“Um… Thank you for saving us, but/… who are you?”


Lakshman suddenly realised everyone was looking at him. At that time, he was glad there was a masking his face to hide his identity. However, everyone there was curious about who he was.


“Uh…” He began and hesitated.


The truth was he did not know what to say. He will be going around as the temporary Phoenix Titan, but he knew nothing of how the actual person would act.


“Tetra, what do I do? How does the Phoenix Titan act in front of the people?” He asked Tetra in his mind.


“Act strong and high, master. I know it isn’t your character, but just do it!” Tetra said in his mind as if he was going to complain.


Surprised by her words, he said “I wasn’t complaining. I’m just curious how to talk to them.”


Still, Lakshman was slightly puzzled. The Phoenix Titan acted strong and high in front of the masses and he wondered what it meant. Then he suddenly remembered how heroes in the stories he read behaved in front of the people.


Without no clear idea on how to act, Lakshman decided to imitate the heroes from the stories.


While looking at the people, he firmly said “I am the phoenix that rises from the ashes in the name of freedom and justice, the Phoenix Titan!”


At his announcement, everyone’s eyes widened in shock. They were so shocked, their mouths hung open stupidly. Never in their dreams have they believed the return of the Phoenix Titan, especially at a time like that.


Lakshman was puzzled by their hanging mouths and gaping expressions. Then he suddenly felt a little dizzy and realised he was feeling weak. Knowing that he about to run out of energy, he decided to leave quickly.


He pointed at the people and said “Until the next time we meet, make sure to stay safe!”


With that, his armour suddenly began to emit flames. With that, he jumped high into the air and landed on the building. Then he propelled into the air with immense force that he soared ahead like a rocket.


“Master, what are you doing?! You know that you can’t fly, right?”


“I know, but I’m trying to put distance between them and myself. I don’t want people connecting me and the Phoenix Titan just because I happened to appear at the moment the hero leaves the stage. Heroes in the stories I read did this to keep their real identity safe.”


“Master, you’re over thinking. Those fools aren’t capable of such analysis skills!”


“Even so, it’s better to be safe than sorry.”


He soared for a while and landed once again. He walked to the edge while breathing heavily. He bent over as he felt even dizzier. Then he felt himself falling down an alleyway and he crashed on the ground.


While moaning softly, he muttered “Tetra… How do I… take off the armour?”


“Just say Armour Out,” Tetra told him in his mind.


“Armour Out.”


For a moment, he was surrounded by light. When it disappeared, the armour was gone and Lakshman had returned to his normal height. He slumped on the ground while leaning against the wall tiredly.


“That crazy person was… strong!”


“Yes, master. He was unusually strong and a little twisted,” Tetra said as she transformed into her human form.


For a while, they remained there silently. Then there was the flutter of clothes nearby and Sevedant, the Death Titan, appeared in front of them. Lakshman looked up and recognised who it was.


“Ah… Sevedant. You’re here.”


Sevedant nodded and said “Good work. You saved many. You foiled evil.”


Lakshman shrugged his shoulders and said “I know, but… I feel so… tired…”


With his last word, Lakshman closed his eyes and quickly fell asleep. Tetra was already asleep as she leaned against his shoulders with her eyes closed as well.


Sevedant simply stood there while looking up into the sky. A while later, Darian, Rumble, Wolfenstine, Marilia and Ondine got to them. Marilia quickly checked Lakshman and Tetra before announcing them to be fine, but tired.


Sevedant used a Transport Magic Spell to teleport them back to the hotel. Only Darian, Rumble and Wolfenstine remained behind to check out the scene of the battle. It was a few hours later they returned.


“That was one tough battle Lakshman hand on his hands. No one was injured, but the battle site was pretty strong! The ground’s cracked and there was even a crater!” Wolfenstine said quietly once they returned and sat down on chairs.


“The windows were also shattered and doors were broken, but no lasting damage to property or the people. Well… They can rebuild so that’s not an issue,” Darian said with a shrug of his shoulders.


Marilia raised an eyebrow at hearing their words and said “Did you really go there just to check that out? We could sense the battle all the way from here!”


“Not really, but you should’ve seen their reaction! Everyone was like shouting how the Phoenix Titan was revived for their sake or something! They are making a big fuss about it!” Rumble said with a chuckle.


“That’s good for us because Lakshman will be going back out later. He’ll be doing more of his heroic performances! That should get the Phoenix Clan to start taking action!” Darian said and he nodded his head in satisfaction.


“What are you planning? I hope it isn’t something bad!” Marilia said anxiously.


“It’s nothing bad. Phoenix Clan officially governs the city even if they are busily trying to sort themselves out due to Felix’s breakout and all. So the Sacred Armoured Phoenix Titan needs to pay them a visit to set them right!” Darian said thoughtfully.


“What if they think it was an imposter? What will you do then?”


“No problems. If they think it is all an illusion, there will not solid proof when Sevedant, the Death Titan, is with him, right? What do you say, Sevedant?”


“Sacred Armoured Phoenix Titan? Mmm…” Sevedant said slowly as if he was thinking about the words.


“What is it? It’s not good?” Darian asked apprehensively.


Sevedant looked at him and said “Fine. I will comply.”


“Sweet! Our plan sure is coming along well!” Rumble said and he rubbed his together energetically.


Wolfenstine looked at them and sighed. Then he turned and asked Darian “What about Lakshman?”


“What about him? I’m sure he’ll do it!” Darian said confidently.


Wolfenstine shook his head and said “That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m referring to his fighting style. Right now, he’s managed to embed Voiceless Incantations into his fighting style, but I’m worried.”


Darian narrowed his eyes slightly and said “Are you thinking about that time when that evil energy suddenly sky rocketed?” When Wolfenstine nodded, he said “Yes. I think it’s time Lakshman trains in the North Sword Style.”


“He’s already a Water Sword Sage and it proves just how good he is at it since he managed to fight against such an insanely strong opponent! He’s also gotten his hand-to-hand combat working nicely. So I think he requires more training,” Rumble said as he nodded in agreement.


“I’ve already taking care of teaching him healing spells. He’s struggled at first, but he’s starting to grasp the concept. All that’s left is that he applies them through the use of Voiceless Incantations!” Marilia said as she also nodded in agreement.


Everyone looked at each other with smiles on their faces. That was one of the rare times they agreed on something.


Sevedant watched them and quietly said “Everyone is an instructor. Taught him enough. Given Gravity Rings. Your student now.”


At his words, everyone laughed and Rumble said “I’m actually wondering why we’re so focused on making him stronger. I’m curious why we’re so focused on training him to become even stronger than the rest of us!”


Marilia chuckled and said “Lakshman is a kind, sincere and soft person who shows respect and honours anything taught to him. Seeing such a person trying his best to do good things just makes us want to lend him a hand.”


“I agree. I quite like the kid if it weren’t the fact that he is a stupid dunce idiot!” Wolfenstine said before laughing.


“So was Indra at his age, although he would hit go out with any girl that he liked. In Lakshman’s case, he is so much into studying and training that he sort of became a dunce when it comes to reading the hearts of women,” Marilia said before letting out a sigh.


“But you know… A human loving a Water Spirit and a Sacred Spirit is unheard of… Maybe Lakshman should love a human? After all, I think we’re aware of what happens in love between people of two races,” Darian said slowly.


At his words, they looked at Wolfenstine. Seeing the sudden attention he was receiving, he shrugged his shoulders and said “Originally, both the Werewolves and Vampires disapproved, but my parents were super strong! They got married and gave birth to me and I, in turn, became the head of both races!”


“Yes, Mr. Hybrid. Your parents were strong and your community doesn’t think too much about polygamy, but humans do. In fact, the Shambasa Religion disapproves more than one wife or husband for a couple.”


“Ugh… Please don’t bring up that ridiculous cult that only believes their nonsense and nothing else!” Marilia said in an angry voice.


“Yet, you come from a family full of Shambasa Religion followers,” Rumble slowly said.


The next instance, Marilia glared at him so fiercely, beads of sweat broken out all over his body. He quickly got down on his knees and begged for forgiveness. Marilia just made an “Hmph!” sound with her mouth and turned away.


For a few seconds, they remained in silence. Then Sevedant said “Shambasa Religion. God of Justice, Sangrahan. Believes only justice. Ignores God of Freedom, Rumagan.”


“You’re right! I don’t know why, but the Shambasa Religion have been followers of God of Justice. It’s like the God of Freedom is nothing, but a myth to them! It’s only in historical references where the Mythological Gods appear,” Darian said and he made a face as he thought about it.


“Maybe there was another religion in the past, but got crushed, abandoned or absorbed?” Wolfenstine suggested.


Darian went through his memories and slowly shook his head.


“No… I don’t believe there was any reference of other religions existing in the past…”


“Maybe, but remember that your history was written by humans… So I’s not necessarily accurate…!” Rumble said with a serious expression on his face.


“True. Humans can exaggerate or add in entries that are equivalent to junk in historical texts!” Darian said and he nodded in understanding.


Then they fell silent and this was a long one. Only when Darian and Marilia yawned simultaneously did they decide to sleep.


As they rose to their feet, Sevedant also did the same. Darian looked curiously at him as everyone headed off to their rooms.


“Sevedant, where are you going to sleep? You are welcome to sleep on the couch,” Darian suggested.


Sevedant shook his head at him and said “I am Death Titan. An Undead of the Demon race. Require no sleep.”


“A-Ah yeah… Good night then!” Darian said and he walked to the room he and Marilia have taken to occupy.


Sevedant watched him go and close the door to their bed room. Then the light all were extinguished at the same time. Then he turned to look out into the open sky.


“Darkness is gathering. Surrounding the city. Preparing for something. What is it…? What is it…?” He said quietly into the darkness.


Sevedant then became quiet and looked like he was thinking. He did not know yet that he was not the only one with deep thoughts.


Laskhman, Ondine and Tetra slept in their room. They were sleeping side by side peacefully. However, Lakshman was also sleeping peacefully. His mind was diving deeper and deeper into the unknown emptiness.


At that moment, Lakshman felt as if he bumped into something solid. He stretched his arm out and touched the invisible thing. He found that he was unable to open his eyes to see what it was.


At that moment, he heard a familiar voice say “Hello! You’ve finally come to see me!”


“W-Who’s this?! Who’s there?!” Lakshman exclaimed quickly.


“Who am I? Well… All I can say is… I am you and you are me!” The owner of the voice said cheerfully.

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