Mutated Metallic Spirit


With a devastating explosion silver light erupted from out of the ground and soared into the sky. The people around the light ran for their lives as the radius of the light expanded. A few seconds later dark shadowy figure, large as life, appeared within the silver light. It had eight glowing lights and its body was made up of ten circle shaped balls; three on left and right, two in the middle, one at the bottom and what looked like its head at the top. It looked just like the Tree of Life.


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The Trouble Errupts


It was dark. In this darkness a dim light was illuminated. This dim light threw shadows all around which caused the shifting shadows. There was no rhythm or pattern to the shifting shadows and soon you’d get used to it. Everything about this dark space is loneliness, despair and chaos. Nothing moved or breathed. All of a sudden a voice could be heard from the deepest part of the darkness. Attracted to the voice and moving in it grew louder and louder. Soon the voice became clearer and so did what it said.


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The Wondering Flames


“Wow…” Ignatius thought. “This is amazing, fantastic even! Oh boy, I’m at a loss for words to describe such awesomeness!”


“For starters, why don’t you close your mouth before the people around you start thinking you are a weirdo,” Furon said wearily.


Ignatius realised he had his mouth open as he looked up at the advanced technology and objects around him which he had never seen before. He quickly closed his mouth as he noticed the passer-by’s glanced at him with curious looks.


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The Travelling Flames


“What?!” Ignatius exclaimed in horror. “You expect me to leave my home and go on a journey to round up these… legendary warriors?!”


“Yes,” Furon said, suddenly sternly. “If you rely on your family constantly, then you will not be able to develop your own strength. You are fourteen years old and still growing up. This is the perfect opportunity to develop your strengths, beliefs, experience the world and do much more as you travel.”


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The Storming Flames


“The legendary warrior of flames? Furon?” Adam said in disbelief. “Does that mean you’re… my son?”


The armoured figure going by the name Furon did not reply, but simply gazed at Adam. The other members of the village were becoming nervous at the questions their leader had asked. They were present at their leader son’s naming ceremony and knew what the sage had predicted. However, in the current predicament they were under it was difficult to tell if Furon was their ally or enemy. Just to be on their guard, they pointed their weapons in a defensive position against Furon.


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The Rising Flames


Years went by and the boy grew into a happy, fun loving teenager. The remote village in which he lived in was prosperous as ever with the occasional upturns like thieves or wild animals. None the less, the times in which he lived were very happy. Little did he know, all of that was about to change as a shadow of invaders loomed over the horizon. They observed the village for some time before setting their black horses into stride.


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