Chapter 428 – To Beyond

Lakshman lay on the ground, moaning softly from the injuries that his body sustained from the earlier attack. He remembered the face of the enemy and hated the feeling of deep anger and hatred towards him for being the one responsible in destroying his family. Feelings of wanting to destroy his enemy arose inside of Lakshman, whose persona slowly got pushed to the back while Asura’s persona came to the front.

“See? Brutal violence has always been the way of life!” Asura said, now in full control of his body. “Now, rest, Lakshman. I’ll take it from here. I will make that man suffer for ruining our lives and destroying our brother’s life!”

With a deep-seated hatred boiling inside of him, Asura surged with intense power and kicked off the ground to fly towards the God of Calamity, a merciless glint appearing in his eyes.

“What?! A-Asura?” The God of Calamity asked, his eyes widening a little in surprise.

Asura, whose persona had taken over Lakshman’s body, smiled coolly at his enemy and replied, “Yeah. Hi.”

In the next moment, he vanished from view and the next thing Climax felt was a painful impact in his gut. Looking down, he saw Asura appear there with his fist extending out towards his gut, which had become the target of his attack. The force of impact blasted the God of Calamity off his feet for several meters before he crashed to the ground near the border of the Human Continent, which was becoming something like a beach.

“Gah!” Climax winced, rubbing his stomach as it stung from the blow.

Asura raised his fist to look at it and flexed it experimentally, smiling in satisfaction as he said, “You’re physically here. That’s good. This means I can trash you all I can.”

“I don’t get it! You’re supposed to be dead!” The God of Calamity shouted, looking worried by this unprecedented course of events.

“Yes, and I’m here now. Deal with it,” replied Asura with a smug smile on his face.

“This does not make sense!” The God of Calamity thought furiously, glaring fiercely at his enemy. “I thought that Lakshman awakened only his memories of his past and used their power to achieve his final transformation, but what is this? A past persona taking over the current one? I’ve never heard of this happening before! Have you, Levi?”

In the middle of his thoughts, he addressed the question to the God of Trickery, who was still in the God’s Realm.

“Nope. This is a first for me as well,” replied Levi telepathically, his voice sounding matter-of-fact without worry or concern. Then, he added as an afterthought, “Pretty interesting to see it happen.”

“I’m not happy about it!” Climax complained. “Now, my plans are in shambles because of him!”

“What’s the matter? Thinking too hard?” Asura said, his voice sounding very close.

Climax snapped out of his thoughts and looked just as his enemy appeared before him to punch him in the face. This inevitably broke the God of Calamity’s nose, causing him the god to feel immense pain as blood flowed out of the nose.

“ARGH!” Climax yelled, backing away while clutching his nose, which bled profusely. “W-What are you doing?!”

“Stopping you from thinking too hard. It’s bad for you,” replied Asura, smiling serenely as he saw his enemy in pain.

“You dare to attack a god?” The God of Calamity asked incredulously.

Asura shook his head and said, “No. I attacked a murderer.” Then, his smile became unfused with a look of hated, and he said, “You destroyed my family. For that, I’ll repay the debt… ten folds of what you’ve done!”

With that said, he kicked off the ground and flew at super speed towards his enemy, punching him squarely in the face. The blow knocked Climax off his feet and he soared into the air, but Asura grabbed his feet and began slamming him up and down into the ground with immense force. Each impact caused the ground to shake and spread dust in all directions, resulting in the wind billowing wildly around them.

“R-R-Release me!” Climax managed to shout while being swung around like a lasso.

“No mercy to an enemy of my family!” Asura said, and he snapped his enemy’s arm before letting him go.

“Guh!” Climax exclaimed, trying his best to stop the pain of his broken arm from making him embarrass himself by screaming like a child, all due to his pride as a god. He glared at his foe and shouted, “You’re a monster!”

“If that’s what’ll take to get my revenge, then I’m up for it!” His enemy replied and conjured his sword, the Celestial Blade, from out of thin air and rushed at his foe.

With Asura charging towards him, Climax quickly brought his sword, Disaster, to meet it. Soon, the warrior and the god were engaged in a fierce battle that raged across the land and into the sea, which split and sent tidal waves with each blow they attacked each other with. The very foundations of the world quaked in the intensity of their battle, as several mountains around the world cracked and crumbled while the land split apart. Even the inhabitants around the world were fearing for their lives as their surroundings felt like they could explode at any second.

“You do realise our battle is going to tear this world apart, right?!” Climax yelled, both him and Asura being pushed back by their attacks.

“I’ll end this before that happens!” Asura said and charged forward to swung his sword down at his enemy.

Climax retaliated back by using his one remaining arm the best he could to block his enemy’s attacks and fight back. Unfortunately, the God of Calamity seemed to have met his match in the form of the first incarnation of the Phoenix Titan, who kept pushing him back.

“Damn!” Climax thought desperately, being pushing back restlessly by his enemy. Having no opportunity to strike back at his foe, he was forced into a corner as he thought, “This isn’t good! At this rate, I’ll end up being overpowered! Curse my Divine Form being on equal grounds or lesser than this braggart! If only I had my God Form, then I could’ve overpowered him!”

As if in response, he heard a familiar voice in his mind while he fought say, “That isn’t good. It’ll alert the other gods and it’ll most definitely upset The Creator, that you’re using your godly powers without his permission in the Physical Plane.”

Climax quietly cursed and quickly arranged his thoughts to find an alternative solution to solve this problem. While in the midst of the battle, his eyes fell on the slowly bleeding form of Asura’s brother, who seemed to be healing himself, but seemed sluggish due to the great deal of blood he lost and the tiredness he was feeling. He found himself a solution and smiled at Asura, who instantly narrowed his eyes and frowned in suspicion.

“Don’t ask me because you’ll find out soon enough,” stated Climax before Asura could ask him “why are you smiling?” dialogue.

This surprised Asura, who was not expecting his enemy to forestall him in such a manner, before he continued battling him. For some time, he was on high alert and did not miss a single movement that his enemy made because he was very cautious due to the unease he felt from the smile that continued to appear on his enemy’s face.

“What’s wrong? Your moves are becoming sluggish!” Climax said, taunting him with a sneer.

This remark did not go over well with Asura, who quickly dodged two of his enemy’s switch before kicking him squarely in the chest. The impact sent the God of Calamity flying for several meters before he landed on his feet, rubbing the pain in his chest where the kick struck. He did not make a scene out of it but gently rubbed it because he was waiting for an opportunity to spring his plan into motion.

As his enemy came after him, Climax made an evil grin under the hair that hid his face before aiming his sword at his speeding enemy. In an instant, the entire sword got surrounded by a powerful black energy, which soon expanded to all sides. Asura, who was very close to it at the time of its activation, could not respond in time as the darkness engulfed his surroundings, extinguishing the light and leaving him in total darkness where he could not see himself at all.

Asura did not say anything, but he began to look around his surroundings for some kind of clue when, all of a sudden, an immense pressure began to hit him. The world shook and he stumbled to his feet from the shock of feeling the incredible pressure, which seemed to build itself like a wall around him before beginning to close in around him to crush him.

Several seconds seemed to pass while he was inside this the darkness, and Asura’s knees were forced to buckle under the pressure. Still, the fierce warrior never gave up until the last of his breath, which allowed him to remain determined and strong as he asked, “So, you think I’m a child?”

No respond came to answer him and he never expected one to come because he was prepared for the worst. As such, began to exert his power and straightened up to stand firmly on his feet before swinging his sword and stabbing it into the ground. Grabbing hold of the sword’s hilt with both hands, he activated his power and channelled it into the sword to activate its power using the Energy Force. This resulted in a blinding flash of light, which made him close his eyes, and it swept in all directions, dispelling the darkness and returning him back to reality.

He opened his eyes and was reassured to find that he was in the normal world, despite how gloomy it looked. Then, his Elemental Sense triggered off a lot of alarms that made him realise that his enemy was no longer in front of him. Sensing the imminent danger, not to him but someone close to him, he whirled around and saw the God of Calamity soaring towards Chandra in order to eliminate the threat.

“Hey!” Asura yelled in a very loud, his voice echoing to reach his enemy, who turned around and grinned broadly at him.

“Oh? You escaped my illusion! No matter! You’re too late to stop this!” Climax said, turning back just as he came to a stop in front of his former servant and raised his sword up into the air.

He gathered a tremendous amount of energy into it that would surely destroy both the Calamity Titan and the land he was on. Chandra, sensing the danger, looked up in surprise and widened his eyes in horror before bringing his arms up defensively. He knew he was badly wounded and needed time to recover, but he feared it might be too late for him to save himself as the deadly blow came swinging down on top of him.

Just as Climax made to swing his sword down, Asura suddenly appeared out of thin air to stand between him and Chandra. This momentarily surprised the God of Calamity, but he realised this was the best opportunity to destroy both of his enemy as he had gathered a tremendous amount of energy into his sword that had the power to destroy this land and everything else near it for several thousand kilometres.

“If you’re so obliged, then I’ll destroy you both!” Climax cackled with mad laughter and swung the sword down on them.

“Get away, brother!” Chandra shouted, mustering up his strength to make Asura leave.

Asura remained motionless on the spot with his head held down with his flowing golden-red hair casting a shade to hide his expression. He continued to remain inactive the Disaster sword came swinging down on him with a billowing wind trailing behind it. At the last second before it could touch him, however, he raised his left arm and extended his forefinger and middle-finger to perfectly catch the sword in-between them.

To this, the God of Calamity exclaimed, “What?!” before the wind rushed forward and spread in all directions, buffeting them and spreading a great amount of dust everywhere. Several seconds later, the dust slowly settled and the wind began to blow steadily in their vicinity. The returning view showed the God of Calamity with his sword several centimetres from Asura’s head as the warrior held it firmly between his two fingers.

“W-What? H-How?” Climax asked, his eyes widening in shock at this unbelievable scene of his enemy holding his sword in place and, no matter how hard he tried, the sword would not budge.

Blood began to pour down from between the fingers that held the sword at bay while Asura continued to hold his face down. Then, as the seeping blood slowly, bit by bit, fell to the ground, he raised his head to give the God of Calamity an expression of utmost contempt that made Climax wince in fright. Then, while still holding the sword, Asura began to walk forward and, in the process, pushed the sword forward and it made Climax to step back in shock.

“Why… Why won’t you go down?!” Climax demanded in a shocked voice as he continued to step back with each forward step his enemy took.

Asura came to a stop, with his two fingers clutching the sword, and he glowered at his enemy and said in a thunderingly voice that had a powerful effect.

“Because you’re battling Asura!”

The moment Asura yelled those words, the pressure in the thickened to a great extent while. At the same time, a thundering roar was hear from the murky clouds above before random bursts of lighting lit up the sky and the surroundings. This coincidental occurrence buried a deep impression in the God of Calamity, making him widen his eyes in alarm.

Asura gritted his teeth and exerted all of his might on his two fingers, which still held the sword at bay. This fingers slowly bend the sword to the side and, while the sword’s owner tried to keep it straight, it continued to bend until it suddenly snapped in two. In an instant, a billowing wind, as well as, a burst of darkness emanated from the sword and soared high into the air while letting off a horrible shriek. Once it died down, Climax stared at his broken sword with a horrified look on his face.

Just then, Asura took a fighting stance and pulled his right arm back, which was free off the Celestial Blade, which was stuck to the ground several meters away. Gathering a tremendous amount of energy within a second of holding his position, Asura unleashed his fist and slammed it directly into the gut of his enemy. This powerful impact caused the God of Calamity’s body to bend over while his face made a shocked expression, as it showed the expression of the surprise of the sudden attack and the pain that slowly registered in his brain.

In the same moving motion, Asura folded the rest of his fingers of his right arm, except for his forefinger and middle-finger, before raising them in an upward angle to slam them against the jaw of his enemy. The impact blasted the God of Calamity high into the air at a speed that caused the air to split around them as he flew. As he reached a certain height, his enemy suddenly materialised out of thin air to swung the same two fingers of his right arm across his backside.

The release of energy sent a powerful blow that made the God of Calamity gasp for breath as he got propelled through the air at an alarming speed. He spun around and around repeatedly without stop and the world became a blur for him as everything flew past him before he could register anything. Like this, he circled the entire world before coming back on the other side to where his enemy hovered while waiting for him.

As Climax reached him, Asura, who was still in the same position as before, extended his left hand out towards his enemy and merely flicked him across the face. It was a perfect timing that matched the enemy’s face coming to face him while spinning uncontrollably. This impact, once again, blasted the God of Calamity away in the same direction he came from while releasing a powerful shock wave that shook the air and split the clouds apart like before.

When the God of Calamity came around on Asura’s right, the fearsome warrior moved his right arm into having his elbow face his enemy before slamming it into the perfectly position back of his enemy. This impact released a powerful shock wave and immediately stopped the uncontrollably spinning movement as well as the speed that pushed him soaring through the air. Still, this attack caused the wind to explode out of Climax’s mouth as his mouth opened wide, and he let out a loud painful groan.

Asura suddenly vanished and reappeared hovering in front of his enemy’s face before flicking his two fingers in an upward angle against his enemy’s jaw. This different style of uppercut released a shockwave that split the air while making the God of Calamity to slowly rise into the air. Once again, the golden-red haired warrior disappeared to reappear hovering above his enemy’s head and aimed his right hand down on his enemy before unleashing a massive wave of destruction.

The attack enveloped Climax and soared towards the ground at high speed, slamming several seconds later and letting off a violent explosion that shook the entire world. After the blinding light subsided, a great cloud of dust was rising into the air at the position that the explosion occurred at. At that spot, the clouds were slowly clearing to reveal the God of Calamity wounded badly, with his left arm and right leg missing in action.

“BLEEGH!!!” Climax uttered, belching and vomiting out the contents of his stomach onto the ground.

At that moment, Lakshman appeared out of thin air and stood a meter away from his grovelling enemy. He wore a truly contemptuous look on his face that showed great hatred for his enemy. While his enemy continued to cough and splutter, Asura took a step forward and knelt down to speak to his enemy, who looked up while covered in dirt and the substance of his vomit.

“How does it feel? Does it feel good? To have your world spinning? To feel your whole-body aching in unbearable pain? To endure the pain of severed limbs? To face the humiliation of losing, especially to a mortal?”

Climax continued to groan and splutter while tightening his face from the pain of his severed limbs, but he managed to glare up at his enemy with a hateful expression on his face. What Asura said next deeply injured his pride as a god.

“So… Do you still feel like a god… God?” Asura asked, putting heavy emphasis on the last word as his eyes widened a little to show a truly scary expression on his face.

This caused the God of Calamity to widen his eyes in shock as he stared up at his enemy in disbelief. He could not believe a mere mortal, especially the warrior he had been trying to convert to join his side, would so daringly mock him. This was a very high insult that could not be ignored or let go no matter what happened, sticking with the God of Calamity for the rest of his life as the day he was horribly humiliated by a mere mortal, especially the mortal that received great gifts from the other gods.

“Guess not. This makes you… human,” said Asura, and, as his enemy widened his eyes in horror, he punched Climax in the face, sending him flying for several meters before coming to a crashing stop.

He rose to his feet and flew over to land in front of his enemy, who groaned in pain and suffered the strain of missing his limbs. The blood from the opened wounds, including the other areas of his body, began to tire him out and drain the vestiges of his strength as he glared up at his enemy.

“Now, it’s time you pay for—Guh!”

Asura stopped in mid-sentence and made a pained expression on his face because of a piercing sensation in his stomach. He looked down and was shocked to find a sword stabbed through from behind, which surprised him considering his Elemental Sense did not alarm him of the danger from behind. He grunted when his attackers pulled the sword out, which made Asura to stabber a few steps away before trying to turn around to see who it was that had attacked him.


Just then, the metal side of the sword came swinging to slam forcefully against the side of his face. This pained him greatly while sending him flying several meters away to come to a crashing stop. His attacker turned out to be a someone wearing ornaments and clothing that clearly identified him as a god, who was none other than the God of Trickery, Levi. He had descended into the Physical Plane to assist his colleague, the God of Calamity, who was previously in imminent danger.

He sheathed his sword and walked over to the God of Calamity, and said upon reaching him, “Man, look at you. You’re a mess! Clean yourself up!”

“H-Heal me…!” Climax demanded in a quiet voice as he could muster only that in his tired state.

“Yeah. Yeah, but remember; you owe me for this. It’s a trade off!” Levi said, grinning broadly.

He extended his hand out to begin healing the God of Calamity, whose missing limbs began to materialise out of thin air. They were initially taken the shape of several thousands of particles that gathered together and began to form the missing limbs for the victim. While the healing was underway, Levi sensed movement and turned sideways to see Asura rising to his feet while holding the Celestial Blade, which he conjured moments before, while taking a fighting stance while blood stained shirt slowly dripped blood from the stab wound in his gut.

“You’ll regret attacking me from behind!” Asura said loudly, beginning to surge with power before kicking off the ground.

“Don’t be a sore loser,” replied Levi, and he aimed his other hand at Asura and said, “Diffusion.”

In an instant, the Celestial Blade got surrounded by a glowing light before it was forcefully separated into original two blades, the Phoenix Blade and the Demon Slayer. Surprised by this unexpected turn of events, Asura stumbled in his flight from the distraction and crashed heavily on the ground.

Meanwhile, Climax was fully healed as well as his missing limbs were restored, which caused him to sigh in relief. While he was doing that, his ally, the God of Trickery, suggested to him a plan that was most suitable for them to follow in their current situation.

“Look, Climax. It’s best that we erase everyone’s memories of our presence and make it look like he and his brother fought it out until they both ended up gravelly hurting one another.”

It was a good plan that did not leave them open for suspicion from the other gods, but Climax was furious. Not because the plan was bad, but because of the humiliation he suffered at the hand of his enemy, which he could not forget even if he wanted to. He had got a great level of pride as a God of Calamity, especially as one of two strongest Fighter Gods that towered above the rest of the gods despite the restrictions and rules placed on them by The Creator.

“AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” He roared violently, his anger erupting like a volcano erupting suddenly after lying in dormant for many years. His yell startled Levi as he went on to shout, “No! Not enough! Doing that is not enough! It won’t satisfy me! It won’t erase me this… this… humiliation! I can’t accept it!”

“Chill out! Erasing their memories will be fine! If that helps, then erase your memories of this experience as well!” Levi said sternly, waving his hands in a gesture to calm his raging fellow god.

Climax shook his head fiercely and said, “No! That’s not enough! My defeat is seen by this world! My loss is witnessed by this world! My humiliation is recoded by this world! Such a thing… I won’t allow it to exist! Yes! I won’t let this world live! I’ll destroy it! I’LL DESTROY IT!!!”

He bellowed the last sentence so loud that they echoed in the surroundings and, before the God of Trickery could convince him otherwise, Climax called on his godly powers that he had been avoiding to use before, raised his hands up at the sky and shouted, “Void!”

In an instant, the entire world felt a tremor run through it as if the world felt a chill run through its body like it normally did to everyone. It sensed that something dangerous was about to occur and released the tremor as a response to the sudden chilling evil intent that was coming to consume it. That was because, at that moment, a very large magic circle appeared above the world. It was a big as the world, that stretched from one horizon to the next, and seemed to cover to fill up the entire sky.

The magic circle soon began to blow brightly before black swirling energy started to form and turned into a deadly black hole. Its swirling speed increased exponentially as it started to suck in everything that was attacked to this world to the world itself. First, small pebbles started to fly towards it before the wind started to pick up speed as larger and heavier objects, like large boulders, entire forests and land masses started flying towards the sky, which got sucked into the void. Even the large land masses, like the Human Continent, started to quake as it began to split apart due to being uprooted from the world itself by the incredible pulling force of the black swirling energy force that was filling the sky.

“Dammit, Climax! This is too much! What’re you going to do if the other gods find out about this?!” Levi complained, looking annoyed.

“I don’t care! This world humiliated me, and I’m destroying it as it’s my job to get rid of it because it’s an eyesore to keep around!” Climax replied in a firm voice.

“That’s fine and all, but what about your plan?! Wouldn’t this smash your plan apart?!”

“Not really. This world’s inhabitants will provide the necessary dark energy for my tool even in this situation. Besides, there are other worlds that I can use as I wish, so I’m not bothered by this small step back.”

Levi nodding in agreement, satisfied by the answer and said, “Let’s return to our ream before that pesky Engruat finds us! It’ll make matters difficult to explain if he finds us in the middle of this mess.”

Climax nodded and the two kicked off the ground to soar into the air while the world began to tear itself apart while being sucked into the large black mass up in the sky. Meanwhile, Asura got into a kneeling position while doing his best to ignore the seething pain in his stomach from the piercing would that he was dealt with.

“This does not look good! The world looks like it’s being sucked into that black hole!” Silvera, the Demon Slayer, said telepathically in his mind.

“We need to find a way to destroy it, otherwise, our world will be doomed with the rest of us!” Tetra said telepathically, her voice filled with worry.

Asura remained silent and watched as portion of the land near him got torn away to slowly fly up into the sky. With his ancient memories unlocked and various different techniques he had not been able to use in his previous forms at his disposal, he knew he could stop it. However, he knew for the technique he was going to use, he had to be up close to the area that the magic was activated at.

This meant that he had to be directly in front of the black hole in order to activate his magic to truly close it. Unfortunately, he realised he might not have the strength necessary to make it out of the magic circle as it closes. This was a dangerous situation for him as well, but he knew he was the only one that was capable of doing it in the present condition.

“Lucky! Can you expand your Maga Distrab to destroy that thing?” Tetra asked anxiously.

Her husband shook his head and replied with, “Sorry, Tetra, but it’s impossible. That thing is way too strong and seems to have to counter that sort of magic.”

“No! What do we do now?!” Tetra said, sounding desperate.

“You don’t do anything. I will,” said Asura simply, forming a small smile in a brave attempt to face this danger.

There was a moment of silence before Silvera, who seemed to have realised by his words, asked, “Lucky… Don’t do it! I won’t allow it!”

“I won’t allow for it either!” Tetra said, also understanding the implications of his words and denying it outright. “Let’s think of another way! Let’s… let’s pool out powers together to blast that thing!”

“That is a special type of magic that will only be closed when proper magic is used,” stated Asura simply, not minding the worry that clouded his wives. “I must do it.”

“No means no, Lucky! I’m not letting you go, not in your present state!” Silvera said desperately in his mind, sounding both angry and frightened.

“Stop being so foolish, Lucky! You’re not alone here! You have us!” Tetra said in his mind in a sharp voice in an attempt to change his mind with a strict behaviour.

“That’s exactly why I must do this,” he replied, and when they were about to use their powers to make him resist, he countered it by saying in a quiet voice, “Stop Motion Chains.”

Two magic circles appeared beside him and chains flew out of them to wrap themselves firmly around the swords that floated off the ground. Unable to use their magic to keep themselves up, they fell down and imbedded themselves into the ground. There, they were to remain for several minutes until the chains wore off and, during that time, they were unable to use magic, nor transform back into their human form.

“Lucky! No!” Silvera cried out in desperation.

“Please! Don’t go!” Tetra said in an equally heart throbbing voice.

Asura steeled his heart and quietly replied, “I’m going,” before kicking off the ground to soar high into the air at super speed.

He surged with power mid-way and further boosted his flying speed, which made him reach the sky within a matter of seconds. While he was on his way, he saw the God of Trickery and the God of Calamity flying towards a portal that hung overhead. He wanted to get back at them for this, but feeling time was not a luxury he had, he decided to simply pay them a visit before resuming his course towards the monstrous black hole in the sky.

“Hey, Calamity!” He called, making Climax stop and turn around just as he reached him while flying at an incredible speed. “Have an enjoyable journey,” and smashed his fist into the face of his enemy.

The powerful blow stunned the God of Calamity and sent him flying towards the God of Trickery, who turned and was surprised to see it happen. Before he could do anything, however, Climax’s body smashed into Levi, stunning him in the process and sending the two flying into their portal, which closed behind them. Smirking in satisfaction, Lakshman soared through the air, and used telepathy to connect to Sevedant to speak to him.

“Sev, are you okay?”

“Better. You?”

“Good. Listen, I’m currently making my way to close that damned black hole up in the sky! Make sure no one comes to help me because they’ll get unnecessarily dragged into this mess! Most importantly, you don’t help me either! You have a mission to complete, remember?”

“I understand. Good luck.”

Asura smiled, surging with power while radiating golden-red aura that surrounded him as he flew around the debris that were aimed at the black hole. A moment later, he arrived at the front of the large mass of swirling darkness, which somehow looked even more daunting than when he saw it while on the ground.

The black hole was pulling him with incredible force, but he fought it with all he had using all of his power to keep himself from falling right in. Then, turning around, he outstretched his arms to either side and shouted the technique that was the trigger to close the black hole for good.


In an instant, a powerful shock wave was released from the black hole as it began to close in on itself. For a few seconds, it seemed to work before another shock wave occurred, forcing it to stop. Surprised, Asura tried a few more times to activate the same spell, but it no longer worked. Realising something was wrong, he came to a quick decision of manually closing the large hole.

“Closure Boundary!”

With his arms still stretched out, he grasped the ends of the portal and began to slowly close it while bringing his arms towards the front. This proved to be a daunting task as the immense force of the hole felt very heavy as well as the pain he was receiving while in the direct line of impact as debris flew up into the portal, hitting into him while on the way.

“D-Damn!” Asura shouted, hurt badly by a large rock and forced to release his grip over the poral ends, which promptly made it try to expand back to its original size.

Angered at the distraction and not willing to lose concentration no matter what, Asura activated the same magic and started to pull the ends of the hole into closing on itself. In the process, he took great damage from the debris and even had blood seeping out of the fresh wounds that opened up. Still, he persisted through the agony of all of his injuries because he wanted to protect, not just the world, but for the people and, more importantly, his family.

It took more than ten minutes for him to bring the portal to the point of closing on itself. By this point, he was exhausted, with sweat covering him completely and often got in his sight. His whole body was heaved with each breath that he took as his eyes felt heavy, ready to sleep the moment they closed. In fear of this, he kept his eyes wide open and blinked only a few times when they began to water too much.

Just as the hole was smoothly about to close, a blunt rock came flying at super speed and stabbed into his stomach wound. This caused him an unimaginable amount of pain, more pain than he had ever felt, even while being tortured by the Shadow Dragon King, fourteen-years-ago. This affected him so badly that he was about to let go of the ends of the black hole, but he exerted the final remanent of his strength and energy to finish the closing process.

“Almost there… Almost… there…” he muttered quietly to himself to spur him on as he rasped for breath.

Finally, after several tense minutes, the black hole began to close itself on its own, which made his arms to let go automatically. He was exhausted, but he was satisfied with the success of closing the black hole and saving his world from certain doom. However, he no longer had the strength to fly away from the clutches of the still active black home behind him, which easily pulled him, but not before he activated his Telepathy magic spell and connected to all of his wives at once before making a promise to them.

“I will return.”

With that, he closed his eyes and let himself go unconscious as he soared into the depths of the black hole before it closed in on itself. With the biggest threat the world ever faced gone, everyone around the world took a few seconds to be sure that it was truly gone before beginning to celebrate. They clapped, hugged and cheered in celebration of their victory over defeating the invading Demon Army and surviving this calamitous event.

Sevedant, who had recovered the serious wound in his chest, looked up at the clearing sky while the other members of the Nine Pillars of Power recovered from their injuries. Lagron had pulled out his sword and was undergoing healing treatment from his lover, the Magic Titan, Amaranda Lefrity. Dominic had his sword stabbed into his friend, Nara’s body and was applying Healing Blade to heal the serious injury his friend was forced to hit himself with.

The Death Titan looked down at the stone like figure of his pupil, Ash the Demon Titan, and sighed. Then, he raised his right hand and clicked his fingers while muttering, “Real Fiction.”

In an instant, there was a shimmering light that shone around before the scenery began to slowly change shape. All the destruction that occurred after the Nine Pillars of Power split away at the Demon Continent began to get restored. Time seemed to be flying back, restoring the land, repairing the damages, healing the injured, reviving those that died. Time itself seemed to be flying back, restoring the world back to the way it was almost an hour ago.

This was the plan that Lakshman had come up with as a backup to save the world in case of the worst-case scenario. As it had happened and the world was on the brink of destruction, Sevedant performed his final task in the plan that was laid out to him by his ally. Still, despite the effort being his, the Death Titan was pleased that the Phoenix Titan was able to think of such a safety measure in the middle of the difficult situation that he was in.

“I hope this pleases you, Lucky,” he muttered to himself, sitting down heavily on the sand and looking up at the sky as every member of the Nine Pillars of Power were restored to full health.

Dominic walked over to sit next to him and said, “You’re amazing, Sev. I am glad you’re our ally.”

Sevedant merely nodded, but he felt like saying something for a change, and so he said, “For the world. For the people. For my friends,” and finally smiled.

This astonished the Sword Titan to a great degree because he, who had never seen Sevedant with a face to display, neer imagined he would see the day that the Death Titan would smile.

While the entire world was thoroughly celebrating at this unexpected miracle, there were nine people that were feeling the exact opposite. They were all women and they felt that they were missing the most important thing in their life, which had disappeared along with the closure of the black hole in the sky.

Those nine women were the wives of the Phoenix Titan, who had risked his left to close the portal and disappeared into its depths. They knew, with their feelings alone, that he was no longer in the same world as them; that he had fallen into the depths of the black hole. They did hear his last words in the final moments before his fall, the promise to return and it made their minds accepting of his decision. Despite it, however, their hearts were not ready for the sudden loss of their husband and, as such, all nine began to cry helplessly, calling out to their husband to come back in desperate voices, which their husband could no longer hear.

Erza, who was openly crying like the others, was hiding her true feelings inside of her heart. She had been expecting this to happen, but never expected the parting of her beloved would be this painful. Seeing him disappear from this world by going into the hole, she knew what was going to happen next.

Thus, she looked up at the beautiful blue sky and smiled a little while praying, “May you be victorious on your journey, Lucky.”

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