Deathly Carnival



The Phoenix Titan, which was Lakshman, faced Zenahart. They were glaring at each other, although Lakshman’s expression hidden by the mask he wore. Even the crowd had gone silent as the tension between them grew.


The two warriors suddenly started yelling “RAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR!!!”


Then they charged at each other by forcefully kicking off the ground. Then shot across the ring and straight at each other. They came closer and closer until both smashed into each other.


There was a loud band of metal hitting metal as the Phoenix Titan’s mask hammered into Zenahart’s head gear. The force of the impact was not powerful enough to break the helmets, but it pushed the two warriors away for several meters.


The speaker shouted “Wow! The first move they made was to head-butt each other! What will their next move be?!”


“Gah! They seriously head-butted each other!” Felix exclaimed in shock.


“I hope master’s fine!” Emilia said in a worried voice.


Ondine chuckled and said “Emilia! Relax! This is master we’re talking about! He’s be totally fine with just that much!”


“Y-Yeah! You’re right!” Emilia said and she nodded at her.


Just then, the two warriors straightened up and screamed at each other again. This time, they pulled out their swords and charged at each other. They shot at each other and slammed into each other with their swords clashing fiercely.


There was a sudden bang and the two were blasted away again. They rolled in mid-air and landed, but they feet got dragged on the ground.


“Goddammit!” Zenahart yelled as he charged forward yet again.


“That’s what I want to say!” Lakshman shouted before charging forward.


The two shot at each other and, this time, began to fight fiercely. The speed of their battle was so intense, violent sparks kept bursting out. Each clash of their swords sent a violent force of energy towards the spectators, but were saved due to the barrier.


The clashing force, the speed of their movement and the intensity of their battle was raging high. Everyone was frozen into silence by the sheer immensity of their battle. Even Darian and the group watched the battle with their eyes wide open in shock.


“RAAAWWWRRRR! Sonic Blade!” Zenahart yelled and he swung his sword at Lakshman.


Lakshman instantly got out of the way and sent a return wave with a shout of “Hyper Blade!”


Now the two warriors began attacking each other with long ranged energy slicing waves. The force of the attacks created explosions. Dust kept rising into the air to cover the platform, the warriors and all of the surroundings. Even so, the clashing sounds of their battle could be heard.


“Dammit! I can’t see!”


“There’s too much dust!”


“Ah darn it! I can hear them fighting, but the dust is getting in the way!”


“Hey! Referee! Clear the dust, dammit!”


The crowd were shouting as they wanted to see the action. They had no idea the referee had escaped into the colosseum to live. Unlike the spectators, a barrier was not in place to protect him against the direct impact of their energy attacks.


Zenahart suddenly shouted “Darkness Beam!”


A black energy beam cannon suddenly burst out of the cloud of dust and soared straight at the spectators. They yelled and covered, but the attack was stopped by the barrier. They were shocked at first, but were glad the barrier was still in place to protect them.


Then Lakshman shouted “Positron Cannon!”


A blue energy wave erupted out of the cloud of dust. It soared straight at the opposite end where it was stopped by the barrier. Very soon, energy beams and waves were sent flying in almost every direction as the warriors tried attacking each other.


“Damn those fools! We’ll be the ones getting hit by their random attacks!” Darian shouted angrily as another energy beam attack was blocked by the barrier.


Felix looked at the surroundings and said “I wonder if the barriers will continue to stay up. Phintex Rajas! Make sure to put in some backup barriers in case it breaks!”


“It can break?” Emilia asked apprehensively.


“You’re seeing the attacks and you feel how strong they are! If they use anything more powerful than this, I’m afraid the barriers will snap from the pressure!” Felix said with a worried expression on his face.


“Oh no…! That’s not good!” Emilia said and she began to worry.


Ondine snorted and said “More than breaking the barriers, I’m more eager to see master break that bastard! He’s using a lot of dark energy right now!”


“Yes… It seems he’s learnt to use the Dark Force!” Felix said and he narrowed his eyes with a grim expression on his face.


At that moment, the dust began to clear to display the battle. They saw the Phoenix Titan and Zenahart fighting each other furiously. They kept moving from one place to another so quickly, it looked like they were teleporting.


“What a fight!”


“Tear it up!”


“More! I want more!”


The crowd were on their feet and yelling as the two warriors fought each other desperately.


As they continued to fight, their speeds and powers rose to the surface. It looked like their battle will never end at their pace. Then it all was brought to a stop by their next attacks.


“Darkness Blaster!” Zenahart screamed.


“Proton Blaster!” Lakshman screamed.


As the two warriors fired their respective energy blasts at each other, Felix widened his eyes in shock. He realised, in an instant, what was about to happen.


He turned to the group and shouted “Brace for shock!”


The two attacks collided against each other. Lakshman and Zenahart tried to force the blasts to push the other out of the way. However, they inwardly provided too much force which sparked a massive explosion. The explosion was so massive, it created a semi-spherical explosion that covered the entire platform they were fighting on.


The crowd screamed as dust, rocks and wind was sent everywhere. The force of the attack was so strong the barrier no longer could take it. They heard something shatter loudly and knew the barrier had snapped. As the wave of destruction spread, another barrier suddenly stopped it.


A few seconds later, everything began to settle. The dust rose into the sky and spread everywhere. Then, as it slowly cleared, the destruction came into view. The ring was still in place, but some parts of it was destroyed.


The people sat up and were surprised they were alive. Then they noticed the shadow figures of a group of people standing behind them. When they looked around, they were astonished to see the Phintex Rajas standing there with their arms out. It seemed they had created that protected the spectators.


“Yikes! That was close! I thought I was going to die!” Wolfenstine said as he dusted himself.


“Speak for yourself! Is everyone alright?” Darian asked as he wiped the dust off his hair and clothes.


“Ooh ooh ooh ooh!” Mumble said as he got up before shaking the dust off his face and body.


“We’re okay!” Marilia said as she, Ondine and Emilia sat up and began clearing the dust away.


“I’m fine!” Felix said firmly. Then he said “Anyway! I’m more concerned about the contestants!”


He was not the only one worried. Everyone, who had recovered, were looking down to see. Even the king, queen and the princess were looking down at the grounds from the central tower. They were injured, but were a little shaken by the shocking force of the blast.


The dust slowly cleared and brought the platform into better focus. Then they saw two figures standing on the still remaining platform. Then they cheered and clapped as the Phoenix Titan and Zenahart became visible through the dust.


Lakshman and Zenahart were standing as they glared at each other.


“How… How the hell are you still standing after all that?!” Zenahart demanded.


Lakshman sighed and said “Don’t you know? I’m the Phoenix Titan who rises from the ashes in the names of Freedom and Justice!”


“I’ve heard…!” Zenahart said distastefully.


“That sort of attack would never hurt me as badly as you might think!”


Lakshman was fairly unharmed due to his armour, but he also protected himself by quickly creating an Energy Barrier.


Just before the massive blast reached him, Tetra had shouted in his mind “Master! Quickly form an Energy Barrier!”


Quickly reacting to her shout, he instantly gathered the required energy and formed a Force Wall strong enough to protect him.


However, it seemed Zenahart was not so fortunate who seemed to have taken the blast full on. He was burnt beyond recognisable, but he still continued to stand with his sword at the ready. Blood was flowing from around his body as his body took severe damage.


Zenahart began to laugh hysterically before he spat out a lot of blood. Then he wiped the blood off his mouth and said “Not bad for a kid!”


“Kid!? I’m sorry, but how do you take me for a kid?!” Lakshman demanded angrily.


“I don’t know?! Maybe it’s because your actions are like that of a kid?!” Zenahart shouted furiously.


“Whatever! Now you’re beaten and broken! So give up! Surrender!” Lakshman shouted at him.


Zenahard smiled and said “You’re right… I am beaten and broken… I should give up and quietly surrender…” Then an evil grin spread across his face as he said “So who cares about all that crap when I’m about to kill you!”


“What did you say?!” Lakshman exclaimed in shock.


The next instance, Zenahart yelled “Power Charge!”


He began surging with raw power as he was pumped with energy. A dark aura surrounded him as the power surge sent wild wind everywhere. Lakshman held his ground and looked towards Zenahart and wondered what he was doing.


Then Zenahard screamed “DIE!”


As he shouted, he vanished which surprised Lakshman. For a moment, he could not feel his presence at all. Then he winced as something sharp pierced him. He had this strange feeling from a long time ago when he almost killed. He looked down and saw the frontend of a sharp sword poking out of his stomach.


“Gah…!” Lakshman groaned as he realised he was stabbed from behind.


The crowd grasped in shock at seeing Zenahart stab Lakshman from behind.


“Master!” Ondine and Emilia screamed as they were horrified at seeing their master stabbed.


“Dammit! That bastard…!” Felix yelled in a shocked voice and his face contorted in anger.


Lakshman slowly moved his hand and touched his stomach as the blood began to stream out of his pierced stomach. Zenahart then began to laugh and moved the sword a little which caused Lakshman to wince in pain.


“How does it feel, kid?! How does the rush of death feel?!” Zenahart asked him with a wild expression on his face before moving the sword again.


After wincing again, Lakshman slowly turned and glared at him. Then he said “You… bastard…!”


At that moment, Lakshman suddenly remembered the words of his father. Indra, his father, specifically told him to kill him on sight. Yet, he declined thinking his father was being overdramatic. Now he realised how mistaken he was at knowing the twisted nature of that freak.


“Hey…! Why so serious when you’re about to die? You should be glad you’re dying right now unlike all those worthless piece of wasted life!” Zenahart said and he edged the sword more which caused Lakshman to widen his eyes in pain.


Lakshman knew he has to kill that bastard, but he hesitated. That man was life in him, just like him, but he will die if he does not finish him off. Lakshman did not wish to become a murderer, but also disliked the thought of doing absolutely nothing.


With his feelings and reason causing turmoil, he heard Tetra said “There is nothing wrong with killing those that will never change for the rest of their lives, master… It’s better to commit evil to destroy evil than let evil continue doing its deeds!”



“Master! You are the Phoenix Titan! You fight for the cause of freedom and justice! Will you be so soft hearted and die while knowing you let a killer escape?!”

Lakshman was rendered speechless at her words. He hated it, but it was the eventuality that which he had no choice in. Then he realised if he did not act now, many more lives will be lost.


“Do it now! Finish him off! Master! Now!”


Reacting to Tetra’s shouting, Lakshman immediately unsheathed his sword. He instantly cut the blade piercing him which surprised Zenahart. Then, before the he could do anything, Lakshman swirled around and swung his sword down with a powerful force.


For a moment, nothing happened. Then blood erupted out of Zenahart’s cut shoulder which ran diagonal to his body. He slowly fell backwards and hit the ground with a heavy thud. There he lay as blood escaped out of his wounded body.


Lakshman spun the Phoenix Blade around and placed it on his shoulder.


He placed a hand near his wounded stomach and said “Healing Force!”


Then he glared down at the dying man and shouted “You and your bloody life comes to an end in such a miserable way!”


At his words, Zenahart smiled and said “Perhaps it is my time to go…”


For a moment, he looked to be peaceful. Then it all broke when a mad expression formed on his face and he said “Unfortunately, that’s not the end of it!”


“What are you talking about?!”


Zenahart said “Dying like this is not the end! It’s the beginning of paradise, the carnival we’re all going to dance to!”


Then he let out a cackle of laughter before coughing up blood. Lakshman looked down at him with wide eyes hidden by the mask. At that moment, he suddenly felt a surge of power rising. He looked around and, standing there at the top of the central tower, was the cloaked figure.


The cloaked man’s staff was glowing brighter and brighter as it gathered energy. Then he looked down at his fallen comrade and smoothly said “You did well, Zenahart! Be happy your sacrifice was not in vain!”


Then, he raised his staff high into the air. The unconscious warriors around the platform began to choke and splutter for a few seconds before going limp. Then blue orbs of light appeared and they shot up towards the staff before being absorbed by it.


Lakshman was shocked to see what was happening. Then he noticed the blue orb come out of Zenahart’s lifeless body and shot upward. It soared straight towards the cloaked figure and got absorbed into the staff.


The cloaked figure smiled and said “Now we have everything ready! Seal Breaker.”


As he shouted the technique name, Lakshman heard something breaking loudly. He realised it was some sort of barrier or seal placed nearby which confused him. Then the ground began to shake violently which caused him to stumble.


Then he heard the cloaked figure shout “Arise! Arise o’ mighty beast of legends! Come forth into the world once again to mark the world with your unstoppable might!”


“What the hell are you doing?!” Lakshman yelled as the ground began to shake even more violently.


The cloaked figure looked down at him. Then an evil smile formed on his visible part of his face as he shouted “This world is about to visited by an ancient giant, the slumbering Zoremar!”


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