Wow! Who is that man in the dark? An ally or enemy? And what happened to Felix?! Did he really escape from prison “as planned” or was he broken out because of something else? Could it be that he’s hurt like Lakshman had pointed out?



Hello my dear readers! It’s your truly, Vijay Kakani! I am the author of Phoenix Rising. The time has come for the completion of another Arc in this wonderful action filled adventurous world! With the Arc 05 completion sparks the beginning of Arc 06.


Now the plot has taken a really interesting turn! We’ve finally managed to reach Floria region and we have added several more amazing characters to the group; Wolfenstine, the Hybrid with Werewolf and Vampire blood and a powerful warriors from the Nine Pillars of Power! He is the 5th ranked within the Nine Pillars of Power! He is known around the world as the Death Titan!


You’ve met Death Titan briefly in Arc 04 when Lakshman began his intensive training to reach the Sage rank. Yes! Sevedant does speak in short sentences because it takes too much effort for him to talk in long sentences. In fact, he only speaks in long sentences if he is out of choice!


Along the way, we’ve witnessed Lakshman’s growing confidence and personality. He’s beginning to think for himself and thinking more than just inside the box. It’s good and he will only get better and better as the story progresses! As always, Ondine and Tetra will always be by his side no matter what!


In Arc 06, you should expect to see more of Lakshman as he tackles the challenges the everyday life of an adventurer! The many difficulties he faces in training to become stronger and the shocking truth of the Phoenix Titan!


I thank all readers and fans for reading until now and I hope to see you return once Arc 06 begins! Until then, make sure to take care during your vacations and stay safe at all times!


Till phoenix rises again!

2 Thoughts on “Phoenix Rising – Afterward #3

  1. Tha Man on April 16, 2015 at 1:38 am said:

    Cant waittt!! Al the best and i look forward to it

    • Vijay Kakani on April 16, 2015 at 8:08 am said:

      Thanks. I’ve started on ch 127 already. I’m just doing a few tweeks to the plot, but the end goal is the same! 😉

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