“Here you are, sir!” the woman said as she placed a glass of water on the table in front of me.


“Thank you!” I said appreciatively.
I took the glass and drank all of its contents quickly. Then I placed it back down and looked at the elder. He was sitting on the other side of the table while looking at me curiously.


“Is there something on my face?” I asked him curiously because of how intently he was looking at me.


He looked at me in surprise and said “No, no. It’s nothing like that, sir. I’m just curious about whom you are and all since you defeated that man!”


“Oh!” I said and realised I haven’t introduced myself to them yet.


I coughed and said “My name’s Ram, Ram Shankar. Please call me Ram!”


“O-Oh…” the elder said with a perplexed expression on his face.


Getting a little worried, I asked “I something the matter?”


“W-Well… It’s just that… I was wondering if you wanted to show us your details,” the man told me with a nervous expression.


“Show you my details?” I said in a confused voice.


What did he mean? I don’t think I have a personal card ready to show him. Then the man shook his head and I wondered what he was talking about.


The woman sat down next to her father and said “Father, I think he doesn’t know of it.”


“Oh, I see. Then let’s just inform him then,” the man told her.


So she turned towards me and said “Mr. Adventurer, there is a quicker way of informing the other person who you are. Simply say the command ‘Display’ and your information will be shown to us.”


I widened my eyes in surprise and said “A command that displays my details? Really?”


When she nodded, I smiled and said “Okay then. Display!”


I said the command that she told me, but nothing happened. Well, nothing changed from my perspective, but they leaned forward to look at my right shoulder or so I thought.


“Ah. So you’re Ram Shankar and a village. It seems you are like us,” the elder said and he smiled at me.


I made a quizzical expression and asked “Did you expect something else?”


The elder quickly raised his hands at me and said “No, no! It’s just that… There was the possibility that you could’ve lied to us.”


“Lied? Why would you think so?” I asked with a worried expression.


“Well… You see. In the past, there had been many fraudulent activities when people lied about their identities. Due to this, many believed it and then were unable to locate them. In order to avoid that, we’ve been forcing people to use the ‘Display’ command to tell us who you truly are.”


The woman’s explanation made sense. If I were to be lending money to someone, I should know their true name at least. If I don’t, I’m going to run a loss of money! Sheesh! What a dirty way of living!


“Well, I’m not that kind of person anyway. So you shouldn’t have to worry about me too much!” I said and I grinned at them.


The elder laughed and the woman smiled as she said “Yes. You don’t strike me as the type of person that’d play trickery and stuff.”


“I’m glad you think so,” I said and I smiled brightly at them.


It feels good that they think so highly of me! I just hope their appraisal isn’t falsely placed. I’m still new to this world and I literally feel like a new born baby that hardly knows anything about the world! On second thought, that kind of thinking is actually quite funny!


“So what did it show when it displayed to you?” I asked because I’m curious what my display looked to them.


“It shows your name, your age, the race you belong to and the job you’re currently doing. Additionally, it also shows an activity log of what you did so far.”


“R-Really? That’s amazing!” I said in amazement.


So the display does show them my race and the current job I selected to do. It somehow feels weird that they can them as well. Then I found it strange that I cannot access the activity log.
“Activity. Log. History. Past. Previous. Loaded. Recent.”


I tried several commands, but nothing happened. It seemed that I’m not allowed to access the activity log, but it somehow made sense. I think it’s more of a security reason that the activity log doesn’t appear for me, but I still want to see what I’ve been doing! It would be a pain to show it to other people of things that I did. Maybe there should be a way to hide it.


The room became silent as the two of them drank from their cups. I think they are drinking tea, but I don’t want to make false assumptions and then be proved wrong later. For all I know, my world and this world are not common at all! Yes and that also includes the VRG system since we only had console games to play with back in my world!


Once they were done drinking, they put the cups down and looked seriously at me. It seemed that they want to talk to me about something and I felt it will be a serious topic!


“So, Ram. What will you do from here?” the elder asked me.


“What I’ll do from here? What do you mean?” I asked back.


Okay, I’m not trying to be rude here, but his question didn’t exactly make sense. I need to understand what he wants me to answer so I can do it without mistakes. I always did this with my teachers back in my world, always made them repeat the question until I understood. Because of this, many of them wrote the question up on the board so that I had to read it! What a bunch of weaklings!


The elder nodded and said “Yes. You have that 10000 Zen payment to payoff. So I’m asking you what you’ll do to achieve that. Do you have any plans or anything in particular in mind?”


“I…” I began and faltered.


Truth be told, I’m drawing blank right now. It was pretty amazing that I found out I had to pay such an amount or the currency “Zen” is what people use in this world. So I thought that I should work, but I don’t know anyone or the people in this town.


“I’m not sure…” I said honestly to them.


“I see,” the elder said and he nodded as if he understood. Then he said “Then, how about you switch jobs?”


“Switch jobs?” I asked in a puzzled voice.


“That’s right. Erina, please explain to him while I go for a bit,” the elder said and he rose to his feet.


“Yes, father,” the woman said as he left the room.


“You can switch the job you are currently doing. So right now you hold the job ‘Villager’, but you want to do something else. So you select the current job you are holding and then, opening your jobs list, select the one you want to do. Once you do that, a button that says ‘Switch’ appears. Click it and you’re jobs will get switched!”


“Oh… I see…” I said as I nodded my head in understanding her instructions.


So it’s as simple as moving one slot and then replacing it with the other. Only that this works by selecting the “Source” and “Target” before clicking that “Switch” button. Very nice and simple to use!


I nodded in understanding. Then, as my thoughts returned back to the present, I suddenly realised her words. What she said suddenly made my eyes widen in shock. What did she just say? How did she know about the “Jobs” button and that it creates a dropdown list?!


Feeling curious, I asked “Um… How do you know about it…?”


“Know about what?” she asked me curiously.


“Ah… The button that lists the available jobs I could have?”


She raised her eyebrows in surprise and said “Well, naturally I would know. I also have such a thing as well.”




“You see, when I say ‘Status’, this screen appears in front of me with all of my stats and buttons. Everyone in this world knows about it,” she explained.


“O-Oh…” I said and I felt a little disappointed.


Erina looked at me for a moment in silence. Then she smiled and said “Were you disappointed because everyone knows about it? Could it be that you thought you were the only special person with this thing?”


“N-No! I just… I uh…”


I stuttered to find an answer to reply with, but it was useless. She had seen right through me and I felt a little stupid. She will be becoming a mother soon. So naturally she’s going to be smarter than an average woman…


For some reason, I suddenly felt a little chill run down my spine! Eh? Eh?! Did I think something bad? Uh…! I think I’ll stop here… Yeah because this feeling is making me feel a little sick!


Anyway, I learnt something new today. Now I know that everyone, in the world, knows about the “STATUS” screen. That means… they also possess the same kinds of things as me, but different. They wouldn’t have the same kind of abilities like nor the skills. Even jobs can be different depending on what sort of achievements you do.


So the next day, I went out and did job hunting. It didn’t go so well. Everywhere I went people praised me for my skills in defeating Erina’s husband. I thought I could use their positive impression of me to get a job, but it didn’t work. It was either “Sorry, but we don’t have any at the moment,” or “You don’t have the type of job we’re looking for!”


I currently have four jobs that I can choose from.


Cleaner LV1

Farmer LV1

Adventurer LV1

Villager LV1


All of them are at level 1 which made me wondered if those levels are similar to my own. The elder confirmed it when I asked him about it.


“A level of the job increases as you improve your work. As its level goes up, you can perform even more difficult tasks.” Then, as advice, he said “It’s easy to level up your jobs by taking on tricky or difficult tasks, but make sure to start from the beginning. So be sure to choose your work wisely once you picked a job!”


For the next three days, I went around looking for jobs. At one point I got an opportunity at the security department when I had the “Adventurer” job selected. Things were looking good until I told them my current level.


They sent me away by saying “We only accept adventurers above level 10!”


After repeated failures at each attempt, I wondered if my luck is bad! I checked my stat sand saw that LUK is at 35 like the others. This meant that it’s working! So… does that mean the fault is on me? Am I just not looking in the right places?


I shared my troubles with the elder and Erina one night over dinner. After silently listening to my concerns, the elder told me something very interesting; he told me to become a farmer.


“A farmer?” I asked curiously.


A “Farmer” job. Now that I check my list of jobs, I do see that job available there. I wondered what farmers do. I know that farmers are the ones that provide food and stuff by growing them from the land! After that, they sell them to people and earn money from there.


Since I didn’t know, I didn’t want to speculate what a farmer’s job is. Instead, I’ll just find out for myself when I visit them tomorrow! So I quickly finished my dinner, thanked Erina for the great food and went to bed. That’s right! I’m living in their home. They let me sleep in the guest room since they haven’t used it for so long.


The next morning, I woke up and went out to the farmers. I don’t know much about the world yet. Things like the time, days, months and years are still a mystery. I did wonder if I should ask them about it, but I realised that would be a problem! I’ll just pretend I know what I’m doing and then go over to the library to acquire that knowledge!


I actually found out about that information without having to go to a library. It seemed the farmers were talking to each other about dates and stuff. They seemed to be preparing for something and they were sharing dates and such. During such, I realised the time, days, months and years are the same as the one from my world.


Normally, eavesdropping is bad manners and also a problem because of violating privacy. It’s not my fault! I just got there and they were talking about the times and dates. Besides, it didn’t seem that special to me and anyway… From what they are saying, I hardly doubt they would need to silence me just for knowing the dates on when they will sell the mangos!


Anyway, I spoke to them and they immediately said I’m suitable for their job! I was really pleased and, later, thanked the elder for his idea. I was very excited to start working and earn some money to pay off that 10000 Zen!


I quickly found out that farmers did more than just sell and earn money. They have a large land near the outskirts of town. There they plan the vegetation on different section and then did hard labour in ploughing the land to make it ready for the next crop.


It was hard work! I used a shovel to dig holes for the stuff and then, with my bare hands, I planted them. Finally I wrapped it up by using fully filled water buckets that worked like a sprinkler. I did this for more than nine hours and, by the end of the day, I return home, completely exhausted!


I never knew farming took so much effort and, by the end of the day, we don’t get paid a lot. For my nine hours of hard work, I get paid 500 Zen. According to the people, that’s an average salary. It seemed that the job holders of “Adventurer” are better paid for completing missions and requests. I wish I could do it, but I’m just not that high a level enough to do it, unfortunately!


On the plus side, my stats are also increasing! I work every day and, by the end of the day, I receive notifications about my stats.


“Your constitution (CON) has increased by one point”

“Your health point (HP) has increased by one point”

“Your dexterity (DEX) has increased by one point”

“Your strength (STR) has increased by one point”


While that is good, my other stats aren’t increasing at all! It seemed that I need to read and acquire more knowledge to increase my “WIS” stat. As for my “LUK” and “CHA”, I don’t know. They have some strange features, but it looks like I’ll have to go to the library for it.


Anyway, after twenty days of sheer hard work and determination, I finally amassed a total of 10000 Zen! It was amazing! Looking at each of the golden coins made me feel like I’m holding real gold! It isn’t actually gold, but something else. When I asked the elder about it, he just said it’s made from mining some kind of stone.


So I left the house and to the Town Administration Building. I walked carefully while being on high alert. Over the past few days, my hard effort increased my stats, but it also increased my level! I’m now level 5 which felt great, but I need to be careful! There is no telling when a pathetic thief decides to steal my money!


After a few minutes of walking, I safely make it to the building. It’s located in the centre of town so that it’s easy to find from any direction. The inside was well made and decorated with desks placed where the clients sat on chair son the other side.


I walked over to a table and sat down. Then I placed the bag of money down and began the conversation with the person behind the table.


“Hi. I’m here to pay off the penalty fee I had scored from causing damage to town buildings.”


“Please show us your identification,” the man said to me.


I nodded and said “Display!”


My information got displayed and he nodded at it. He leaned over to the side pulled out a book from under the table. Then he quickly flicked through it for some time before finding my name on it.


“Ram Shankar…” he said slowly as he checked my identification display.


Only yesterday I learnt something surprising about the “Display” system. It seems that it will only be displayed when I look at the person I’m displaying it to. If I turn away, the display screen would disappear. I also learnt that, if I wanted to, I could “Hide” the display screen. Learning about them is handy since I don’t like to keep it displaying there as if I want the entire world to know!


“Alright! Please pay the money of 10000 Zen,” the man said once he finished confirming I am the one in the register book.


“Yes,” I said and I pushed the money bag across the table to him.


The clerk pulled out a pair of glasses and wore them as he observed the bag. While he was doing that, I focused on the glasses to see what they are. Thanks to my ability “Identify”, I was able to know what it was.


It was an item called “Scan Item” and that’s about all it told me. My ability I still in first stage since the name “Identify I” clearly states it! This means that I need to find a way to upstage it!


“Okay. I have checked and verified the total sum is placed. Now confirming payment completed!” the man said and he made me put my thump on the paper.


In an instant, a thumb print appeared on the paper. I think this meant the confirmation of the payment. Sure enough, the clerk confirmed it and said I was free to go. I thanked him and rose to my feet before leaving the building.


As I walked out into the sunlight, I suddenly saw a screen appear with the notification on it. When I read the messages, I laughed as I went home.


“Farmer has levelled up to LV2”

“Your charismatic (CHA) has increased by 5 points”

“Your luck (LUK) has increased by 5 points”

“You have levelled up to LV6”

“The following job is available: Assistant”

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