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I am thinking of correction some of the things that I completely messed up in doing in the past chapters. That could be making Lucky WAY-TOO-IDIOTIC. I mean, for story/ plot purposes, he was rendered as such and I’m sure those who passed chapter 220 would’ve understood that already. Anyway, after so long, I thought of finally taking a break from writing and going back to fix all the past mistakes and errors that I’ve made. So, if people got a list that they want to take off their chest, this is your chance! I won’t get hurt even if you’re just going to yell at me for ignoring your requests and all because I was at fault, so sorry about that. Now, I think I’ll go over and check the old chapter comments to see what errors I need to fix to make the story interesting and appealing to most audiences. Sure, a lot of damage’s been done to the story right now, but oh well. I feel I can fix it since I have faith in my readers being amazing! Very Happy


So, go ahead and list any kind of errors that you find in the past chapters. I’m going to start working from prologue right up to chapter 364. I don’t know how long this will take, but I’ll try to make it as fast as possible so I don’t leave out the ones that have already caught up in the blank! So, expect some amazing changes because I am willing to make as much changes as possible without it affecting the story so much because I didn’t have time then, but now I kind of do! Wink


Let’s go!

2 Thoughts on “[FIXING MISTAKES] Plan to correct past chapters

  1. chapter 336 to 342 is missing

    • Vijay Kakani on December 31, 2016 at 1:23 pm said:

      Oh. Well, I stopped posting the chapters here and focused on posting it on RRL because of personal issues. So, thanks for pointing that out and check out the link to read all the chapters along with the ones that I’ve long since updated after I stopped posting here. 🙂

      EDIT: Wow! Now that I come back to reusing this site, I am amazed to what happened to them. Haha. Anyway, I reported them and I hope it helps out now! 😉

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