Monkey King vs. Death Titan (Middle)



The resulting explosion destroyed most of the location they were in. The forest was incinerated in an instant when the attack expanded to a certain range. The grass, the tress and the wild life were destroyed by the explosion radius.


Then there was coughing noises from beyond the explosion range. The dust that got raised into the air slowly settled down as shadow figured emerged. They pushed the rocks and debris that fell on them and got up.


“Wow! What power!” Ondine exclaimed in a shocked voice as she dusted her clothes.


“You mean ‘what explosion”, right?” Lakshman asked as he brushed his hair of any dust.


“Yes, but still…! To have so much power to destroy so much land and trees! I have to admit, I’m impressed!”


“Impressed?! There’s nothing to be impressed about destroying forests and trees, Ondine! In fact, it’s destroying the natural resources pointlessly!”


“I agree. Maybe we should’ve put this battle on an open field or something,” Darian said as he emerged unscathed.


“Maybe, but I think it was worth it if Rumble defeated Sevedant!” Ondine said hopefully.


“Maybe… There’s always that opposite reaction, remember,” Darian said and the others nodded.


As Marilia and Tetra freed themselves from the rocks, they looked around at the destruction. An entire space of land and tress was utterly destroyed. There was only the broken land and cold wind breezing against their faces.


“Wonder where they are?” Marilia asked and they looked around to where their warriors might be.


Lakshman looked around several times hopelessly. Then he caught something and, knowing it who that was, he shouted “There!”


They looked in the direction he was pointing and saw Rumble standing there. Rumble was breathing quickly because of how much energy he had used up. His shoulders went up and down as he breathed in and out to catch his breath.


“Rumble!” Marilia and Ondine said together excitedly.


They were pleased to see that he was okay. He felt a little drained, but he turned around and smiled at them. Darian was impressed that his friend could still muster to stand up after using such an aggressive attack.


Lakshman was pleased, but he was more concerned about finding where Sevedant was.


“Where’s Sevedant?” he asked and that was when they realised they could not see him.


“Sevedant?! Sevedant!”


Everyone, except Rumble, was shouting his name to get his attention. There was a lot of destruction, but there was no sign of him anywhere. Small animals popped their heads up out of the ground and looked around. Hearing the voices scared them and they scampered away.


“C-Could it be that Rumble… defeated him?” Ondine said anxiously.


“Don’t be ridiculous, Ondine! There’s no way a King ranked warrior could’ve defeated a Titan ranked warrior with that level of attack!” Lakshman said in an irritated voice.


“Yes, but you saw how destructive that was! There’s no way he could’ve survived it!”


“We couldn’t have survived it, but the Death Titan would certainly can!” Lakshman said firmly. Then he took a deep breath and bellowed “Sevedant! Where are you?!”


His voice echoed through the forest and silence fell. For a few seconds, nothing happened and they began thinking he really was defeated. Then they heard footsteps and a shadow figure appeared all of a sudden.


“Here,” Sevedant replied.


“What?!” Rumble exclaimed in disbelief and he quickly turned around to look at his opponent.


It was him; wearing a dark cloak that covered his entire body except his hands which were made up of bones. He walked towards them and they were astonished to see that he was uninjured. His cloak was torn in several places from getting burnt, but it only revealed another cloak underneath it.


“Miss me?” Sevedant asked as he stopped a few meters away from Rumble.


“Not really,” Rumble said in an annoyed voice.


Sevedant suddenly chuckled and said “Good. Very good. Impressive attack. Massive load. Incredible explosion. But…! Not good enough.”


“GRAAAAA!!! I’ll show you what’s good enough!” Rumble yelled and he clenched his fists tightly.


“UUURRRRAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!” Rumble screamed as he built up energy.


There was a sudden power surge around him and that sent a fast wind everywhere. Everyone quickly retreated from them since the battle was about to resume. The next moment, Rumble was glowing in a brilliant golden light with a serious expression on his face.


“Here I come!” Rumble said and he dashed at Sevedant.


Sevedant did not have time to react and was punched in the chest. Without pausing, Rumble flowing with the punch and kicked him in the leg. This caused Sevedant to reflexively move downward and that was when Rumble brought his right fist up and punched him hard across the mask.


The force of the punch suddenly sent Sevedant flying into the air. As he flew away, Rumble kicked off the ground with great force and soared after him.


“Gatling Fists!” Rumble shouted and began delivering punches at him.


The punches he landed were even faster than before. Sevedant’s body was punched so rapidly, he looked like a flailing doll in mid-air. After several punches, Rumble punched him across the mask and blasted him towards the ground.


With fast movement, Rumble reached the ground before Sevedant’s body and punched him towards where the group were standing.


“AAH!!” Marilia and Ondine exclaimed in shock as Sevedant’s body headed their way.


Then Rumble suddenly appeared meters in front of him and shouted “Beast Strike!”


His body suddenly became a little bigger and his expression looked even more fearsome. As soon as Sevedant’s body reached him, he began pummelled him.


First he was punched into the ground which caused him to groan painfully. The next moment, his leg was grabbed and he was swung into the air and smashed against the ground. He was lifted into the air and smashed against the ground several more times. Then he was brought back to full height and was pummelled with a barrage fists and kicks that would knock a man into the next century.


“AAAHHH!!!” Rumble screamed like a beast and picked Sevedant by his leg.


Then he began swinging Sevedant’s body round and round. He became faster and faster with each movement and turned in a full circle. A second later, he released him into the air. Sevedant’s limp body flew through the air like a rag doll.


The next moment, Rumble aimed his right fist into the air and shouted “Beast Rocket!”


With his shout, he brought his fist forward and a powerful energy was released. The energy attack rocked into the air at amazing speed. Then it took the shape of a monkey, but ferocious looking.
The energy attack, the shape of a ferocious monkey, reached Sevedant and that was when he moved. His black eyes suddenly glowed red and he quickly brought himself to a full stop in the air. Seeing the attack directed at him, he brought his fists together and whacked it back down.


“What the?!” Rumble exclaimed in shock as his attack was deflected back at him.


He immediately reacted and, putting his hands together, he deflected it away. The energy attack soared for several meters before making contact with the ground. An explosion took place that caused the ground to shake and the wind to blow wildly in all directions.


“Wow! Sevedant deflected the attack!” Ondine said in a shocked voice.


“Ondine, you’re getting surprised for the wrong reasons!” Lakshman said sternly.


“But, master! From how it looked just now, Rumble was winning!”


“Yes, but the tablets have turned!” Lakshman said adamantly.


“I don’t know! How could Sevedant wake up from all those hits just now? I think he’s bluffing! That’s right! That would make better sense!”


Lakshman sighed and said “Well…! We’re about to find out!”


They turned their attention back to watching the battle. Rumble was astonished that Sevedant was awake and well, even after taking such ferocious beating. He continued to look up to where Sevedant floated up in the sky. The next instant, Sevedant vanished.


“What?!” Rumble exclaimed in shocked and he began looking around.


Then he heard a voice from behind say “Behind you.”


He quickly turned around and he saw Sevedant standing only a few meters away. He had his arms crossed and looked to be uninjured yet again. It was as if any and all damage caused to him would have no affect at all. Then he realised this could just be a bluff Sevedant was doing.


Convincing himself of that, he smiled confidently and said “What now? You still want to continue with all those wounds to your body?”


There was a moment of silence between them. Then Sevedant slowly shook his head and said “No wounds. No injuries. But you had fun. Unfortunate. Your turn finished. My turn now.”

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