I am Ram Shankar and I’m currently in the kitchen. Doing what? Cooking? Eating? No! I’m cleaning the dishes. I am doing this in a world very different from my original world. Don’t understand? Then let me recap.


I’m actually not from this world. In my world, there was pollution, there was a lot of noise and a lot of boredom. In that world, on my 16th birthday, I got a present from my parents. It’s a game called “Infinity”, but I couldn’t play it because my computer crashed. So I gave up and slept for the night. The next morning, I found out that I was in this world!


At first, I couldn’t communicate with the people of this world and didn’t know what to do. Then I discovered how this world has this really strange windows like a Virtual Reality Game. I’m calling it VRG for short because it makes sense that way.


So after discovering it and checking my stats, I ran into some trouble. Finding a guy threatening his pregnant wife with a knife, I stepped in like a hero and beat him up! Okay… I’m exaggerating, but I did go in and save her. The fight was tough, but thanks to my “Runner” ability, I took him down. Then he got arrested and I was taken in by the saved family.


I know it sounds like I’m leeching off them, but don’t get the wrong idea! My dad always told me to stand on my own two feet! That’s what I’m doing now!


I paid off the 10000 Zen for the damage I caused. How did I do that? As a farmer! In my list of jobs, I had a few I can use and it was one of them. So, within one month, I managed to pay it all off!


At that moment, a windows suddenly popped in front of me with a notification.


“Cleaner has levelled up to LV2”

“Your dexterity (DEX) has increased by 1 point”


I sighed. Really? Even for this my stats go up?


I’m amazed that my stats keep increasing by almost everything I do. Every day in the morning I exercise by jogging around town. Just from that, my HP, CON and STR increase by one point. The HP stands for Health Point, the CON stands for constitution and the STR stands for strength.


Actually, I’m helping out with cleaning because the pregnant lady, Erina, has entered a critical stage. I’ve been doing this for a month ever since it became difficulty for her to move around easily.


The doctor said she should not do hard work, I and the elder man’s been helping her. As for food? Sadly I’m not good at cooking so Erina cooks for us.


A few minutes later, I finished cleaning the dishes. Then I wanted to check my stats.


So I said “Status.”


A window popped up in front of me with all of my stats and other information. It even got the buttons to their respective dropdown lists. I’m the only one that can see this window, but I also learn that I’m not the only one who has the “STATUS” screen.


I checked my stats and I was pretty impressed. Compared to how they were two months ago, this is even better!


LV: 9
Race: Human
Title: Cleaner


HP: 90
CON: 130


STR: 70
INT: 60
DEX: 64
WIS: 80
CHA: 60
LUK: 60


I’ve learnt quite a few places and the people around. Along with that, I’ve also learnt a lot of things that will come in handy later on. Thanks to that, my INT went up and looks good. As for LUK, I have no idea how that thing works. It just seems to go up whenever I do good things. So I guess it’ll go down if I do bad things. Really weird…!


As I was cleaning my hands on the cloth, I started hearing noise from upstairs. The house the elder, Erina and I lived in was a two story building. I lived in the guest room while the elder man lived in a separate room situated downstairs while Erina lived upstairs.


Wondering what the noise was, I walked out of the kitchen. Just then, the elder man came down the stairs with a panicked expression on his face. What happened? Why does he look so panicked?


The elder man stopped at the stairs and shouted “Ram! Erina’s getting the pains!”


“Getting the pains?” I wondered in confusion.


Getting the pains. This could imply a lot of things. For instance, she could be having muscle pains or feeling stomach pain or… Or…?!




I made a shocked sound with my mouth when I suddenly realised. Getting pains… If I remember correctly from a science lesson from my world, when a pregnant woman starts getting pains, it means that she… she has entered… the final stage…!


“Oh my god?! Erina’s about to give birth?!” I shouted out loud in shock.


Just then, a window popped up in front of me to notify me.


“Your intelligence (INT) has gone up by 1 point”


“Now isn’t the time for that!” I shouted reflexively.


The elder got confused at my shout and asked “What’s the matter?”


“Ah! No! It’s nothing!” I quickly said to reassure him so he doesn’t get the wrong idea.


Anyway! This is trouble! I’m not good at handling this kind of thing. I’m just a 16 year old who hasn’t gotten used to this world yet! On top of that, I’m not used to how things are done here! The days, times, months and years are the same, but that doesn’t apply for everything else!


As if he sensed my panic, the elder man said “Ram! Calm down and go get the doctor!”


Go get a Doctor? Oh! That’s right! Because of how much I’m panicking, I’m forgetting the basics! The first principle rule is that only a doctor can deal with this!


“Right! I’ll get him now!” I told the elder.


He nodded at me in satisfaction before going back upstairs.


“Now where to find the doctor…?” I muttered because I often think aloud.


That’s simple! The doctor lives next door! In fact, the neighbourhood in which we live is filled with people with children! It’s like the perfect place to live if you are an average person going through a daily life.


“Anyway! Enough of me standing around and thinking!”


So I ran out of the house and went over to the doctor’s home. I stopped at their front door and knocked.


I intended to knock on the door, but I accidentally knocked the door open.


“Oops…” I said quietly as the door got knocked open.


My fault! Completely my fault! Ah! Now I have to pay for this as well! Dammit! I blame my panic because I unintentionally put too much strength into my knock. Stupid! Really stupid!


The doctor was apparently reading a book when the door fell open with a crash. He looked alarmed and jumped to his feet in shock when he saw me standing there.


“Ram?! Why did you knock the door down?!”


“Ah! Doctor! Actually! Erina has gone into pains!”


I literally shouted those words. Yet again, my panic had proven to be dangerous. As if they were listening, everyone came out of their houses at my words.


“Erina’s gone into pains?!”


In an instant, they came through their front gates and flooded into Erina’s house. Hey! What the hell are you, a swarm?!


The doctor, on the other hand, had widened his eyes. Then he nodded in understanding and silently went into one of the rooms. Then he came back out carrying a bag. It must contain all the things he needs.


We went into our house which is now crowded by lots of people! For crying out loud, I barely managed to move around while pushing through the crowded house. The doctor had it easy because he stuck close to me as I pushed them aside.


After struggling through, we reached the top. Now I seriously can hear Erina screaming at the top of her voice! When we got to her room, I saw her writhing on the bed as if she could not stand the pain her body was going through!


The doctor quickly went forward and set his bad aside. Then he opened it and pulled out a stethoscope and started checking her. Then he ordered me to try and make the bed comfortable. So I did the best I could with my “Cleaner” job while Erina continued to writhe on the bed.


The people around were talking nonstop and the air was pulsing with tension. Dammit! This is frustrating! I am starting to feel Erina is writhing like that because of the atmosphere!


Then the doctor angrily turned to me and said “Ram! Push these people out!”


“Push them out?” I asked while looking surprised.


“Push them out!” He told me and looked firmly at me.


“You got it, doctor!”


Then I used all of my strength and started pushing the people down. One by one, they were startled when they were being pushed down the stairs. I’m sorry, but this is the doctor’s orders! I’m merely his assistant to get the work done safely!


I finally managed to push everyone out of the house. Some had stumbled and fallen to the ground.


“Ram! What are you doing?!”


“Pushing us out like that! Didn’t you think that was rude?!”


“Be a bit gentler, dammit! What if I had gotten injured?!”


Listening to their irritated voices suddenly made me get really angry.


“How the hell do you expect the doctor to get work done with all of you breathing down his neck?! How the heck do you expect Erina to take this calmly when there’s random people everywhere in the house?! You’re all adults! Think this through, dammit!”


I’m just a 16 year old teenager, but I’m not stupid! I had been present when a pregnant lady was taken to the hospital. During that time, everyone was packing which annoyed me. True! That woman is not my wife, but still… they shouldn’t need to panic so much.


At that time, I asked my mum why they were like that.


She only smiled and said “If they are panicking and are very worried for them, it just means they love them that much!”


“Will you be worried if something like that happened to me?” I had asked in response to her explanation.


My mum just smiled and said “I will because you are my flesh and blood.”


I was moved by my mother’s words. So I really liked my mum. Then the doctors had told us the woman gave birth safely and they were all relieved. It looked like everyone was happy and then got the chance to visit her in groups.


Anyway! Coming back to this..! This sure was surprising! This is a world that is like the VRG system. Just so you know, NPC or Non Playable Characters do not give birth in games.


Yet! This isn’t a game and they are not simple NPCs! This is like a reality game where everyone has dreams, ambitions and possess the power to make choice! Except that it has the VRG system added to it! Can be so confusing at times!


Time passed by as everyone either sat down or stood waiting. I was outside with the door closed. Earlier, some woman went inside to assist with the doctor. Yes! I wanted to help, but I got told to stay outside and wait. So what did I do? Say outside and wait like the rest of them.


Almost half-an-hour later, the front door finally got opened. A woman came out and she was grinning brightly. Seeing her expression, the rest of us slowly smiled. There could possibly be only one reason the woman would be smiling that happily!


“Safe birth!”


At the woman’s words, everyone instantly became happy and cheered. Did I cheer? No. I was happy, but I sort of didn’t feel that connected to the situation. After all, if I didn’t come to this world, no one would’ve known that I existed. So I was happy and not happy at the same time.


The doctor finally came down and patted me on the shoulder. He smiled at me before returning to his room. Oh crap! I forgot! I need to pay for the repairs for breaking his door! Damn…!


Oh well… That’s the price I pay for being careless, but I think it worked out anyway. So I’m glad and relieved that Erina gave birth safely.


Afterwards, we were let to see the child in groups. There were some elder ladies sitting with her and allowing only small groups of visitors. So, for now, Erina and the new born baby are in good hands.


It sort of made me feel a bit down. I already paid 500 Zen to the doctor for his damaged door. He thanked me and told me to be careful. That’s not what’s causing me to feel so down. I wanted to be helpful, but I only ended up being on the waiting side like everyone else.


That’s when I suddenly remembered something that I asked my dad once. After seeing the relative woman’s baby, I came over to my dad and asked him how he felt when mum gave birth to me.


Dad thought for a moment before saying “I felt pretty useless. All I could do was wait and wait. People keep coming in and out, but never once responded to any of my questions. So yeah… I was happy when she gave birth to you safely, but I felt pretty useless while it was happening…!”


Thinking about it and remembering the silly expression on my dad made me chuckle.


Finally, I got allowed to see them. So I walked into the room and saw the elder smiling happily. Sitting around the bed were the ladies as they peeled the fruits.


I walked closer to the bed and saw an attachment to the side. Lying in it while sleeping was the new born baby of Erina. I found out that it was a baby girl and I was surprised.


I had always wanted a sister at seeing how siblings interacted at school. Okay… Siblings’ means trouble, challenge, struggle and impatience. That is true for most part, but the relationship between my friends and their siblings was really close. They truly loved each other even though they would often argue and stuff.


On the bed, Erina was lying down while looking tired. I knelt and looked close at the baby. The baby was cute and my heart fluttered. This suddenly made me miss my parents. I miss their company, I miss their jokes and I miss having them around.


At that moment, Erina suddenly stretched her tired hand and tugged my arm. I looked at her in surprise. There were beads of sweat on her face due to the struggle she went through to give birth. I didn’t realise just how intense it was to give birth and it made my respect for all the mothers in the world rise like a mountain!


Erina was smiling at me as the elder man lent me a chair to sit on. As I sat down, Erina continuously looked at me in silence. What did she want? Did she want to say something?


Just then, Erina quietly “Thank you…”


“W-What did you say, Erina?”


“Thank you…”


“Eh?” I said and I blinked at her in surprise. Then I said “W-What for? I absolutely did nothing at all for you! So there’s no need for you to thank me like this!”


Seriously! What the heck did I do to deserve her thanking me? Come on! I was outside with everyone else and felt useless while you were struggling. I didn’t do anything I could feel proud about! Instead, I only felt shame of being useless as a man!


Then Erina tilted her head side to side and lightly said “You saved my life…”


“Eh?” I said as I realised what she meant.


When I first came to this world, I found her in distress when her deranged husband took her hostage. That was the time I risked my life to save hers by engaging the man in battle.


I don’t think it’s something to be proud of beating down an adult, but I had no choice. If I had not interfered, she and her unborn child would have died!


“Ah…!” I said as I came to the realisation of how involved I am.


If I didn’t come to this world, she would’ve probably died. If I didn’t come in to help, she would never have been able to see the next day or give birth such a cute child. Because of me, Erina was alive and that man didn’t turn into a murderer.


I am connected to this world. I saved her and it gave birth to this child. It means that my actions have affected how that hostage situation would’ve ended. It means that I’m… I really am… part of this world!


Coming back to reality, I suddenly realised that everyone was looking at me with smiles on their faces. Erina had grabbed my hand and I felt her slack grip. She was still conscious, but naturally tired.


So I smiled in return and said “It was my pleasure, Erina.”


I take my hand and stand up. I caressed the baby lightly and the cute thing moved a bit. Smiling happily, I left the room. I headed down the stairs and went into my room before closing the door shut. Finally… I’m all alone.


In that instant, a window popped up in front of me.


“Your intelligence (INT) has increased by 10 points”

“Your wisdom (WIS) has increased by 10 points”

“Your constitution (CON) has increased by 10 points”

“Your charisma (CHA) has increased by 10 points”

“The following job is available: Doctor”


Eh…? My INT, WIS, CON and CHA have gone up by 10 points. Was childbirth that important? I guess it is since it is the birth of bringing new life into this world.


“Then explain my situation!” I shouted loud in irritation.


As expected, there was no response. It almost feels like I’m being laughed at by whoever brought me into this world. Whatever! I’ll rise up! I’ll live in this world and achieve something great!


Want to know what that something is?! Well… Um… I’ll find out… eventually! Until then, I’ll go to sleep because I’m surprisingly tired. I guess I was more tired than I realised. Ah well! Erina managed to give birth safely and that’s what matters right now!


So I jumped into my bed and closed my eyes. I think I slept immediately because I thought about nothing else after that. What I didn’t realise was that what goes around… comes around!


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