Monkey King vs. Death Titan (Start)



“Huh? Come again?” Marilia said in a voice of disbelief.


“Like I said, Rumble challenged Sevedant to a battle to decide who the better instructor is,” Darian said with a sigh.


“And? What were you doing when all that was happening?!” Marilia demanded as she narrowed her eyes.


“I… I was there…” he said slowly and avoided her gaze.


“Hmph! So you basically just stood around and let all this happen!”


“I wanted to stop them, but Sevedant accepted the challenge before I could intervene.”


“Did you try to convince him to ignore Rumble’s angry outburst?”


“Yes, but he was set on fighting Rumble. I’m sorry, Marilia.”


Marilia stared at him with an eyebrow raised. Then she shook her head and sighed heavily.


“Rumble is in for a beating! After all, he’s going to be fighting a titan from the Nine Pillars of Power!”


“He didn’t seem bothered by it though.”


“Well, naturally! Why would he afraid of someone he is underestimating!”


“What do you mean, Mairlia?”


“At first, I also underestimated Sevedant. Then I saw all the destruction and how badly the two of you were worn out. That’s when I came to the conclusion that he did not even put his full power into that attack.”


“Wow! I never thought you’d admit those words!” Darian said in amazement.


Marilia shrugged her shoulders and said “Got no choice when the person is so damn strong!”


Marilia sighed and Darian shrugged his shoulders. It goes, without saying, just how the two of them were feeling about the battle.


They had been outside and sitting on a log while drinking cups of water. It had been an hour since the battle between Rumble and Sevedant would begin.


Listening to them was Lakshman and Ondine. Tetra was swaying back and forth occasionally as sleep crept over her. They were also the witness to when Rumble challenged Sevedant. Now they keenly listened to the conversation between Darian and Marilia.


“Marilia, will Rumble have any chance to win?” Lakshman asked finally when they became quiet.


Marilia shrugged her shoulders with an unhappy expression on her face. Darian, on the other hand, smiled at them.


“We won’t know until they starting fighting and a victor emerges. Until then, everything we do right now will only end up being speculations!” he told them and then he laughed.


“Oh, I see,” Lakshman said and nodded in understanding.


“Then again, Rumble will lose since Sevedant is a Titan ranked warrior!” Ondine said confidently.


Darian smiled and said “Ondine, there’s a saying among humans ‘Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched’.”


“Um… What does that mean?” Ondine asked with a confused look on her face.


“That means that we should never make assumptions until the final result,” Darian said and his smile widened.


“Ah…!” Ondine said as she understood what he meant. Then she frowned and said “Why care about chickens when we’re talking about fighting?”


Darian’s eyes show up in amusement and laughed as he said “You think so? That’s funny!”


At that moment, Rumble and Sevedant walked out. They were near the clearing, but kept distance in case of flying energy blasts. Rumble was wearing noting, but his normal clothes. Sevedant was also wearing his usual black cloak and his mask.


“Are you ready to lose?” Rumble asked Sevedant with a wide smile on his face.


“No,” Sevedant said shortly.


Rumble laughed at his reply and they separated. They walked to the opposite ends of the clearing. This was to keep them as far as possible to them a far start. Rumble got into a fighting stance, but Sevedant just stood there like a statue.


“Hey! Aren’t you going to take on a fighting stance or do anything?” Rumble shouted across the clearing.


“I’m fine,” Sevedant said and nodded at him.


“Okay! If you say so!” Rumble replied and took his fighting stance.


“Now I have to referee this,” Darian said and sighed as he got to his feet.


He walked to the edge of the clearing and shouted “Ready…!”


Rumble’s eyes narrowed while Sevedant did nothing, but stand still and silent. It was as if he did not find the battle that interesting to do anything, but stand like a statue. He could be asleep and they would not even know about it.




Rumble watched Sevedant standing like a rock and suddenly got very irritated. He felt the Death Titan looked to be very relaxed while standing like that.


“GO!” Darian shouted and quickly got out of the way.


The battle between Rumble and Sevedant began with a bang. It literally began with a bang as Rumble launched himself at high speed at Sevedant. Reaching him in a flash, Rumble delivered a power punch that sent caused Sevedant to bend over slightly.


Rumble began punching and kicking at the Death Titan without rest or break. His attacks were so fast normal human eyes would not be able to catch their blows; several punches along with some kicks to the side of Sevedan’t body and a power punch to push him away.


“Fast! Very fast!” Marilia said in amazement as Rumble continued his relentless assault against Sevedant.


“Yes. Looks like he knew he might not win if he doesn’t go all out from the very beginning!” Darian said excitedly as he watched Rumble fight at super speed.


Rumble delivered a right uppercut that sent Sevedant into the air. Next thing, Rumble quickly gathered energy into the palms of his hands, aimed it up at him and shouted “Ballistic Cannon!”


In an instant, a wave of energy was released and it soared upward at incredible speed. The impact caused a massive explosion which picked up and sent dust and rocks everywhere. This caused the spectators to cover their eyes as the dust slowly settled.


The dust cleared and Rumble was still standing. He was breathing a little quickly, but he had a satisfied smile on his face.


“See! I told you he was just a small fry!” he said happily to the spectators.


Then his expression slowly changed to that of total astonishment. The dust settled and standing meters away was Sevedant.


“No… way…!” Rumble whispered as he saw Sevedant looked unharmed.


There was dust covering Sevedant’s cloak covering him, but apart from that there was no visible sight of injury or damage on him. Sevedant moved his head a little and his around before shaking the dust off his cloak.


“Is that all?” he asked Rumble calmly.


“N-Not even close!” Rumble said angrily and he prepared himself.


Next he rushed forward and delivered a right upper cut that caused Sevedant to take a step back. Then he began delivering blows that were more powerful than before. Then he began firing energy blasts at him at each opportunity.


Sevedant was getting beaten and attacked by blasts, but he did not bother to defend. It was as if he could not feel the blows he was receiving


“Why isn’t Sevedant defending against all those attacks?” Lakshman asked curiously.


“He probably thinks he can handle all those blows without a problem. You’ve just see him come out without a scratch on him!” Ondine said in a voice full of amazement.


“He has no reason to worry since he’s a Death Titan! The power difference between them is just too large!” Darian said with a sigh.


“Overwhelming difference is what you mean,” Tetra said in a bored voice.


They were talking to each other quietly, but Marilia was not. She was on her feet and shouting “Get him, Rumble! Show him your power!”


“Marilia…” Darian said in exasperation, but she was not listening and she continued yelling at them.


“HA!!” Rumble shouted as he landed another powerful blow to Sevedant’s chest area.


That blow pushed Sevedant backward, but he still remained uninjured. Rumble felt frustrated because, no matter how much power he used, Sevedant just did not get injured.


Sevedant straightened up and looked at Rumble. Then he shook his head and said “That’s it?”


Rumble was breathing a little quickly, but he suddenly smiled. Initially, he did not want to use it. the technique he was going to use is an Emperor ranked attack which he has not fully mastered. Knowing the kind of devastation he would leave, he hesitated in using it.


Then, seeing how casually Sevedant was at taking all those blows made him feel really angry. That was when he decided he will use it, even if it means risking destruction to the whole forest. If the Death Titan cannot handle such an Emperor ranked attack, them he was not a Titan ranked warrior from the start.


As he continued to smile, Sevedant asked “Smiling. Why?”


Rumble grinned and said “I got the perfect technique to destroy you! You heard me! I’m going to destroy to you with this technique! It’s unstable, but if you can’t survive it, then you really are not a titan from the start!”


Sevedant did not say anything for a moment. Then he nodded and said “Okay. Try.”




Rumble screaming as he gathered a massive amount of energy into himself. The wind blew faster and faster and the air became thick with raw energy. Then Rumble began glowing in a golden aura as his scream reached feverish heights!


Darian, realising what his friend was about to do, suddenly jumped to his feet and screamed “No! Don’t do it, Rumble! It could destroy you!”


“W-What is it?” Lakshman asked quickly as he struggled to fight against the force of the wild wind.


Darian clicked his tongue angrily and said “He’s about to use an extremely dangerous Emperor ranked energy technique!”


“What?! He’s going to use an Emperor ranked technique when he is only King ranked? Has he gone mad?! That could destroy him if anything goes wrong!” Ondine asked in shock.


Darian shook his head and said “Nothing we can do now. It seems he’s going all out since he realising normal attacks aren’t working!”


“Damn!” Ondine said in a shocked voice.


Beside them, Marilia shouted “You can do it, Rumble! Be strong and go for it!”


They looked at her in amazement, but remained quiet. If they said anything, they had a feeling she will turn and start attacking them for not supporting Rumble. Honestly, they felt Rumble was going to the extreme measures, but they understood. To a true warrior, victory is everything.


“You! Doing what?” Sevedant asked as he watched Rumble’s aura began to glow brighter.


“You better be ready cause’ I’m about to use it on you!!” Rumble yelled and he dashed at Sevedant.


He quickly reached him and landed his punch against Sevedant’s body. For a moment, nothing happened and Sevedant thought it was a nothing. Then a bright glow of light began to increase from the point of impact.


“T-This is…!” Sevedant said and he suddenly sounded worried.


“Bajaranga Bali!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!” Rumble screamed as the glow of light enveloped them.


The next instance, a massive explosion took place where the two warriors were. It turned into a gigantic ball of energy and began expanding around the area. As it increased in side and range, it destroyed everything in its path.

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    “Ah…!” Ondine said as she understood what he meant. Then she frowned and said “Why care about chickens when we’re talking about fighting?”

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