it seems the attack merely killed them and failed to utterly destroy their souls like it was intended. No matter. I intend to finish the job this time!”

Lakshman shook his head, a smile forming back on his face, and he said, “No. You won’t. Not while I’m alive.”

There was a strange sense of confidence about the way he said them that made the Calamity Titan, for the first time, to make a ugly expression on his face. He gulped nervously, a moment later feeling greatly angered by the sudden movement of his body on its own volition.

Determined to finish things off and prove his worth, the Calamity Titan reached the final state of preparing the attack and said, “‘Fine! If you want to be that way, then take it! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!”

Screaming with power, there was a powerful shock wave before a massive black pulsating ball of energy gathered in front of his two extended fingers. Exerting his power, he sent the attack flying towards Lakshman and, as it flew, it gradually increased in size until the very sky was blocked because of it, casting a dark shadow on the whole Floria Kingdom.

Down below, everyone was panicking at the sudden attack that blocked the sky with its threatening presence. The wind blew wildly down to them and the shock waves threatened to send everyone flying away when, at that moment, all of it suddenly came to a halt. A barrier was cast on the entire Floria Kingdom, protecting its people, and its casted was Lakshman, who merely waved his finger without once saying the technique out loud.

The Calamity Titan, who sensed the use of the attack and recognised it, smirked and called out loud, “You’re really stupid if you’re going to use Life Barrier to protect those idiots when you yourself won’t survive this! It’s my victory, Phoenix Titan and for you, total annihilation!”

Lakshman, who had folded his arms in front of him, merely blinked once while continuing to stare at the oncoming attack. He heard what his enemy said and, in response, he merely smiled and said, “Calamity Titan. Don’t decide the future when it hasn’t happened.”

While his words surprised the Calamity Titan, Lakshman lifted two fingers from his folded arms and pointed at the descending ball of energy. He was radiating in pure golden-red aura and his golden-red hair billowed in the wind with the wind as he prepared for his next attack. Instead of firing an attack, however, Lakshman focused very intently on the destructive attack before waving his fingers to the side. As if in response to the movement of his fingers, the massive ball of destruction suddenly stopped descending and starting flying away in a different direction.

“What?!” The Calamity Titan exclaimed in shock.

His attack flew high into the air and almost disappeared from view before it collapsed on itself, letting off a violent flash of light. It caused everyone to cover their eyes or hide themselves from possible destruction, which did not happen. Everything was calm, still and silent, which made everyone to uncover their eyes and look up with amazement on their faces. The blinding light disappeared and allowed the sky to become visible once more with the sunlight streaming down, which confused everyone.

“W-What just happened?!” The Calamity Titan demanded, staring in shock at the sky before turning to glare at his enemy. “H-How did that happen? What did you do?!”

His demands were initially met with silence, before Lakshman lightly laughed and said, “I used Force Control.”

As soon as he finished saying those words and saw the horror look forming on his enemy’s face, Lakshman aimed his two fingers at his enemy and waved in a downward motion. AT the same time, the Calamity Titan, who was slowly widening his eyes in horror, felt a powerful pull towards the ground and fell with incredible speed. He tired very hard to break free of it and found that he was unable to use Force Control due to something blocking him from activating his techniques.


He screaming as he fell from the sky like a meteor and crashed against the ground with tremendous force, causing a great cloud of dust to rise into the sky. The ground shook violently from the heavy impact and caused the wind to blow wildly in all directions for several seconds before dying down. Several seconds later, the smoke slowly cleared to reveal the Calamity Titan lying down on the ground, making moaning sounds.

‘Not so tough, now that you’re face-grounded! Right?” Lakshman asked, who slowly descended from the sky while the smoke slowly cleared.

The Calamity Titan gritted his teeth and made an angry sound from out of his mouth while he remained lying down. As Lakshman descended towards the ground, the Calamity Titan slowly pushing himself off the ground and eventually got into a standing position. He turned around and glared very seriously at his enemy, who was smiling serenely at him with his arms crossed in front of him. It gave the impression that Lakshman was open for attack, but the Calamity Titan knew his enemy was doing this purposefully to goad his enemy into falsely attacking him.

“Calm dozn. Calm down. Don’t let him rattle you,” thought the Calamity Titan, taking a few deep breaths inside his mind before looking calm and focused. Opening his mouth, he began say, “So, you can use Force Control as well? No big deal! I can use it too, which means we’re basically even, except that I am more powerful than you could possibly be! Remember! I achieved my new level of power way before you did and, even as I recover, I can feel myself getting stronger!”

Lakshman remained silent for a moment before sighing and replying, “Perhaps, you have a point. I don’t know the Divine Protection that you possess from the nasty gods that clearly gifted to you by the nasty gods that you follow, however, you should understand something about power. It isn’t a tool, it’s a responsibility, granted to us by the Gods in order to be used for good and not for evil purposes. That’s why, it strongly resonates to those with strong desires and to a great need.”

His explanation amazed the Calamity Titan, who wore a bemused expression on his face and replied, “I see. In that case, I have a need to kill you.”

Lakshman blinked once and nodded his head, accepting that fact as he said, “Perhaps, that is what’s pushing you to become so strong. In my case, my power responds to my desire to protect the people, to save the world, to look after my family and to build the future for my children.”

The Calamity Titan could not help but burst into mirthless laugher at his enemy’s words, but he did it not because he found it funny. Rather, he found his enemy contradicting himself because he knew the Phoenix Titan of the past was the exact opposite of the one standing before him.

“This is so hypocritical!” He stated, a grin broadly visible on his face. “You claim all that despite your history? The number of lives you killed, the numerous people you’ve taken advantage off, the countless lives that you slaughtered and the many more that you left to rot!” By this time, his grin vanished and was replaced by a look of disgust on his face as he said, “I know all of them because I remember the past, unlike you! That’s why, no matter how heroic your speeches are, you’re a disgusting!”

Lakshman felt a twinge of pain at seeing the expression on the Calamity Titan’s face, which made him momentarily close his eyes. He visited the memories of his previous incarnations and found that all of what the Calamity Titan said were true. This did not exactly surprise him because he was forewarned of this by the Decisive Player, but it still greatly hurt him to find the many atrocities he had committed in the past. He had accepted them because, while it was not him of the present, it was still him from the past.

“You’re right. I am guilty,” stated Lakshman, which surprised the Calamity Titan, who was prepping to say something, closed his mouth at that statement. “I have done terrible things in the past, and I will happily face the punishment for it.” He remained silent for a moment before looking at his enemy, whom he still sees as his younger brother and said, “Not now, though. I have a mission to accomplish, a family to lead and, children to raise. Before that, however, my top priority right now is to save my brother from himself.”

This instantly caused the Calamity Titan to surge with hatred, which was realised when he shouted, “You dare—?!”

“I dare… because I care,” said Lakshman, speaking over his brother in a soft smile on his face.

These words were spoken softly, but in a clear manner full of confidence, it instantly enraged the Calamity Titan beyond he had been until now. All the calm and composure he was maintaining were suddenly gone as his deep hold hatred for his enemy burst forth and made him surge with wild power that shook the ground and sent wild shock waves in all directions. Lakshman merely stood his ground, with his arms crossed in front of him, a sad smile worn on his face with him not feeling the effects of the shock waves that smashed into him.

“Suffer my wrath!” His enemy screamed, charging at high at an incredible speed, he appeared from his position to a few centimetres gap from Lakshman in an instant.

From there, the Calamity Titan began to unleash a barrage of fists and kicks at Lakshman and the speed of those moves were unbelievable. He seemed to throw fifty fists and fifty kicks in one second before anyone could react, all except for Lakshman. The newly transformed warrior, upon seeing his enemy come at him, unravelled his arms and fought back using merely his fingers. Each attack was met with a finger to block or deflect before it quickly moved to the next and so forth without the slightest delay in pitch, rhythm and pace that his enemy had set.

During their battle, their expressions were quite contrast to the other, with the Calamity Titan wearing expression that is contorted with rage while Lakshman looked towards him with a look of concern on his face. Lakshman was completely on the defensive here with the Calamity Titan dealing all the attacks, however, he quickly realised this cannot continue forever. Thus, when he found the right opportunity, Lakshman pulled back momentarily before striking back at his enemy.

Time seemed to slow when Lakshman saw the opening and leaned back to give himself some rook to work before punching his enemy in the chest. The impact was so hard, the Calamity Titan’s eyes widened in shock before he got blown off his feet. He flew several meters through the air before he spun rapidly to land firmly on his feet, his face filled with hatred as he glared at his foe.

Gathering energy into his right hand, the Calamity Titan formed a swirling black mass and smashed it against the ground. In an instant, a billowing mass of darkness began spread in all directions, enveloping its caster in the process. As it quickly spread to the spot that Lakshman stood on, Lakshman raised his joint two fingers, which were forefinger and middle-finger, and swung them down in an arc, sending a violent flash of light at the sweeping darkness.

The slicing wave of light cut through the darkness, destroying it completely and making it vanish on the spot. From the other side of it, the Calamity Titan stood in a daze, alarmed that his technique was easily dealt with. He suddenly blinked and widened his eyes even further when his enemy suddenly appeared standing in front of him. Before he could react, however, Lakshman took a step forward and unleash a powerful uppercut to his enemy’s jaw, sending the Calamity Titan flying into the air.

Lakshman leaped into the air and chased after him when, all of a sudden, the Calamity Titan forcefully stopped himself in mid-flight and extended his hand out. His Sacred Spirit, Disaster, came flying from out of nowhere, and he grasped it with his hand before swinging it around in a fighting stance against his enemy. As he came down swinging it in a dangerous arc, Lakshman held his hand out, which caused his Fusion Sacred Spirit, Celestial Blade, to fly out of nowhere and into his hand.

The moment they came close to one another, Lakshman swung his sword and smashed the Celestial Blade against the Disaster, which caused an incredible explosion of power to occur. A violent force of wind bellowed in all directions and sent the two warriors flying away before the Calamity Titan rushed after him, performing deadly swings as he went.

Lakshman blocked all of them before he got kicked in the chest, which sent him several meters down before he came to a stop. He looked up just in time to see his enemy point two fingers down at him before unleash a massive wave of destruction that seemed to overwhelm Lakshman and envelop him before soaring down towards the ocean, splitting it apart. A few seconds later, the wave vanished and left a bottomless whole in the middle of the ocean.

“You certainly are doing your best to protect this world,” commented the Calamity Titan, who turned to focus his attention on Lakshman, who was hovering there with his sword held at the ready. “Still, it wouldn’t top what you’ve done to me and my wife!”

Lakshman kept his silence for a few seconds before releasing a deep sigh, looking seriously at his enemy and said, “You shall know the truth soon enough.”

He could sense the energy signatures of Cantia and Sonia, which had come to a halt a while ago, started moving again. At the same time, he could sense that they were accompanied by someone else, whose energy signature he recognised as the Nandana, who was Serabella in the present time. Looking at his enemy, who was focused solely on him, made Lakshman realise the Calamity Titan missed their approaching presence.

“Good. Now, it’s my time to buy some time until they arrive,” he thought in a cool voice, determination welling up inside of him.

Holding his sword firmly in his hand and surging with power, he began swinging the Celestial Blade with impressive moves, which unleashed energy slicing waves at his enemy. The waves rushed towards the Calamity Titan, but he never brought up his sword, nor make a defensive move. Instead, he remained motionless while the attacks soared towards him, which instantly made Lakshman widen his eyes in alarm and exclaim a warning.

“What are you doing?!”

The Calamity Titan did not respond, but he merely glanced at his enemy and serenely smiled. At that moment, the attacks reached him and, seemingly, cut through him with him making no move to protect himself. Lakshman widened his eyes in horror, but the expression suddenly changed to that of confusion when the Calamity Titan’s body suddenly seemed to let off black smoke before evaporating into thin air.

“W-What?” Lakshman asked reflexively, momentarily not understanding what just happened.

Just then, he began to hear the echo of his enemy’s voice in his surroundings and it almost sounded like he was very close to him.

“Foolish, Phoenix Titan. Very foolish. After all that bravado, you’re still confused by something this simple?” The Calamity Titan asked, his voice echoing around inside of Lakshman’s mind. “A waste of power.”

To these words, Lakshman merely smiled as he looked down at his sword and asked, “Do you remember the three most important rules I taught you n a one on one battle, Chandra?”

“You dare—?!” The Calamity Titan exclaimed, his voice filled with a murderous intent at his enemy daring to use his original name.

“Get used to it,” said Lakshman, overlapping over his younger brother’s angry voice with a firm voice of his own, which made finally made the Calamity Titan to act without properly thinking through his plan of attack.

Without warning, there was a violent whoosh of wind that buffeted against him and threw him off balance. This break in his guard propelled the Calamity Titan into coming out of hiding to swing his sword, aiming for his enemy’s neck. However, just as the blade was about to strike, the Celestial Blade flew off from Lakshman’s arm and guarded her master, causing a clash of sparks and forces to occur between them.

“Huh?!” The Calamity Titan exclaimed in surprise.

“Lesson number one: Always assume your enemy knows your location,” replied Lakshman, slowly turning around to smile at his foe. “I think I taught you this bit many times in the past.”

“Be quiet!” The Calamity Titan retorted in great anger.

He pulled his sword back and pointe the bladed tip end at his enemy before unleashing a devastating black wave of destruction at point blank range. Lakshman showed incredible reflexes by grabbing his sword and placing it in the dead centre of the incoming wave, causing it to get surrounded by some kind of light barrier. A moment later, the wave died down and disappeared, leaving nothing behind and greatly surprising its caster.

“Lesson number two: Make sure you can hit your enemy,” said Lakshman, spinning his sword skilfully around with a smooth smile on his face.

The Calamity Titan became very frustrated and charged at him, swinging his sword with all his might. As soon as he swung, a slicing dark wave was released, but his foe suddenly vanished just before it touched him and reappeared hovering behind him. Swinging his sword around, the Calamity Titan again tried to cut him down, but this proved to be ineffective because his enemy suddenly disappeared and reappeared hovering on his other side.

These actions of him swinging his sword instantaneously the moment Lakshman appeared elsewhere continued but with no success because his enemy was much faster than him. He soon came to realise this fact and became very angered by it, with his ego not giving him room to think that perhaps his enemy was faster than him.

“What trickery are you performing?!” He demanded finally, after being unable to strike his enemy for the umpteenth time. Swirling around to face Lakshman, his face contorted into rage because of his inferiority complex as he yelled, “Stop dodging like a coward and fight like a man!”

Lakshman blinked once before releasing a sigh and saying, “Very well. Have it your way.”

The Calamity Titan inwardly smiled at the thought of luring his enemy into attacking him up front in order to spring a trap he was getting ready to set. Before he could do it, however, things went out of hand when Lakshman suddenly disappeared and materialised in front of him out of thin air. In fact, he was so close, the Calamity Titan could hear his breathing, which had a calm rhythm to it.

“There,” said Lakshman, and he pulled his head back before smashing it with great impact against the head of his enemy.

The headbutt caused great pain for the Calamity Titan, who started bleeding from the head wound that his enemy had caused him. Lakshman was also clutching his forehead where it hurt as blood also started appearing from that spot. Despite the pain, Lakshman ignored it as he forced a calm smile on his face and spoke in a collected voice.

“Finally, lesson number three: Know your enemy,” he finished, taking the hand off his forehead to give his younger brother a compassionate smile. “You should remember them. I taught them to you after all.”

The Calamity Titan was at his limit with the quips that Lakshman was throwing at him, which caused him to extend his hand towards his enemy and shout, “I don’t need your lectures!”

He instantly activated Force Control on his enemy, which made Lakshman feel like his body did not respond to him anymore. In the next moment, the Calamity Titan waved his hands at himself, causing Lakshman to fly towards him as if a magnet was pulling him towards his enemy. As he drew closer, the Calamity Titan clutched his sword firmly in his hand, applied deadly Energy Force to it and swung it in an arc with the clear intention of cleaving his enemy for good.

As the blade came swinging, Lakshman gritted his teeth and called telepathically, “Celestial Blade!”

The Celestial Blade, which had fallen rom his grip when he was taken control of by his enemy’s Force Control, suddenly jerked upward and flew towards them at high speed. At the last second, it managed to block the sword swing, which caused sparks and lightning to occur between the two mighty weapons. While doing that, Lakshman’s sword pushed itself forward and cut the cheek of the Calamity Titan. Taken by surprise, the Calamity Titan lost focus and this allowed Lakshman to be freed from his enemy’s Force Control.

“Right!” Lakshman said, extending his hand towards his enemy while beginning to surge with power while activating Force Control.

“No!” The Calamity Titan cried out loud, extending his own hand towards his enemy before activating Force Control.

The two faced off against each other, hands extending towards each other as they attempted to Force Control one another. Due to the intensity of the nature of their powers, the climate began to change, creating murky clouds that discharged lightning down from random places and caused rain to pour down on them. Even so, the two fought on, their powers starting to shake the entire world, making the other occupants on the other continents to feel afraid.

“What’s going on over there?” Rumble asked, smashing several of the enemies he had been grappling before turning around to stare at the place the murky clouds were forming at with random blitz lightning.

Up in the sky, the Angel King, who was in the midst of a observing the battle between his race and the Fallen Angels, turned to look curiously down at the place murky clouds had formed. He wore a worried look on his face because he sensed that a great danger had befell the Human Continent, and their saviour, the Phoenix Titan, was in a heated battle against his deadliest enemy.

“I still think you should’ve stayed with Sonia,” said Evander in a soft voice, not looking at the maid he was speaking to.

The maid’s name is Natasha, and she served as Sonia’s caretaker since the girl was just a baby. After Sonia gave birth to a healthy baby girl, the ex-angel princess ordered Natasha to return to the Heaven Continent, declaring that he will take care of raising her child along with the other wives of the Phoenix Titan. She had done this a few months after giving birth and learning a few things about taking care of babies.

Natasha was very saddened, but she could not refuse the order. And so, she returned to the Heaven Continent and was reinstated as the Angel King’s personal maid. Evander and Natasha never shared any romantic interest since both are much older for any romance, but they did respect each other by a great degree since both were very close to Sonia. As such, Evander continued to believe it was probably had been better if Natasha remained with Sonia as support.

The maid, remembering the determined face of the young girl clutching her baby over her shoulders and smiled as she said, “She has grown to become independent, and you have to agree she is a capable woman, just like her mother.”

A small smile formed on Evander’s face, but it was mingled with sadness as he looked down at the murky clouds and thought, “Forgive me, Lakshman. My hands are full right now dealing with problems on my end, so I cannot lend you my support.”

To his surprise, he got an unexpected response from the man he was thinking about, saying telepathically, “It’s fine. Win your battle! Your survival is important as well.”

“Wow!” Evander said reflexively in surprise, which made Natasha look curiously at him. Then, sensing that the magic link between them was disconnected, he shook his head in shock and said, “I don’t know if I should be more shocked or impressed!”

Still, he looked down at the clouds with a smile made in confidence and thought, “Good luck, Lakshman,” before turning his attention back to the battle being waged on his continent.

Meanwhile, Lakshman and the Calamity Titan were exerting great strength and power in attempting to use Force Control against one another. While in the midst of it, Lakshman kept hearing voices of people from all over the place, people praying for their safety, praying for their protection, praying for him to win his battle and vanquish evil. In the midst of all that, he heard Evander’s voice and, despite the heated struggle, he activated Telepathy to ensure him before focusing his attention on his battle.

“Still, why am I hearing voices of everyone’s prayers in my head? Was Darian right in saying that I’m somehow the embodiment of the phoenix itself?” He thought, but there was no answer nor response to clarify that matter. All he could do was shrug his shoulders and think, “It’s fine. They’re giving me strength!”

He was forcefully brought out of his thoughts when there was a tremendous shock wave that caused both warriors to struggle to stay afloat with their hands aiming at one another. Following the shock wave, small particles of light gathered at the centre to form into a ball of light, which exploded a few seconds later. The force of the explosion created a violent blowing wind that buffeted against the two warriors and sent them flying away.

Lakshman flew through the air and fell rapidly towards the ground, diving deep into the ocean, which created a huge splash and sent waves in all directions. A few seconds later, he rose to the surface and breathed a deep sigh of relief while remaining to float in his position when the ocean suddenly split open. As he felt himself falling, he activated his powers to float and stared in front to see something amazing; the Calamity Titan holding his sword high above his head, a massive black energy blade extending into the sky.

In a moment’s notice, the Calamity Titan swung it down with immense force towards the spot his enemy was at. Lakshman instantly reacted by swinging his Celestial Blade up and managed to block the strike. Even so, the immense force behind the attack caused him to grit his teeth tightly and surge with immense power as the attack threatened to wipe him out. This battle of energy blades caused the wind to blow wildly and shake the entire world like a rock in a storm.


Screaming with power, Lakshman took one hand off the handle of his sword and applied immense Energy Force into it, which made the blade glow very brightly. In the next moment, his eyes flashes as he swung the sword upward and in a slightly vertical angle. At the point of the swing, a powerful slicing energy wave got unleashed and it totally decimated the black energy wave, soaring above the Calamity Titan’s head as he faced towards his enemy in horror.

The released shock wave propelled the Calamity Titan towards the land, where he skilfully landed on his feet and stared at his enemy in disbelief. He could not believe his devastating attack, the Disaster Blade Strike, was decimated by something that only composed of light. This made him think of something he had been avoiding since Lakshman went through his final transformation.

“Am I… weaker than him…?”

His ego was greatly hurt, and he felt his pride was trashed due to the immense difference in power he felt between himself and the man he hated with all of his heart. Just then, he was surprised when Lakshman suddenly appeared before him, his face showing a serious expression as he stared at his angry faced younger brother.

“Stand down, Calamity Titan. I never hurt you or your wife and why would I when I raised you two with these very hands? You think I’m some kind of monster?”

“Yes, you are!” The Calamity Titan suddenly shouted, his composure going away with the wind, now pointing a threatening finger at his older brother as his deep hatred started to show itself on his face. “You are a power-hungry maniac that would do anything to get his way, even if it means killing off his own family! That’s what you did in the past, kill off many that opposed you, got in your way and this wasn’t restricted to when you were Asura! All of your previous reincarnations were the same! So, don’t pretend you’re on the good and I’m on the bad!”

“In that case, why are you taking your anger out on the world!? Why are you attacking so many innocent people who just want to live in peace?!” Lakshman demanded angrily.

This question momentarily stumped the Calamity Titan because he was actually unsure why he was doing it in the first place. A thought always guided him to take revenge on his brother and made him think that the world and its people are his allies, which made him attack them all. Now, at the sudden question, the Calamity Titan had to rethink why he attacked everyone instead of his sole enemy.

“B-Because, the world is your supporter and your allies are no better!” He replied, although, there was an edge in his voice that made him look like he was in doubt.

Lakshman incredulously shook his head and gestured around while saying “That’s insane! You! Me! Them! Everyone! We all belong to this world and this world belongs to us! There is no way anyone can claim to be above someone else because, one day, their matching opponent arrives! Look at our history and see where it led us so many times!”

These words further aggravated the Calamity Titan, whose hatred for his brother stretched since the ancient times. He turned away to look around at the surroundings, getting angrier as he shouted hateful words.

“Like I care! You destroyed my livelihood and as revenge, I’m getting back at you!”

As he finished saying those words, he suddenly sensed three people coming towards him and as they landed behind him, his eyes widened in shock as he sensed the familiarity of one of them just as Lakshman asked him a question.

“Would you say the same thing to her?”

The Calamity Titan whipped around, his eyes widening at the sight of his wife, Serabella, standing in front of his enemy. She wore a concerned look on her face as she faced her husband, who was looking at a loss for words. Behind her, Cantia and Sonia landed next to Lakshman while looking tired.

“She flew faster than us-nyaa,” commented Cantia, looking tired and released a deep sigh.

“Well, you are mothers now, so I think that’s only natural?” Lakshman asked back, smiling a little at how tired his wives looked.

As Cantia raised an eyebrow, Sonia chuckled lightly and said, “Nandana is actually pregnant, but she flew faster than us.”

This time, Lakshman looked amazed and he said, “Wow! She’s pregnant?!”

He turned to look at her and realised what his wife said was true due to the slightly swollen form of her belly. At the same time, he heard her exchange with her husband as they spoke seriously towards one another.

“What are you doing, Chandra?” She asked in a quiet voice while giving her husband an unflinching stare.

For a moment, he looked lost before saying, “Um… Sera, what are you doing here? I thought you were sleeping.”

“Now, I’m awake and here, so answer my question,” she said bluntly, not giving him the chance to divert the topic.

He blinked at her and sensed that something was different about her, which was easy since she was acting differently from usual. Then, he realised that her past memories had awakened from her behaviour style matching the one she once had in the past. This made him want to smile, but with his enemy standing right behind her, all he could do was to keep a calm and composed face.

“I’m getting revenge, so move out of the way!” He said, walking toward her.

“No!” Serabella said suddenly, startling him and forcing him to come to a halt with a surprised expression on his face. With a determined expression on her face, she looked at her husband and said, “No, Chandra! You’re wrong!”

This caused him to become irritated at her, which made him say, “In what way am I wrong, Sera?! That bastard destroyed our livelihood and killed you! After all of that, you’d think I could forgive him! Isn’t that the whole reason I started this war!”

“I remember what happened,” she said, a dark shadow falling over her face at the bad memories of the past.

“In that case—!” He began, but she held her hand up to stop him, which surprised him.

She shook her head sadly and said, “No, Chandra. Annayya did not attack us, nor is he involved in the matter.” Then, in a soft voice, she asked, “Don’t you remember what happened, Chandra? How… it happened…?”

At her tone and words, the Calamity Titan was at a loss for words because he did not understand why she was asking something so obvious. He made this clear by saying, “I couldn’t forget it even if I wanted to! That bastard,” he said and pointed a finger at Lakshman before finishing by saying, “kill you right before my eyes! I can’t forget it!”

There was a moment of silence because Serabella began to shake her head and said, “No, Chandra. Your memories are clouded. It wasn’t annayya.”

“What?!” The Calamity Titan exclaimed, looking alarmed. “I swear I—!”

“Your memories were tampered with,” she said, which made him go silent in an instant and caused his eyes to widen n alarm. In the same sorrowful voice, she continued to say, “Chandra, they played you and made you fight annayya.”

There a tense silence that stretched between the husband and wife, who were on opposing ends. The Calamity Titan could not believe what he was hearing, but he knew there was no way his wife would be tricked because he could sense the truth in her words and no magic that was forcing her. Yet, she was saying words that contradicted all that he had believed and followed until now.

“N-No way…!” He said, unsure of what to think of all that she said.

The one to pose the important question was Lakshman, who quietly asked, “Who was it, Nandana? Who did it?”

Serabella, responding to the sound of her old name, slowly turned to face her brother-in-law with a face that looked like she was about to cry. Despite the sadness, she mustered the strength and opened her mouth to say the name of the culprit.

“The God of Calamity.”

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