The fight that started out as a hostage incident suddenly escalated into a fight! How is that possible? It’s because of me, Ram Shankar! That man held his own wife as hostage and didn’t seem to care what he did to her or his unborn child. So I made him so angry that he pushed is wife away and chose me as his next victim of pain.


I didn’t really care what the man thought, but seeing him act so brashly with his own family annoyed the heck out of me! So I had to do something and decided that I might as well distract him away from his wife. Anyway, that’s enough of me rambling and get to the main point!


So I angered him and it lead into a fight between me and him. Fists blazing, swords sparking and energies skyrocketing! The entire world stood still as our fight took to the heavens! Well, I wish I was powerful enough for that to happen, but I’m just a messily level 1. I’ve got a long way to go before I reach that level.


So our fight started with the man rushing at me while roaring like a wild animal! Seriously! What is up with him?! Did he lose his brains from drinking so much?!


Still, I had no time to ponder so long. He was rushing at me pretty quickly and I immediately reacted. I unsheathed my sword and blocked at his weapon, which was a knife. I don’t know what I was thinking. Maybe I thought I could just block him? Whatever it is I thought, I was sorely mistaken!


I suddenly got pushed back and I my feet got dragged on the ground. Once I came to a stop, I look at the man in amazement! What the heck just happened?! Why did I suddenly get pushed back when all we did was clash swords?


For a moment, I was puzzled. Then I realised the obvious and felt silly.


“The speed of attack increased the force of impact and it pushed me back…!” I muttered in a low voice because I often think out loud when it’s pretty obvious.


The man readied his knife and charged at me again! As he did, this time I was ready! The moment he reached me, I dodged his knife by moving to the side at the last second! Then I brought my own sword by aiming for his arm. I was thinking it’ll make contact, but the man was quick and he immediately parried my sword with his knife!


I know that he is an adult and I’m a teenage and that I’m taller than him. So I thought I could have an easy victory since he was drunk and all, but things are not going as expected! It seems the man still had the mental drive to concentrate in battle even though he is drunk!


The fight continued with him trying to hit me with his knife, but I managed to stop it by blocking with my sword. I think I’m doing pretty well at defence, so to speak, but that all changed a few seconds later!


After blocking his knife so many times, it seems he realised he will need to resort to unorthodox methods to handle me. So the bastard stepped on my toe which stopped my movement. I became distracted only for a moment, but it was enough for him to bring his sword and cut me across the arm.


“Oww!” I yelled in pain.


I glared at him angrily and kicked him away as hard as I could! He went backwards, but quickly regained his posted and looked at me gleefully.


“How is it, brat?! That’s the power of an adventurer you foolish twerp!”


The man’s shouts annoyed me, but I didn’t have time to reply. I was checking out the injury that he managed to land give me. It was a slight cut and the wound wasn’t that deep. Then I noticed the small window hovering to my side. I looked at it and my heart stopped beating for a moment!


HP: 41 [-1]
CON: 18 [-2]


My HP and CON have dropped judging from the values in the square brackets! I remember the original value for my HP is 42 and CON is 20. This is bad…! This is very bad! Just from this one small cut, I lost one HP, but my CON dropped the most. I realised I need to get decisive or I’ll regret it later!


“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” I screamed and held my sword firmly in my hands and charged at him.


Then we fought several more times. The buildings took some damage from our fight. I feel sorry for the residents because this distracted of a fight is causing a lot of damage. I would’ve felt more, but trying to defeat him is taking me all that I had in me!


I managed to deal some damage, but I’m the one receiving most of the damage from him! I’m now completely certain that he is a lot stronger than he let on. I was feeling foolish to underestimate him, but what could I do? The lives of his wife and the unborn child handed in the balance when this bastard snapped and took them hostage!


From all the damage dealt, I constantly kept an eye on my HP and CON bar. It seems they are constantly active because this fight was using up a lot of my energy. I was getting tired and my swings are getting sloppy, but he was not wavering! Instead, he seemed to have the same strength as he started with!


So, after several minutes of fighting, my HP and CON have dropped to dangerous levels! If this continued, I will certainly die and that’s not good! I don’t want to pay the price for saving one or possibly two lives! As we pushed each other away with our next swings, I glanced at my HP and CON and the values made me unhappy!


HP: 18
CON: 10


This isn’t good. This isn’t good at all! If this continued on, I’ll really be in trouble! The HP already entered a t the edge of the yellow range. Any further down and it’ll hit the red and that is a danger zone!


What should I do? I don’t want to hurt him too much, but not being able to hit him isn’t helping as well! Instead, he seems to be taking advantage of it and attacking me with a wide grin on his face. Then there’s the fact that, with the drastic drop of my CON, I’m slowing down while he has the same speed!


“Argh!” I shouted and kicked him.


My kick still had the strength as he was sent flying and smashed into a building! Damn! No more! No more stupid stuff about me being a kid and him being an adult and a husband! We’re warriors and that mad man is after my life! I have to do what I have to do.


It’s great that I’m thinking of what to do, but that still doesn’t change one thing; speed! He’s still faster than me and that’s hampering my offensive advantage. What to do…? What to do…?! At this rate, I’m the one that’ll go down before him! I need to quickly end it before that!


Then I remembered something and I reflexively said “Ah…!”


There is something I can still use! Yes! It’s my ability “Runner I” and it’s just the one I need right now! If I remember correctly, it makes me faster for a certain amount of time. Now, I don’t know how long that is, but I have no choice! It’s come down to all or nothing!


As the man emerged from the rubble, I softly said “Runner!”


I felt something blow around me. My body began tingling and I suddenly felt a little strange. What is this? What is this feeling? What is this sensation? I don’t know, but I’m about to find out!


“You’re going down, old man!” I shouted and made my move.


I rushed at him and I instantly became surprised! I just started running at him, but I suddenly zoomed ahead and smashed headlong into him! He grunted in pain and I quickly got away. I cursed myself because I suddenly went too fast and crashed against a building!


Getting up again, I understood what happened. I became fast… Incredibly fast! So fast that I look like I’m a zooming person! Seeing me zooming around, I just hope someone doesn’t give me a “Zoom Man” title! Otherwise, I think I’ll just from the same of such a ridiculous name!


I smiled and began my comeback! I landed several cuts and slashes on his body and he cried out in pain. He attempted to cut at me several times, but he just couldn’t keep up with my amazing speed!


As I attacked him, I was literally laughing at him! His failed attempts and his pained expression made me feel unhappy, but I resigned to the fact that I had no choice. The man brought this on himself and I’m just doing what I have to do to live!


In less than a minute I delivered so many strikes that they were countless. The man just screamed and screamed with pain. He managed to cut me across the shoulder with a wild swing, but that was his last straw. The next moment, I smashed the knife out of his hand and cut him across the across the arms and chest!


Don’t worry! I managed to avoid his vital spots! I’m a sixteen years old high school student in my original world! I might not look it, but I used to get top grades in all of my subjects and that included the science subject! So, from learning about the human body, I learnt the strengths, limitations and vital spots our bodies have.


So he should be lucky I’m only creating so much pain for him! This makes me look like a sadist, right? I won’t argue because I’m seriously mad at the fact that he tried to hut a woman, who was pregnant, and the fact that she was his own wife!


“Now for the finisher!” I muttered as I glared at him angrily.


If anyone looked into my eyes, I think they could say I had murderous intent. The next, I raised my sword high into the air and charged at him. Once I reached him, I slowly brought my sword down and aimed to cut him in half!


As I was about to cut him down, I realised what I was about to do. I’m going to cut him down? Doesn’t that mean I’m about to kill him? Huh? Kill him? Wait! How did I come to want to kill him? He didn’t hurt me in anyway and only tried to hurt his wife and unborn child!


Then I realised my anger at what he tried to do to her. This is bad! I’m getting influenced by negative feelings again! Back when I was a kid, dad encouraged me to beat the bullies up to help my friends! I usually went too far and he would scold me later about it.


“Ram! I told you to beat them up, not hurt them by giving them a brain damage!” He used to scold me with a severe look on his face.


At that time, I shook my head, but didn’t understand the meaning of his words. Now I do and that made my eyes widen in shock! If I kill him, I would become a murder. Doesn’t that make me someone no better than him? Eh?! Doesn’t that mean I’m on the same level as this wife hurting mad man?!


This is wrong! I’m not a murderer! I’m not a killer! Besides, what gives me the right to kill him? It’s true that he’s nothing to me and I’m nothing to him, but he has life in him… just like me! If I kill him, it would be like killing me, but indirectly! I can’t do that! I have no right to take life when I can’t make it!


At the last moment, I changed the direction of my sword and cut him a big one instead! The man screamed in pain and knelt down. He was bleeding profusely from the many wounds that I gave him. Normally I would feel regret whenever I hurt someone, but looking at this man just didn’t make me feel it in me to pity him.


As tears streamed down his crying face, I loudly said “This is your own fault! Do you hear me?! You brought this on yourself! For attempting to hurt your wife and your unborn child, you deserve no better than this!”


There was silence around us as people gathered to watch. They were looking at me and my blood coated sword. I looked around at the crowd curiously because they were standing around and looking with stunned expressions on their faces.


Then a loud voice shouted “That’s enough!”


The crowd parted and four men in armour appeared. Two of them carried swords while the other two welded a spear. Judging from their appearance and attitude, I guessed they must be guards from a prison or something.


The front man, who seemed to be the leader, looked at me and then at the wounded man on the ground. Then he looked around and asked “Who is the trouble maker here? Him or him?”


As he asked around, he indicated me first and then at the man. The villagers didn’t make a move as if they are afraid to say anything. Come on, people! If you don’t say it’s him, we both might end up going to jail! That’s bad because this is my first day being in this world and it would be embarrassing to spend the first day in jail!


Then an elderly man came forward and said “It’s him, sir.”


He lifted his walking stick and pointed at the kneeling man. The leader of the knights nodded and ordered his men to get him. After they are done with coupling him with some metallic chains, they left.


The man looked severely wounded and he flashed a glare at me as if to say that he will be back for revenge. I simply smiled back. The next time, if we ever meet, this kind of battle won’t repeat! I’ll be stronger and I’ll grind you to dust you failure of a human!


Once they left, the villagers all came around and started cheering for me! What?! Why?! I didn’t do anything heroic! All I did was beat down a bastard that gambled with the lives of his wife and unborn child!


“Wow! Hey!” I said to them.


The next instance, I was lifted into the air and I sailed over their heads!


“Come on, people! Stop making me feel like a hero when I didn’t do much at all!”


Did I say that? No, but I wanted to tell them. Making me feel like this just felt a little overboard, but oh well. Anyway, I have a feeling I would upset their feelings if I told them and, quite frankly, I’m also enjoying this.


I remember my dad holding me over his shoulders as if I was special. Now I’m lifted by the people as if I’m something special! Seriously! How things turn out is a mystery, but I’m having fun!


While I soared over them, I heard a pong noise and messages began appearing in front of me. I looked at them and, as I read, I realised these are my status notifications.


“You have levelled up. You are now LV2”

“All of your stats have increased by 15 points”

“The following jobs are available: Cleaner, Farmer, Adventurer and Hero”

“You have earned the title Hero”


Good load! I am amazed at the notifications! I went up one level just from that fight? Wow! Also the fact that all of my stats have gone up by 15! Cool! That guy might’ve been a complete creep, but he must’ve been pretty strong! So, how the heck did I win then? Oh well! I’ll probably find out later!


For now I say “Status.”


The “STATUS” screen appeared and it showed me my increased values. I was a little taken aback at how low my HP and CON was, but that’s alright. I have a feeling they’ll slowly go back to being full like how normal people take rest to restore their energy!



I still haven’t understood how the VRG works. So I’ll have to just accept what I have for now. Oh well. There’s no point in worrying about things I have no control over! Besides, I need to start thinking of what I need to do from here on out!


“Bur first, I need to get back to land! People, please put me down already!” I shouted because this is starting to get over the top for me.


Once I got down, the elder man said “Um… sir. Thank you for saving my daughter from that louche! We really owe you a lot!”


I became flustered at his unbelievable respectable behaviour and started waving my hands at him to.


“No, no! It’s fine! I didn’t really do much!” I told the old man.


“No, sir! You’ve done a great deed towards my daughter! You deserve a reward!”


“A reward, hah…? Well…” I said hesitantly.


I started thinking about it. Right now I don’t have a place to stay in this world, no money on me and no connections to speak to! That means I’m a complete loner right now! Ah…! The very thought is making me feel very upset!


“Mmm… I don’t exactly have a place to stay or money on hand…” I muttered more to myself than anyone.


The elder heard me, to my surprise, and quickly said “Then you’re welcome to stay with us for a while, sir! We’ll also provide you with food and services free of charge! Think of it as our way of saying thanks!”


“W-Well…” I said hesitantly.


Should I take advantage of the situation and use it to my advantage? I promise! This is only to get myself started from somewhere! I won’t leach off the elder and his daughter because that would be despicable and I’m not that low!


With my decision made, I smiled at him and said “Okay… Since you’re so insistent, I’ll be in your care for a while.”


The elder smiled and said “Sir! Then, this way please.”


With that, the elder began walking away and I followed him. The crowd continued to look at me with cheerful expressions on their faces. So, for now, I should feel lucky that things are coming together for me right now.


The next day, I received a letter of notice. It contained a little and, thanks to my “Translator I” ability, I was able to read it.


“To adventurer, your actions are commendable, but have left buildings in ruin. For your brave, but reckless actions, you are hereby ordered to pay for the fees to repair the buildings.”


My eyes widened in shock and, when I glanced at the total cost, I screamed in disbelief.


“10000 Zen?!”


I went numb and the letters from my numb fingers. As it floated to the ground, I fell back into the chair and sighed. What bad luck that I didn’t think about the consequences of my actions? I blame my INT stat being so low! It didn’t allow me to think things through thoroughly! Yes! That makes perfect sense!


Still, I sighed in resignation. Whatever the case, I still have to pay 10000 Zen. Well… I guess I am still lucky. The elder is very nice and treats me specially and his daughter, the pregnant woman I saved, also treated me with great kindness. So, in a way, it’s still my victory!


Like this, I began my journey in this world of Infinity.

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