“The elder is killed with Erina and Serina kidnapped by her husband!”


That was what the doctor told me the moment I walked over to him. At first, I was confused because what he said did not make any sense. How could the elder be killed with Erina and Serina kidnapped by her husband? That guy’s supposed to be jailed thanks to my heroism, I guess.


“What are you saying, doctor? I think it’s a little early for April fool’s joke like that,” I replied casually.


The other thing I had learnt about this world is the events and such, which were very similar to the ones from my world. There were a few random ones that I found strange, but I believe they only exist in this VRG-type of world. It’s currently 27th of March, 754 AW. The AW stands for the After War Era, which was labelled as such because of a great war between the angels and the demons. It is pretty exciting to know that they actually exist, making this a really fascinating VRG-type world.


Anyway, it is still 5 days before the 1st of April and I think he’s pushing his jokes a bit far. However, the doctor shook his head and faced me with a very serious expression on his face. I never saw such an expression on his face before and it made me wonder whether he thinks I will buy it or not.


“Come on, doctor. You’re pushing the joke a little bit too far there…”


“No, Ram. I am being very serious with you!” he said to me in a serious voice.


“Earlier, there had been a breakout from jail and the one to escape was Erina’s husband. He came down here and attacking his unsuspecting wife and daughter.”


“Yeah! I heard her screaming as she tried to pull away from him, but she just couldn’t with how strong he is,” said one of the neighbours near me.


“I think he attempted to stop the guy with his strength, but it was no good!”


“We heard the elder scream and then go quiet before the door got busted open. I think by then, everyone had come out of their houses to check on what was going on.”


“That’s right,” the doctor said in agreement. “I was pretty shocked to hear her screams and the elder’s scream. By the time I came out, I saw the husband carrying an unconscious Erina over his shoulder with a bundle of wrapping of Serina in one hand and a bloody sword on the other.”


“We attempted to stop him, but he tried to kill us as well,” said another neighbour and they pointed to their partially destroyed house.


“Well, he quickly got away from there and escaped from there. I think he was using one of his abilities to be moving at such speed!”


“Yeah! Without a doubt!”


I tried to listen to everything they were telling me, but an unsettling feeling of fear gripped me from the inside. I could not explain this feeling, but it was something that made me widen my eyes with shock. Without a single thought, I quickly made my way through the crowd and rushed over to the house. After reaching it, I jumped the steps leading to the house and arrived at a bloody scene.


The elder was sprawled on the ground with blood gushing out from underneath him. It was slowly spreading everywhere like spilled tomato juice that I really liked drinking. In shock, I slowly walked into the house to stare at the lifeless body of the man that let me stay in this house with wonderful hospitality.


“No, Ram!” said the voice of the doctor and he pulled me back out. “You mustn’t!”


He told me many more things, but my mind had gone blank in the state of shock I was in. The elder was pretty old, probably around the age of my grandfather back in my world, who was around 70. However, he showed great energy for being old and always wore a smile on his aging face, making me feel really welcome here. I couldn’t believe such a man was gone from this world just like that.


A while later, people arrived in a wagon wearing what appeared to be clothes appropriate to the ones ambulance people wear in my world. By then, I had somewhat regained from the shock to witness what was going on. The people took a stretcher into the house and carried the lifeless body of the elder outside.


I narrowed my eyes when I saw the elder’s body come near me so that I can say my final goodbyes. His eyes were closed, which the hospital people must’ve done and I’m grateful for that. However, I could still see the shocked expression on his face as he was cut down by the man whom he treated like his own son. A man that had killed him and now has kidnapped his daughter and her baby.


I put my hands together, closed my eyes and prayed silently while thanking him for everything he did for me.


(Thank you very much for taking care of me.)


With my prayer done, I separated my hands and rested them beside me. The people nodded at me once before carrying his body with the stretched and placing it on the wagon. They got onto the wagon and began riding away as several guards arrived at the house to interrogate everyone there about the incident.


Everyone gave their account of what had happened while I didn’t say anything because I wasn’t here at that time. If I had been here, I don’t know what would’ve happened. Would the outcome have changed? Would I have been able to stop that rotten man for good? In fact, I wonder if I did the right thing by sparing him the other day. Maybe, if I had finished him off back when I had the chance, this wouldn’t have happened!


“It’s okay,” said the voice of the doctor and it penetrated through my serious thoughts.


“What?” I asked distractedly and turned to look at him.


He was wearing an understanding smile as he said, “I know you’re feeling bad about this situation, but there’s nothing you could’ve done about it, even if you were here. He probably would’ve killed you in a flash!”


“B-But…! I should’ve killed him last time when I had the chance! Instead, I let him go and handed him over to the authority…!”


“You did the most humane thing by not killing him. You’re not a killer,” said the doctor and he surprised me.


The guards finished acquiring the information from everyone and clearly stated that they will do their best to apprehend the culprit as soon as possible. I did not believe their words because it was exactly the kind of words authorities in my world tell all the time when they lie to the people. They said they promise to hunt down the murderers, but in the meantime, many more get killed in the process.


I and the neighbours watched them go feeling helplessly at the situation. After a while, everyone pated me either on the back or the shoulder before returning to their homes. The one with the destroyed home began collecting the destroyed timber to fix their house. I felt sorry for the damage done to them, but there was nothing I could do for them.


Everyone left, leaving me standing out there in the street all alone while feeling strange emotions. I was very sad that the elder died so suddenly or feeling angry towards that bastard husband for killing him and kidnapping his own wife and baby daughter. It angered me greatly, but what can I do? I’m not originally from this world and the affairs of this world doesn’t concern me…


No! No! No! No! No! That kind of thinking is wrong! I am involved now, from the day that I saved Erina and jailed that guy, I am very involved in this world! If it weren’t for me, Erina most likely would’ve been dead. If it weren’t for me, she wouldn’t have been able to give birth to her baby daughter, Serina. If it weren’t for me, that man wouldn’t have killed the elder in cold blood!


“Thank you… You saved my life…”


I remember those words clearly as if it was only yesterday that I heard them. Erina, after a fitful process of giving birth to Serina, thanked me afterwards for saving her life. I only saved her that one time, but the elder let me stay at their home and eat their food for free. I came to enjoy the lovely atmosphere that family gave off and it was an added bonus whenever Serina cried.


Remembering such events made me smile lightly before I switched it to a serious expression. That’s right! I’m not involved, and although they are not my blood related family, they are the kind of family I came to like and wanted to be together with. Now, that family is in peril and what am I going to do? Stand here all day and waste precious time thinking?!


“No! I will return the favour, even if it means killing that bastard!” I said quietly in a firm voice.


I swung the bag down from my shoulders and pulled out the armour and the equipment I had bought. It was a bit difficult to put them on due to me being a bit of a novice, but I managed to wear them well. Now, I should be well prepared to take that guy head on as I firmly hold the sword I just bought.




A sudden voice called my name and I turned to see the doctor standing there with a serious expression on his face. It looks like he had come out to check on me to see what I was going to do, but it should be fairly obvious from my equipped armour and sword.


He narrowed his eyes slightly and sighed before saying, “I see. So, you’ve decided to chase them down.” He sighed once more before saying, “Very well. I understand.”


“Huh?” I asked in a puzzled voice.


The doctor came down the steps in front of his house and walked over to me slowly. He seemed to not worry that I might take the opportunity to get away from him in case he attempted to stop me. However, I had this strange feeling that he came to do the opposite.


Once he reached me, he pulled out a rolled parchment and unrolled it to reveal a map. I stared at it for a moment before realising this was the map of the town that they were in. As I watched, a blue dot appeared on the map like a hologram and that surprised for a moment before I realised on what part of the map it was hovering on.


“This is the Town Map. It contains the complete information of this town, including the routes and such. I want you to have it on your travel to find them,” said the doctor in a calm voice as he explained about it.


Just then, a window popped up in front of me with a message.


“The following skill is available: Navigation”


(I see. So, that skill was one that must be learnt. Okay.)


I nodded once and took the map from him before stowing it into the bag that I had slung over my shoulders. With the lack of Item Box, I had to carry to carry this bag around, but I’ve seen variations of its kind being sold at the shops. However, I lack the funding’s right now to even thinking of buying such experience stuff.


“Also, please take this,” the doctor said and he pulled out another box. “Extract Halberd.”


In an instant, magic lights erupted from within the box and came outside. It quickly formed into a spear and he grabbed it with one hand. I was surprised to see that it was a halberd. The magnificent looking weapon had strange designs all over its body which slightly glowed dimly, which gave off a very strange feeling.


I checked its status and I was very surprised by what I found.


TYPE: Spear (Halberd)


ATK: 120
STR: +100
CON: -50


ABILITY: Spirit Absorption


“T-This is…!” I said slowly in a voice full of surprise.


“I had noticed that you managed to defeat him previously because he was drunk, but it’s different now. I’m certain the battle will be difficult for you, so I want you to have this.”


The doctor said all this with a small smile on his face as he held the weapon out to me.


“Um… Why are you giving this to me…?” I asked uncertainly. “I mean, it’s a very good weapon, but… I don’t have the money to pay for it right now.”


“Actually…” he began with a small smile on his face and he looked at the halberd. “This once belonged to a friend of mine that died when I was partnered up with him a few years back. However, he was killed when he tried saving me when a horde of demons attacks us. Ever since then, I carried this as a memento from him and to remind me of the one person I had failed to protect.”


He looked at me again and said, “That’s why, I want you to have it. You have the same look in your eyes as back then, but your enemy is someone stronger than you. I know you’re just a 16-year-old boy, but you’re already at the age where you can decide what you want to do. That’s why, I want you to have it because I believe it will be more useful in your hands than mine.”


“I-I see…” I said uncertainly while gazing at the weapon.


The doctor held it out to me and said, “Take it! You’re now its owner!”


I slowly extended my hand towards the weapon and faltered, but the doctor forcefully made me take the weapon with both of my hands. I held it there and felt great power surging through my body as if it was empowering me. With the added energy from the weapon, I felt stronger than before.


I hesitated for a moment before saying, “I’ll put it in the bag for now because it’s a little bit difficult to carry with how heavy it is right now.”


“Naturally,” said the doctor simply.


I opened the bag and easily pushed the spear into it with little difficult. This Magic Bag was amazing with how I was able to fit so many items in it with little difficulty. However, I will need to buy a Weapon Box to properly organise the weapons in one place, but this will do for now.


I slung the bag over my shoulders and was finally ready to go on my way to chase them. However, just before I went on my way, I turned to the doctor and asked him curiously.


“Why are you helping me, doctor? I think you realise that I will most likely will have to kill him.”


The doctor nodded and he wore his usual smile, but it somehow felt really sad.


“I know. I’m a doctor and one of my greatest challenges in life is to save patients with my skills. However, it is also my duty to remove the virus that affects one’s body that kills them. In this case, I am simply providing you with the vaccine to kill that virus of a husband.”


I was rather shocked by the harsh words of the doctor, but I understood immediately of the anger he was feeling on the inside. He was a doctor who had put his entire life into becoming a doctor to save people, so it angered him that there were people around that killed others like monsters. I can understand that, which is why I’m doing this!


“Thank you, doctor! I will not fail you!” I said firmly to him.


He nodded with a smile and he patted on my shoulder before saying, “Very well. Now, go!”


With the exchange done, he released me and I was finally set to chase after that man. I waited until the doctor walked back into his house and closed the door shut before I started walking for several minutes. I frantically searched for a quiet area that I can use to check out some things before heading off.


After a few minutes of quietly walking with my armour on, I found a secluded side street and I quickly ducked into it. I finally breathed a sigh and checked my status, which changed slightly because of the sword I equipped to carrying in my right hand. Anyway, I ignore it and began trying out the Navigation skill. I mean, it should allow me to locate something from the skill’s name.


“Navigation: Erina,” I said out loud.


Nothing happened. I thought it was a delay spell, so I waited for a few seconds, but still, nothing happened. Then, I suddenly remembered that I have to use the related word accurately. I sigh for forgetting it before trying again.


“Navigate: Erina.”


I heard a sudden “POP” sound in my head and an arrow materialised slightly above my eyes. I was able to see it just enough to realise where it was pointing at without losing my main focus. I turned in this direction and then that direction to figure out where the arrow was pointing towards. The one slight mistake I made was not asking the doctor which way is north, south, east and west. Oh well. I’ll just compensate for my mistake by using my senses.


The arrow turned for a moment before stopping to point behind me. It looked like Erina was taken in the direction behind me. The skill’s job was complete, but I kept it active to ensure that it points me in the right direction. In any case, I wanted to check the stats of this skill because this is my first skill I learnt in this world.


SKILL: Navigation
COOLDOWN: 10 seconds
CASTTIME: Immediate
LENGTH: 5 minutes


I see. It only lasts for 5 minutes with a 10 seconds cool down timer. That’s actually not bad considering the cool down timer. Anyway, I have 5 minutes before I have to wait ten seconds for it to cool down.


“Oh, shoot! It’s already been active for nearly 30 seconds!” I said aloud involuntary as I realised the fact. Reacting immediately, I said, “Runner Activate!”


I felt a strange sensation in my legs and I began running at high speed out of there. It was a little faster than before, which made me quickly check my abilities. I hadn’t realised that my Runner and Translator abilities had gone up stages.


Runner II
Identity I
Translator III


I had been doing a lot of reading while trying to acquire the writing skills of this world from the books available at the library. It was quite the difficult task and if it weren’t for this world being VRG, I would’ve had a much harder time learning a different language than the ones from my world. It seems that improving reading and writing skills helps increase my Translator ability to go up stages. Now, I am able to fluently read and write with great little difficulty.


Right now, I moved at high speed and went past several people like the wind, surprising them in the process. I wanted to apologise for causing them disturbance, but I’ve got no time. Right now, saving Erina and Serina is my main concern and nothing else mattered.

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