Hello readers!


Finally, together, with you and me, we have reached 78 chapters!! That is an amazing feat considering I had doubts whether I can get the story going that far. So, thank you for sticking to the story so far, reading through so much comedy, action and a lot craziness!


The characters are very interesting! Some I’ve developed from my many observations, while others I created because they are interesting. Initially, there were many changes to the characters and to the story. There are still modifications, but those are for the future chapters to come as the story progresses.


As you may have seen, in some chapters I have taken the initiative in creating the illustrations in trying to give you an “image” to picture. Sadly, I’m not proficient enough to draw anymore than that unless I take some extra lessons, but I’ll just be busy for that. Even so, I will do my best in producing the best that I could for you to picture for certain things.


So far, Arcs 1-3 have been completed and will be entering into Arc 04. However, this arc will not be as “regular” as the previous arcs. That’s because I have some real life work and they take priority even though I love this story!


Thank you once again for continuing to read. If you got any comments, please do comment as I like what I read. If you want to download the Arc Batches, please look into the main page of the story: Phoenix Rising. The download links will be at the top including the arcs that have been completed!


See you at the start of Arc 04, which will be starting from chapter 79!

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