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Testing. One. Two. Three… Okay? Good! I’m on live with everyone present and accounted for! Excellent! Let’s get this POV started!!


A big hello to all my beloved readers, awesome fans and everyone that I’m not bothering to mention. It is I, the author of this story that goes by the name “Vijay Kakani” and now, it’s time for you to read my Author’s Point of View, if you didn’t understand the Author’s POV title that’s glaring at you in the headline! Haha (seriously)! Being happy, energetic and free willed is my way of living and it will always be that way unless I’m bogged down by work. I love my work and if you don’t, then you just don’t know how to be lively!


Other than that, hello everyone and welcome to my Author POV, a 300th special chapter for me writing 300 chapters along with several other chapters that don’t need to be counted. Sure, they are side chapters, but they all play into the story, but at a later date. They all do since I’m not the type who wastes people time and for that matter, my time when I know there are better things to do in life, like going to the movies, having fun with friends and getting a good night sleep. I know I really do need one, but life is demanding and I’m no match for the march of time.


Before I go further into me rambling on and on about whatever stuff, a quite SHOUT to all those AWESOME people that encouraged me with their eagerness, impatience and awesome responses to my story and each chapter I release. Yes. Like the two sides of a coin, positive has its negatives, for instance: critics. I received plenty to have a mouthful; around 100 the last time I checked!


That’s… a LOT of critics, negative comments and whatever people have to throw at me. Everyone! Know that I did learn from the critics by learning to write better grammar and ensuring to keep my sentences clean and tidy. That’s why it took me so long to improve my grammar and even now it required checking, but I’m no master of writing. Plus, I write for a hobby enjoy what I write, even if others may not.


Now! Onto the main topic at hand… Wait? What topic? Ah…! I didn’t put up a topic for me to talk about. Silly me… Then, allow me to start off by saying a big thank you to all of my supporters, fans and the readers who continue to persist as I burst my brains each day to release a chapter. That’s probably one of the reasons I actually got sick the other day and am slow in recovering from.


It feels simply aaammmmaaaazzziiinnngggg!!!! It truly is to write 300 chapters + a few more that I don’t need to count.


This all started from the initial planning of this story in 2011 after I graduated from Year 12, intermediate if you will and finally entered the big boys at university. Life was one hell of a ride in the plane I ride going up and down, making me sick all the time was no joke! I probably needed to use plenty of bags to clean up the junk, but I’m now finally out and working a job I like doing the most; teaching! Yup! I’m a maths teacher that does his job by tutoring people and stuff, but enough about my job. It’s time I get back to the story since 99% of the humans on earth, maybe including the aliens outside earth, hate maths! Haha (not funny).


Coming back to the topic… Yes! It was difficult to reach 300 chapters. This past year, in order to write this incredible amount of chapters in a year was this, which I follow through for more than 5 months before cutting down to writing only one chapter per day due to not needing to prove that my story has more merit than the crap load of “copy-cat” rubbish people throw at it.


  • Wake Up at 7:00AM with alarm
  • Start writing from 7:30AM to 10:00AM
  • Post the chapter and have breakfast
  • Come back and write another chapter from 11:00 AM to 2:00PM
  • At 1:00PM, eat lunch while writing chapter before posting it
  • Write another chapter from 3:00PM to 5:00PM
  • Have dinner around 6PM
  • Write another chapter from 7:00PM to 9:00PM just before I use treadmill


I did cut it down sometimes while other times going into Burst Mode to write five chapters in a single day by putting almost everything aside. It was an insane decision that left me feeling like a ragged cloth by the end of it, but I liked seeing how happy my readers were after releasing the chapters. I’m pretty dedicated… Maybe a little too much, but I only have my mind on this to do and boy am I feeling so drained after writing each chapter daily.


Did I ever panic about the sheer number of chapters? Yes, I have and that was in last year, when I hit chapter 89 and saw someone question whether I can actually write 700 to 900 chapters, I seriously gave it some thought and I wish I didn’t. The thought of writing that many chapters scared me and totally freaked me out that left me feeling a great headache for a day.


Still, my story was not that known and the few that read, mainly just one or two people, always encouraged me and thanked me each time I wrote a chapter. It spurred me on, gave me great energy and my energetic attitude mixed with my happiness at writing a story I loved gave me the motivation into keeping going, no matter how many trolls tried to break my ride.


Truth to be told, this is actually not the story that I had originally environed on writing. In 2011, when I scraped out my other stories and set out to write an actually planned story, which is the story of Asura Rangavardan.


You heard me right! It’s the first incarnation of the Phoenix Titan and boy was his story so epic, but sadly I scrapped it and decided on this one instead, even though the title was what my friend named it.


I didn’t do Ashura’s story because as you all would know, it ended in tragedy with all Nine Destiny Queens dying by a sudden death due to a sneak attack by the enemy and then Ashura himself later dying at a young age due to giving his life to make sure the great evil of the ancient time slept for many, many years!


I will let you know that I purposefully started the MC out by giving him my personality and strong reasons behind his behaviour. Originally, the prologue did not give any indication that he was being manipulated by someone from behind the scenes to be innocent, dense and dim-witted, but I added the rewrote the prologue a little and added the extra part in to give readers some ideas. For those that got through the story even without it, you are truly amazing!


I think I’m hearing a lot of the minds of my readers becoming annoyed at how long the whole story is. Then, imagine how crazy it must’ve been for “me” as I plotted out almost everything from beginning to ending! How else would I be writing a chapter daily, although it could only mean that I have free time, but the truth is that I make free time. I wake up early in the morning at 7 and start writing down the next chapter while downloading my daily anime shows to watch later whenever I luckily have free time. Also, it’s no cake walk writing around 2000 to 4000 words daily in 3 to 4 hours.


The concentration I need to write a chapter in one go depends on the kind of music I listen to. These are the Anime Music Videos (AMVs for short) that I usually like listening to, which are fast, hard and energetic music, but not heavy metal. Each music, the beat and the garbled lyrics (sometimes, in a song that I don’t understand the words, I make them up to sing along as I write the chapter). These are also the ones I watch and listen to as I do treadmill daily to burn more than 700 calories. I’m not fat, but I try to stay slim as long as I can before laziness settles into my bones.


Anyway…! We finally reached 300 chapters, but we’re still in Arc 12 and you’re not the only readers, consider me as one as well. As I write each chapter, I am the first to read them as I go and believe me, I do my best to write the best of each chapter that I can with my current skills. Mind you, this is simply my hobby and I’m not writing to make money out of it; just to share the fantasy story with everyone.


The journey was long with me doing the insane feat of racing 300 chapters in a year! Yup! In five days’ time, it will be one year since I started writing this chapter. Okay… I did spend a good deal of the first 100 chapters in my blog, all alone with no responses, no comments and no likes… It sure was lonely, but it was nothing compared to the lonely life I spent for more than 18 years. I had friends, but the larger part of it was just me spending my time with studies and playing games alone. Oh well…


“Be energetic, cheerful and always stay happy!”


That’s my motto and no matter how hard things get, make sure to try and laugh or at least, smile. It’s better than making a crying face that earns you the title “Cry Baby!” Wow! That joke was so harsh, but I’m smiling and hopefully, so are my fellow readers! Heck! Right now, I’m doing my best in making this story really interesting and fascinating, as I am slowly seeing in the reviews in RoyalRoadL among the numerous comments that just want to bite me!


Now, some can call that this story has fillers and maybe it does, but frankly… I don’t notice. Each step of the way, the story and its contents gives me laughs, something to cheerful about or feel strong hate towards (mostly the villains). Still, it’s better than 700 episodes of filler that Naruto still holds the record for and even more that One Piece holds.


Seriously, I’m not comparing my stories to any of these and I don’t watch them either because I sort of lost interest in them. If anything, my all-time favourites are Pokemon, Digimon and Dragon Ball Z (this show I only watched in 2012), which I did state in the 250th chapter special when The Creator meets Whamana or the Decisive Player to us, before sending him to the Cycle of Rebirth to be reborn later to appear in The Rising Guardians, which is the sequel story and has to wait until I finish this story.


Now, you my awesome readers are free to ask me any kind of question related to this story at any time considering I practically live on the internet for nearly 18 hours daily. But…! Please… Don’t PM that you “love me” because it will just creep me out. On the other hand, if you have any queries or questions regarding the story with anything in it that you want me to answer, I will do my best to answer without spoiling you too much. After all, there has to be some excitement and tension as you, along with me because I’m also a kind of reader, that awaits to see what happens next!


On that note, I will now bid my farewell and head over to watch today’s anime shows that I missed. I did say I put them aside to watch them at a later date when I got some lucky free time. So, I once again thank each and every reader for taking the time to read this awesome story and I hope to see you all again as the stories continues! Till then, stay happy, cheerful, energetic and most important of all, safe.


With sincerest respect and dedication,

Vijay Kakani


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