After Fight



Previously, Rumble and Sevedant had a battle. It all started out with Rumble believing him to be a better instructor than Sevedant. So he challenged Sevedant who accepted it. Then a great battle ensued in which Sevedant destroyed the whole forest, killing Rumble in the process.


Just when everyone believed it was true, Sevedant revealed it to be an illusion by activating an Emperor ranked Barrier Magic Spell called “Real Fiction” and it restored everything to normal. It even brought Rumble back to life to their amazement.


“It was my loss from the very beginning,” Rumble said when he found out what happened.


Everyone wordlessly agreed with him. Sevedant was able to fight at incredible speed, destroy a whole forest with a might blast, kill Rumble the Monkey King. Then he restored everything as if nothing happened which made them realise just how dangerously powerful he was.


To add to their shock, Sevedant said “Not full power.”


The group looked at him in shock and together said “You weren’t fighting at full power?!”


Although it was an unnerving revelation, they were glad he was their ally. As their enemy, they were clueless as to what they would do against them. Being capable of destroying and then restoring everything was not something to ignore. It just proved that Sevedant truly is the Death Titan of the Nine Pillars of Power.


After that, they packed their equipment, got into the carriage and moved on. They continued on their journey to the Floria region.


“Hey, Rumble! Why didn’t you use Power Up on him in your last attack?” Ondine asked curiously as the carriage trundled on the road.


Rumble, who had been resting inside the carriage to rest, only sighed. Then he said “I’ve already used it twice, Ondine.”


“Twice? When?” Ondine asked with a surprised expression on her face.


“The one time I charged my energy to use Bajaranga Bali. The next time was when I began my speedy assault on Sevedant.”


“Eh? That’s when you used it? I thought you had to shout it.”


“Don’t be silly. Shouting every damn word will be stupid. Instead, we focus our energy instantly and do it!”


Ondine continued to look confused and Lakshman said “It’s not something that can easily be understood, Ondine. When I first used it, I had Tetra to support me in using it. It’s just… you know… pulling all the deeper energy to the surface.”


“Oh… So it’s like a Bursting Force or something, right?” she asked them.


“Yes. Power Up is a Bursting Force technique. It’s really powerful, but the stain it puts on your body is severe,” Rumble told her with a nod of his head.


“Strain? As in… pressure?”


“That’s correct. If you look at me now, I’m completely drained! This happened just because I used Power Up twice recklessly. The maximum Power Up I can do is five and that’s when I go raging all out Fighting Force and everything!”


“Wow! If it strains your body that much, isn’t it bad to use it like that?”


Darian laughed from the front and said “Ondine, you’re missing the point. It is a rather dangerous technique to use, but it has its uses. If you’re cornered and need to fight your way out, Power Up is handy in those times. It heightens your perception, reaction, thoughts, strength and power. It’s very handy to have around in tight situations.”


“Ah!” Ondine exclaimed as if she realised something and turned to look at Lakshman. Then she asked “Is that why master used Power Up when you couldn’t defeat Indra through your normal methods? You used it to boost your power and all to get strong and then win the battle?”


“Oh. I see. Well…! I think Rumble could’ve probably won if he just used a Power Up for the third time or maybe the fourth.”


Rumble laughed and said “Maybe not because Sevedant is just that amazing! With all of his power, it somehow feels overpowering and he still has those crazy techniques!”


“Yeah! Real Fiction is a really powerful technique! You can attack someone all you like, but it was all just an illusion!” Lakshman said energetically.


Sevedant shook his head and said “It’s powerful. Yet…! It has limits.”


When they looked confused, he explained. Real Fiction was a magic spell that restores what has been destroyed or changed. The only things it cannot bring back things that have been done through natural occurrences.


“Oh. So that explains why Rumble is feeling so exhausted. He used up his energy normally so Real Fiction cannot restore it. The destruction and his death were unnatural and got restored. Am I right?” Marilia said from the front of the carriage and Sevedant nodded in agreement.


Then he told them about the limit of its use which surprised them. Apparently, he could only use Real Fiction twice a day.


“Only twice a day? Why?” Lakshman asked and he looked as confused as the rest.


That was when Sevedant told them about how much power Real Fiction uses up. By just using one and then restoring things, a quarter of his energy was used up. Considering that and the amount of energy he would use in an actual battle, it was safe to assume two is the maximum limit.


“Sheesh! Powerful spell, but seems a disadvantageous if it uses up so much energy!” Ondine said with a disapproving expression on her face.


“Perhaps. However… Rumble is alive. Destruction got restored. Chaos was resolved,” Sevedant told them and they nodded in agreement.


They became silent as the carriage went on. They crossed great distance in their travel and that put them halfway to Floria region. Now they were in the open with great lands stretching into the distance on either side of the road.


They would often stop and pull out a large scroll to check. Lakshman wondered what it was and they told him it was the map of their continent. They told him it was not detailed since they only needed it for the road.



When he asked what the dots and lines meant on the map, they told him what they are.


The large pink circles are the region on the continent. These regions are also known as kingdoms.

The lines are the roads connecting the kingdoms together.

The blue circles indicated the small towns or villages on the road.

The cross marks on the lines indicated danger to which they gave vague answers.


“Monster attacks… Lose ground…”


Nevertheless, Lakshman was impressed how the map was drawn, but was confused about what each of them meant. However, he did notice that they were reaching a red cross which was indicated just before the village or town.


“Um… Isn’t it bad there’s a red cross just before that blue dot?” Lakshman asked them anxiously.


“It’s no worries. We’ll just be going entering another forest and we’ll go right past it! You won’t even notice there was even danger with how we travel.”


At that moment, Sevedant walked over to them and looked at the map. He looked at the red cross on the map and said “Forest of Fog.”


“Forest of Fog?” Lakshman asked him curiously.


“Forest. Covered in fog. Very thick and dense. Hard to see. Home to beasts. Werewolves and Vampires.”


Lakshman’s eyes widened in amazement at heard those words. He had read about Werewolves race and the Vampires race and how much they disliked each other. Many stories were written about them and he found them extremely scary to read.


“Scary…” he muttered and he shivered a little.


Darian and Rumble looked at each other and laughed. Lakshman looked at them in surprise. Unlike him, they did not seem troubled the slightest.


As if knowing his worries, Rumble said “No need to worry! We’ve fought both the Vampires and Werewolves many, many times! We can handle them, no problems!”


“You just need to avoid getting bitten by a Vampire. I think you know why, right?” Darian asked Lakshman.


Lakshman nodded immediately. Vampires suck the blood of humans to live and that drains the human life. He understood that he will be in trouble if he ever gets bitten by a vampire. He gulped nervously as he reflexively moved his hand to the hilt of his sword.


“Always be on your guard. Be prepared for the worst situation! The Vampires and Werewolves live where the red cross is. So we should be prepared to see some of them lurking around in ambush!” Darian told them in a serious voice matched by his serious expression.


“From here on, we’ll be on high alert! While the Forest of Fog is their home, they can tend to move outside it if they feel it’s necessary! We’ll do what we can to defeat them if the worst comes to worst!”


As they all nodded, Sevedant said “I will assist.”


With that, they continued to follow the road on the map. Lakshman and everyone else felt tense since they do not know what awaits them when they get there. All they can do is be prepared for the worst that could possibly happen. They did not know just how unbelievable their situation will become.

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