“W-What is it?”


“What’s going on?”


“Why is the earth shaking?”


The people were asking such questions as the ground began to tremble more and more violently. They were clueless as to what was going on. After witnessing the Phoenix Titan, which was Lakshman, cut down Zenahart, this trembling began.


“Awaken the slumbering Zoremar?!” Felix exclaimed when he heard those words from the cloaked man.


He had a scary expression on his face as he realised the implications of such words. Then he muttered “Damn… That thing’s sealed here and if it gets released…!”


He shook as the shock of the devastation that could bring. Then he realised everyone here were in serious danger.


“Phintex Rajas! Escort the people away from here! Now!” Felix shouted as loud as he could.


With their orders given, the Phintex Rajas began speaking to the people. At first, they were not able to convince the people about leaving the place. Then a violent shake of the ground caused them to think otherwise.


As they slowly filed out with the instructions from the Phintex Rajas, Darian and the others looked at Lakshman. He was still wearing the cloak to hide himself, but they could feel his anxiousness.


“What’s wrong, Felix?” Darian asked as they stood up as their area was slowly cleared.


Felix looked towards them and said pointed towards where the dark cloaked figure stood. Then he said “I just heard that bastard say he’s going to unseal an ancient monster known as Zoremar!”


For once, all of them looked lost. Felix sighed to himself because he suddenly realised the existence of that monster was top secret.


“What is this Zoremar monster you’re talking about because I don’t think I’ve ever heard of such a monster before?” Ondine asked curiously.


Felix looked at them and they saw the seriousness in his eyes. Then he said “it’s a hundred meter tall man eating monster! On top of that, it’s said to be impervious to magic and shoots jets of energy out of its mouth!”


“Wow… Why wasn’t it killed and sealed here of all places then?!” Darian demanded as he quickly understood the situation.


Felix shook his head and said “I don’t know why, but they just sorted to seal the damn thing here! Then they build the colosseum here to hide that fact!”


“If that’s the case, how did they know about it?”


“Most likely, a corrupted member of the clan passed that information…” Felix said with a sigh.


Just then, the tumours became quite violent and they stumbled before collapsing. Then they got back up and looked towards the cloaked man. He was holding the glowing staff firmly in his hand while laughing.


“In moment’s time, the most powerful ancient creature will walk again!”


Lakshman heard the man and gritted his teeth angrily. He quickly gathered energy into the right hand and fired it at the man. He thought it would hit, but then a dark barrier suddenly formed around the man and shielded him from his attack.


“Ha! Nice try, Phoenix Titan, but I’m shielded by the Demon Emperor himself!” the man shouted while smiling evilly.


“Curses… Tetra! Do you know what the heck is going on? What is this Zoremar thing?” Lakshman asked Tetra.


“It’s an ancient creature from long, long back. It is a hundred meter tall monster, has a great appetite for living creatures and has a destructive power!” Tetra told him.


“Oh… That sounds bad…” Lakshman said and he sounded worried.


At that moment, as the violently quaking ground shook, something erupted out of the ground around him. Realising he was in trouble, Lakshman took one glance at Zenahart’s lifeless body before soaring high into the air.


As he soared high into the air, he looked down and was shocked. Very large monstrous hands were being poked out of the ground. It looked like a giant monster was indeed locked beneath the earth which was right under the colosseum.


Then Lakshman heard a loud scream belong to a girl. He quickly looked in the direction of the voice and saw the princess fall off the central tower. The tower was cracking in several places and looked like it was about to collapse.


“I’m coming!” Lakshman yelled and he quickly soared towards at her.


The princess was falling, but she saw him chasing after her. In desperation, she held out her hand out and tried seeking help. Lakshman went faster to catch up when he suddenly realised the ground was closing in.


“Dammit!” Lakshman yelled and he rocketed downward.


In an instant, he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into his arms. Then he landed heavily on the ground before kicking off. He did not like the idea of staying too close to the ground where the monster was coming out of its imprisonment.


As he soared high, he saw that she was bleeding from a wound on her forehead. He quickly placed his free hand on her forehead and said “Healing Force!”


Lakshman knew better Healing Magic Spells, but wanted to heal her injury before it got serious. Then rocks began to fall on top of them and quickly hovered while protecting the princess with his armour while continuing to heal.


The princess had her eyes closed in fright. Then, feeling her safety, she slowly opened them and looked around. She let out a startled voice when she suddenly saw that she was flying. Then she turned and saw the Phoenix Titan healing her.


“Ah…!” she said and looked amazed to see him there. Then she realised he had saved and she courteously said “Thank you very much for saving my life.”


“No worries,” Lakshman said as he busily healed her wound.


Then she was surprised to see that he was protecting her with his back to the falling rocks. Once he was done healing her, he looked up and fired a mighty blast at the wall. As he destroyed it, he soared high and reached the still standing central tower.


The king and queen were being protected by guards casting barrier magic around them. The king was looking around with a worried expression on his face while the queen had tears in her eyes. Then she saw the Phoenix Titan appear with her daughter in his arms.


Seeing her daughter safe, the queen rushed out of the barrier while crying “Vela!”


“Mother!” the princess said and she was hugged by the queen.


Once their hug was complete, the queen turned to the Phoenix Titan and said “Thank you very much, Phoenix Titan! I do appreciate you saving my daughter!”


“It was my pleasure,” Lakshman said with a nod of his head. Then he looked over the edge and said “but I wonder what is going on…!”


Just then, a cloaked figure flew in and Lakshman realised it was Felix. Once he straightened up, he said “There’s trouble, Lucky! A seal has been broken and an ancient monster is about to let out!”


“Yeah… I know… Tetra told me, but what the hell is a seal doing here of all places?” Lakshman asked in an annoyed voice.


Felix shook his head and said “Now isn’t the time to talk about it. For now, we’re getting the people out of here!”


Then Felix turned to the king and said “Your majesty! You must stay with the Phintex Rajas until this situation is taken care of! Until they feel that it is safe, you are to return to the capital and be on standby!”


The king raised his eyes in shock and suddenly looked angry. It looked like he did not like taking orders from someone unknown stranger.


“Who do you think you are to give me orders?!” the king demanded in an angry voice.


“Because I am Felix!” Felix said and he whipped the cloak off.


Lakshman saw that Felix had red eyes and spiky black hair. He had seen this before several months ago when he saved his village. That was when he realised Felix was in the Phoenix Mode.


Everyone was surprised at seeing the sudden appearance of the Phoenix Emperor and exclaimed “Felix?! You’re alive?!”


“Unfortunately for you, I am! Now give me back my sword!” Felix demanded with an extremely dangerous look on his face.


The king’s self-importance and pride was crushed in an instant. He knew he could never cross Felix because of how powerful he was. While gritting his teeth angrily, he handed over the Legendary Sword of Justice.


Lakshman looking at it closely and marvelled how magnificent it looked. It had jewels and markings etched all round it. The sword was certainly different to the Phoenix Blade, but it still gave the feeling of something really powerful.


As Felix gripped the sword firmly, he began radiating pure golden energy. Then he smiled in satisfaction and said “I missed you!”


Just then, a Phintex Raja appeared and knelt down and said “Sir! There is trouble!”


“What is it?” Felix asked as he sheathed his sword and turned to look at him.


“It seems like an army of the Grobula Demon Clan attacking the capital, sir!”


Felix’s eyes shot up at that news. The Grobula Demon Clan were the army of grey demons commanded by the Demon Emperor who is from their clan.


A moment later, he narrowed and began nodding his head. To him, something made sense while everyone around him were clueless.


“I see… So this is what that bastard had planned! It’s an invasion!” Felix said and gritted his teeth in frustration.


“Invasion? Then… Is this why you were cursed with that Corruption Force and all?” Lakshman asked quickly and he nodded at him.


Then the ground in the centre of the colosseum exploded. Rocks, dust and wind erupted upward and caused the central tower and other walls to collapse. They quickly got out of there and Felix ordered the Phintex Rajas to take care of the king, queen and princess.


“G-Good luck, Phoenix Titan!” the princess called as she was taken away by the Phintex Rajas.


“Ah… She is such a nice person…” Lakshman said with a smile that no one could see.


“Lucky, what are you thinking? Focus!” Felix said and snapped him back to reality.


“Ah! Right! I’m sorry!” Lakshman said and they flew towards the opposite end of the colosseum.


Lakshman heard something loud moaning. Then he saw a large shape hidden by the cloud of dust. He did not know yet, but he was staring at the giant form of the monster. Then it cane into focus as the dust cleared.


He was shocked to see how big it was and muttered while shaking his head “Big… Too big…!”


At that moment, the monster opened his mouth, took a deep breath and let out a roar.


“Ah! The noise!” Lakshman yelled and he clapped his hands over his ears.


He and Felix were buffeted by the force of its roar and the wind it unleashed because of it. Even so, they kept flying forward. Then Lakshman saw Darian and his companions waiting for him.


Emilia quickly came over and hugged him while saying “Master! You’re alright!”


Then Ondine walked forward and hugged him before saying “You’re crazy, master!”


“These girls… They don’t even realise I’m here…!” Tetra said irritably in his mind.


At that, he chuckled and patted the girls and said “I’m okay, but I’m glad you’re safe.”


Then he turned to see Darian say “What we do with that monster? It’s too large!”


“We’ll just have to converge on it and take it out!” Felix said as they prepared their weapons.


The monster looked down and saw them. Them the cloaked figure, who standing on top of it, yelled “Kill them, Zoremar! They are our shared enemies!”


Listening to his words, it opened its mouth wide and began gathering a large quantity of energy. Down below, Lakshman and the others felt it and looked up as the monster formed a ball of energy in its mouth. Then it looked in their direction and fired a large beam of energy at them.


Felix instantly reacted and yelled “Reflector Force!”


In an instant, a large dome-like barrier expanded around them. The energy hit the barrier which caused Felix to grunt under the pressure.


Then the energy bounced off and flew towards the nearby mountains. There was a flash of light and a might explosion erupted. The entire area was destroyed by the enormous power of that attack.


“What power?!” Marilia exclaimed in shock when she saw the mountain get destroyed in a flash of light.


“How the heck are we supposed to take it out?! First of all, it’s too big and second of all, it’s too darn powerful!” Wolfenstine yelled in a shocked voice.


“Looks like it’s my turn to take action!” said a familiar voice from behind.


They looked around and saw Rumble standing there. He had a serious expression on his face as he looked up at the giant monster.


“Rumble? What are you doing? Let’s hurry up and think of a plan to take it down!” Darian said to him.


Rumble looked at him and smiled before saying “I have thought up a plan which is me fighting that thing, head on!”


“What?!” Marilia exclaimed in shock.


Have you lost your mind?!” Wolfenstine shouted angrily.


Lakshman did not say anything like that. Instead, he asked “Rumble… How are you planning on fighting it?”


Rumble looked at him for a moment and then looked at Darian. His best friend wore an uncomfortable look on his face as he looked at his friend.


“You know I’m the only one for the job…!” Rumble said with a smile.


Darian gritted his teeth and asked “You know you’re forbidden by your clan-?”


Rumble suddenly got very angry and he shouted “I don’t care about my clan! This is my choice and mine alone! Now give it to me!”


Darian hesitated for a moment longer. Then he sighed and relented. He placed his hand inside his pocket and pulled out what looked like ring people wear on their arms. He threw it and Rumble caught it carefully. He looked at the ring for a moment before praying to it and putting it on.
“You guys head over to the capital and deal with that invading army! Meanwhile, I’ll finish this thing off for good!” Rumble said as he confidentially walked forward.


“W-What are going to do, Rumble?” Lakshman asked.


He made to stop him, but was stopped by Felix. He shook his head at Lakshman and said “He’s from one of the legendary clans around the world! If I’m right in thinking what he is going to do, then we have a chance to beat that thing!”


“W-What do you mean? What’s so special about the Monkaggy Clan?” Lakshman asked curiously.


At that moment, Darian laughed and said “They are indeed a special clan. Just like the Phoenix Clan who were granted the powers of divinity, the Monkaggy Clan were also granted divine powers by the God of Strength, Hanuman!”


Confused, Lakshman watched Rumble walk forward and stop staring up at the monster. Then he sighed and closed his eyes as he brought his hands together in a prayer. Then he loudly said “Jai Sri Ram!”


In an instant, his body began to grow bigger and bigger as he grew taller and wider. Very soon, he was as tall as the monster in front of him. Lakshman, Ondine and Emilia were astonished at how big he grew. They looked tiny compared to the size of his feet.


Zoremar roared angrily and tried to hit him with its spiked tail. Rumble moved sideways and grabbed the tail and gripped it firmly. Then he swung the tail aside and moved forward with his fist. With a firm impact, he punched the monster in the face and sent it flying into the distance.


Seeing the monster fly away by the force of the punch, Lakshman exclaimed “Wow…! That’s one hell of a punch!”


Then Rumble straightened up which caused the ground to shake. It was their turn to worry he might step on them by mistake, but he did not. He looked down at them and spoke in a voice that was really loud and clear.


“What are you doing? Go!”


“R-Right! Let’s go!” Felix said as he looked up at Rumble with an impressed expression on his face.


As they left, Darian glanced up at his giant friend and said “If you dare to lose, I’m going to ban you from eat you from eating bananas!”


At that, Rumble let out a loud laughter. Along with his size, the sound of his voice also increased greatly. That also included his power and speed as he turned to face the monster slowly getting back to its feet.


“You’ve chosen the wrong side to pick to ally with, Zoremar!” Rumble said and he grinned before engaging the monster in battle.

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