Final Test



“Today’s the last day of training remembering that tomorrow is when the tournament begins! So we’re going to see how far Lakshman had come in his training!” Felix said in a firm voice.


It was the day before the tournament was due in. Felix had gathered everyone and spoke seriously to them. He was doing this to ensure Lakshman was in top shape. This was also to demonstrate to others how far he has come.


“Okay, Lucky! Show us what you got!” Felix said and he stepped down.


“R-Right…!” Lakshman said nervously.


When he stepped onto the platform, he felt a little nervous. This was a demonstration which is nothing, but to see what he could do. Even so, he felt nervous because of all the eyes looking at him.


“You can do it, master!” Ondine shouted.


“Show us your full power, master!” Emilia shouted.


At their shouts, he smiled and drew strength from their encouragement. Then he turned towards where Sevedant stood.


“Aim there,” Sevedant said and he pointed into the distance.


“Alright…! I got this!” Lakshman said and he smiled with confidence.


When Sevedant moved away, a surge of power erupted around Lakshman as he prepared his attack. Wind blew fast and blew his spiky hair as he gathered energy for his attack.


As he gathered energy into the palm of his right hand, he shouted “Infinity Blaze Cannon!”


In an instant, the energy turned into a ball of energy. Right his right hand, Lakshman aimed and unleashed the energy. As it was released, a powerful beam of energy soared straight down and flew at the point Sevedant pointed out.


There was an impact and a massive explosion erupted. It rocked the whole place as wind, dust and rocks went everywhere. The spectators were buffeted by the sheer force of the impact.


Once everything settled, Felix shouted “King Ranked Energy Attack!”


At that, everyone clapped their hands together. It looked like Lakshman had become so strong, he now was able to use a King Ranked Energy Attack.


Being pleased with himself, Lakshman quickly gathered energy for his next attack and shouted “Fire Style, Destructive Blaze!”


In an instant, when he released his the energy, a massive wave of energy was unleashed. It soared into the distance and caused an impact so powerful, it created a blinding flash of light. Then a huge explosion occurred and sent an immense force of wind in their direction.


“Force Wall!” Felix shouted and he cast a barrier around them to shield themselves from the destructive force of the explosion.


Once it was over, Felix sighed and announced “Fire King Magician!”


“Awesome!” Ondine and Emilia said together as they clapped each other’s hands together.


Lakshman breathed a sigh and wiped the sweat off his forehead. Then he prepared for his next attack which he quickly gathered energy for and shouted “Water Style, Hydro Flash Cannon!”


Large quantities of water began gathering in front of him. Then he unleashed it in a beam wave forward. At that moment, Sevedant caused five layers of walls to appear in front of it. With the surge of power, Lakshman sent the attack towards it and destroyed all the layers.


“Water King Magician!” Felix shouted with a wide smile on his face.


The next attack Lakshman unleashed as he shouted “Wind Style, Aero Jet!”


It sent a shocking force of wind towards the walls. Again, Sevedant raised five layers of walls and they were easily cut down into pieces by the attack. Felix announced it to be a Wind King Magician.


“Earth Strike!” Lakshman shouted for his next attack and he stomped the ground.


In an instant, the ground began to shake violently. Then spikes began popping out of the ground everywhere. Sevedant jumped off the platform in an instant to avoid getting hit by the spiked earth. Additionally, they were as tall as an average human being.


“Mmm… Could improve, but it’s still an Earth King Magician attack!” Felix announced and everyone clapped cheerfully.


After that, Lakshman performed various other strong techniques. For each and every one of them, Felix announced what rank it made him.


Magic Style Technique Name Magic Rank
Gravity Magic Type LevitationWhich caused everyone to levitate into the air, including the rocks and other materials King (Gravity King Magician)
Barrier Magic Type Force WallStopped warriors from attacking him directly due to the wall like barrier King (Barrier King Magician)
Healing Magic Type Healing HarmonyRestores the vitality, energy and physical strength along with healing wounds King (Healing King Magician)
Amplify Magic Type TelepatacheCauses the people to become disturbed by a high pitch whistling noise in their ears King (Amplify King Magician)
Transport Magic Type Infinity StepMove so fast the user would virtually become invisible King (Transport King Magician)
Illusion Magic Type One Man ArmyCreates an illusion of there being a hundred of the user around Sage (Illusion Sage Magician)
Summoning Magic Type UtilitySummons a utility item the user could use for daily basis Intermediate (Intermediate Summoning Magician)


Once the magic testing was done, Felix clapped his hands and said “Impressive! Apart from the Summoning Magic Type, you’ve basically reached the King Ranked Magician now!”


“Thanks, Felix,” Lakshman said with a wide smile on his face.


Nodding at him, Felix said “Now… Let’s see if that’s true for your sword styles!”


Then the two of them fought using their swords. Felix was wielding a borrowed sword while Lakshman wielded the Phoenix Blade. They stood on the platform and prepared to fight each other.


“Ready…! Begin!” Sevedant shouted as he acted the role of the referee.


At the sound of the battle command, Lakshman and Felix charged at each other. For a few seconds of them, clashed swords several times at incredible speeds. Each clash released sparks and energy as they attacked each other.


“Now, Lakshman! Show me how good you’ve gotten with your Water Sword Style!” Felix shouted at him.


Lakshman smiled confidently and said “With pleasure.”


He instantly moved forward and disappeared. Felix sensed that Lakshman was going to appear behind him. So he instantly turned to block him. Then he was surprised to find that there was no one behind him.


“Behind you…” Lakshman said quietly.


Felix gritted his teeth and became angry at himself. Using Infinity Step technique, he swirled around and caught Lakshman’s sword strike.


For a moment, they stood firmly with their sword pushing against each other. The next moment, Lakshman’s smile widened and he performed a powerful swing of the sword. This caused Felix to raise his sword up due to reflection and step back in surprise.


Felix instantly brought his sword down and saw Lakshman disappear. Then he heard Lakshman shout “I’m above!”


Felix quickly looked up and saw Lakshman about to strike. With another Infinity Step, Felix brought his sword up and blocked Lakshman’s attack. He smiled, but it quickly vanished because of what suddenly happened.


Lakshman slammed his sword with a powerful swing. The swing was so powerful, it caused the ground beneath Felix to give way. Felix’s eyes widened in shock as he suddenly realised Lakshman overpowered him in an instant.


“Alright! That’s enough!” Sevedant said loudly and the two warriors stopped fighting.


As the two of them panted slightly from being out of breath, Lakshman asked “How… How was it?”


Felix nodded at him and said “Yes. It was pretty good. You’re now a Water Sword King!”




As Lakshman punched his fist into the air, Sevedant looked at Felix and said “You held back…!”


Felix chuckled and said “I did, but so did Lakshman! If we fought for real, my sword would’ve snapped clean off! Although… I wouldn’t have been wounded at all since I’m still stronger than him!”


“I see…” Sevedant said and he looked at Lakshman cheerful about his advancement in the Water Sword Style.


Then the two of them fought with two swords. The battle proved to be evenly matched, but that soon changed. Lakshman proved to be faster than Felix and gave him a tough time. Lakshman finished the battle by slamming his two swords at Felix who tried to block and causes the ground to give way again.


“North Sword King!” Felix said with a sigh.


“Finally…! I’ve become like Darian and Rumble! I’m now a King Ranked Warrior!” Lakshman exclaimed triumphantly.


“Yes, but let’s see how you do in a full on battle!” Felix said and Lakshman smiled energetically at him.


The finally training battle was about to start. Lakshman was up against Felix, Sevedant, Darian and Rumble. Felix did offer Wolfenstine a chance to fight, but he opted to just watch.


“I feel my place to fight in this world is elsewhere,” Wolfenstine said and he smiled at them.


He did, however, decide to be the referee for the battle. With excitement, he smiled and looked towards the two ends to check if they were ready. When they nodded, he said “Rumble!”


It was a strange command, but it was a battle command they were familiar with. Darian and Felix were the first one to reach Lakshman and started fighting him. The battle suddenly ranged at super-fast with the three warriors fighting each other with their swords glowing brightly with energy coursing through them.


“Slicing Blast!” Lakshman shouted and he unleashed a strong wave of energy at them.


Both Felix and Darian redirected it away and shouted their own energy attacks.


“Slicing Phoenix!”


“Slicing Cannon!”


Two powerful slicing energies were released and they soared directly at him.


Lakshman quickly reacted by holding his right sword with his left hand. Then he aimed his hand at the slicing waves of energy and shouted “Burning Phoenix!”
In an instant, a mini-bird like figure erupted from his hand. It soared towards the two energy attacks and slammed into them. A violent explosion erupted which sent wild wind and dust everywhere.


Even through the dust covered platform, the battle still raged on. Felix and Darian fought hard, but it appeared that Lakshman’s increased reflexes were working in his favour. They were unable to land a blow, even though all three of them had their eyes closed.


“Damn! You’re too lucky!” Felix shouted in annoyance as the dust cleared.


“That’s my nickname! I think you understand what it means!” Lakshman said with a wide grin on his face.


“Don’t be so confident! We’ll defeat you!” Darian said


All three of them were breathing quickly and they continued to fight on. Watching the fight, Ondine and Emilia were gripping their hands tightly. Just then, they felt a nudge from behind them.


“Want some?” Marilia asked as she held a wrapping bag full of popcorn.


“Uh… Sure…” the girls said distractedly and took it from her.


Then all three of them went back to watching the fight while eating popcorn. Wolfenstine, on the other hand, was staring at them with his mouth open. He could not believe how the girls were treating this like some sort of spectacle.


Just then, Lakshman jumped high into the air and landed away from Felix and Darian. Then he charged towards them and, with powerful force, knocked their swords out of their hands. Then he kicked them away just as Sevedant and Rumble reached him.


Lakshman jumped into the air and did an amazing flip before landing behind the two. Then he elbowed them in the back so hard that it knocked the wind out of them. At that moment, Felix returned and began hand-to-hand combat with Lakshman.


“Tetra! Go take rest!” Lakshman shouted and he threw the swords aside.


While in mid-air, Tetra transformed into her human form and landed while clutching the other sword. She looked at her master and appeared to have puffed up cheeks.


“You don’t throw ladies like that, master!” Tetra shouted at him, but the intensity of the battle made it unable for him to hear her.


She sighed and walked over to sit beside Ondine. Seeing her sadness, Ondine passed the popcorn bag to her. Tetra took some with a word of thanks and began eating while watching the fight.


Then Emilia asked “Who do you think will win?”


“Master! It’s a foregone conclusion!” Ondine said firmly.


“Yeah, but I feel it’s like a waste to always bet on master. I mean… Why not see if someone else wins for a change? Master seems to always win somehow…!”


“Emilia… If master heard you, he will seriously get angry…!” Tetra said and the girls laughed.


Wolfenstine was watching the girls instead of the fight and he had his mouth open. He could not believe the girls, being Lakshman’s comrades, would so daringly talk about that stuff when their master is in a heated training battle. Being unable to do anything, he sighed heavily and retuned to watching the battle.


The battle between Lakshman, Felix, Sevedant and Rumble raged fierce. The raging battle just got even more intense as they started to fire energy attacks at him. Lakshman easily deflected each of them with a wave of his hand and fired an energy beam in their direction.


“Curses!” Sevedant exclaimed as he dodged a beam attack.


“You’re going down today, Lucky!” Felix shouted and all three of them charged at him.


“No way!” Lakshman shouted and he charged at them.


All warriors converged at the centre of the platform. Felix bumped into Lakshman’s fist. Sevedan’t fist landed on Lakshman’s fast while Lakshman’s other fist smashed into his face. Rumble rucked around and landed a powerful blow on Lakshman’s stomach. Lakshman yelled in pain and released a powerful discharge of energy which blasted to the opposite ends of the platform.


As they stood up, Lakshman was rubbing his stomach as he stood firmly. They were glaring at each other fiercely. Then they charged at each other once more and the battle raged on.


Watching this, Wolfenstine muttered “Mmm… Maybe I should stop the battle?”


“I wouldn’t get in between them right now if I were you unless you want to really get knocked hard!” Darian said as he walked over and sat next to him with a sigh.


“Yeah, but… this is no longer a training battle! It’s like a real heated battle!”


“It is, but its fine! This is a great experience for Lakshman in how a prolonged heated battles feel like.


“S-Sure…” Wolfenstine and he sighed as he resigned to the fact this will take a while.


The battle did more than a while as it lasted far longer than thirty minutes. Both sides were not showing any weakness or slowing them as they battled fiercely. Felix, Sevedant, Rumble and Lakshman were fighting furiously with no-holds-barred.


Lakshman, however, was actually getting tired of this prolonged battle. Unlike the other three, he is a beginner at fighting such intense battles. Numerous times, he was nearly knocked out, but due to tactful flips and spins, he managed to land safely on the platform.


“I… have to end this… now!” Lakshman muttered when they were pushed by another energy explosion.


As the dust rose up and covered the platform, Lakshman said “One Man Army!”


For a moment, Felix, Sevedant and Rumble did not do anything. Then the dust cleared and they could see again.


“What?!” Felix shouted in shock.


Surrounding them and counting more than a hundred were Lakshmans. They realised that he used the One Man Army technique. Now it made it difficult for them to figure out who was the real Lakshman.


Rumble, however, was smiling as he said “This is good trick, Lakshman, but it has one flaw! One Man Army creates illusions of yourself and thus… they don’t have smell while you do!”


At his words, the army of Lakshmans said “What?!”


Rumble began sniffing around and instantly picked up Lakshman’s scent.


“Over there!” Rumble shouted and he pointed at the Lakshman standing behind them.


Realising he was figured out, Lakshman tried to escape, but Felix just said “Fusion Bombardment!”


In an instant, numerous energy attacks flew everywhere and hit the copies. As their exploded, it left Lakshman standing with a shocked expression on his face.


“It’s over!” Rumble shouted and he lunged forward with his fist raised.


Then, to everyone’s shock, his fist went straight through him.


“What?!” Rumble exclaimed in shock and the others were shocked to find out that Lakshman was just an illusion.


“W-What happened? Isn’t that Lakshman?” Felix asked with a shocked expression on his face.


“I swear! I smelled him here, but… I don’t get it!” Rumble said angrily.


Sitting at the seats, Ondine asked “W-What happened? Why did Rumble go straight through master?”


At that moment, Tetra had raised her eyes in surprise. Then a smile appeared on her face and she said “I see… Master tricked them!”


Then she began to laugh energetically and surprised everyone around her. They did not understand, but she seemed to understand what Lakshman just did there.


“If here’s not here… Where is he?!” Felix demanded in frustration.


Just then, everyone felt something power from behind. A lot energy was being gathered behind the veil of smoke caused by the explosions when Felix defeated the Lakshman illusions.


Felix, Sevedant and Rumble turned around and saw a brilliant bright light appear as the dust cleared. Then their eyes widened in shock as they saw a massive amount of energy in a ball of light gathering. They were shocked for a moment and then they noticed Lakshman standing there.


“Too much… Too powerful…!” Sevedant said in a warning voice.


“You’re right! It’s too darn powerful! Let’s take it out!” Felix shouted.


All three of them rushed forward to take it out. Just then, a wave of electricity charged in their direction and zapped them. They yelled in shock as the electricity coursed through their bodies. Then the shocking feeling vanished and everything returned to normal.


Felix, Sevedant and Rumble tried to move towards the gathering energy when they suddenly realised their bodies would not respond.


“C-Can’t move…!” Sevedant said slowly as he gritted his teeth.


He was right. They were unable to move. No matter how hard they tried, their bodies would not respond. It seemed the earlier discharge of electricity attached their nerves and frozen the activity between their brain and their limbs.


With no choice, they looked at the building energy and realised it was over.


The energy Lakshman gathered was finally ready. So he surged with pure fighting power and he screamed “POSITRON CANNON!!!! UUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”


In an instant, a wave of massive energy was unleashed. Felix looked at the incoming energy and smiled before everything turned white. The massive beam of energy destroyed the platform in front as it grooved its way ahead. Then it soared into the distance before explosion which created such a force that everyone got blown away by the wind.


After all that, a lot of dust filled the air and floated slowly away. There was no one sight except for the destruction caused by unleashing such a massive amount of energy.


Then a hand burst out of a rubble. Then the entire earth was moved as Darian crawled out of it. Along with him, Wolfesntine, Marilia, Ondine, Tetra and Emilia also got out of the rubble they were buried under. Then they began calling for their respective people.


“M-Master? Master!”


“Felix! Felix!




“Monkey face! Monkey head! Ah… Rumble…! Come on!”


To their shouts, only silence was their reply. They began to worry that the blast had killed them, but reassured each other it was not powerful enough to kill those four.


Just then, they suddenly felt something in the sky. When they looked up, they saw a bundle of bodies floating there. Then they slowly floated down and they saw who it was.


“L-Lakshman?!” Darian, Marilia and Wolfenstine exclaimed in a shocked voice.


As he descended, Lakshman smiled at them. Ondine, Tetra and Emilia were hugging each other and dancing around, happy to see their master alive and well. Then they saw Lakshman was holding onto Felix, Sevedant and Rumble.


As it turned out, all three of them were knocked out cold. Lakshman placed them on the ground once he landed. Then he panted quickly to catch his breath.


“M-Master…? You can fly…?” Ondine asked in astonishment.


He nodded and said “That’s right! I can fly, but it wasn’t easy… I had to a lot of concentration, focus and control of energy. Due to so much manipulation, I managed to fly when no one was looking.”


As Lakshman breathed out, Darian came to him with a serious expression on his face.


“Lakshman! Do you realise you just fired an Emperor Ranked Energy Attack?!” When Lakshman nodded, he demanded “Tell me why the hell you never told us you could use it?!”


“W-Well… It was still incomplete during my training. Plus, the Decisive Player advised me to use it under extreme conditions! I didn’t want to lose so I was forced to use it,” Lakshman told them and he smiled weakly.


“Honestly… This is why boys are such hot blooded idiots! Look at the mess you’ve created!” Marilia said in an annoyed voice.


“Oh well! Let’s take these three and return to the room. I’m exhausted…!” Darian said in a tired voice.


“Right…” Lakshman said and he suddenly stumbled.


Quickly reacting, Ondine, Tetra and Emilia grabbed him. Then, while supporting him, they walked him towards the portal. Wolfenstine grabbed Felix and Rumble to carry while Darian and Marilia assisted in moving Sevedant.


“You won, master…! You won! You defeated the Monkey King, Phoenix Emperor and the Death Titan!” Ondine said happily.


Lakshman chuckled and said “I might’ve defeated Rumble, but I doubt I would’ve won if Felix and Sevedant were taking me seriously…!”


“Even so, master… You did it! You’re now a King Ranked Warrior!” Emilia said and she sounded proud of the fact.


At her words, he laughed as he and the rest walked through the portal.


Lakshman won the day and destroyed the entire platform, barrier and the place. It looked like the place will require a lot of cleaning up to do before it can be used again. In the meantime, everyone rested so they can be ready for tomorrow’s Battle of Prematria tournament.

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