Chapter 427 – Ancestral Background

“W-What?!” Lakshman exclaimed in shock and disbelief, his eyes widening in the process. “The God of Power is… my ancestor?!”

“Indeed,” said the God of Calamity, nodding his head in agreement. “It was way back in the past, when you mortals were simple, stupid and knew nothing what to do with yourselves. So, we Gods were tasked with the job of helping you grow as a civilisation. So, over the years, we reincarnated into mortal forms and helped guide people across many worlds to their eventual evolution. During that process, some of the Gods left behind their lineages, which continued to survive to this very day.”

He turned to look into the distance and said in a quiet voice, “That friend of yours… Dominic, was it? His ancestor is none other than the God of Justice.” Then, as Lakshman looked up at him in disbelief, the God of Calamity continued to say, “That Dragon Titan is the descendent of the God of Destruction, the Death Titan seems to have become one with the Spirit of Death and War Titan is, of course, the descendent of the God of Protection.”

“It’s… unbelievable…!” Lakshman said slowly, not being able to belief his enemy’s words. “Then, how is it that I am alive? If what you said is true, then I’m from an unknown ancestral background. Why are you confident that I’m the descendent of the God of Power?”

That question made the God of Calamity looked down at him with disdain and said, “You mortals truly don’t understand how the gods work. We leave behind legends of ourselves to inspire the mortals, to help them reach higher stages in their evolution with devotion and dedication. That’s why, it’s easy to trace some of your families and, besides, your power is similar to him anyway.”

When he said that, a dark expression came over his face and made him look very dangerous. Lakshman did not care about this as he snapped, “I know that, but it still doesn’t make sense!”

The God of Calamity smirked and said, “Patience, young man. Listen. You never had children with your wives, and I remember the God of Life casting the Reincarnation gift onto you with the rule that you will only be born to those that are your descendants related directly to you or to someone that was once a family to you. So, that rules you out, but what about your brother?”

That single question stumped Lakshman and made his eyes widen even further than before as he finally realised it. The God of Calamity saw this and smirked before saying, “That’s right. Your brother’s wife gave birth to a healthy baby body, and I was going to use him to raise you the next time you reincarnated. Unfortunately, that pesky woman used her last magic to teleport the boy to the shelter inside the Phoenix Kingdom, which was under the protection of the Gods.”

“So…! Without an alternative, you summoned the Ancient Evil to kill me and curse me with that darkness that might, one day, take me over completely. It’s also the reason why I had no recollections of my past as Asura until two-years-ago!” Lakshman said, a strong heat emanating in his voice as the boiling rage surged to the surface.

“Good. You’ve caught up with the present timeline,” said the God of Calamity in praise.

“Damn you!” Lakshman bellowed, using his Force Control to break free off his enemy’s control and leaped at him with his fist raised.

He smashed him across the face and sent his enemy flying away for several meters, before he landed on his feet.  The God of Calamity rubbed the Calamity Titan’s face where it hurt and looked unperturbed at his enemy. It did not hurt him because, while he was in possession of the body, he disconnected the pain senses from linking to him. As such, even if he lost an arm, the Calamity Titan would feel the pain, not him.

“That didn’t hurt much. I think you could do more to break my jaw if you feel like it,” said the Calamity Titan with a wink.

“You… bastard…! You ruined so many lives!” Lakshman yelled, infuriated.

“It’s my job,” said the God of Calamity, as casually as breathing in air.

Lakshman became so angry that he began to surge with wild power that shook the ground tremendously. Then, he kicked off the ground and flew towards the God of Calamity in possession of his brother’s body. He wans enraged by the devastation that the god had brought down upon him and his family. Now, he was resolved to make that god pay for all that he had done.

“Yes! That’s it! Finish me off and join my side!” The God of Calamity proclaimed, opening his arms wide to allow his enemy to slay the body of the Calamity Titan.

In his blind rage, Lakshman flew towards the Calamity Titan and swung his sword in an attempt to severe the Calamity Titan’s head off his shoulders. At the very last second, however, he caught the glimpse of his enemy’s face and realised, to his horror, whom he was attacking. He used both of his hands to forcefully stop his sword right near the neck, which got a small cut would from the strong gust of wind.

As the small neck began to bleed, Lakshman backed away slowly in horror, staring at the face of his brother and realised he had been in the process of killing his brother like he did in the past. The God of Calamity watched him back away with a look that made the god very annoyed, which he made it clear by speaking in an irritable voice that felt more like a commanding voice.

“What’s Wrong? You had me, so why’d you stop?! Remember all the pain that he caused you; that I caused you! Do it!”

“No,” said Lakshman, coming to a stop with a few meters of gap between him and his enemy. He looked at him with a determined look on his face and threw his sword aside while saying, “No. I won’t kill my brother. Not this time. Never again.”

The God of Calamity remained silent for a moment before releasing a deep sigh and saying, “Really? After all this, you’ll continue to remain like this? A nuisance? To me, a god?”

Lakshman smiled a little and said, “Someone once said ‘Be what you want to be, not what someone expects you to be.’ You should know him considering it’s the God of Freedom.”

These words made the God of Calamity narrow his eyebrows in irritation and say, “Don’t repeat stupid lines said by a stupid god,” and he waved his hands in a downward gesture.

In an instant, Lakshman felt his legs break as he fell flat on his face against the ground, sinking the ground a little and spreading cracks in all directions. This time, the force pushing him down was so strong that Lakshman felt his bones making cracking sounds as they were on the verge of breaking. He yelled out loud in pain as several of his bones broke in his arms and legs as well as the bones near his hip, but he managed to keep his back from breaking as he feared the consequences.

The God of Calamity waved his hand upward, and Lakshman rose into the air limply, with his bones severely broken. His consciousness was at the point of fading due to the intense pain, but he managed to retain it with his anger boiling for the man standing opposite him.

“You’re a disappointment,” said the God of Calamity, waving his hand down to smash Lakshman into the ground with great impact before waving his hand up to raise Lakshman back into the air.

He continued to repeat this cycle with each dialogue he uttered, saying, “A failure! A loser! A waste! Do you know how much of my time you wasted?!”

Lakshman grinned and replied with, “I think that’s a good thing,” before being smashed into the ground again, this time having his already broken bones crushed with the God of Calamity’s wrath.


Lakshman did not want to yell in pain, but the severity of it still made him shout painful sounds out of his mouth. The God of Calamity continued to play with him like a toy before holding high up in an upright position, blood slowly crawling from his forehead, down onto his face and fall onto his clothes. He could no longer feel his arms, nor legs, nor any section of his body due to the numbing sensation.

“It’s better to destroy you before you become a bigger nuisance to my plans,” said the God of Calamity, a dangerous glint in his eyes.

Lakshman knew his end was drawing nearer, with his body in such a badly beaten up shape, but he still did not give up. A plan was forming in his mind and it was risky, but he knew it was better to try it out rather than do nothing and wait for the inevitable end to meet him.

So, he sighed deeply and asked, “Why don’t you tell me that… in… my… face, or are you a cowardly chicken?”

This enraged the God of Calamity in an instant, and Lakshman saw it visible appear on his enemy’s face. Inwardly, he smiled at himself for the success of his plan being put into action. The reason he thought this part of his plan would work was due to a small memory of the past that he remembered, where the God of Calamity was extremely angry at the other gods for playfully calling him a coward that schemes behind the scenes. He was a schemer, a tactician, but he is fearless, so he despised being called a coward and a chicken at that.

“You really make it difficult on yourself. Everyone wants a quick end, after all,” said the God of Calamity in an irritable voice.

As Lakshman neared him, the injured warrior smiled and replied, “True, but I’m making it difficult for you instead.” Before his enemy could register what he just said, Lakshman muttered, “Astral Release,” and smacked his head against his enemy’s forehead.

A heavy impact occurred upon contact, injuring the both of them and causing Lakshman to be freed from the Force Control of his enemy, which made him collapse on the ground. The Calamity Titan’s body reeled back from the pain and automatically clutched his forehead because of the intense pain, which was something he God of Calamity did not feel. Still, he was amazed by Lakshman’s risky move, to use all of his strength to wound his enemy and distract him long enough to free himself, however, it appeared that it had failed.

“I don’t know what you planned on doing, but it seems you failed in whatever you were doing,” said the God of Calamity while rubbing his forehead.

Lakshman, lying face up on the ground, merely grimaced and said, “Perhaps, but maybe you don’t know what happened.”

At that moment, several magic circles appeared all around the Calamity Titan in order to surround him. Then, they proceeded to glow brightly and seem to cause intense pain for the Calamity Titan, which was also felt by the God of Calamity. He began to yell in pain from the lighting like attack that attacked him spiritually, which he did not expect.

“W-What did you… do…?!” The God of Calamity demanded as his host body writhed in agony.

Lakshman did not say anything and he did not need to because, at that moment, there was a violent flash of light before the God of Calamity’s Astral Form was blasted out of the Calamity Titan’s body. Now in control of his own body, Chandra released a deep sigh and fell to his knees before collapsing on the ground. He was exhausted, not from overusing his powers, but from the pressure of being held captive in his own mind and the earlier attack that finally freed him from imprisonment.

“Ah… It worked…” muttered Lakshman, seeing that his brother was finally freed from the God of Calamity’s control.

The God of Calamity looked at his physical body, which had suddenly appeared in the Physical Plane much to his surprise. Originally, he was meant to return back to the God Realm, but it looked like the technique that Lakshman used caused him to actually appear in his God Form.

“N-No way!” He exclaimed, looking troubled by seeing that he was physically there.

At that moment, he heard a voice in his mind say, “That’s bad. Climax, your physical self is there.”

“I understood that already!” Climax snapped, greatly irritated by the sudden change of events. “How long do I have?”

The Creator imposed a rule that clearly stated that no god is allowed to linger in the Physical Plane in any world for far too long. The only reason they are allowed to linger around or stay for half-an-hour was when they are visiting the devotes to help, assist or save under specific conditions. In this case, the God of Calamity appeared in the Physical Plane without reason and, as such, had limited time before the other gods realised that he was not in his realm.

“Fifteen minutes, at most. That God of Energy is looking around and it won’t be long before he realises something is wrong,” the voice replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Good! That should be more than enough to finish my matter in this place!” The God of Calamity said, wearing an evil smile on his face. “This bastard lost me one of my pawns, and I must get compensation for it!”

He turned his attention towards the collapsed form of Lakshman and extended his hand out to him and waved his fingers, which made the wounded warrior to, once again, rise into the air and hover in a fixed position. Then, Climax waved his fingers towards him and made Lakshman to fly towards him, with his body flopping helplessly in the wind as it flew rapidly towards his enemy.

“You’ve done a really good job making me angry!” Climax said, glaring evilly at him. He started to close his fingers, which made Lakshman groan in pain as he felt his sides getting crushed while his enemy said, “Time to show you what happens when you push me over the line!”

The pain of being crushed began to intensify, and he began to yell louder and make painful sounds while he hovered there, unable to do anything to save himself. The God of Calamity wore a truly twisted smile on his face, as he thoroughly enjoyed the torture of his enemy with great cruelty and delight.

“When I’m done with you, I’ll prepare for an alternative!” Climax said confidently.

Just as Lakshman was experiencing so much pain that was about to knock him out, a sudden burst of wave of destruction released from somewhere nearby. It soared towards the God of Calamity and seemingly incinerated his hand before flying away to explode far in the distance. Surprised, Climax turned to his side and saw that his previous pawn, the Calamity Titan, standing tall with his hand aiming towards him.

“Let go of my brother!” He said in a strong voice.

Climax remained silent while the smoke slowly cleared to reveal his missing limb, which should be causing him intense pain. Instead, he looked calm and composed to the point of showing that it did not affect him one bit. To Chandra’s surprise, the missing limb suddenly materialised out of thin air while continuing to target Lakshman.

“I said release him!” Chandra bellowed, surging with wild power that caused the wind to blow wildly in all directions, sending shock waves that buffeted them all.

The God of Calamity looked bemused and said, “Poor choice of words,” before waving his hand into the air.

At the gesture, Lakshman was tossed high into the air, and he flew very far away.

“Annayya!” Chandra called, but his brother flew away rapidly from his position.

Lakshman flew towards a set of mountains on the Human Continent and crashed heavily against them, bringing the mountains down in the process. A great cloud of dust rose into the air, signalling the crash and the destruction to the land while Chandra watched in horror.

“Dammit!” The Calamity Titan exclaimed, glaring fiercely at his enemy, the God of Calamity.

“Why are you so angry? I did as I was told,” replied Climax, smiling innocently with a dangerous glint in his eyes.

“UUUUURRRRRAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!” Chandra roared wildly and kicked off the ground to fly towards his enemy at super speed.

Reaching him, the Calamity Titan began unleashing his various attacks using his fists, kicks, energy force and magic force, but to avail. Climax easily dodged through them and received no damage even when the attacks directly hit him with him not defending at all. This confused Chandra and propelled him to use even mightier attacks, which resulting in the ocean splitting apart, sending tidal waves in all directions and a release of force that violently shook the entire world.

“You destroyed my life! You killed my wife! You turned me into hating my brother! You made me kill my sister-in-laws! You made me submit to your control!” Chandra shouted while following through with his attacks. “I’ll destroy you for it all! You’ll die today!”

“Oh? Pent up anger? Release it all! Why not?! Makes me feel proud of my work!” Climax said casually, taunting his enemy gloatingly.

Greatly enraged by such words, Chandra screamed, “AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!”

He held out his hand and summoned the Sacred Spirit, Disaster, and swung it down on the God of Calamity. Just before it could touch him, however, the blade stopped in mid-flight and remained resolutely fixed in that position as if it was frozen. Chandra surged with more power and channelled a lot of Energy Force into the sword to make it move, but it remained frozen to the spot.

“What made you think… it would attack its master?” Climax asked in a quiet voice.

Chandra looked at his enemy in surprise and watched him walk towards the sword, which prompted him to try harder to budge the sword. All his attempts failed just as Climax reached him and pushed him away, causing Chandra to step backward a few steps before coming to a stop. With a confident smile on his face, the God of Calamity looked at the sword and placed his hand on its hilt. In an instant, there was a burst of dark light and he swiftly moved the sword from its place, something that Chandra failed at despite being its master.

“W-What’s the meaning of this?!” Chandra asked, baffled by seeing his enemy having hold over his sword.

“I repeat: what made you think it would attack its master?” The God of Calamity asked with a serene smile on his face.


“Nothing because it’s the truth. This is my sword that I lent to you in order for you to carry out my ambitions,” said Climax, cleaning crossing over his enemy’s speech with ease. “The only true weapon you possessed was the Demon Slayer, which you later lost and, now, it belonged to my enemy; your brother.”

The Calamity Titan looked thunderstruck as he could not believe his ears upon learning the harsh truth of reality.

“While I’m on the subject of taking what’s mine, I think I should take some parts of mine from you,” said the God of Calamity with an eerie smile on his face.

“L-Like what?” Chandra asked, narrowing his eyes suspiciously while being cautious.

The God of Calamity thought for a moment before saying, “Mmm. Like, for instance, your eyes!”

The moment he finished his sentence, he disappeared and reappeared standing in front of his enemy before swinging his sword. As the sword cut through its target, Chandra began to let out a high-pitched scream as the sword cut through his eyes, making him blind. Blood burst forth from the destroyed sockets as he desperately covered them with his eyes, making him fall to his knees while screaming from the unbearable pain.

“Hmph!” Climax said, smiling disdainfully at his enemy. “You reap what you sow. I suppose you understand now how it felt for that guy you helped… what was his name…? Slavemancer? Whatever it was, you did the same thing to him, granted him eyes that I granted to you and then taking them back with force, just like me. A pity that you always fought against my control. If only you allowed yourself to understand the true depth of my power, you could’ve been something special!”

The pain was causing Chandra to lose focus on his surroundings, and his bearings, but he became determined to shout, “There’s no way I would’ve joined you in the first place! I’d always take my place beside my brother!”

With difficulty and being unable to see properly anymore, he staggered here and there before attacking his enemy. Climax merely stepped aside each time he attacked with an almost bored look on his face. Often, Chandra would stumble and fall, but he rose back up and continued on his attempts at hitting his foe. It proved to be a difficult task because, without eyesight, all he could see was a never-ending darkness while his sensing capability was in a mess.

“Where are you?!” He yelled, getting aggravated at being unable to land a blow on his enemy. “Where are you, coward?!”

It was a taunt to get his enemy to give away his location, and it did succeed. Climax became maddened by such taunts, and he rushed forward to slash his enemy two times diagonally before cutting him across his chest. Chandra screamed in pain before he got kicked in the chest by his enemy, which sent him flying several meters back and crashed heavily on the ground.

“There is no coward here, fool! You’re the idiot with no eyes to see with!” The God of Calamity said, glaring menacingly at him.

Chandra, unperturbed, managed to rise back to his feet and took a fighting stance while saying, “Perhaps you are right but, at the very least, I managed to make you react!”

Enraged by such confident words, the God of Calamity wanted to crush his enemy’s confidence. Thus, he held the Disaster sword in his hand like a javelin and launched it at his enemy, which flew quickly to piece deep into Chandra. The Calamity Titan, shocked by the impact, two hasty steps back from the force and groaned as he felt the piercing pain in the centre of his chest.

“Ugh…!” He moaned before falling to his knees as the sword started to decimate him from the point of contact.

Climax walked over to him and, without a shred of mercy, grabbed the sword and pulled it out. Chandra groaned loudly and fell sideways on the ground. There, he lay with blood slowly covering the spot that spilled from the opened wound in his chest. Despite this, Chandra desperately tried his hardest to get back to his feet, which were shaking uncontrollably due to the heavy blood lose and pain in his chest.

“If I were you, I’d stay down!” Climax said in a fearsome voice and slammed the side of the sword on top of his enemy’s skull.

The former Calamity Titan felt the impact and made small painful sound out of his mouth before falling flat on the ground. Blood started to pour out of the open wound in his skull, and his consciousness was slowly fading away, but he desperately clung to dear life because of a promise he made to his wife and the desire to apologise to his brother for all that he had wrought.

The God of Calamity paced around his fallen enemy and watched him twitch and move his hands gradually in a desperate attempt to cling to life. This made him feel a sense of satisfaction that he could not get out of defeating Lakshman previously.

“It’s sad, really. You served me well and now your use is now over,” the God of Calamity spoke in a mockingly caring voice before saying, “but I do wonder what happens to you now? Who will step up to save… you…?”

Chandra gritted his teeth as blood seeped out from the critical head wound, which made his vision go in and out of focus, which was made worse by his severe chest wound. He knew his time of reckoning was at hand and there was nothing he could do to stop it, but he desperately prayed inside for a miracle to save him long enough to apologise to his brother and see his wife one last time before meeting his end.

The God of Calamity prepared to slay the servant that had been the most loyal to him all this time when, all of a sudden, there was a sudden rising of dust as heavy clouds formed in the sky. There was random blitz lightning from time to time and they seemed to increase gradually as time passed by. Climax sensed something was wrong, and he instantly knew why when he felt the presence of someone familiar, someone he had not sensed in a very long time.

A shadowy figure took a sharp step towards the place the two of them were at while the wind slowly made the dust circle around them. Climax turned in the direction the unknown figure appeared and when his eyes met with the person’s eyes, he winced and took a step back automatically due to the fearsome intimidating gaze that person was giving him.

“You think he’s alone?!” The new comer said, his voice filled with such fury that the world had only once heard it many, many years ago. As the dust slowly cleared, the man was revealed to be Lakshman, but he was acting differently. He raised his head and tilted it slightly in prideful arrogance and showed a truly fearsome expression on his face when he said, “He has a brother!”

With the yell, he surged with power that was quite different from how a normal person would release it. The wind became cold and a small amount of dust rose out of the ground, but the pressure in the air thickened to such an extreme degree that sweat began to slowly form on the God of Calamity’s body. Climax felt an ominous feeling and also felt that he sensed this overwhelming power before, a long time ago, in the ancient times in fact. He knew of only one human that roomed the and at that time and dominated It, with not a single challenger to rise before him.

“No…! This can’t be…!” Climax exclaimed, unsure whether to believe what he was seeing or feeling as his senses triggered off alarms, warning him that this foe was extremely dangerous. This made him become frustrated and caused him shout, “I thought you were Lakshman! Aren’t you?!”

The God of Calamity spoke in a sharp voice in order to hide that he was intimidated, but his voice broke from its cool manner as the drastically changed warrior drew closer to him. Lakshman, who was obviously someone else, slowly approached his enemy with narrowed eyes, so sharp they were that made him seem to pierce into the God of Calamity.

Upon arriving with a few meters of distance between them, Lakshman stopped and spoke, this time his voice was filled with power and rang with authority, which the world had not heard in a very long time.

“I am him, but I’m not Lakshman. I am… Asura!”

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