Clash of Powers



A few minutes later of jumping over buildings, they reached their destination. Once he landed again, Lakshman sighed heavily.


“Tetra, make sure to inform me the next time you’re going to do something like that!” He said severely.


“Sorry, master, but I thought your fear of heights might not let you do that!” Tetra told him in his mind.


“What? Fear of heights? Tetra, are you forgetting what we’ve been though in the last few months? If you did remember, you’d realise that I don’t have fear of heights!”


“O-Oh… A-Anyway, look over there! Something’s attacking that group of adventurers!” Tetra said quickly.


Lakshman looked towards where he heard the sounds of battle. He was astonished to see several Beast Dogs attacking them. The adventurers continued to slay the monsters one after another, but they just seem to reappear continuously.


“No matter how many times we kill these things, they just keep coming back!”


“Don’t falter or it’s the end of you! Got it?!”


“Easer said that done!”


Listening to the adventurers’ angry shouts, Lakshman suddenly felt the evil presence. He turned to look at the other side of the street and saw a person covered in dark cloak walking towards them. He had a staff in one hand which was decorated with a skull at the top.


“W-Who is that?” Lakshman asked quietly.


The staff the cloaked person carried began to glow darkly. The next thing, he stretched his other arm out and directed the energy at the adventurers.


Lakshman realised what the man was about to do and jumped down the building to stop it.


“Death Shot!”


In an instant, Lakshman felt a lethal energy got released. It flew straight at the adventurers fighting the monsters.


“AAAHHH!!!” He screamed as he jumped in its way and slashed at it with his sword.


For a moment, his sword and the invisible energy struggled, but he eventually prevailed. He completed swinging his sword and the energy got released into the wind which buffeted them slightly.


Then he swung around in a circle and shouted “Blazing Blade!”


As he turned in a circle, he swung his sword which released a fiery like whip. It soared in all directions and vaporised the monsters in an instant. The adventurers looked at him, stunned that he put an end to it so easily.
Lakshman shifted his head slightly and shouted “What are you doing?! Get out of here!”


Hearing the strong and powerful tone in his voice, they decided it was best for them to escape. They continuously looked back over their shoulders as Lakshman turned back to the man and raised his sword at them.


“Hey! Who are you? Why were you summoning these monsters in town? Why are you killing innocent people?”


The man remained silent and still. Getting irritated by the silence, Lakshman said “Answer me!”


Another silence fell before the man finally spoke, but he did not respond to Lakshman’s question.


“This… power? Yes. It’s unmistakably immense! He is a powerful warrior, one that I cannot fight on my own! This calls for drastic actions…!” The man muttered which Lakshman did not hear.


Then the man raised his voice and shouted “Zenahart! Come down!”


As if in response, they heard an unknown voice say “Aye, aye!”


Lakshman was surprised and he looked around for the owner of the voice. Then he felt a power from above and he quickly looked up. There, a man was falling from the sky with a crazy expression on his face and his sword directing at him.


Lakshman quickly brought his sword above his head just in time. His and the unknown man’s sword clashed fiercely as powers clashed. As the man pushed forward, Lakshman felt the ground beneath him give way.


With great grit and strength, Lakshman swung his sword and sent the man flying towards the cloaked person stood.


When he came to a stop, the man looked at Lakshman and said “Well, well, well! You parried that well, kid!”


“Hah? Who’re you calling a kid?!” Lakshman exclaimed angrily.


The man looked slightly puzzled and said “You’re not? My apologies then! So…? What’s your name before I kill you, warrior? I do intent to remember the people I slaughtered!”


As the man began laughing, Lakshman gazed at the man fiercely, forgetting that they cannot see his face because of the mask he wore.


“I have no reason to tell you my name, crazy stranger!” Lakshman said fiercely.


“Oh? Hahahahaha! Okay then, nameless warrior! I’ll be glad to destroy you!” The man said with a wicked expression on his face as he readied his weapon.


Lakshman readied his sword and quietly said “Power Up!”


In an instant, the wind around him began blowing strongly as he began radiating in a red aura. With his speed, strength and power maximized, Lakshman prepared to do battle.


Seeing the surge of power, the man let out a cackle of laughter before saying “Interesting! This fight may prove to not bore me!”


The two sides readied their weapons and stared at each other quietly. An intense silence fell and time seemed to stand still for a moment. Then the opening of someone’s door ignited their battle into action.






Both Lakshman and the man screamed and they lunged at each other. They soared across the ground and met in the centre where the house’s front door opened.


“Ah? What’s all the noise?” The person said just as the two warriors clashed.


Their swords clashed fiercely and sent violent sparks in all direction. The wind that got released by their clash send a wild wind everywhere and sent the person back into his house and the door shut behind him.


Lakshman and the man separated and for a moment, looked at each other fiercely. Then they brought the swords at each other and began to fight an incredible speed.


Hearing the sounds of swords and battle, everyone came out of their houses to watch. They were alarmed to find two warriors doing battle in their neighbourhood. On top of that, the speed at which they fought at was so fast they could hardly believe their eyes.


Several times, Lakshman was pushed back and the man rushed forward to strike only to get blocked by the sword. Then Lakshman would disappeared and reappear right behind him to attack, only to avoid the swing of the man’s sword.


Their next clash was so fierce it sent both of them flying away. Both of them spun in the air and landed back on their feet.


“You’re pretty good for a nameless warrior, but not good enough!”


“Huh? Did you just contradict yourself?!” Lakshman asked in annoyance.


The man looked surprise and he asked “Did I?”


Lakshman nodded and said “Yes! You just said my skills were pretty good and then said they weren’t good enough! That’s basically contradicting!”


Hearing those words, the man stared at him as if he could hardly believe. Then he suddenly started to laugh wildly before looking back at him.


“You really are funny!” The man said with a crazy smile on his face.


The next thing Lakshman knew, the man’s sword began to glow darkly and he swung at him. A slicing energy was released and it soared straight at Lakshman. Realising it would kill the people behind him, Lakshman stood his ground and decided to cut it.


“Power Up!” Lakshman shouted for the second time.


As his power surged forth and his strength increased, he gathered ample amounts of energy into his sword and cut at the slicing wave of energy. For a moment, there was a struggle which Lakshman eventually won and caused the energy to become part of nature.


Panting slightly, Lakshman quickly turned to glare at the man, but was surprised. The man was gone and nowhere in sight. Only the cloaked figure stood away to watch the fight.


At that moment, Lakshman felt this presence and Tetra shouted at him in his mind.


“Master! Behind you!”


“I know!” Lakshman shouted and he slowly turned his head.


The man was smiling wickedly down at him with his sword at the ready.


“Sorry for killing you!” The man shouted and he swung his sword.


The wave of energy he released was so strong, it destroyed the ground where Lakshman was standing. Smoke of dust rose into the air from the resulting explosion as the man began laughing hysterically.


“Hahaha! Unbelievable! To die just like that! Ha…! I wish I could’ve played with him a little more… hmm?”


At that moment, the dust cleared, but not find Lakshman’s body anywhere. For a moment, he thought he attacked with more power than he realised.


“Don’t tell me I destroyed his body along with him by mistake?” The man asked curiously.


Then a familiar voice from behind said “No, you didn’t.”


“Eh?” The man said in shock and he turned only to find a razor sharp blade close to his neck.


Standing behind him with hardly a scratch was Lakshman in his full armour. He was panting slightly, but looked unhurt judging from his firmness and strong radiating red energy.


“I have no plans to die just yet!” Lakshman said in a strong and powerful voice.


The next thing, Lakshman swung at him, but he disappeared. Then he heard the man’s voice from where the cloaked person was.


“Flash Step, eh? Interesting! Very interesting!” The man said and he grinned broadly at him.


“Tsk…! Instant Step…!” Lakshman muttered as he realised what the man just did to move there so quickly.


Flash Step was a technique that causes the user to quickly move to a nearby place quickly. Instant Step was a technique that does the same thing, but the movement speed is so great it would look like they stopped time to move.


“Well…! My apologies for underestimating you! You truly are a fascinating, nameless warrior! Now…! Allow me to take this seriously!” The man said and his smile vanished.


The man began releasing a dangerous dark aura which began surrounding him in. It was a concentrated power up which Lakshman had used, but it felt different.


“W-What’s this?” Lakshman said in disbelief.


The man glared at him and grinned as he said “Power Drive!”


The next instance, a wild wind and energy were released. Lakshman was shocked to find the man becoming more and more powerful with that Power Drive technique. Rumble had warned him how Power Up is allowable only twice, but this power even surpassed his own.


“Now to take things up a notch!” The man yelled and he prepared to battle.


At that moment, the clocked figure shouted “Enough!”


“They looked at him as he said “That’s enough! Today’s plan is a failure! We will have complete this another time!”


“Ha?! Just when things are getting interesting, you plan to ruin my entertainment?!” The man shouted at his partner.


The cloaked person glared at him and said “The mission comes first!”


The man let out an angry voice, but he understood. So he powered down and looked towards Lakshman with a sad expression on his face.


“I’m sorry, but I must leave. So sorry to leave this battle hanging, but don’t worry! The next time we meet, I’ll make sure to kill you! Got it?”


Lakshman slowly walked forward and said “You think I’ll just let you go just like that?! Well you’re wrong!”


The man laughed and said “Yes you will…! Dark Blade!”


He raised his sword high into the air and swung it down in an arc. In an instant, a powerful dark energy was released and it was sent directly at them.


“You might want to block this for the people’s sake!” The man said before laughing hysterically.


The people were panicking and they began running in the other direction. They did not want to die, but did not realise it was a wasted effort since it was travelling at a speed faster than them.


That was when Lakshman realised. He looked around and shouted “The people?!”


Then he turned around and prepared to deflect this powerful attack roaring straight at them. He gripped his sword tightly and gathered a lot of energy. It felt draining to use so much energy, but he knew this attack is very strong to use a normal attack against.


He raised his sword high into the air and swung it in an arc with a shout “Slicing Destroyer!”


A heavy energy was released from his sword and soared directly at the incoming black energy. They made contact which resulted in a massive explosion that caused everyone to fly away. A few seconds later, things began to settle down.


Lakshman stood his ground, but breathed quickly. He had just used a lot of power in that last attack so he felt drained. As the dust cleared, the two men had vanished. He gritted his teeth in frustration at letting them escape like that.


“I’ll catch you next time!” Lakshman muttered fiercely as the officials began arriving on the scene.

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