Arrival of Death



The boss monster appeared out of the shadows in front of them. Upon seeing it, the girls let out cries of shock and were quickly quietened by Darian. Lakshman stared at that monster with utter disbelief. He had never seen such a monster.


“W-What is that?” he asked quietly.


Rumble gritted his teeth and said “A Flesh Golem.”


“A-A golem?”


“Yes. Golems are strong built monsters and they can be difficult to deal with since they are mostly made up of metal!” Rumble said with an expression of distaste on his face.


“Metal? Rumble, this one’s made up of flesh!” Lakshman said and he pointed at it.


“Yes and that’s a problem in its own!”


“What do you mean?”


“Flesh Golems usually are stronger than a normal Golem, but that’s not all! They are also resistant to magic which makes magic attacks useless here!”


“Magic Resistant? Does that mean magic spells won’t work on it?”


Rumbled nodded his head at them. Then Darian said “From here on out, this’ll have to be a physical battle, but I’m not looking forward to it. It’s body is far stronger than most ordinary golems!”


“So… This one’s a… um… A-Rank monster?” Ondine asked once she recovered from her initial shock.


“B-Rank because it can’t use magic. It’s better than being a A-Rank, but it doesn’t help us!” Darian said and he sounded frustrated.


The Flesh Golem stared at them through large eyes that lacked emotions. Then it opened his mouth wide and let out an ear splitting roar that caused them to quickly cover their ears.


“Loud!” Lakshman shouted as he it roared at them.


“Shut up you loud mouth!” Rumble shouted angrily.


He charged himself with his Fighting Frenzy technique and dashed at it. Once he reached the monster, he pulled his fist back and delivered a right uppercut that caused the monster’s face to face upward. It also managed to stop it from roaring madly.


Rumble kept his posture as he continued to remain where he stood with his fist pushing at the monster’s face. Then he began struggling as it regained its consciousness and let out a grunt. In an instant, Rumble’s fist was pushed away and it brought its own fist to smash him.


The Flesh Golem smashed its fist on the ground, exactly where Rumble was standing. Unfortunately for it, Rumble had used his quick reflexes to get out of the way in time. He reached his ground and breathed a sigh of relief.


“Phew! Made it out alive!” he said and he grinned at them.


“You crazy bastard! What were you thinking?!” Marilia shouted and she whacked him across the head.


“Oww…! Marilia! Stop that! I just escaped from death!” Rumble complained while rubbing his head gingerly.


“That’s still no reason to rush in like that without a plan or anything!” Marilia said and she looked very angry.


“Whatever, we’ll have to do what we can! Now stand back! I want to test out something!” Darian said to them with a firm voice.


As they back away, he began charging his sword with energy and it began glowing brightly. He closed his eyes for a moment while taking on a striking position. The monster took a step towards him and that was when his eyes flashed open and his swung his sword at it.


The swing of his sword carried all the energy he gathered in it. With that swing, all that energy was released in a slicing wave of energy. The slicing energy soared and cut through the body of the monster and smashed against the opposite wall.


“GRAAAAAAAA!!!” the monster roared in pain as its cut off side hung loosely like a dangling flesh.


“Disgusting…!” Ondine muttered and she covered her mouth.


Darian shrugged his shoulders and said “I wanted to see if Magic Resistance included resistance to energy attacks. Looks like it’s no—!”


He suddenly stopped speaking and widened his eyes as he stared at the monster. The Flesh Golem roared again and, in an instant, it’s sliced off body came back together. It began reattaching itself to the whole body and, the next second, looked attached again.


“Clk!” Darian said as he clicked his tongue in annoyance.


“W-What the?!” Lakshman said in shock as he witnessed its body become whole again.


“High regeneration!” Rumble said which caused Lakshman to get confused.


“High regeneration? Is it like… fast heal or something?” he asked hopefully.


In the past, he fought a monster that could heal all of its wounds very quickly. Even when the monster was sliced in half, its whole body came back together good as new. It was only with the effect of the Phoenix Blade that he was able to defeat it.


“It’s not immortal, but the way it’s putting its own body back together is high speed regeneration ability!” Marilia said as she narrowed her eyes at the monster.


Just then, Darian widened his eyes and shouted “Forget about talking! Here it comes!”


The next moment, the monster roared and charged at them. The ground rumbled loudly with each step it took as its massive body came closer to them.
As the monster got closer, it roared and pulled its right fist back. Lakshman widened his eyes as he suddenly realised it was aiming at him. He quickly got out of the way just as the monster launched its fist in his direction.


The Flesh Golem’s fist soared through empty air and smashed against the wall. The impact of fist against wall at that force of speed caused the wall to make cracking along it. Lakshman stared at it in disbelief.




With another roar, the monster quickly turned around and smashed its other fist against Lakshman. Seeing the attacking coming and knowing that he will not dodge it in time, he braced himself for the impact.


“Gah!” he shouted in pain as the large fist of the monster hit in the chest.


The impact caused him to sail backwards and smash into the wall. He made a deep groove in it as his body slid a little and his consciousness faded.


“Lakshman!” Rumble shouted in shock and saw the monster walking towards his unconscious body. Then he yelled “No you don’t!”


Rumble quickly charged himself with energy and said “Beast Flash! URAAAAAAAA!!!”


The next moment, he disappeared and reappeared directly in front of the monster. The Flesh Golem was taken aback at seeing him suddenly appeared in front of it.


Rumble took a stance and shouted “Fury Fists,” and began throwing fist after fist at the monster. The speed at which he threw his punches was incredible and amount of power he put in was strong.


The monster was rattled with fists that it could not block or dodge. It grunted as fist after fist smashed into its fleshy body and it began to drip with blood.


Then, Rumble smashed the monster away. As the monster sailed in the air, Darian suddenly appeared behind it with a very angry expression on his face.


“Don’t think he’s the only one angry at what you did!” he said to it and the monster turned around to look at him. He brought his sword up and shouted “Slice and Dice!”


The next moment, he began cutting at the monster’s body. Blood and flesh came pouring out and Darian dodged them, but continued his onslaught on the monster. He suddenly got pushed back when the monster landed on its feet and smashed its head against his stomach.


As Darian recoiled and retreated, Ondine charged in while screaming “How dare you do that to master!”


In an instant, her blind rage allowed her to cut up the monster’s limbs. She even managed to cut its right arm off and tried for its head.


The monster, unaffected by the loss of an arm or the numerous cuts on its body, calmly brought its left fist up and smashed her across the side of the face. It was an instant knock out for Ondine as she sailed through the air and smashed into the wall beside Lakshman.


Marilia ran towards them and began casting healing magic on them. Unfortunately, she never managed to complete it because of how quick the monster reacted.


Seeing her healing those two, the monster roared like a beast and picked up rubble before throwing it at her. The rock flew through the air at high speed and smashed onto the side of her face. Her eyes widened in shock and she instantly fell to the ground, knocked out.


“Marilia!” Darian screamed in utter shock at seeing his wife knocked out by a rock. Then he turned his attention towards the monster and screamed “BASTARD!!! URRAAAGGGHHHH!!!”


Darian roared like a wild beast and charged at the monster. The Flesh Golem brought its fist to hit him, but Darian easily dodged it and cut both of its arms off. As the monster screamed in pain, Rumble arrived in front of it and delivered a punch, so powerful, that sunk into its flesh.


“GRAAAAAA!!!” the monster screamed.


“Take this you monster freak!” Rumble shouted and screamed “AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!”


The position at which his fist is buried in the monster’s body, it began swelling. Its body grew bigger and bigger as if it was being blown air into from the inside. It grunted and tried to kick at him, but Darian was there in a flash and cut it off before it could do harm.


“This is for hurting my comrades and especially my wife!” he shouted with a mad expression on his face.


Then the monster began screaming as its body swelled to the point that it would explode at any moment. As its body was close to the exploding point, Rumble flashed a wide grin at it.


“Adios, ugly!”




In an instant, there was a violent flash of light followed by a big explosion. The monster’s body exploded as a powerful surge of energy was released in it. The explosion caused Darian and Rumble to blow away and smash into the walls. It also sent pieces of the monster’s flesh everywhere as well.


As things began to die down, Darian and Rumble picked themselves up off the ground. They were breathing quickly. As the dust from the explosion cleared, they could not see the Flesh Golem anywhere. All they saw was pieces of its flesh littering the ground.


“Finally…! That stupid thing’s blown to pieces!” Rumble said and sighed in relief.


Smiling happily to each other, they walked over to their comrades. Marilia, Lakshman and Ondine were out cold and seemed like they will not wake up for a while. It was only natural after taking such nasty hits from a monster which had a massive, but strong body.


Then they heard something strange from somewhere nearby. It sounded like something was crawling on the ground and they wondered if it was a snake, but it did not make sense. They know that snakes do not make it a habit of entering a dungeon since their instincts know better.


Darian and Rumble turned around instantly widened their eyes in horror. The crawling noise was the flesh as it slowly moved its way towards a certain spot. The split flesh gradually came together and eventually brought the monster to have its whole body again.
“Impossible!” Rumble shouted in shock.


“I can’t believe this is happening!” Darian said as if he could not believe the monster was brought back to life.


“Did Flesh Golems have this sort of fast regenerative ability?” Rumble quickly asked Darian.


“No! If their flesh is torn, they can put it back together and that’s fast enough! I’ve never seen a Flesh Golem that can bring itself back together like this, even after getting blown to pieces!”




The Flesh Golem, with its body together again, punched its arms in the air and roared. Then it turned its attention towards its killers and rushed at them. Darian and Rumble knew the battle would be an upheaval battle, but they did not know how else to defeat this thing.


Just then, an unfamiliar voice said “Death Coffin.”


In an instant, black metallic boxes appeared at the front and back of the monster. The next moment, the metallic boxes came together and squashed the monster into it. For a moment, they heard the monster roaring in pain and then there was silence as blood splattered out of them black boxes.


“Wha…?” Darian and Rumble said together at seeing the two metallic boxes that seemingly killed the monster.


“D-Death Coffin? Where did that come from?” Rumble asked a moment later.


“Over here,” said a deep voice from nearby.


Darian and Rumble turned their heads to look in the direction of where the voice came from. They saw a tall man standing while wrapped in a black cloak that covered his entire body. The man’s face was covered by a white mask with a wide smile and gleaming red eyes. The only part of his body visible to them was his hands which were nothing, but bones.


In that instant, both of them realised who the man was. It was a man they seriously did not expect they would meet. A man they thought of as death itself because of his incredible power. To them, he was someone that carried the messages of death to those that will die eventually.


“Death Titan!” Darian and Rumble shouted in unison.

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