Ever since then, Lakshman trained inside the Gravity Chamber. He began his training under five-hundred times gravity. The intensity of the training put a lot of pressure on his body. He barely had any chance to get his body moving.

The reason for this was because Sevedant was unimpressed by how low his reactions were. So he put him in there to train his body and improve his movement.

So Lakshman stood still for a few minutes. Then he made vague movement with his legs in his attempt to move. In the initial training time, he barely managed to move his feet a few centimetres.

The additional problem added to this was the punishment on food. Sevedant had demanded Marilia and everyone else to not feed Lakshman if he did not manage to conquer the intense gravity training. They knew he did not mean it literally, but it also made it impossible for them to ignore.

The training with the intense gravity constantly caused Lakshman to collapse. Being tired and the lowered food caused him to get quickly tired. Ondine or Emilia were the ones to find him collapsed and they would immediately go call for help.

“This intense gravity training is stupid! Master is going through so much pain!” Ondine said one night.

A few minutes ago, Darian and Rumble carried Lakshman out of the portal and into his room. There he slept soundly while moaning softly at his aching body.

“I think it is good,” Tetra said much to their surprise.

“What?! Training at five-hundred times gravity is good?!” Ondine exclaimed in a shocked voice.

Tetra nodded and said “Think about it. Master has been able to fight properly because I was constantly there to help him. However, what if a situation arises when I’m not there. What will he do then?”

“Are you saying master was constantly looking for help from us or something?”

“All I’m saying is that master needs to become even stronger! As he is right now, he will never achieve the rank of the King! It’s the truth!”

“What makes you say that, Tetra?” Emilia asked curiously while Ondine looked shocked.

Tetra looked at her and said “A few weeks ago, master engaged against an enemy who appeared to be on his level. Then, as the man powered up, we realised the opponent was actually a King ranked warrior! If the fight had continued on, I don’t think master would’ve survived.”

She was referring to the first battle Lakshman had when he appeared as the Sacred Armoured Phoenix Titan for the first time. This was a plan to make people have some hope and faith while also causing the Phoenix Clan to become aware.

“You mean he fought against someone of that rank and lived? Wow…!” Emilia said in an impressed voice.

Emilia, not knowing about the plan, simply assumed Lakshman fought against a random guy causing trouble. Knowing this, Ondine and Tetra loomed at each other for a moment before shrugging their shoulders.

Sevedant often returned to check whether Lakshman was making progress or not. He would nod in satisfaction at seeing the intense training Lakshman was enduring. In a week, Lakshman had gone up to six-hundred times gravity which impressed Sevedant.

Then he made a Meditation Chamber appear. In it, all noise was cut out and only silence remained. Sevedant made Lakshman sit down, close his eyes and meditate for a few hours. This was to enhance his concentration, sensing ability and improve the power of mind.

“You’re not acquiring knowledge, but you are developing your mind to remain calm. Keeping concentration and not letting unnecessary factors reach you helps out greatly! After all, you don’t have the luxury of taking a break in an intense battle,” Rumble told him after Sevedant left.

So Lakshman also started his training in deep meditation. At first, he found the quiet and stillness to be painful to bear. He often shouted aloud to make some noise, but he quickly realised that was wrong. Medication meant for him to sit still and meditate deeply.

It took him a lot longer to get the hang of it. Unnecessary thoughts kept cropping up in his mind only after ten minutes. Not wanting to give up, he persisted and continued to meditate. He eventually began to hear the noises from outside as his hearing was enhanced. Then he began to feeling flow of energy as if it was the breeze.

A few hours later, he slowly reopened his eyes. It took him a moment to get accustomed to the light the walls were conjuring within the room. As he walked out of the room, he began to feel the peace of nature and the flow of energy.

That was when he understood the deeper meaning behind that training. Up until then, he always had a strange sensation whenever he used energy. Now he knew the flow of energy was just like the wind; it flows along naturally like the energy that his body burns when exercising.

Before long, his training gravity and meditation training reached high levels. The Gravity Chamber was finally set to nine-hundred times gravity. The Meditation Chamber began to randomly change its environment to pressure him mentally and physically; hot, boiling hot, cold, super cold and stale.

Lakshman would grit his teeth tightly as the intense training felt like it was going to tear his arms off. The changing environment training caused him to concentrate even harder to maintain his focus. He knew everything will be smashed if he gave in to the instantaneous emotions.

“Clam and sincere,” he muttered those words to reassure himself.

Very soon, he finally hit the thousand times gravity goal. Even in meditation, he would sweat or freeze, but would not budge. Keeping himself calm and sincere helped him maintain his composure. It also supported to control his emotions from bursting out.

While he was training, Ondine, Tetra and Emilia had constantly visited the Labyrinth. They went to hunt monsters and collect anything they could. This was their way of being useful to Lakshman. It was also their way of training since they could no longer match his training.

One day, Sevedant returned to the hotel room to find only Marilia.

“Marilia, where is everyone?”

Marilia looked at him and said “The girls went out to the Labyrinth. The boys are in your world training.”

“Okay. Thanks,” Sevedant said and he nodded at her.

He walked over to the white glowing hole in the wall and walked into it. He appeared in a place with clouds surrounding the place. Sunlight screamed forth from the horizon. The scene before him made him appreciate its beauty.

Then he walked into the building and found two warriors standing outside the Gravity Chamber. Darian and Rumble had their arms folded and impressive expressions on their faces.

“How’s it going?” Sevedant asked as he walked towards them.

They turned around saw him. Then Rumble snorted and Darian said “How it’s going? See for yourself!”

Sevedant reached them and looked into the Gravity Chamber. He was surprised to see Lakshman with a sword and making swinging movements. He watched as Lakshman brandished the sword and began swinging it as if he was fighting invisible enemies.

Sevedant noted that his swordplay, the reaction speed and the flow were much better than last time. Then he wondered at what gravity Lakshman was training at because he simply forgot.

“Lakshman. What gravity is it?” Sevedant asked curiously.

Lakshman stopped swinging his sword. As he turned around, he smiled and said “Thousand times gravity!”

“Really? Let me check,” Sevedant said and he walked into the chamber.

In an instant, he felt a thug on his body and he instantly realised this was thousand times gravity. He was astonished that Lakshman managed to conquer thousand times gravity in just three weeks.

“This is surprising. You are impressive. Not easy to conquer thousand. Usually around a year or two. Mostly normal,” Sevedant told him in his usual manner.

Lakshman nodded and said “I’ve been at it day and night nonstop! You said I wouldn’t get to eat properly if I didn’t train my hardest! So I pushed myself until I felt my body was about to break!” Lakshman said cheerfully.

Sevedant shook his head in amazement as he said “Really surprising… Who are you?”

“Me? I’m Lakshman Chand!” Lakshman said with a cheerful grin on his face.

“I see… Then let us see. Have you become strong? Let me test.”

“Sure!” Lakshman said energetically.

They deactivated the Gravity Chamber and made their way into the open space. Once again, they wielded their respective weapons ready. This time, Rumble took up the position as the referee to conduct the battle.

“Are you ready?” Rumble shouted as he looked at both ends.

Lakshman and Sevedant nodded their heads at them. At that moment, Ondine, Tetra and Emilia came through the portal with cheerful grins on their faces. Then they faltered at seeing their master and Sevedant about to engage in battle.

Ondine sighed heavily and said “Why is it that warriors have to settle everything by fighting it out?”

“What are you saying, Ondine? They are warriors and fighting great battles is what makes them who they are!” Emilia said enthusiastically.

“You’re rather hyped to see this battle…”

“I am! Master’s finally conquered the thousand times gravity and in just three weeks! Time to see what he can do!”

“How do you know master finished his training?” Tetra asked curiously.

Emilia laughed and said “It’s obvious! They are about to fight again and that means master completed his training!”

“Mmm… Well…! I hope master can do better than last time,” Ondine said casually, but secretly crossed her finger and silently prayed.

At that moment, Rumble shouted “Set…!”

The two warriors prepared themselves and took fighting stances.

“Show me what you got, Lakshman!” Sevedant shouted so he could hear him.

Lakshman nodded and quietly said “Don’t worry…”

Rumble looked at each side and shouted “Fight!”

In an instant, Sevedant charged forward. His moved so fast, he looked like a blur. The next, he appeared directly in front of Lakshman.

“Oh no! Master can’t react!” Ondine shouted in a panicked voice.

Sevedant began to swing his sword at Lakshman. His aim was to simply put a scratch on Lakshman’s body, but he was taken aback at how open Lakshman was for an attack.

He swung his sword and was amazed when the sword went straight through Lakshman. It was as if he was there, but not there at the same time. For a second, it mystified Sevedant as he quickly prepared to swing the sword back.

“Not a chance,” Lakshman said and he grinned at the Death Titan.

In the next instant, Lakshman switched his sword to the left hand and pulled his right arm back. He had bunched his hand into a fist and then brought it forward. With a strong impact, Lakshman hammered his fist into Sevedant’s masked face.

The force of impact was so powerful, it blasted Sevedant back. He quickly sailed through the air and smashed into the structures on the other side. Dust rose into the air from the destroyed structure as Lakshman grinned with his outstretched arm with his clenched fist.

“This is what I can show you!” he said fiercly.

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