That is a good thing. Now Lakshman, Ondine, Tetra, Emilia, Cantia and Venezuela can live happily ever after. Still, it makes you wonder who that crazy person was laughing at the end. A friend or enemy? What’s this Demon Slayer he was referring to?



Hello my amazing reader! It’s me, Vijay Kakani, and I’ve come again to thank you for reading so far. The story has progressed quite well. Now it’s time to call for the end of another amazing arc which will spark the start of the next arc.


In this arc, we have witnessed Lakshman’s growing popularity amongst the woman even though he doesn’t try much. That’s a good thing, but it’s equally good that he doesn’t hang out with girls too much. He’s got Ondine, Tetra, Emilia and Cantai to keep him company and now the added love of Venezuela.


We have also learnt about what happened with Sevedant, the Death Titan three years ago. Seems he and the Demon Dragon King, Razzel, had quite the history together. Now it looks like they will be clashing in the future again, but when is the real question.


The growing powers of my characters and their interaction was super great. It’s awesome when Lakshman displays his awesome skills with his powers. Even so, I believe he’s got more to learn from the knowledge of the education.


We’ve met some new characters like Mercia, Spectra the ghost, the teachers of Astral Academy and the principal, Carmila. Everyone seems to be in awe of Lakshman, but they definitely would be. None of them have yet to realise that he is the Phoenix Titan.


Now for the development of stuff and all. Lakshman had started his own ideas and began sharing them with Felix. That calendar idea was super great, but it is also an idea that made him start thinking about more.


This brought him to concentrate on making magic formulas to create new magic spells for different things. I think we’ve seen that he’s trying to create a magic formula that enabled people to see what rank someone is instead of buying their word for it.


This arc focused more on interaction between Lakshman and his classmates. We’ve seen him studying madly and writing lengthy notes in his books. One would feel really tired and drained from leading such a busy lifestyle. Along with that, we’ve witnessed his immense growth in power since three years ago.


Arc 08 is complete which sparks the start of Arc 09.


Now you should expect this arc to focus more on Lakshman again as he begins to invent new things. You will see him using his powers for more everyday stuff rather than the usual combat related skills. We will witness the power of the Demon Slayer once it is set free. Can anyone be able to stop its rampage once it’s lose?


Thank you for reading Phoenix Rising and I hope you will continue to do so from the next chapter onwards.


Until the next time you read a chapter, make sure you stay safe and well. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables because they are highly healthy!


Till the next time the phoenix rises again!

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