Meat Hunters


Rumble and Lakshman spent the day hunting for monsters. They came across a few of them, but certain troubling situations caused the two of them to get away. After a numerous times of such repeated actions, Rumble became annoyed.


“Lakshman! What is wrong with you?! First Water Ball, then Earth Wall and then Earth Guard! Why defensive spells?!” he asked Lakshman with a serious expression on his face.


“I-I don’t know! For some reason I just keep thinking of defensive magic spells,” Lakshman replied honestly.


“Well…! Think of attack spells then! So far it’s been half-an-hour and we didn’t bring down a single monster yet!” Rumble said in a voice of annoyance.


“R-Right, I will!” Lakshman said and nodded quickly.


Then they resumed their hunt for monsters. After a while, they found two Two-Headed Cerberus monsters wandering around. Rumble quickly moved forward and caught their attention. The monsters seemed hungry and gave chase after him.


Once he was clear, Rumble shouted “They’re all your, Lakshman!”


“Right!” Lakshman said and he began chanting a magic spell.


“Spirits of fire, strike down the monsters with your mighty fire. Blaze Blast!”


In an instant, a fire lit up and hovered above his staff. Then he aimed and launched it at the monsters running towards them. The moment the fire made contact, it burst and instantly killed them.


Lakshman turned back to Rumble and asked “How was that?”


Then he was startled to see the expression on Rumble’s face. Rumble was frozen in shock as he stared at the burning bodies of the two monsters.


Then he returned to himself and began shouting frantically “Water, water, water! We need water to put out that fire! Hurry!”


“O-Okay,” Lakshman said and he nodded quickly.


He immediately cast the Rainfall magic spell and it put the fire out in a few seconds. Once the spell finished, all that was left were two monster bodies burnt black. Rumble moved forward and observed them before letting out a sigh of relief.


“Lakshman, why did you use a fire magic spell? Don’t you know what’ll happen if you fire in a forest?” he asked quietly as he looked at him.


“Um…” Lakshman began and pondered Rumble’s words. Then he realised what he meant and said “Oh! Right…! A fire would set the whole forest ablaze.”


“Exactly! So don’t use fire magic next time!” Rumble said and gave him another serious look.


“S-Sorry!” Lakshman said and he bowed his head down in apology and Rumble nodded in satisfaction.


After that, they moved on and continued hunting. A while later they came upon several of the monsters. Rumble was drooling hungrily as he observed the pack of them. Then he wiped his mouth by the back of his hand and looked seriously at Lakshman.


“Kill them, but don’t use fire. We don’t need a forest fire on our hands! Darian and Marilia won’t be happy, but Mekalum will probably kill us,” Rumble said and he smiled a little.


At his words, a question arose in Lakshman’s mind and he asked “Rumble, why does Mekalum live here?”


“I’ll tell you about it later. First, let’s get them!” Rumble said and he indicated the monsters.


Nodding, he prepared his staff and thought up the spell he wanted to use this time. When Rumble gave him the signal, he activated the spell.


“Spirits of water, freeze and pierce through with frozen force. Ice Bullets!”


Multiple sparkling lights began forming around him. Soon they turned into frozen projectiles with pointed ends. Lakshman directed his staff in the direction of the monsters and the ice bullets rocketed away.


The monsters heard something and looked around. The next moment, all of them were pierced by the solid force of the ice bullets. In a few seconds, all the monsters were killed. Rumble jumped over the hedge and ran towards their bodies excitedly.


“Monster meat! Monster meat! Yay!” he said cheerfully.


Arriving behind him, Lakshman said “You’re very different from when you were Mumble.”


Rumble laughed and said “In my Saver Mode, I was Mumble, right? During that time, I liked bananas became my tastes got restrained. Now in Normal Mode I’m eager to get back to eating meat.”


Lakshman pondered for a moment and then asked “Do monkeys eat meat?”


“No, but a monkey warrior, like me, needs his meat!” Rumble said and he patted his stomach with a bright smile on his face.


Lakshman raised an eyebrow in exasperation and said “People of Beast race are strange…”


“We think the same about humans. In fact, almost all members of each race think differently about each of the races. We haven’t interacted with each other much so it’s only natural,” Rumble said with a small smile.


Then they became silent as Rumble put the limp monster bodies on top of each other. His plan was to carry all of them at the same time. Once he was done, he straightened up and looked satisfied by the pile of monsters.


“Could’ve had more, but no problem,” he said and he licked his lips expectantly.


At that moment, there was a loud rumble followed by a monstrous roar of a monster. As the rumbling sound neared, they heard the voice of someone shouting in a panicked voice.


“Help! Help! Somebody! Help!”


The ground began to shake from the rumbling noise.


“What the?!” Rumble exclaimed in shock while Lakshman looked around in panic.


There was a rumbling noise of gigantic feet far ahead into the forest. It seemed someone was in danger of getting killed by a dangerous monster.


Rumble and Lakshman looked at each other for a moment and they both had wide eyes. Wordlessly, they decided to see what was going on and rushed in the direction the noise was coming from.


As they ran towards the location of the commotion, they heard another monstrous roar. The birds began flying away in fear of attack.


“What the heck is going on?!” Rumble shouted as the monstrous roar sounded again.


Just then, they burst through a group of trees and appeared in a wide space where there were no trees. They looked around for a moment to see where the owner of whoever was calling for help and the monster roaring like anything.


“Help!” the same voice shouted and they burst out of the opposite trees.


Seeing Rumble and Lakshman, they became relieved and rushed towards them. It was human male and he wore a panicked expression on his face as he reached them.


“Help me, please! There’s a monster chasing after me!” the man said desperately and pointed behind him.


“What monster are you talking-?” Rumble began asking the man, but he was cut short.


At that moment, there was a heavy stomp on the ground and a heavy body suddenly burst out of the trees. Rumble and Lakshman widened their eyes in shock at seeing what the monster was. The man hid behind them for protection.


“Triaboros…!” Rumble whispered and he looked shocked.


The monster was large with around thirteen meters long. It had a large head with two horns and fang-like teeth in its large mouth. It walked on two gigantic legs, but its hands were strangely small in comparison to the rest of its body. It had a long tail which was dangerously spiked.


The monster was a few meters taller than them as it looked at them through black eyes. It registered three meats for its lunch. It roared at them and began chasing after them. With each step, the ground shook slightly from its large size.


Lakshman and the man were frozen stiff with fear at the sight of the monster. Rumble, on the other hand, quickly recovered and started shouting “Run, run, run!!!”


Hearing his loud shouts, the other two snapped back and began to run. Lakshman was at front and the man ran next while Rumble brought up the rear. He was constantly looking over his shoulder, but the monster was quickly gaining on them due to its large and long legs.


Realising they would not be able to out run the monster by normal means, Rumble came to a decision.


He stopped them and said “Grab my shoulder and hold on tightly!”


When they looked confused, he shouted “Grab my shoulders!”


From the force of his voice, the two of them grabbed his shoulders tightly.


Rumble closed his eyes and muttered “Monkey Force…!”


In an instant, a small wind blew around them and sent twigs and leaves some distance away. While he was doing that, Lakshman looked around and saw the monster was nearly on top of them.


“Hurry up and do it, Rumble!” Lakshman shouted in a panicked voice.


Rumble gritted his teeth and the man squealed as the monster opened its mouth wide and made to eat them. It clamped its teeth shut on empty air. It opened its eyes wide and looked around to see where they went. What it did not know was that they were high up in the air.


Just before the monster closed its mouth, Rumble jumped high into the air. The force of his jump was so strong that he burst through the tree tops. Lakshman and the man yelled in shock as they flew a few meters before going back down.


Once he landed, Rumble jumped into the air again and he repeated this cycle. He did this until they reached the clearing where they were staying at.


Meanwhile, the monster realised that its prey had escaped. It tilted its head upward and roared angrily.


That was when its nostrils flared up as it smelled something. It began to smell the sweet scent of blood. This led it directly to the pile of monsters Rumble had planned to carry back to the clearing.


The monster growled happily and began eating. At that exact moment, Rumble was angrily yelling as he remembered what he had forgotten to do.

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