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The night sky was lit with stars and they twinkled wondrously. Everyone looking up at the sky marvelled at how beautiful it looked. It was a peaceful scene with the cool breeze blowing.


All of that was shattered with the explosion from inside a building. Out of the building, a roaring Triaboros suddenly appeared. At the sight of the monster, the people screamed and tried to escape from its way as it escaped into the street.


It roared and began to run along the street as people tried their best to escape. Some brave warriors hit it with strong magic spells, but their attacks were useless. The monster just shrugged their attacks away and sent them flying into buildings.


Atop a building, a lone person watched the destruction the monster was causing. That man was none other than Lakshman as the


“Why is heck it that Triaboros doing?” He asked in an exasperated voice.


“I don’t know, but I think we should stop it. It’s causing too much damage!” Tetra told him in his mind.


“I know!” He said and he prepared jumped off the building.


He landed on the building and rolled on the ground before jumping to his feet. Then he began jumping over the rooftops to reach the monster. When he reached the last building, Lakshman did a leap of faith at the monster.


When Lakshman landed on the monster’s back, it let out a roar and tried to nip at him. He managed to hold on as the monster tried to smash against the buildings to get him off.


“Gah! Stupid thing! Stop smashing me against buildings!” Lakshman yelled at it while holding onto its body for dear life.


“So what’s the plan, master?” Tetra asked him.


“I’ll try using Transcendent Blade to see if I—!”
At that moment, the monster caught his armoured hand. It pulled his arm and threw him into the air. Lakshman shouted in shock and, turning around, realised he was going to be swallowed by the monster.


“I’m not your dinner!” Lakshman shouted and he propelled himself from the monster by releasing energy in mid-air.


Landing on the ground, he shouted “Everyone! Get out of its way! Now!”


Hearing his loud voice, the people quickly got out of their way.


The monster roared and ran towards him. As it reached him, it opened its mouth wide and tried to eat him a second time. This time, Lakshman brought his hands up and held the monster’s mouth away.


Then, with great strength, he lifted the monster by its head and threw it aside. The monster went sailing and crashed into another building.


“Master, I think we’re doing more damage than it!” Tetra informed him in a cold voice.


“I know, but what the heck is wrong with it?! It’s acting like it’s possessed or something!”


“It is. While you were holding it away, I sense the presence of something within its mind. I truly believe a corrupted spirit is causing this!”


“Well then! We better take care of it!” Lakshman shouted as the monster rose to its feet.


The monster roared yet again and ran towards him. This time, Lakshman charged at it at high speed and landed a powerful blow under its jaw. This caused the monster to lift into the air before crashing to the ground. It tried to get up, but its head was spinning and it collapsed.


“Now’s my chance!”


Lakshman jumped onto the monster’s head and said “Transcendent Blade!”


As his blade glowed, he stabbed it into the monster’s head and said “Transcendent Talk!”


In an instant, a violent flash of light occurred. When Lakshman opened his eyes again, he saw a light and dark patterns near the sleeping monster. The dark light was slowly taking over the monster’s mind.


“No you don’t! Slicing Phoenix!” Lakshman shouted and he swung the invisible sword at it.


A phoenix bird covered in fire was unleased and it soared straight at the dark light. Upon contact, the dark light slowly got diminished and was no more. With the removal of the dark light, the white light returned to normal.


A while later, the officials of the capital came to investigate the damage. Upon finding the monster, they tried to kill it, but Lakshman intervened.


“It’s harmless now. So let it into the wild where it belongs,” Lakshman had told them.


“What?! Are you insane?!” One of the officials shouted at him.


In an instant, Lakshman grabbed the man’s shirt and lifted him closer to him. While glaring fiercely at him through the mask, Lakshman said “Are you going to mess with me?!”


The official suddenly realised he was dealing with the Phoenix Titan. History has proven that it was never helpful to mess with the Phoenix Titan.


So the monster was carried out and Lakshman awaked it with a “Wake Up” healing spell. He found it strange how that healing spell was capable of restoring the victim’s vitality and wakes them up.


The monster woke up and grumbled. It looked at Lakshman for a moment before snorting and walking towards the trees. Watching it go, he sighed to himself.


“Prideful monsters are really something…” He thought in his mind and he heard Tetra laugh.


Still, it puzzled Lakshman. Over the past few days, random monsters have been summoned. After being summoned, they promptly go on a rampage and start attacking everything in sight. It was as if someone was making all of the chaos purposefully to throw everyone into disarray.


Lakshman quickly left and went on his way back to the hotel by jumping over buildings. This became his usual way of getting anywhere around town while being the Sacred Armoured Phoenix Titan.


“I’m back!” He said when he landed on the veranda.
“Welcome back, master!” Ondine came to greet him.


“I’m hungry!”


“Ah! Then will you have dinner or… have me instead?” Ondine said while blushing.


Lakshman remained silent for a moment as he stared at her. Then he moved forward and instantly dropped a karate chop on her head.


“Ouch! Master! Why did you hit me?!”


“Ondine! I’m only thirteen! I’m not old enough for that sort of stuff!”


Ondine moaned in disappointment and said “Rumble said it would cheer you up.”


“Rumble…! You…!” Lakshman muttered in annoyance.


“Anyway! I’ll go prepare dinner now, master! So please get changed!” Ondine said as he headed towards the kitchen.


After she left, Lakshman sighed and put his sword down. Just then, the front door opened and Darian walked in.


“Ah! You’re back!” Darian said brightly when he saw Lakshman.


“I’m back. Now to take off the amour. Armour—!”


“No, no, no! Don’t take your armour off just yet!” Darian told him in a hurry.


“Eh? Why not?”


“Because today we’re have a guest. He wants to meet you, the Sacred Armoured Phoenix Titan. I think things will get better if we convince him to join our cause.”


“Um… Is this something like that ridiculous Felix Freedom Faction?” Lakshman asked apprehensively.


“No! Our goal is simply to sort out the Phoenix Clan before they are completely lose!” Darian said in a firm voice.


“Oh. Okay then.”


With that, Darian left the room. A few minutes later, he came and was followed in by an old man. This man had long white beard and his hair fell down to his waist. The man was wearing spectacles perched on his nose. Just from appearance alone, Lakshman thought the man was strong and well respected.


“Ah. The mighty Sacred Armoured Phoenix Titan. It is an honour!” The man said and he grasped both of Lakshman’s hands tightly while looking at him warmly.


“Y-Y-Yes,” Lakshman said hastily.


They sat in chairs in the front room as Rumble and Wolfenstine joined them. Then Marilia came carrying a tray of drinks. They thanked her while taking their respective glasses. Lakshman took the water glass while everyone took the glasses with juice in them.


“Lakshman. This here is Dalban Manjes. He is a Phoenix Sage from the Phoenix Clan,” Darian said as he introduced the man to Lakshman.


Dalban nodded and said “I am and I’m here to request your assistance in a matter concerning the Phoenix Clan.”


“My assistance?” Lakshman asked in surprise and Dalban nodded.


“That’s right. Currently the Phoenix Clan has been turning darker and darker. Everywhere I look, I see faces full of distrust and confusion. At first, there was only confusion, but now the Phoenix Clan are slowly turning to the dark side.”


“Isn’t it because Felix was assured of treason?”


Dalban nodded sadly and said “That’s right. Felix was accused of being near Demons during his time away and the clan believed due to proofs. I looked into the matter and discovered them to be illusions, but no one is listening to me.”


“What a load of crap!’ Rumble said angrily.


“It seems some of them are possibly working with demons to turn the clan towards darkness. The first Phoenix Titan created the clan to ensure the world and its people remain safe. That is also why we were granted long lives compared to normal humans.”


“So… What do you want me to do? Go talk to them or something?” Lakshman asked finally.


Dalban shook his head and said “No. If that happens, we will lose our face in public.”




At that moment, Darian pulled out a rolled paper from his pocket. He unrolled it as he gave it to Lakshman to read. It was a sheet which was the sign-up sheet of a competition that was going to be held in two weeks.


“Um… Do you want me to join this? Why?” Lakshman asked him.


“Read what it says about the winner getting the prize,” Darian said and Lakshman looked down.


“The winner of the competition will receive the Legendary Sword of Justice? What’s this Legendary Sword of Justice?”


“It’s an extremely powerful sword. Just as there are Sacred Spirits, there exists Legendary Weapons. These weapons are told be have been forged by the gods and given to their chosen wilders. Now they are passed around and were forgotten how powerful they truly are,”

Dalban said to him.


“It’s also the sword Felix wields which was taken by the people without knowing its potential! Felix knew of its power, but refused to use it because of how dangerous it was,” Wolfenstine told him.


“He was indeed unable to make the Phoenix Blade his, but he was chosen by the Legendary Sword of Justice. However, because of what happened, it was taken from him. My intel has confirmed that demons, masquerading as humans in disguise, are entering the tournament to obtain it,” Dalban told them.


“If they have it, they can wage a full scale war on us! Lands will get destroyed with a single swung of that sword! People will not survive its might if it falls into the wrong hands!” Darian said in a serious voice.


“That’s scary…! So that’s why you want me to enter the tournament and win it back!” Lakshman said and everyone nodded at him.


He looked down at the sheet and thought about it. If what they are telling was the truth, it meant that sword was dangerous and needs to be back in the right hands. Again, it made him wonder where Felix was at that time.


“Master. Felix would’ve wanted you to win that sword back! It’ll be a disaster if it falls into the wrong hands!” Tetra told him in his mind.


“I know… I know…”


There was nothing else to it. The only thing he can do now was join the tournament and win it back. He realised he would face strong warriors, but he felt confident with in his skills. He had trained thoroughly with Darian, Rumble and Marilia and received help from Wolfenstine.


“Okay! I’ll do it!” Lakshman said firmly and they all smiled.


Thus, Lakshman signed up for the Battle of Prematria tournament.

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    “Atop a building, a lone person watched the destruction the monster was causing. That man was none other than Lakshman as the”

    You didn’t complete the whole sentence.

    “Ah! Then will you have dinner or… have me instead?” Ondine said while blushing

    I never expect Ondine would be brave enough to actually said that to Lucky.

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