Destruction Round



“Thank you for your words of action, sir! That is Bernard IV Sargold, our king everyone! Now let’s get the battles started!”


At the announcer’s speech, the crowd roared and cheered. There was sheer excitement coursing through as the excitement energised everyone.


“Now welcome our contestants! I will call them one by one so please welcome them! Dian Helbort!”


A strongly build man carrying a mace slung over his shoulders. The crowd cheered at seeing the man walk onto the platform.


Then the speaker announced “Gram Selbart!”


A well-built man walked out and he had two sword attack to his back. He smiled and waved as the crowd cheered.


One by one, the warriors walked out as the announcer called their names out. The crowd would cheer loudly or normally for whoever they believed was stronger. It seemed they were making bets on who will win or lose judging from their appearance.


“Pathetic…!” Darian said in an irritated voice.


“Stupid…!” Wolfenstine and he looked annoyed.


“So much gambling going around…” Ondine muttered as she noticed the bets going around.


“Isn’t gambling wrong?” Emilia asked curious.


Felix sighed and said “It’s wrong, but it’s become a normal thing to do whenever something this big was being done.”


“They should all get arrested!” Darian said angrily.


“Ooh ooh ooh!” Mumble said and he nodded his head in agreement.


When the speaker announced the name Zenahart, everyone went quiet. Zenahart came out grinning at seeing that no one was cheering for him. They knew of him as the guy who caused a lot of damage, but were afraid to speak up.


“So the bastard’s come, has he?” Darian said and he glared as Zenahart stepped onto the platform.


“Is he bad?” Emilia asked when she saw them looking at him angrily.


Felix nodded at her and said “Yes, he is. He’s a human, but went and joined the demons. His motive is simply revenge against humans for personal reasons.”


“Oh…!” Emilia said she widened her eyes at his words.


A while later, the speaker reached the end of the list. Then he took a deep breath and said “Now! The last and final warrior to come out! He is known throughout history as the saviour of this world, a true hero of heroes and one who is invincible! Please welcome… the Phoenix Titan!”


At his announcement, everyone stood up and cheered loudly as the Sacred Armoured Phoenix Titan walked out. Darian and the group also stood up to get a better view. The Phoenix Titan walked confidently towards the platform without looking at anyone.


“Master! Master!” Ondine was shouting, but it was no use.


Lakshman could not hear her voice through the noise. In fact, he was ignoring all the noise because it annoyed him to listen to it. He never liked this kind of thing where people roared and cheered like wild animals.


“He’s looking in top shape!” Felix said in satisfied voice as everyone eventually sat back down.


“He’s looking good!” Wolfenstine said with a nod of satisfaction.


“Calm down, Emilia. Stop shaking like that!” Ondine said as she chuckled.


“I am calm, Ondine! I’m just excited to see master there!” Emilia said breathlessly.


Down below, Lakshman was ignoring everyone and that also included the warriors staring at them. Instead, he was looking in the direction of the one whom he fought weeks ago. Zenahart stared back at him with an evil grin on his face. Then he mouthed “I’ll kill you!”


“The bastard’s got a lot of nerve showing up here…!” Lakshman thought as he turned away.


“Be calm and relax, master. The battle’s about to begin…!” Tetra told him and she sounded excited.


Lakshman nodded his head in understanding. Then he looked up at the central tower and saw the princess. He was instantly mesmerised by her beauty.


“Wow… The princess is so beautiful…” he thought wonderingly.


Tetra got annoyed and said “Master…! Stop that! Now isn’t the time for it!”


“Oh… Oh! Oh yeah…! You’re right! My bad…!” Lakshman thought quickly when he felt her anger.


At that moment, the speaker’s voice boomed over the noise the people were making.


“Normally, there would be the elimination round and then the main match. However! Since there are so many contestants, we’ve brought in a Destruction Round. Basically the last one standing wins!”


As the crowd cheered, he said “If you’ve forgotten the rules, then listen very carefully! Warriors knocked out, that give up or fall out of the ring automatically lose! Also! No poking in the eyes or hitting under the belt or no killing allowed! If any of these happen, will automatically be disqualified!”


“Phew… They won’t kill each other…” Emilia said in relief.


Felix laughed and said “They might judging from their expressions, I feel sorry for any poor bastard that gets beaten up good!”


“You’re awfully bad mannered today,” Ondine said as she gave him a sidelong glance.


He looked at her with a grin and asked “You’re going to stop me?”


Realising she cannot do such a thing, she sighed and returned to watching the battle.


Down below, Lakshman heard the speaker speak the rules.


“So I just need to kick them out of the ring? That’s easy! I was thinking I might have to knock them out which will take a lot of effort…!” Lakshman thought with a smile of confidence that no one could see.


“Thank the rules, master,” Tetra told him sternly.


“Now…! Let the Destruction Round… BEGIN!”


At the announcer’s command, the warriors all roared and the crowd cheered. In an instant, everyone rushed towards Lakshman. They knew they will lose if they do not take him down first.


Lakshman smiled as he began concentrating energy on the ground. Then, just before they reached him, he shouted “Shock Blast!”


In an instant, a powerful shocking energy was released. It caused the ground to shake violently which caused the warriors to stumble. Then a powerful blast erupted which caused dust and people to rocket into the sky. The air was full of flailing warriors as they soared through the air and landed outside the ring.


Up at the seats, Felix whistled and said “Wow! Shock Blast and right on his first move too! Dang! He’s not holding back at all!”


As the people crashed outside the ring, the announcer shouted “Wow! A powerful blast just went off inside the ring and more than half the contestants have fallen outside the ring!”


The dust cleared and revealed an amazing sight. The remaining contestants were attacking the Sacred Armoured Phoenix Titan with everything they go. He was moving very quickly as he sent energy attacks in every direction.


“Wow! They’re really attacking me!” Lakshman thought as he quickly moved and dodged their attacks.


“Strike back, master! We need to show them out might!” Tetra told him.


“AARRRGGGHHH!!!” Lakshman roared and he began attacking them.


With a powerful force, he punched one man. He soared back and took four people out before falling out of the ring. Then Lakshman was suddenly kicked in the side by someone, but he instantly reacted by swirling around and landing a round-house kick on their face. The man got knocked out and was kicked out of the ring.


Then Lakshman landed on his feet and dashed forward towards three warriors with their fists clenched. They had a hand-to-hand combat running and they were fight at incredible speeds. The three warriors proved to be very skilled, but to Lakshman, it did not matter.


“Compared to Felix, Sevedant and Rumble, these guys are easy!” Lakshman thought confidently.


He moved in an instant and landed a clenched fist on the side of one man’s face. As the man was sent flying out of the ring, Lakshman followed up and landed a power punch on the next man’s stomach with his left hand. Frozen from the shocking impact, Lakshman swirled around and landed his fist on the third man’s face and sent him flying out.


Just then, Lakshman heard a surge of power from nearby and saw someone floating high up in the air with purple balls of energy. Then they began shooting at him which caused Lakshman to quickly kick the man to safety and evade the energy attacks. He moved really quickly, but the rain of purple energy attacks did not stop.


Then the figure, in the air, shouted “Guided Rockets!”


In an instant, around fifteen purple balls of energy flew in Lakshman’s direction. He quickly moved past them and thought he had evaded them. Just then, he saw them flying back at him and he realised he they were locked on him.


The figure shouted happily “I’m going to defeat you, Phoenix Titan!”


Lakshman gritted his teeth and he soared high into the air. The fifteen energy balls following him as he flew around trying to shake them, but it no use. The purple energy balls continued to tail him endlessly.


Watching this, the speakers shouted “Well, well, well! It looks like the mighty Phoenix Titan is having trouble shaking the Guided Rockets!”


Darian and others watched him flying around and evaded the balls of energy.


“Oh no! Master’s being tailed by those things!” Emilia said nervously and she gripped her hand tightly.


“It’s fine! He can handle it, no problems!” Felix said confidently.


Hearing the confidence in his voice, Emilia smiled. Then she returned to watching the battle.


Lakshman was soaring around. He attempted a few manoeuvre in the air, but it no good. The instant he did something, the energy balls would react instantly. Deciding there was only one choice, he returned to flying around and then soared directly at their owner.


“Oh? Come at me and then turn away at the last second so I get hit by my own attacks? Ha! As if I’ll fall for that!” the person shouted as she took her cloak off to reveal she was a woman.


As Lakshman neared her, she quickly conjured more purple energy balls and sent it in his direction. In an instant, Lakshman widened his eyes in shock as he quickly realised he could not turn away to avoid them.


“Oh no…! Master!” Ondine and Emilia shouted as the energy balls soared straight at him.


He stopped flying and was instantly hit by the energy balls, but they just went straight through him.


“What?!” the woman exclaimed in shock at seeing her energy balls go straight through him as if he was not there.


Then, as she looked around, she heard a voice from behind her say “That was pretty good chasing me around with those energy balls! I’m quite impressed!”


She whipped around and saw Sacred Armoured Phoenix Titan floating there. She tried to get away, but he instantly slapped her on the back. She went plummeting before smashing hard into the ground.


The woman then got up a few seconds later and raised her hands at him. Her energy balls gathered in front of her and she shouted “Magnetic Flash Cannon!”


In an instant, a purple energy formed in the centre of the rotating energy balls. Then it got released in a mighty beam of energy.


Lakshman grinned and he quickly reacted by releasing an evenly matched beam attack with his right hand. The two beams clashed and began to struggle as their respective users struggled to push forward.


Just then, a man appeared behind him and shouted “I got you, Phoenix Titan!”


Lakshman sensed his presence and he quickly pulled out his sword to block the man’s sword. He began to struggle as he was forced to fend off a beam struggle and the clashing swords.


Then he saw two appear in front of him and felt the presence of two more behind. It was a tight situation he was in. Both his arms were busy and he only had his legs to rely on which was not possible to block against four different attacks.


Realising there was only one thing he could do in that situation, he shouted “Force Blast!”


In an instant, energy gathered in front of him. Then, as it got released, a shock was released which sent him the other way. The attack sailed forward and hit the two which caused them to land outside the ring. Then the purple beam of energy sailed up and hit the man Lakshman was defending against with his sword.


As the man fell down in pain, Lakshman soared straight at the two warriors. They raised swords and tried to stab him only to find out he had vanished. Lakshman had used Infinity Step in mid-air to dodge their attack and reappear behind them.


Grabbing the two by their heads, he began smashing them together a several times. Then he sent then flying out of the ring.


Seeing the Phoenix Titan fighting so brilliantly, the crowd were going wild. They had never seen such amazing techniques or the stunts being done before. It was making them very energetic and crazy to think normally.


“Wow! Master’s doing so great! He’ll definitely win the tournament!” Ondine said happily.


They were all thinking the same. They were very impressed Lakshman had come so far in this one week of training.


“I can’t believe he used Infinity Step in mid-air! Lucky’s come a long way since… I don’t know…!” Felix said in an impressed voice.


“He’s not the only one doing good…!” Marilia said unhappily.


They looked at the other side of the ring. Zenahart was fighting the warriors with his two swords easily. He moved between them and took them out like a breeze. In fact, he easily defeated his opponents effortlessly while Lakshman demonstrated excellent fighting combat and the show of power.


“It looks like these two will be the last two remaining…!” Darian said in a worried voice.


“Is it bad?” Ondine asked anxiously.


Darian shook his while Wolfenstine narrowed his eyes. It was Felix that said “He’s a danger to everyone and that includes even Lucky. Let’s see what happens…!”


Ondine and Emilia looked at them in alarm. Then they looked at each other before shrugging their shoulders. Working constantly was not going to help their master at all and they knew it. Instead, they decided to cross their fingers and hoped for the best.


“AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!” Lakshman screamed as he launched a powerful blast at the woman.


Finally, after several minutes of struggling, he finally knocked her out of the ring. At that moment, he suddenly realised there was no one around to fight him anymore. He breathed easily as he lowered himself to the ground.


Then he heard a cackling laughter from behind the cloud of dust. Then a sword swung and sent a slicing shockwave at him. Lakshman instantly reacted and redirected it with his armoured hands.


Seeing that display of skill, the man from behind the cloud of dust laughed. Then he swung his sword which caused the dust to clear, revealing who it was.


“We meet again!” Zenahart said as he smiled with an evil expression on his face.


“Yes…” Lakshman said slowly as he became wary of him.


Just then, the dust cleared and revealed the ring to be completely deserted. It looked like all the other warriors were lying unconscious outside the ring.


Seeing that, the speaker shouted “What a sight! Out of the three-hundred warriors, now only two warriors remained! The remaining warriors are the Phoenix Titan and Zenahart! Let’s see who the best out of them is!”


The crowd roared and cheered, but the two warriors heard nothing of it. They were glaring at each other fiercely. In their previous fight, Lakshman was weaker and that man was pulled away. Now there was nothing to stop them anymore.


“It’s just the two of us now…!” Zenahart said fiercely.


“Yeah…!” Lakshman said fiercely.


The two warriors jumped to the opposite ends and squared off. Everyone went silent and waited as the two of them prepared to do battle.

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