I moaned a little because there was something troubling me. From my half-awake state, I could hear the noise, the chatter and the sound of footsteps. It’s as if I was outside in broad daylight with the sun shining its bright light at me…?


Wait, what? Why do I feel like I am outside? Sorry if I’m asking stupid questions, but I’m feeling a little sleepy to think properly. I know it’s my fault for being such a heavy sleeper, but I like my sleep. You can’t blame someone for sleeping in, can you?


I made a troubled expression and moved slightly because of the noise. That’s when I realised I am leaning my back against, what felt like, a tree. To make sure, I moved my hands gingerly around to feel it. Yes, it is. I confirmed it after touchingand rubbing it.


Still, why is there a tree here in the first? Why am I leaning against it? And all that noise, where is it coming from?


All these questions began cropping up in my mind. Due to all this, I didn’t feel like sleeping now. Since I no longer felt like sleeping, I decided to open my eyes.


With a small moan, I slowly opened my eyes. Yes, slowly, because my eyelids felt a little heavy because of how heavily I slept. I know my parents always say about how I sleep heavily because of how late I play my games. I don’t know if that’s true, but I never took much notice because I kept playing really cool games!


Anyway, I finally opened my eyes. The next instance, I cried out “Ouch! My eyes!”


I quickly covered my eyes and turned away. Why? It’s because I was hit with an infinite amount of dazzling light!




The pain! It was only for a brief moment, but the impact of the sunlight directly into my eyes has left me feeling a little shaky. I tried rubbing my eyes to ease the pain, but I think I only made it worse because it began stinging a little.


With my first failed attempt at opening my eyes, I decided to open them slowly. I feel so stupid now because I’m having trouble just opening my eyes! What the heck is wrong with me today?!


I gingerly opened my eyes and, since I’m no longer directly facing the sunlight, I was able to avoid repeating my previous mistake. At first, I squinted to get used to the light and, as I looked round, I realised that I was outside!


“Huh?” I said out loud reflexively.


I looked around and saw that I was leaning against a tree. The branches of the tree cast a cool shade over me and I leaned back until my eyes got adjusted. Once they did, I opened them wide and finally got to look around thoroughly.


“Outside… I’m outside…” I muttered slowly as I looked around.


That’s right! I’m outside! I’m outside in broad daylight and sitting under a shady tree while people were walking around. There were a lot of them and they were talked to each other while wearing different expressions. Only a few noticed me sitting under the tree and glanced for a moment before going on their way. I even noticed some people that have ears on their heads and tails sticking out of them bottom.


“What? Ears? Tails? Um… What?! First of all, where am I? Who are all these people and what the heck is going on?!”


These thoughts sprung up in my mind. I was very confused because I have no idea about who those people are! This is like… a dream or something!
“Okay, brain! Think, think, think, think! Try to remember what happened yesterday! Come on… remember!”


I involuntarily say that out loud, but you can’t blame me. Right now I am very confused and feeling helplessly lost. So the first thing I have to do is think back about what happened last time.


As I recalled, I went to bed because my computer crashed when I tired playing a game. I gave up trying to turn the computer on because it just would not start, even after unplugging and plugging all the cables! After that, the next thing I know is that I’m stranded in this strange place with normal humans and other human-like people that had ears and tails!


Then I wondered if this was a dream? Yeah! If this was a dream, then it would make sense that I’m dreaming all this! Although… For some strange reason, how do I know its a dream? From what I know, you shouldn’t be so concious about it. Maybe I’ll pinch my arm and I’ll wake up to find that it really was a dream!


Nodding my head at my brilliant solution, I pinched my arm.


“Oww!!” I cried out in pain.


Maybe I pinched more than I should have because I cried out. The pinch made my arm hurt a little, but the painful sensation felt even worse. That’s when I recognised the fact that I felt pain.


Pain? I felt pain! Which means that… this really is… not a dream? Oh my god! This is… so unbelievable! This is like…


“Oh man! This is insane!” I cried out.


Hearing my cry, passers-by stopped and looked at me. I cursed myself for accidentally crying out loud, but what could I do? This rush of sadness and despair in my heart just isn’t something I can just cope with on my own!


“S-Sorry!” I quickly said to the people apologetically.


I looked at them and smiled. Then my smile faltered because I just noticed something really weird. There was this thing… a rectangle shaped bar or something hovering over each of their heads!




This rectangle shaped bar was hovering over their heads mysteriously. There was nothing there to make them stand. Instead, that rectangle bar thingy just hovered there as if it was something magical.


So I got to my feet and walked over to the nearest person which was a man. He wore an apprehensive look as I walked right up to him and told him about it.


“Excuse me, sir, but there’s a rectangular bar thingy hovering on your head.”


The man’s eyes widened and I thought he realised what I said. Then he began looking around and speaking to people in words that I didn’t understand. What was it? Those words felt gibberish to me. Then he looked back at me and made a puzzled expression as if he did not understand!


What? He didn’t understand? So I tried again and said “Sir! There is this weird rectangle bar thingy hovering on your head like it’s some sort of magic thing!”


The man continued to stare at me with a puzzled expression on his face. Everyone in the vicinity just stood there and watched what was happening. Then the man let out a sigh and he began walking away as if he understood nothing of what I just said! What?!


“Sir! Sir!”


I raised my voice when I attempted to call him back, but he continued to walk away from me. I sighed and looked around. Everyone was giving me a peculiar looks and they also returned to whatever they were doing previously.


As they walked past and not even give me a glance, I was stunned! I was speechless! What?! They were behaving as if they didn’t understand a single thing I said, but how could they not?! I spoke so clearly that even a child would’ve understood! Yet they…! They…!


I was thinking about how stupid they were to not understand me, when a sudden thought occurred to me. The man, from earlier, spoke in a strange language and everyone around him understood, but I didn’t! So if they were able to communicate with each other, does that mean that… they just couldn’t understand me? Eh?! Does that mean that they… they don’t even know the language that I spoke in?! Which means that I’m…? I’m… an alien to them?!


The final conclusion shocked me into despair. It made sense because none of them understood a word I said, but they understood him when I couldn’t. That would only happen if they didn’t understand the language that I spoke in!


At that moment, I was brushed aside by someone. They said something to me, but I wasn’t listening. I was filled with sadness at how things just kept going downwards! First I wind up in this strange place with normal people and people with ears and tails! Then I find out that I’m a complete alien because what I spoke and what they speak cannot be understood by both sides!


I need to be alone! This is too much to take in all at once! I need to find an isolated spot and think things through thoroughly. So I ran and ran until I found a spot where no one could disturb me.


Once I sat down, I began thinking about all that’s happened. Why didn’t understand me? Was there an explainable reason? Why am I even here in the place and how did I get here?


So many questions kept popping up in my I mind as I am troubled by today’s events. This sort of thing reminds me of my fantasy novels. I love reading them! Each story has its twists and turns to engage the readers! Thinhking about them now brings me to only one possible answer; this is another world.


Such a thing only happens in fantasy novels that I read in my school library! I always enjoyed how heroes were summoned into a fantasy world and what they did to save that world from something evil and how they lived in it. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would actually end up in a situation like that!


I sighed and my shoulders slumped. If I really am in another world, I didn’t know what to do. In fantasy novels, people were summoned as heroes in another world, but that wasn’t the case with me. I found myself randomly in another world with no clue as to what to do…!


While hanging my head, I covered my face with both of my hands. I closed my eyes and wondered what will happen to me after this. I also wondered how I could survive in this really strange world with no clue as to what to do because I can’t speak the language of this world and I’m certain their alphabet will also be a problem same!


As I despaired, a sudden thought came to mind. The thought was so simple, but it also made me feel blind and stupid! My sunken spirits arise once more as i realised the obvious!


“Of-course…! How could I miss it?! How could I be so stupid?! It was right there…! It was right in front of me this whole time!”


That’s right! I’ve realised what I was missing and it was right there! Wondering what it was? Well…! When I attempted to point out that rectangular bar thingy, there was something weird about it. Whenever I looked at it, a transparent window popped up to the side in front of me. At that time I didn’t pay much attention to it since I was too hung over the fact that I was too busy trying to make conversation!


“Ah…!” I said and I realised what it was.


In the fantasy novels I read, there were stories involving the hero journeying into a world that was like a game, but virtual. I think they called it a Virtual Reality Game or VRG for short. If I’m thinking right and if that’s true, then…! I’m in one that is something like a Virtual Reality Game except that it’s very real!


Yes! That makes perfect sense now! Whenever I looked at the rectangular bar thingy, the window that appeared seems to show the user stats. This meant that I was looking at a Character Status Bar! It’s main function is to give the users to check out the stats of others.


Then I wondered if the same thing is appearing over my head. I wanted to check, but first I need a mirror! So I got to my feet and looked around to see if there was a stray mirror around.


“There!” I said when I found one.


It was slightly broken, but most of it is usable. So I lifted it up to my face and, sure enough, the same Character Status Bar was hovering over my head. I focused on it and a window appeared and it told me what I am.


Name: Ram Shankar
Race: Human
Title: Villager



For some reason it didn’t show me my level or my other stats. I reasoned that maybe I’m just not high enough to see them yet? That makes sense because then it would be too easy to figure out about other people!


Then I realised something. It was something very important! If this reality is actually like a VRG, then that means I could use it. I should be able to see that screen if I call for it. I know the command and all that’s left is to say it out loud to make it appear!


I nervously crossed my fingers and said “Status.”


As soon as I finished saying the word, a larger window appeared in front of it. It was transparent, but was visible enough to show me everything. At the top, the heading read “STATUS” and I knew this is my status screen! It has all the information about my stats, skills, abilities and various others I’ll look at later.


So I looked down the list of my status and realised they were the ones I set last night. Last night I was about to play a game called “Infinity” and these were the stats I set in there!


STR: 20
INT: 20
DEX: 15
WIS: 15
CHA: 10
LUK: 20


I also noticed there was a green bar with a HP next to it. That green bar meant it was my Health Points or HP for short. Right underneath it there was a yellow bar with a CON. That yellow bar meant that was my Constitution Points or CON for short.


Then I began to laugh slowly and it eventually became a hysterical laughter. I didn’t snap or go insane. I was just laughing out of sheer joy and happiness of finding out that I’m now living in a VRG except that it’s in a real life and in another world!


Then I stopped laughing because I suddenly thought of something! I looked back at my status screen and searched the buttons. After a thorough search, I concluded that there was no “Logout” button. I did wonder if I was probably hooked up to a server that absorbed my consciousness into it, but felt farfetched! On the other hand, there were stories like that from the fantasy novels that I read where the hero gets hooked up a computer to keep him alive. Was it the same situation with me? I don’t know, but it doesn’t look like it!


Anyway, I did become upset when I couldn’t find it. It looked like I am stuck in this world permanently! Knowing that, I wondered what my parents and friends would think when find me suddenly gone the next morning…? Maybe they’ll worry about me and put a police complaint! I chuckled and instantly became upset that I might never get to see my parents ever again…!


For a few seconds, I was feeling down at the realisation. Then I smiled as the feelings of happiness and excitement ran throughout my body like poison! I’m not feeling exactly happy that I could never go back to my world, but constantly worrying about won’t help me! So I’ll begin my new life by immersing myself in this world to live!


I have the knowledge of the many fantasy novels I read, a lot of gaming experience on my shoulders and gaming technology by my side! This suddenly opened me up to infinite possibilities! I could do anything, but I wonder how much I can do without knowing the limits? Oh well! The saying goes ‘The Sky’s the Limit!”


That’s when I decided to live in this strange VRG world as a gamer! That also marked the beginning of my journey into the Infinity.

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  1. Vijay Kakani on April 5, 2015 at 2:04 am said:

    This has got to my first time doing so many EDITS!! I was reading through the chapter before sleep and the numerous grammar mistakes I made was mind boggling.

    I do make some errors in sentences when I write chapters for Phoenix Rising, this was my first time at this level!

    Anyway, all editing I could do are done. Now if anyone else finds any issues with them, please let me know and I’ll correct them! 🙂

  2. StealthAria on April 5, 2015 at 4:28 pm said:

    One thing I should point out as a gamer, with the way you use it CON should be something more like SP, AP, MP, or EP.
    CON is normally a value that affects HP and sometimes other stats like SP and DEF.

    On that note, MP is normally affected by either INT or WIS, AP by AGI/DEX, and SP by STA/CON. EP is an unknown to me, I don’t play many games that have it linked to another stat.

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