— NOTE —


If you guys are planning on using Dragon Ball Z’s power levels, forget it because it won’t work. Also, I’m only doing this to show people the current power counters for all the characters. Such power readings will never appear in the actual story since they go by following the ranks. Now, a reminder that while they may have power levels high than the other, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will win because of that.

— MAIN —


This is the extra chapter containing the current power levels of the important characters in the past chapters. These are all the character’s base and their levels of transformations. Now, the characters can individually apply Amplifying Magic Spells to increase their powers by reducing speed or whatever and that is also why I am not including the ones for Saver Mode, Normal Mode and Power Mode as they come in individually.


Character Name (s) Power Counter (s)
Lakshman Chand Base form — 459,110,400
Phoenix Titan — 1,836,441,600
Adebola Gramstone 1,881,597,060 [Powered Up]
Razzel 1,886,068,800 [Powered Up]
Felix Phoron 1,447,322,800 [Base Form]
Sevedent Base form — 24,784,082,400
Death by Destruction — 148,704,494,400
Dominic Rutherford 1,822,094,400 [Base form]



Lakshman’s power counter is pretty low when you compare it to everyone else, even the Dominic’s power counter is higher than at him at base form. This is just the proof that Lakshman, with 50% of his power sealed away (last seal is still intact) + 10% bonus power from Decisive Player makes him pretty weaker than the last ranked of the NNOP (Nine Pillars of Power).


So! If anyone has any questions regarding this, I am happy to answer. Now, while I wait for any answers from you people, I must go and plan for the next arc, Arc 10, which will take place 2 years after the current events. It’s not because I don’t want to write Lakshman’s training in these two years, but the story demands that I move on and I’m sure everyone else also wants a time skip.



Now, if people are feeling interested in this story, you can go and have a sneak peek at the first chapter of the sequel.


Phoenix Rising: The Rising Guardians


If that link doesn’t open, try this the backup link:Phoenix Rising: The Rising Guardians


The sequel takes place 1000 years after the prequel, which is the end of this story. Don’t expect any updates on that story just yet because the prequel is still ongoing and I have my hands full with it.

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