Hello people! It’s been several months since I released a volume for Mushoku Tensei. So no need to wait any longer because, at long last, it’s here!



mushoku_tensei_vol_06_treemushoku_tensei_vol_06_thumbnail mushoku_tensei_vol_06_preview



Volume 06 – Juvenile Period – HomecomingChapter




2 Thoughts on “Mushoku Tensei – Volumes 6 PDF

  1. Right now im after volume 15 and just must say that’s it’s most amazing piece of art i readed in a while. Also as up to volume 16 i made pdfs there:
    They are not perfect but i fixed problem with separated lines saving it as pdf from office and just auto generating pdf bookmarks in other software. Font and size match so it’s much more comfortable to read than using other pdfs / epub or baka-tsuki website.

    • Vijay Kakani on April 8, 2015 at 8:12 am said:

      I see. Good job. I only put my full effort when the full illustrations come in. Otherwise, I’d normally use the wiki format or, for regular translations, I’d use custom stuff!

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