Chapter 435 – Weaponised

Asura fell from the sky and continued to fall towards the ground with increasing speed, diverging the wind on his back that was facing down. His hands flailed helplessly above him, and he had his eyes closed as he was no longer consciousness to realise the situation he was presently in. However, a familiar voice was shouting desperately to get him to awaken to no avail.

“Asura! Asura! Wake up! We’re dropping! We’re about to crash! Wake up, Asura! ASURA!!!” Lakshman’s voice shouted in his mind.

Asura did not respond as he fell like a miniature meteor and crashed heavily against the ground, sending a tremor to shake the world and a cloud of dust to rise into the air. A few seconds later, the dust slowly cleared to reveal a small crater, in which Asura lay, unmoving. His mouth was slightly open, as be slowly breathed from the lack of awareness he had of his predicament.

Within their Unconscious World, on the beautiful plains, Asura gently lay down on the grass with a contented sigh of tiredness. Lakshman watched his former self lie there, sleeping soundlessly, while clenching his fists tightly. His face contorted with anger at what had happened to the former self that was difficult to beat or bring down.

“Bastard! He used the same method as me when I dealt with my enemies!” Lakshman commented, and he looked up at the clear blue sky above and said, “It’s my turn!”

He closed his eyes and, instantly, his consciousness surfaced and took control of his body. The moment it happened, a torrent of pain and agony hit him hard and made him feel extremely pressured. It was strong enough to make him yell out loud a few times in pain until he gritted his teeth tightly to stop himself from expressing his pain because he knew there was no one in the world that would come to his aide.

“Damn! This is far worse than I thought! Asura fought in this condition?” He asked himself in his mind, his face contorting from the pain that he was very slowly getting accustomed to. “Wow. It truly makes sense why he’s the stronger than me when it comes to mental fortitude and physical strength. You did your best, Asura, but what am I supposed to do in this state?”

At the time of his confusion, he saw something shining in the sky and focused on it to see that the mouth of the ship’s bottom was opening, prepared to launch its main cannon. He smiled softly and let out a deep sigh in resignation to his face, remembering the family members that were not there, friends he misses and the world he was no longer in.

“Dammit! Is this how my life’s going to end? No! I refuse to accept it! I have a family waiting for me and people that need me, but what do I do? My whole-body aches so much that I can barely lift my arm, and I’m feeling drained due to the severe blood loss. To top it off, I can barely use my powers due to something unexplainable thing that happened to this world!”

He began thinking of what he must do to fight back, but being unable to find a solution, quickly pushed him into a corner with few options left.

“This is bad! I need something! Something! Anything to get out of this mess!”

In his time of need, he suddenly heard the echo of several familiar voices saying to him, “Come home safe, Lucky.”

His eyes widened in shock at the recognition of the voices that belonged to his nine wives. Closing his eyes, he could vividly see them shining brightly in the darkness that surrounded him, giving him hope, giving him strength and giving him the will to move forward. Venezuela, Tetra, Sumara, Silvera, Erza, Sonia, Ondine, Cantia and Emilia were all smiling at him and were extending their arms out to him.

“Come back safe,” they all said in unison in a reassuring voice that seemed to fill him with strength.

Lakshman smirked and said, “I know. I promised, didn’t I? I will return safe,” he replied, reaching out to clasp their hands and saw that they all looked pleased by his response.

As soon as their hands were clasped together, a flash of light occurred and, in the next moment, he opened his eyes and looked up at the space ship that was floating high in the air, preparing to launch its main cannon down at him.

“If that person was able to use Force Control to smash Asura around, then so can I!” Lakshman said firmly.

With severe pain and gritting his teeth tightly, Lakshman slowly raised his wounded right arm and held it up, pointing up at the ship. His face began to contort with the effort that he was putting into it, doing his best to channel his energy into his hand to form an energy ball. He could not sense the energy and his arm started to shake badly when, to his delight, a small energy ball formed in the palm of his hand.

The joy did not last long when an intense pain ran from his arm, which automatically made him cry out in pain and drop his arm to his side with a heavy thud. Something like a burning sensation occurred on his arm and, with some effort, he raised his hand to see that some part of the skin around his hand seemed to have been peeled off.

“Ugh…! This cannot be!” Lakshman shouted, unable to believe what he was witnessing. “This is… madness! Am I unable to use force, no matter what?!”

At that moment, he felt the wind blow faster as a shock wave unleashed from the main cannon of the ship as it was in its final stage of the launching sequence. The energy in its mouth was getting larger and stronger by the second, making him feel pressured and caused sweat to form on his body, but he was still determined to survive; to live.

Lakshman looked momentarily up at the ship before closing his eyes and thinking, “I see. So, this is the end of the road for me? No! I refuse to accept it, and I refuse to give up! My family is waiting for me, calling me to come back safe! I gave them a promise…! I promised that I would return! So, there’s no way in hell I’m to lay down my life here and now!”

He opened his eyes and shouted, “Get ready, you stupid thing! You’re about to see why I’m known as the Phoenix Titan!”

As he shouted, the main cannon opened fired the built-up energy from its mouth and it soared straight down at him, sending shockwaves in all directions and made the wind blow harder in the area.

Seeing this, Lakshman raised his hand into the air and started screaming, “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!”

Elsewhere, at the moment of the launch of the cannon and his scream, something else happened. Within the hero summoning rom, where only two Royal Guards remained, a brilliant flash of light occurred and the ground shook violently before the light dimmed to reveal an object that seemed to materialise in the centre of magic circle, on the circle that no hero stood on.

With the energy building within the object, which was obscured by the glowing light, it launched itself into the air and ploughed its way through the roof, causing a great explosion to occur on its exit. It rapidly increased its speed and shot away like a speed rocket, hurtling hurriedly through the air towards an intended destination. A second later, the few heroes from the Nine Heroes of Legends, who were flying in the same direction, came into sight and got shocked when it soared right past them, causing them to get buffeted by the tail wind.

“W-What the heck was that?!” Martin exclaimed, watching it streak away and disappear into the distance.

Gram knitted his eyebrows in seriousness and said, “I don’t know, but we have to go after it! Hurry!”

Quickly, he and the small group did their best to increase their flight speed with their newly gained powers and went after it. Soon, the flying object, which was glowing brightly, shot towards the place that the alien ship was firing its main cannon down to where Lakshman was at, who was yelling with all his might to make something happen.

As if moving in slow motion, the glowing object sped past the energy wave soaring down and reached the hand that Lakshman was extending out. Lakshman continued to scream when, to his surprise, the object soared and placed itself on his hand, causing him to automatically grip it.

“Huh?!” He exclaimed, looking thoroughly bewildered before a flash of light occurred, enveloping him in its brilliant light.

At the same time, the roaring energy came down and struck the ground he was in, causing a violent heatwave to be sent in all directions and wind to billow everywhere. The force of impact was so strong, the ground cracked and began to break apart, spreading everywhere and causing the buildings to slowly lose their foundations and collapse.

This continued to happen for several seconds until a violent wave of light got released from the point the energy wave was being released at. The slicing energy wave cut through the enormous energy into the air and smashed against the mouth of the alien ship, causing it to explode and stop the firing its attack.

With the wave finished, smoke slowly spread in all directions and, as it slowly subsided, Lakshman appeared hovering off the ground, wielding something in his right hand. He seemed surprised and upon glancing at the weapon, he was amazed to find that it was a golden trident, shining brightly in the sunlight and was surrounded by a light aura. He, then took note that he was floating off the ground despite his body not responding because of the many severe injuries.

“Um… Thank you for saving me,” he said, speaking to the trident with a smile. “Who are you?”

The trident did not respond, its aura continuing to glow brightly with no change in its treatment towards him. This puzzled him very much because he believed this weapon was a Sacred Spirit since it seemed to fly to him when he was in a desperate situation.

“So… Not a Sacred Spirit?” He asked tentatively, and when no respond was received, “Strange. I sense something about it… Something… Something? Wait! I can sense energy again?!”

Lakshman was astonished at the realisation that he was capable of sensing energy. Glancing at the weapon, he suddenly had a thought of an experiment. Deciding to put his idea to the test, he brought the trident in front and held it with both of his hands before activating the spell he was really hoping would work.


In an instant, he was surrounded by green light as the spell worked its magic in healing all of his wounds. The heavy cut wounds all over his body, the stab wound in his stomach, the slightly fractured bone in the left should and the heavy injury he suffered on the top of his head. The bleeding subsided, the wounds closed, and the blood disappeared, leaving only stains of it attached to his clothes. Once that was done, he checked his body and felt very pleased with the result.

“This is great. I can finally use the Force again!” He said, smiling happily at the positive result he received. He glanced up at the floating ship in the sky, raised his hand to point at it and said, “Multicast: Air Strike Cannon!”

The moment he finished saying the words, many magic circles appeared to surround the great big ship. The circles began to spin faster and faster, gathering large amount of energy, and then firing great energy cannons at the ship. Soon, the bombardment of energy waves on the alien ship began, causing explosions and destruction to its exterior and repeating it continuously all over in a repeated cycle.

“This is taking too long,” commented Lakshman unhappily, not satisfied that the ship was receiving minimal damage despite the numerous attacks that came from all sides. “I need to blast it into the sky and then destroy it to minimise damage.”

He was aware that destroying that ship would thoroughly destroy the city, despite the semi-destruction that was underway a few minutes ago. As such, he aimed to send the ship flying into the air, even away from the planet in order to destroy it. That way, the damage will be minimal, and he could easily destroy the falling shards in the sky itself if some of them failed to burn out while entering the planet’s atmosphere.

“Before that, I got a little errand to take care of,” said Lakshman, making a serious expression on his face. “But first, can I use it?”

The reason for his vague question became apparent when he glanced at his trident and let go of it, which made it hover automatically beside him. Nodding in satisfaction, Lakshman held his hand out and, quickly channelling Energy Force, he gathered a large amount of energy that formed into a blue sphere in the palm of his hand. Looking at it, he smiled in relief at the sign that he could also use Energy Force like he normally did back in his original world.

Taking a stance, he put his hands back and performed his signature attack by shouting, “Pho-nic-ala-chala-ra!”

At the end of the technique’s shout, he brought his hands forward and unleashed a powerful wave of destruction up at the alien ship. The wave rocketed into the sky at super speed and smashed against the surface of the alien ship, at the spot that he fell from.

Inside the control room of the ship, the three-eyed person remained floating in the air when a devastating wave of destruction tore through the human sized hole and continued to plough through the roof until it exited out of the top of the ship. He turned and witnessed its brilliant power with his three eyes widening in shock and, when it subsided, he glided over to the hole to see what had caused such a mess, receiving a shock when the unexpected enemy soared through the hole landed to face him.

“I’m back,” said Lakshman, raising a hand in greeting with a small smile on his face.

The three-eyed person narrowed his eyes upon seeing him and, as soon as he recovered, he telepathically asked, “It’s you. What—?”

Before he could get another word out, he felt himself being sent back and soared towards the rear of the room, smashing against the displayed screen, cracking and destroying it. At the same time, he felt an immense force being applied to keep him pressed against the destroyed screen while Lakshman appeared to fold his arms with a serious expression on his face.

“How did you… do this?” The three-eyed person asked telepathically, staring at his foe incredulously.

“I don’t know about your powers, but this my power that’s putting you against the wall!” Lakshman replied without batting an eyelid, giving a frightful expression to the man before him. “Now, answer my earlier question.”

“Your question?” The three-eyed person asked, only to get pressed against the wall with stronger force, causing him to wince in pain.

“Don’t test my patience! I asked you want your aim is!”

There was a momentary pause before the three-eyed person telepathically replied, “and I told you it’s Globalisation.”

Lakshman was momentarily surprised, looked down at the ground for a moment as he thought about the word. Then, getting some kind of understanding, he looked back at his enemy while nodding his head with a sign of knowing.

“I see. So, it’s invasion then,” he said, stating it as a statement than a question. “How many of you are still there?”

This time, the three-eyed person smirked and telepathically said, “You don’t seem to understand! The entire galaxy is in the palm of the Overlord! Our one and true—!”

“I don’t care about this Overlord of yours,” snapped Lakshman, cutting into his enemy’s speech like a blunt axe cutting a tree in half with one strike. “Now, answer my question.”

The composed expression on the three-eyed person’s face changed to that of rage when the opponent completely disregarded the Overlord. To him and his people, the Overlord was like a symbol of strength, power that surpasses their knowledge; a godly being. Speaking about that man with such disregard made the person’s blood boil with anger, making him want to tear his enemy limb from limb and then boil him in the pits of a boiling water.

“We don’t have all day,” said Lakshman, causing the three-eyed person to wince from the shock of being pulled towards his enemy. When he stopped to hover centimetres from his face, Lakshman gave him a death glare and asked, “How many of you are there?”

“Many! Many of us are there! A whole division of the universe, and they’ll come for your head once they discover what happened here! You’ll be destroyed with the rest of your world, unless our Overlord is benevolent enough to spare it! He seems to only want to conquer worlds, not destroy them for some reason.”

“I see. So, he’s searching for something,” muttered Lakshman, more to himself than to the three-eyed person.

He was momentarily distracted by the information, which allowed his foe to use his powers to break free from his clutches. Then, he activated his powers and focused on Lakshman, wanting to repeat the same thing he had done earlier, but this time by tearing him apart. To his surprise, he found that his powers could not capture his enemy no matter how hard he tried, which did not make any sense to him.

“Good try trying to attack me with your powers like before, but not this time. The only reason you were able to hammer my head in previously was because I was under stress and had a handicap to make matters worse!”

The moment he said those words, the three-eyed person felt an invisible wall starting to compressed him in from all sides. Then, as Lakshman started to spin his hand round and round, his body started to spin round and round, and with each spin, his head smashed against the floor and this cycle continued for several times.

“You’ve hit me four times! It’s time for you to pay 100 times the injury I sustained!” Lakshman said in a deadly voice. “You should be glad I’m not going to kill you over this.”

The strange blood spilling from the opened wound in his head and the serious injury to him made the three-eyed person cry out in pain. His screams were silent as his wound became extra-sensitive, making him feel more and more pain with each spinning cycle of his body rotating around and smashing into the ground. After several countless times, having had enough of this, he managed to let his voice be heard telepathically while activating his powers at the same time.

“Elites! Destroy this man! Now!”

At the same time, multiple warriors materialised into the room out of thin air, wielding spears of sinister shapes. Lakshman released his grip on the man and turned to focus on the arriving warriors, being materialised out of thin air. Roaring madly, they all charged at Lakshman all at once while the door to the room opened to let in many more that came hurriedly to their commander’s rescue.

“Let’s see you survive my elite soldiers!” The three-eyed person exclaimed in a sharp voice, a hint of laughter in his voice.

In slow motion, Lakshman glanced at every monster warrior charging at him, judging their strength and the power they were displaying. What he found dismayed him slightly because of the great margin of level between him and them, no matter how many of them there are.

“So… weak!” He exclaimed, loudly much to the three-eyed person’s surprise. “Normally, I don’t kill, but there’s nothing wrong with killing invaders.”

Lakshman held his right hand out, causing the golden trident to fly into it and automatically grip it with his hand. Then, he shifted it to the left side completely while holding the weapon end out with a purpose of action in mind. He performed it a moment later, swinging it to the other side while, at the same time, unleashing a powerful slicing wave at the coming horde.

In an instant, the wave cut through the warriors, the metal and exited out of the space ship, leaving it quite damaged. There were some who ducked at the last second of the attack upon realising its destructive power, who now stood up and charged at him once more. Some used their powers to increase their speed in reaching him, but they were startled when he caught their speedy movement and pierced six of them at once.

With great strength, he lifted the golden trident into the air and shot off a powerful energy wave, decimating the bodies and destroying the upper portion of the ship. Like this, he continued to take down the monsters one by one or many at a time while also destroying the alien ship from the inside. While that was happening, all that the three-eyed person could do was watch from his hovering place with a look of disbelief on his face.

“J-Just… what is he…?” He thought, not believing what he was seeing despite so many bodies lying dead on the floor and the drastically damaged state his ship was in.

He aimed both of his hand at him and instantly caused lightning to burst out to inflict a powerful impact on his enemy. For a moment, it looked like it worked, causing Lakshman to grunt in pain and grit his teeth tightly, but it did not slow him down with the monster warriors he was taking down. The three-eyed person was shocked, and he further widened his eyes when Lakshman turned slightly to give him a glance that was filled with such power that he winced out of reflex.

As Lakshman continued to fight, he heard Asura’s voice say, “Lakshman, you did enough. Let me take charge.”

“Oh! You’re awake!” Lakshman spoke in his mind, sounded surprising and relieved. “Are you okay?”

“It’s my spiritual energy that got recovered, so it’s nothing major. Anyway, I think you’ve done enough damage to the interior. If you didn’t realise, the ship is already losing its altitude and slowly falling.”

 “Oh! Whoops! I nearly forgot about that. I’ll get going now to the next phase of my plan!”

He swung his spear one last time around and directed his gaze at the three-0eyed person, who was still trying to shock him.

“Tell your stupid Overlord this world is under Lakshman’s protection!”

Such insulting words made the three-eyed person get filled with rage while his soldiers did not seem to understand due to the language barrier. Lakshman easily broke free from the lightning attack and fell through the hole that he made when he fell through a while ago. Unable to chase after him, the monster warriors rerouted their direction towards the launch bay, where their smaller ships were located. Upon arriving, however, they were shocked to see that they all of them were sliced apart from the numerous slicing waves that their enemy had unleashed inside their ship.

Lakshman soared through the air and flew off to give him some distance from the ship before turning around to say, “Elemental Coated Armour!”

In an instant, he was surrounded by a burning furious aura that soon started to get larger by the second, until it took on the size of a large human sized person with a phoenix head. It was an appropriate size to the alien ship that was descending towards the ground with increasing volatility. From afar, the nearby heroes and the other Nine Heroes of Legends watched in awe at the sheer size of the warrior that seemed to touch the sky.

Using the energy hands of the elemental coated armour, Lakshman moved them and grabbed hold of the alien ship, struggling for a few seconds to stop its fall before managing to hold it firmly in place. Gripping it firmly, he raised it to the eye level of the phoenix face before crushing the ship into a smaller size, compressing it and transforming it to take the shape of a small straight rod.

Inside the ship, the monster warriors were desperately screaming and running around, but it was useless. Without them knowing it, Lakshman was casting Maga Distrab to ensure that none of them could use their powers to break away from their ship. As such, that, which transported them, became their living tomb of hell.

With the walls being compressed from all sides, the three-eyed person hovered above the masses and thought, “H-How could this have… happened…?”

Lakshman, then moved to take a stance and hurled the object into the sky, putting as much force as he could muster behind it while shouting, “NEVER COME BACK!!!”

In a matter of seconds, the flying object soon vanished into the sky and all that was left of its trace was the star shone for a moment before vanishing as well.

Inside the headquarters of the Legion of Heroes, an alert came in and one of the people turned to speak to their commander in a serious voice.

“Sir! It seems that the alien ship has vanished!”

“What?!” The commander, along with several others, exclaimed. “It vanished? How? Read me the log!”

“Yes, sir. The ship had open fired its main cannon down onto the ground, but by reading the energy signatures, we detected that it was quickly stopped for some reason. After that, there were signs that the alien ship was being bombarded, causing it to lose altitude. Then, all of a sudden, it vanished. We can’t trace its location.”

The commander looked baffled by the report of his subordinate, then he asked, “Did the teams attack?”

This time, another person responded by saying, “No, sir! All teams have left the area and are currently holding up at the nearest evacuation centres.”

Their commander looked quite surprised, and then he asked,  “Then… Is it possibly the summoned heroes?”

Another person responded by saying, “No, sir. All eight of them, including the princess and her Royal Guard, are almost to the site of the last known location of the alien ship. Four were flying, one seems to be moving on foot, and the other three are being transported in an armoured vehicle along with the princess and a few of her Royal Guards.”

“If it’s not our teams and if it isn’t the heroes, then who… what caused this to happen…?” The commander asked out loud, placing a hand on the side of his cheek as he thought about it. Several seconds later, a thought struck him, and he looked at everyone and asked, “What about the that projectile that was reported! What happened to it?”

“That too has vanished from the radar, sir,” responded one of the operators from their chairs. “It vanished as soon as it reached the space ship.”

“However, in its place, we are detecting a new source of energy, a life signature belonging to some unknown individual,” stated another operator from the side.

The commander made a grim expression on his face at that and said, “Very well! Order all teams to head to the last known location of the alien ship! We cannot take the chance to ignore that some kind of strange occurrence is taking place in our world, which was powerful enough to cause a space ship to vanish into thin air!”

“Yes, sir!” The operators responded, and they quickly began speaking into their microphones to issue the orders.

The commander nodded in satisfaction and leaned back on his chair, muttering, “This isn’t good. A lot of unknown factors occurred today. First the alien spaceship, then the summoning of the heroes, and then this sudden appearance of that individual. It feels like everything that happened today was all due to fate. Strange. Very strange.”

For several seconds, Lakshman stared up at the sky with a grim satisfaction on his face, and then he heard Asura speak to him in his mind.

“That thing really became a start! Nice job with that. Now, that’s our true power!”

Lakshman nodded in understanding, but he frowned when a thought struck him, making him ask, “Still, it makes me wonder why we’re unable to use our powers normally without this tool. Is there a problem with the Force in this world, or different laws of nature, or is it just me?”

“I think it’s safe to assume that something’s wrong with the natural laws of this world, otherwise, why would the natural force be so difficult to use? I believe it’s something to do with the way this world is structured or something. Just take a look around. All this advancement, but not a single sign of grass, plant, tree or anything.”

“Due to the lack of Elemental Spirits? Wouldn’t that harm the world itself if the balance is broken?” Lakshman asked, looking worried. As neither he, nor Asura had any answer, he shrugged and said, “Anyway, I’m thankful this came on time.”

Lakshman reached out and gently touched the golden trident that floated in thin air. It gleamed in brightness of the light, as its aura radiated with a golden glow that surrounded the weapon.

“Lakshman, it seems the people are headed this way,” said Asura warningly.

“Yeah. I sense them too,” responded Lakshman, also detecting the arrival of a few people that was closely followed by one individual and then several more bringing up the rear. “Let’s greet them.”

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