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Okay! So I’ve established that this is another world that I’m currently in. Makes sense because there is no “Logout” button and everyone here speaks in a language I don’t know or understand. Then there’s the fact that there’s a Virtual Reality Game (VRG) System that makes this reality feel like a game!


It’s only been a few minutes since I found out about the VRG system. So right now I’m pumped with super energy that I just don’t know where to place or use! I mean, how many people would find that they are in another world after going to bed one night? It’s so mysterious that it’s frightening!


For now, I go back to checking my “STATUS” screen. It’s a screen that looks to be semi-transparent and shows all the information about me. On it are the buttons named “Skills”, “Abilities”, “Items”, “Titles” and “Jobs”. It even got a “Friends” button! Nice!



So I take one final look at my status. I was marvelled at the fact that it got my picture. At a guess, I’d say that’s a passport size photo. Beside it are the information about my level, my class and my titles!


When I looked at it, I noticed something that read “LV1”. I wondered what LV stood for and then I figured it out. LV must mean LEVEL. So it’s basically saying that I’m level 1! Hmm! That’s low, but I’m sure it’ll go up once I start earning experience. So I’ll worry about that later.


There was one thing that puzzled me. Below my level was something that read “Normal”. It puzzled me because I didn’t understand what it meant! What does it mean? Is that a title, rank or name of level? I don’t know, but it sounds mysterious! At least I know I’m normal to some extent.


I moved my attention to the bottom. There are the lists of my stats with their respective values. Those numbers don’t mean anything right now, but I’m sure they come in handy once I start living in this world.


After that, looked at the buttons and I wanted to see what each of them did. I know, just from their names, what to expect, but wouldn’t hurt to know what they do, right?


So I pressed the “Skills” button to see what skills I got. It created a dropdown list and showed empty slots. Hmm…! It seems like I don’t have any skills yet. Makes sense because I just arrived in this world and


I pressed on the “Abilities” button it instantly created a dropdown list with a lot of names on it. I didn’t look through them thoroughly because I wanted to see what each of the buttons do.


One by one, I pressed the buttons with my hand. I was amazed that I could touch the screen, but it seems I’m the only one that can see the screen. Anyway, empty slot kept appearing when I pressed the “Items” and “Friends”.
When I pressed the “Jobs” button, it created a dropdown list that only had one slot filled. It was the slot that read “Village LV1”. I already know about the “Villager” status since it’s showing up on my main window. So I have the default job of a villager? That’s okay then, but doesn’t that mean I can get jobs? It would be cool to get a “Hero” job!


Okay! I think I’ve familiarised with my status screen and the buttons. Now I need to sort out the problem that’s facing me right now! There is one problem that everyone faces when they get transported into another world. Do you what it is? It’s language!


Right now the language I speak in and the language the people around speak in don’t match. So we’re having a communication problem and that’s one of the biggest problems of going to another world. Without knowing their language and literature, I won’t have the slightest clue as to what to do!


Now this is where my “Abilities” button comes in handy. It’s unfortunate that I don’t have any skills, but I’ll sort that out later. First I really need to fix this language problem before I get into trouble!


I pressed the “Abilities” button and the dropdown list appeared. Listed there were a total of three abilities that I can use right now. Below each of the abilities are the descriptions and anything else necessary to know how they worked.


Runner I Increases the movement for a certain amount of time.
Identify I Focus and be able to see the information about something.
Translator I Can switch known languages to speak, read and write in multiple languages.


“Runner I” makes me go faster, but doesn’t tell me for how long. “Identify I” shows me the information on other people or things I look at. “Translator I” allows me to speak, read and write in any known language by switching them around.


All of them had “I” at the end. I think meant the abilities are at first stage. So right now they are at the base set, but they can get better when I become stronger or level up by gaining experience. Very interesting!


Anyway, I found the one thing I wanted! Translator! The ability “Translator I” and its description fit the need I have for it! Now I just need to activate it by switching to the language of this world!


“Translate!” I said out loud in a strong voice.


I was expecting something to happen even though I don’t know what! I waited, but nothing happened. I wondered if it worked and walked closer to the area where there was someone talking. No… I still can’t understand a single thing they are saying!


Damn! It didn’t work! Let’s see if other commands work! Alright, I’ll try another command!




I waited for a few seconds and, just like before, nothing happened again. I felt even more frustrated when I still couldn’t hear what those people are saying!


“Grr…! Fine! Spoken language! Change! Hear! Communicate!”


Like that I continuously tried saying commanding words, but nothing happened. A few seconds later, my moth was becoming dry and I was feeling tired. This is somehow becoming a tiresome job to understand the world!


I went for one final chance and tiredly said “Translator.”


In an instant, a new window popped with the heading “TRANSLATOR”! I was super amazed to see the translator window and became really annoyed at how picky the commands are. I took out my anger on the semi-transparent screen, but my fists just went straight through as if it wasn’t there!


I sighed and shook my head. There’s no point in worrying about that stupid stuff anyway! I just need to get used to it and move along! Okay! I’m set!


So I focused on the screen and I saw a message saying “Please select a language.”


Below that message was a button looking thing with an arrow down symbol at the side. I knew immediately that this is another dropdown list. I sighed tiredly because I’m getting sick of how many dropdown lists this VGR system has! The system seems to be making me use my hands on purpose!


Anyway…! I looked at the one it’s currently selected and I was stunned by what I saw. In there, in the centre of the option box, the words read “Ancient”.


“What?!” I exclaimed out loud in shock.


Ancient? My current language is an ancient language?! Are you serious?! From the world I come from, this language is the global language! Yet here…! It’s an ancient language?! This has got to be a bad joke!


I realised I was becoming very angry! So I decided to calm down by doing breathing control. It’s by taking a deep breath and smoothly letting it out and then repeating it again. I did this a few times and I finally was able to decrease my anger level.


I still sighed when I looked at it. The game’s bugged! It’s so weird I don’t even have words to describe how I’m feeling! Anyway, I ignored it and clicked on the arrow. The “Ancient” got moved up and the words “Bakara”.


Bakara? What the heck is that? It was definitely not a word that I’m aware of! So it must be a randomly made word or a word that only these people understand. Whatever the case, once I clicked the “Set” button, the window vanished. Next thing I know, I began understanding what the nearby people were saying!


“Yahoo!” I said out loud in totally happiness.


Finally! I finally can understand! This is great! It took me some time and some more brain cells, but I’m good now! I’m feeling much better! Yes! I can finally communicate with the people around me!


I felt happy and I leaned back against the wall. For a while there I didn’t think I can fit into this world, that’s over now! Things are finally looking up again!


As I was happily relaxing, I suddenly heard a loud scream. It was a woman’s voice and she sounded frightened with a danger ring in her scream. I quickly got up as everyone turned their heads in the direction the scream came from. Then they began moving in that direction and I followed right behind them.


A large crowd was gathering outside what looked like a tavern. There also seemed to be people inside the tavern, but they appeared to be frightened to make a move. So when I got there, I could see over the heads of most people since I got my height as an advantage.


At the entrance to the tavern, with the door closed, was a man holding a woman hostage. The man was wielding a sharp knife and he held it to the woman’s throat. From the way he was holding it, it looked like he was going to slit her throat!


While everyone, including me, was stunned, a man at the front said “Markus! Let her go, man! She’s your wife! Let her go!”


I was shocked! The hostage woman is actually the knife brandishing man’s wife?! Unbelievable! What is that bastard doing to his wife?! On top of that, when I looked closer at the woman, I realised she was pregnant! I don’t know how time functions here, but from my old world time, I’d say she is in her 7th month of pregnancy!


“Go away! Go away!” the man drunkenly shouted at them while keeping a tight grip on his wife.


“W-We can talk this through, Markus. Just drop the weapon and let her go.”


“Grr!” the drunken man said and he flashed the deadly knife at them.


My ability “Translator I” is working because I can understand what he is saying, but it was not useful! In this kind of danger, understanding what he is saying doesn’t help anyone!


His wife was white in the face and had her hands close to her stomach. I don’t know much about pregnancy, but I know it’s dangerous for a woman, in such a critical time, to feel such strong emotions!


That bastard! Doing this kind of thing to his own wife and his unborn child! I wanted to do something! I wanted to save the woman and teach that failure of a husband and future father a lesson! Yet, I faltered in my decision. What can I do against him? He’s an adult and I’m a teenager. How can I hope to fight against a grown man when I’m still growing?


As I was feeling sad at my own inferiority, I suddenly heard a strong familiar voice say “Ram! What are you doing?!”


I widened my eyes as I suddenly heard the voice of my dad! I looked over my shoulder and saw the form of my dad looking at me sternly! He was surrounded by a powerful light and he looked intimidating!


“Wha?!” I said in surprise because I seriously did not expect to see my dad like this!


My dad looked at me sternly and, in a strong voice said “What are you doing?! Go over there and help them out! Don’t feel inferiority or superiority complex! Do what is necessary to do the right thing! Got it?!”


Then he gave me a thumps-up and, just like that, vanished.


“D-Dad?!” I quickly said and began looking around, but he was nowhere in sight.


That’s when I realised that was not my actual dad. It was just a memory, a memory from my childhood. My friends were getting beaten up by some bullies and I was afraid to help them. That’s when dad came to me and told me to fearlessly do what is right!


Now I smiled and muttered “Thanks, dad!”


Yes! I am thankful for his powerful words! They gave me hope and strength like never before! Who cares if that man’s an adult and I’m a kid?! That pregnant woman needs to be saved from her twisted husband!


So I began thinking of a plan on what to do. A few came to mind, but all of them required direct frontal attack and that was no good. If I make even one mistake, that woman’s neck will be slit and then it’s a total mess! No! I can’t afford to put that woman’s life at risk!




There must be something…! I need something! As I continued to think, a sudden thought came up and I immediately grabbed it!


What if I challenge the guy into fighting me? Yes! What if I somehow managed to make him so mad that he just has to fight me?! Although, this would mean I have to be very rude, but there’s no choice! Time’s running out and he looked to be close to the breaking point!


Deciding on my actions, I quickly looked around for a weapon. That’s when I realised there was a sword attached to my side with a sheath! I was amazed for a moment and I decided quickly made my move.


Over everyone else, I yelled “I challenge you to a duel!”


The crowd immediately went quiet at hearing the sudden declaration out of nowhere. Everyone turned their attention and looked at me with quizzical expressions, but I didn’t care! This is the best option that’s left and I’m taking it!


I began walking forward and the crowd parted. They moved away and gave me the walking space to go to the front. I reached the front and, at seeing the man holding the knife close to his wife, I glared angrily at him!


“What you saying, you brat?! You wanna die?!” the man shouted at me.


Okay! Here’s where it begins! I have to act this all out! Think, brain, think! Nothing happening from here is real! Everything is a fiction! Just a crazy dream I’m having!


So I made a wide twisted smile and said “What?! Too chicken to fight a kid?! Ha! So much for being the tough warrior you women user!”


There was a pause and then the man said “W-What?”


“You heard me, woman user! You’re using your wife as a shield to protect your sorry self! Ha! You are a disgrace to all men you pathetic piece of trash heap!”


“URAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!” the man screamed in rage.


He took his knife away from her throat and pushed her aside. She went stumbling and fell into the hands of the people. Then the man brandished his sword, which he pulled from his side, and rushed at me while screaming like an animal!


Yes! It worked! As he came at me, I readied myself and my weapon for combat! What happened next was not pretty!

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