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Hello people! This is a new story I’ve thought of recently and began writing it. It’s currently in beta stage and I’ve written the prologue. Please read and tell me how you think the story will be and I can decide on how to move from here on! 😉


Story: InfinityHero



On his birthday, Ram Shenkar received a present with a new game in it called “Infinity”. He immediately started the game up and saw that he can createnewskills and abilities for his character. Once he completed setting his character, he received a message saying “Are you ready to play?”. When he clicked “Yes”, his computer suddenly crashed. After failing to turn his computer back on, he gave up and went to sleep. The next morning he foundhimself in another world with the skills and abilities he choose his character to have.


Genres:Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance and VRMMORPG


Okay, Prologue START!!!




I was standing at the front of the room with my whole family facing me. My dad and mum were continuously checking their time for some reason. I wonder why? Was something going to happen soon?


My mum and dad stared at the dining room clock and then back at me. It looked like they were satisfied because they suddenly shouted and startled me!


“Happy Birthday!”


I was shocked because of their loud voices and the words they said to me.


“What? My birthday?” I wondered in amazement.


I checked the calendar hanging on our fridge and that’s when I saw the date.


“Ah…!” I said out loud when I finally understood.


Today was my birthday! How could I forget? I can’t believe I forgot my own birthday, but I think I was busy? Yes! I’ve been working on my school assignment that was due today that I completely forgot about it!


Now my parents came over and began handing me the presents that somehow appeared!


“Here’s my present for you, Ram!” My dad, Naresh, said as he handed me a small box wrapped like a gift present.


“Here’s mine!” My mother, Roja, said and she handed me an average size square box wrapped nearly with a ribbon at the top.


“T-Than-” I began to say, but dad suddenly put his hand out to stop me.


“Now the present from both me and your dad,” My mother told me.


“W-What is it?” I asked eagerly because I couldn’t resist.


“Wait for it…! Wait for it…!” My dad slowly said with a wide smile on his face.


I clutched the gifts in my hands, but I was shaking a little. I wasn’t nervous, just overly excited to see what the third present was.


Then the bell rang and dad went to answer it. I heard the door open, then a ramble of voices and then the door closed. Dad returned with a box that was much bigger than the boxes I was holding.


I looked eagerly at the new box as dad brought it closer. It was a really big box and I wondered what was inside. I started thinking that it might be a brand new laptop or a gaming console or a new monitor.


Then dad and mum each grabbed a side of the box and held it towards me. Then they said “Our third present to our dearest son!”


I put the boxes down and took the big box from them. I was surprised to find the box to be a little heavy.


“Thank you dad… mom…!” I said with in an appreciative voice.


I slowly lowered it carefully to the ground and placed the other two boxes on top of them.


“What? You aren’t going to open them in front of us?” My mother asked and she made a disappointed expression on her face.


“N-No…! I just ah…” I said nervously.


I wanted to open them in my room. I just didn’t want to share the joy of opening a present with my parents. It feels awkward to have someone watching you open your present.


As if understanding what I was thinking, dad cleverly said “Ah! You don’t want to open in front of your mother’s crying face? That’s understandable.”
Dad let out a hearty laugh. Mum looked unhappy as she punched him in the shoulder and said “You really need a beating!”


Smiling widely, he winked at me and said “Go to your room and open them up, but come back down soon. I think your dinner will be ready by then!”


“Yes, dad!” I said and I left the room excitedly.


We live in a two floor house and my room was situated upstairs. So I ran up the stairs and charged into my room. Once I placed the boxes on the bed, I turned the lights on and closed the door shut.


I walked back to the bed and jumped on it with feverish excitement. I put the big box aside because I wanted to save it for last.


So I quickly opened the two boxes and I was amazed to see what they were. Dad gave me a USB and mum gave me a touch phone that is solar powered.


I really liked the presents my parents gave me. I pushed the unnecessary junk aside and turned to open the big box. My parents gave it to me together which meant it was something really great!


The box was tightly packed so my fingers couldn’t rip the paper easily. So I pulled out the scissors from my pencil case and cut the wrappings open. After removing the wrappings, I was amazed to see what it was!


It was the newly released Role Playing Game or RPG for short! The game is called “Infinity” and it sold over a million copies in one week! Its rating was over the roof with superb reviews! Even my friends recommended me to buy it one day.


Then I looked towards where I kept all of my Personal Computer or PC games. They were all stacked neatly and I used my finger to slowly scroll down to find a game.


“Ah!” I said when I found what I was looking for.


The game I received as a present is “Infinity”, but it had a sequel titled “Infinite” and it was also an amazing game! I heard in the Gamer Reviews television show of the new additions they added to the game. There were a lot of new additions, but it was super cool as well!


I felt very excited to have the game in hand and decided to play it immediately. So I switched my computer on and sat on the chair in front of my desk. After logging into my computer, I opened the disk drive and placed the game cd on it. Then I pressed the button and it went smoothly inside.


There was a few seconds of silence except for the disk drive making slight noise. Then a window popped up on my computer screen asking to install the game. I clicked “Next” and then a window titled “Terms and Conditions” appeared on screen.


Without pausing to read the text, I clicked “Next” because there was too much to read. I didn’t want to do anything, but play the game because I was that excited about it!


Once the installation finished, a window appeared with the option “Run now” or “Run later”. I clicked “Run now” and the windows disappeared.


I was surprised when the screen began flickering. This often happened when the computer cables were not set right. So I got up, moved the desk a little and pushed the cables firmly inside. When I sat back down, the screen was working fine and the game window appeared with a “Loading” message and progressing bar to show how much loading it has done.


Then the door to my room opened and my mother said “Ram! Come down! You’re dinner’s ready!”


“Coming mum,” I said, but I wanted to see the game load first.


A moment later, mum sternly said “Ram…”


“Yes, yes. I’m coming.”


I heard the sternness in mum and I felt I’ll get into trouble if I kept her waiting. So I decided to have dinner and let the game load in the meantime.


The dinner was excellent! Mum made everything I liked and I enjoyed eating my favourite dishes! It was so superb I started asking for third serving!


“Now Ram! Make sure you exercise, okay? I don’t want you turning into a pumpkin like your dad,” mum said sternly to me.


“Hey! That’s rude!” Dad said and we all laughed happily.


It only took me around fifteen minutes before I finished eating. Once I was done, I carefully took my plates to the kitchen.


“Thank you. Now you can leave them there and I’ll clean them later,” mum said with a smile on her face.


I hesitated and wondered what I should do. Dad and mum bought me some really cool gifts for my birthday. So it was only right to return the favour, right?


“Mum, can I clean for today since you and bought me some amazing gifts?” I asked mum curiously.


She raised her eyebrows at me in surprise and asked “Are you sure? You know it’s your birthday so you just go and have fun.”


I smiled and told her “Think of it as my thanks for being great parents!”


At that, mum warmly hugged me. Unlike most mothers, she did not need to bend to hug their children. This was because I’m fairly tall for my age. In fact, I’m almost as tall as dad and he is around 180cm tall.


So I spent the remainder of time cleaning the dishes and then putting them away to dry. We own a dishwasher, but mum didn’t like using it. When I asked her at one point, she said something about the dishwasher using more water than it takes by hand to clean the dishes.


Once I was done, I cleaned my hands thoroughly and used a cloth to dry them. After that, I headed over to the living room where my parents were sitting at.


When I got their attention, I said “Thank you very much for the gifts!”


Both of them looked at each other in surprise. Then they rose to their feet and came to hug me.


“We love you, Ram,” they said together and I hugged them back.


After breaking away, I headed back up the stairs and into my room. I closed the door and walked towards the computer. There, on the screen, was the loaded window of the game!


The excitement that died out earlier suddenly sprung up and I became very energetic! I quickly sat down on the chair and started moving my mouse to click on some buttons.


I clicked on the “Play” button and a message popped up saying “You need to first create your character!”


Below it, I saw the button “Customise” and I clicked on it. It took me to a new page where it was asking my details. I was about to type my details in when I suddenly faltered.


I remembered mum and dad telling me not to trust strangers or give personal details. They were really worried about me, but this was a game. So I didn’t feel it would hurt to insert my details. So I began typing the details it asked for.

Name: Ram Shankar
Age: 16
Height: 174cm
Weight: 70kgs
Eye colour: Dark Brown
Hair Colour: Black


After entering my details, I clicked “Next”. The same window remained, but my info got pushed to the side as a list of text and numbers appeared. “Stats” was the heading the current page had at the top of the window.


I realised the stats looked similar to the previous game. The only difference was that they added a few things I didn’t know about. I quickly swirled the chair around and opened the game box. It put it upside down and a small book fell out.


The book was the manual for the game and I opened it to the contents page. I slowly went down the list and saw where it said stats. Then I flicked to the indicated page and read about what they are.


HP Health Point
CON Constitution
STR Strength
INT Intelligence
DEX Dexterity
WIS Wisdom
CHA Charisma
LUK Luck


I read through them quickly and memorised them. I wasn’t interested in finding out what they are or how they work. It is quicker to play game and learn from it! That’s what I thought for every game that I played.
I put the booklet aside and swirled the chair around and began setting my character.


There was a button at the top of the table of stats saying “Randomise”. Then there was a number “100” on the right-hand-side of the window. Each time I pressed the button, the stats were filled with a number between 1 and 20.


After that, a “+” and “-” appeared on each side of the stat. I experimented with them and noticed how the values in that particular stat went up or down depending on which button I pressed. The number, at the side, also increased or decreased because of it.


I tried to get the maximum number possible. So, after some time of hard trying, I finally settled on a set of values for the stats. Then I used the “+” and “-” buttons to adjust them to suit me.


STR: 20
INT: 20
DEX: 15
WIS: 15
CHA: 10
LUK: 20


The only stats I could not change were the Health Points and Constitution. For some strange reason those two did not want to change. I wonder why…?


HP: 42
CON: 20


Once that was over, I clicked “Next” and it shifted the tables aside and displayed a row of abilities. The heading read “Abilities” which meant the kind of abilities I want to have for my character.


I slowly went through the list while ticking on the checkbox at the side of each of the abilities I want to have. When I tried to click more, the tick box would not change. Near the heading I saw the number “0” and realised that I used up all the allocated abilities I could possibly have.


Once I checked through my stats and abilities carefully, I clicked the bottom button “Finish”. It asked me “Are you sure you are okay with these settings?” and I clicked “YES”.


Then the main window appeared again and I was ready to start playing the game! So I excitedly moved my move up and clicked “Play”.


The next instant, a message window popped up and asked “Are you ready to play?”


By now I was pumped with pure excitement and I clapped my hands together from sheer energy. Then I took a deep breath and clicked the “YES” button.
In an instant, the screen flickers like crazy and my computer started making a weird noise. Then my screen got switched off and everything became quiet. An eerie silence filled the room as I blankly stared at the screen because I don’t know what just happened!


I tried to turn the computer on, but it did not start. I tried several more times, but it did not work. I moved the desk a bit, pulled out the wires and plugged them back in. Even after doing that, the computer would not start! It was really frustrating and I felt really angry with the computer!


Then my room door opened and mum came in.


She was smiling happily as she said “Ram! It’s time to sleep!”


“Yes, mum…” I said in an unhappy voice as I continued to stare at the computer.


“What’s wrong?” She asked curiously when she saw my expression.


I told her about the computer crash. She told me to not worry and said that dad will get it fixed tomorrow. With those reassuring words and a kiss to my forehead, she left.


“Ha…” I sighed in disappointment.


The game not working was a disappointment, but I was feeling okay. The day was not a total disaster. I was able to hand in my assignment on time, I had surprising birthday presents and had the best parents in the world anyone could ever have!


Feeling slightly happier, I switched off the lights and got into bed. As I slept on the side, I closed my eyes and gave thanks to god for giving me such a wonderful life. I think I slept after that feeling happy and relieved.


I never suspected that I would find a nasty surprise when I woke up or that I would never be able to see my parents or my friends ever again!

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  1. keep it up i want to read the next chapter ^^

  2. VIvec on April 4, 2015 at 12:14 pm said:

    This seems like it can go anywhere depending on the abilities you give him.

    I can’t really say anything without saying anymore, but isn’t that the point of this being a prologue? You made sure we knew the main character’s name, that his relationship with his family is good, and that he has friends. This already says he’s a completely average character complete with you giving him a very normal appearance at least based on the weight, height, and age given.

    Considering he’s 16 he probably hasn’t decided too much yet and has pretty much infinite room to grow as a character too. It seems like you have a tabula rasa to work with here. Best of luck doing well with it, because I want another good story to read!

  3. Then the room to my room opened and my mother said “Ram! Come down! You’re dinner’s ready!”

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