Racial Attack



The towns’ people were informed of the imminent attack of the Werewolves and Vampires. They panicked and for a time it was noisy. The man in charge, who stepped in after the elder fainted, used an Amplify Magic Spell to increase the volume of his voice and spoke to them.


After hearing the plan to evacuate the town temporarily, they immediately packed whatever they could carry. Then they got into carriages and left the village.


“We will be riding until sunset until we reach a place that is well away from here,” the man said to Darian.


When Darian nodded, the man smiled and said “You are doing us a great favour by dealing with this problem. I wish you the best of luck in this coming war between those two races.”


“Understood. We will do our best,” Darian said and they shook hands firmly.


By the time everyone left, night was quickly covering the sky. Once everyone from the town left, the village felt rather empty. It left only Darian, Rumble, Wolfenstine, Marilia, Lakshman, Ondine, Tetra and Sevedant there.


“Now what?” Lakshman asked curiously.


“Now we wait…” Rumble said and he bumped his right fist into the left palm in energetically.


With those words, they had nothing to except wait. So they waited, patiently for the inventible attack from the Werewolves and Vampires. They sat on the benches while feeling the cool breeze of the night air slapping against their faces.


“It’s cool,” Lakshman said as he closed his eyes and relaxed.


“Yes, master. This night breeze really makes you feel calm and relaxed,” Ondine said with a smile on her face.


Listening nearby, Rumble suddenly laughed and said “That’s what you guys think? Haha… To us warriors, this is just the calm before the storm!”


“I see, but… It doesn’t look like there’ll be a storm today,” Lakshman said and he looked up at the night sky.


Rumble stumbled and he looked at Lakshman as if he could not believe what he just heard. Shaking his head slightly, he asked “Um… Lakshman, what did you just say?”


Lakshman looked at him with a puzzled expression as he said “I don’t think we’ll be having a storm tonight…”


Rumble blinked in amazement and said “Wow… Lakshman, you’re really stupid sometimes, you know that?”




“Like… the phrase ‘calm before the storm’ basically means that Right now it’s calm, but before long we’ll be facing some real trouble!” Rumble explained.


“Oh! I understand now!” Lakshman said and he nodded in understanding.


Rumble sighed and said “I can’t believe this…”


“It’s fine. He’ll learn those stuff as he gets more exposure,” Marilia said and she smiled at Lakshman. Then she suddenly looked at Rumble sternly and said “I’ll kick you to hell if you teach him anything bad!”


“I won’t, I won’t!” Rumble quickly said with his hands raised in surrender.


Watching all this, Wolfenstine laughed and said “You sure have a lot of different people in your group, Darian.”


Darian laughed and said “Not really. It feels more like a normal group to me.”


Wolfenstine laughed. Then he instantly became serious and said “So guys and girls… Please make sure not to kill anyone of them. I don’t like the fact that it turned out like this, but killing my brethren is… well…”


“We won’t try to kill, but what do you expect us to do if hurting them won’t stop them?” Tetra asked with a serious expression on her face.


“I… I don’t know. I feel there is a room for change, but I don’t know…” Wolfenstine said helplessly.


“Pft!” Tetra said and she looked away.


“Tetra! Don’t be rude!” Lakshman said severely, but she just casually waved her hand at him.


Lakshman sighed and said “In any case, we’ll have to knock them all out, but Wolfenstine… We will do what we have to do to solve this matter. Do you agree?”


“Y-Yes,” Wolfenstine said in surprise at seeing Lakshman’s sudden pressure and authority.


Then they became silent while sitting around. Everyone was thinking about the upcoming battle and wondered if they will make it out alive. They will be fighting against two groups, Werewolves and Vampires, which are thought to be strong races to deal with.


An hour passed in silence when Wolfenstine suddenly jumped to his feet and shouted “Here they come!”


Tetra transformed into her sword form and Lakshman grabbed it. He and everyone else held their weapons at the ready to strike at moment’s notice.


For a few minutes nothing happened. They wondered if Wolfenstine’s notice was premature or the enemies were taking their time. Even so, none of them relaxed or dropped their guard. They knew how important it is to stay on guard at all times, especially when there is uncertainty.


Lakshman began looking around and immediately saw something jumped out of the trees. Then he realised the shadow figure was aiming directly for Ondine.


“Ondine! Behind you!” Lakshman shouted, but it was too late.


“Ah?” Ondine said in surprise and began to turn, but the shadow figure landed and stopped her.


She felt something touch the nape of her neck by something sharp and pointy. Then her neck was licked as the voice of the man said “Tasty…!”


The next thing she knew, her neck was penetrated by something sharp and pointy.


Ondine let out an “Ah!” voice in shock as the man began sucking on her neck. The next thing he said “What the? Why does your blood taste like water?”


“Because it’s water, you vampire freak!” Ondine shouted and she immediately swung around and whacked him across the face.


The impact sent him flying into a building. Then the whole place crumbled on top as the foundation got destroyed.


Ondine stood firm and strong with a sword in each of her hand as she said “I’m not a human! I’m a Water Spirit!”


Through the rubble, the man got up and spit blood out. Then he wiped his mouth with his hand and shouted “Get them!”


In an instant, a horde of Vampires began streaming down at them from through the trees. Ondine began whacking them across the side of the necks which knocked each of them out. Lakshman joined her in their effort to take them down without killing them.


Darian, Rumble and Wolfenstine wanted to help, but they heard the loud growls of beasts. Then Werewolves began charging out of the forest and directly at them.


“Let’s get them!” Darian shouted and he began duel wielding with a sword in each hand.


“Right behind you!” Rumble shouted and he and Wolfenstine followed Darian.


Darian knocked out the Werewolves by slamming them across the forehead and ramming it on top of their heads with his swords. It was an instant blow that knocked them flat out. Rumble and Wolfenstine used a much more forceful methods like punched, kicked and blasted them.


Both sides were making progress in not hurting them that badly, but more and more Werewolves and Vampires continued to rush at them. Marilia was in the centre of the village with Sevedant as she cast Healing Magic Spells on both sides of her groups.


“This isn’t good…! There’s too many of them!” Marilia said in a panicked voice. Then turned to Sevedant and asked “Why are standing around here for?! Go help them!”


Sevedant did not immediately answer. He was looking from one side to the other and then back continuously. It was as if he was assessing what was happening and what to do next. Then he suddenly nodded as if he came to a sudden decision.


H quietly said “Telepathy,” and began speaking. His group members heard him speaking in their mind and it surprised them.


“Everyone… Come to me. Now!”

“Why?” Darian thought.


“I said now!” Sevedant spoke in their minds and they felt the demand in his voice.


Both sides, knowing they have to get back, sent waves of wind at the oncoming enemies and drew them back. Then they quickly fell back to where Marilia and Sevedant were standing.


“What’s this about, Sevedant?” Darian asked once everyone gathered around him.


Without responding to the question Sevedant said “Force Field!”


In an instant, a powerful barrier was created and it surrounded them. The Werewolves and Vampires began to charge at them only to get blasted away by the barrier.


“Wow! They can’t touch us while we’re in here!” Lakshman said in amazement.


“Yes, but we can’t get out either!” Rumble said in a frustrated voice.


“Sevedant, what’s this about? Why did you lock us in here?! Now look! They’re beginning to attack each other instead!” Wolfenstine said angrily.


“I have discovered. Werewolves and Vampires. Possessed by darkness,” Sevedant told them.


“What?! My people were possessed by some sort of evil spirit?!” Wolfenstine said in a panicked voice.


Rumble looked at him quickly and said “Hey, hey! Stop blaming the spirits!”


Wolfenstine realised and quickly looked at Ondine. She was looking at him with narrowed eyes as if she disliked what she heard from him. He quickly apologised to her and turned back to Sevedant.


“Extract darkness. Use Soul Slayer,” Sevedant said quietly.


Everyone looked at each other. Then together they asked “Use what?”


Sevedant wordlessly raised his bony hand into the air. Light began gathering until a sword materialised. It was a sword very different to how the rest of their swords looked. The sword was long, made of steel and had a skull shaped face at the centre of the cross-guard.


He grabbed the handle and brought it beside him. Then he raised his other hand and said “Death Bind!”


In an instant, both Werewolves and Vampires instantly stopped fighting. All of them moved their hands to their throats as if something was chocking them to death. They began rasping for breath as they struggled to stay alive.


“Death Titan! What are you doing to them?!” Lakshman asked in a shocked voice.


The next moment, they saw something that alarmed them. A dark shadowy spirit-like thing was being pushed out of them. It seems the near death is causing whatever it was to extract itself from the bodies.


“Perfect,” Sevedant said in satisfaction.


He raised his sword in the air and said “Soul Devour!”


His sword began to glow darkly just as the shadows were suddenly pulled out of the bodies of the Werewolves and Vampires. As if they were being sucked, the shadows flew and got absorbed into the sword. As each of them got absorbed, everyone heard a horrible screeching noise and immediately closed their ears to shut it out.


In a few seconds, all shadows were extracted and absorbed into the sword Sevedant was holding. Then he said “Resonance,” which caused a shockwave of wind and sound to go everywhere. Everyone desperately clutched their ears because it was extremely painful to listen to.


Once it was over, Sevedant quietly said “Force Out.”


The Force Field barrier was lifted and they moved out of it. The Werewolves and Vampires were shaking their heads and moving around while wobbling dangerous. Some even sat down because of how shake their legs were.


“How are you all?” Wolfenstine asked when he approached them.


“M-Master Wolfenstine? What are you doing here?”


“Yeah… Why are the Vampires here?


“What are we doing here?”


“What the heck happened?”


They were all speaking groggily as if they were all asleep. It seemed the dark shadows were really controlling them and almost made them do something terrible.


A while later, both Werewolves and Vampires apologised for their dangerous actions. Every one of them, except the children and women, were beaten black and blue by Wolfenstine. He showed surprising strength and strictness when it comes to controlling behaviour.


“Was it alright to do that? I mean… Beating up two races as their punishment?” Lakshman asked uncertainly.


Rumble smiled and said “It’s better than beheading them!” Hearing such words caused Lakshman to cringe in shock.


A while later, the towns’ people arrived and found their homes in a mess. In the attack, a lot of buildings were destroyed. They began complaining angrily about it until Wolfenstine offered his assistance. Then he ordered both the Werewolves and Vampires to assist in rebuilding their homes.


Surprised at seeing such powerful authority and control Wolfenstine had over Werewolves and Vampires, Lakshman asked Darian “W-Who is Wolfenstine? He’s controlling them like it’s something natural!”


Darian chuckled and said “It is natural to him. His father was the king of the Werewolves and his mother was the queen of the Vampires. Naturally, being their only son, he obtained both of their powers, talents and skills. Being a hybrid, he is the strongest of them and, as such, he is their leader.”


“Then why does he live so far away in a place like Mardana region?”


“He maybe be a leader of two races, but he also has his work to do. Didn’t I tell you? He’s a scientist and he works full time finding cure for various things like poisons, curses and other things. Who do you think invented Wolf’s Bane Potion?”


“Wolf’s Bane Potion? What’s that?”


“If a human is bitten by a Werewolf, they turn into one. Wolf’s Bane Potion cures it by killing all substances within the drinker’s body that could potentially turn them into a Werewolf! Along with that, he made many other discovers that are sold at a high price in the market!”


“Wow…! He’s a genius!” Lakshman said in awe.


Darian nodded and they watched him issuing orders to both sides. The towns’ people did not like having to work with a different race, but they accepted their help anyway. Knowing Wolfenstine was supporting them helped them feel a little bit safer around the two races.


Sometimes, there were complaints such as “Sir, we’re hungry…”


Wolfenstine smiled and said “If you don’t work, you don’t get to eat!”


With the threat of no food to add to the list, they quickly got back to work. Wolfenstine made sure nothing bad happened and, even if it did, he quickly took care of it by turning them into his personal punching bags.


Everyone was happy, but Sevedant was not. The shadows that his sword absorbed bothered him. While others worked at rebuilding the town, he spent his time alone. No one knew what he was doing, but they knew he will tell them later.


Overall, it was a good ending to the battle that could have ended in disaster.

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