Surge of Power



Emilia was crying into Tetra’s shoulders while saying “Master… Master…”


All Tetra could do was console her while patting her head gingerly. She did not know what else to do because she was also at the breaking point. She sensed the battle raging between the Demon Emperor and the Phoenix Emperor and knew it was not going good.


“If he had the blessings, maybe he might’ve been able to fight more properly,” Tetra said unhappily.


It seems she understood why Felix was struggling in his battle. She also sensed the Twisted Darkness floating around and knew the Divine Spirit of the Phoenix will not assist.


At that moment, there was a sudden surge of power. A brilliant glow of light appeared from nearby. She and Emilia turned and saw Lakshman’s body begin to glow brightly. They did not understand why his body was suddenly glowing like that.


“Um… W-What’s going on with master’s body?” Emilia asked in a worried voice.


Lakshman suddenly sat upright with his eyes closed. Then he stood up while a golden aura was radiating around him. His head dropped as if he was asleep, but he quickly straightened up. Then he raised his clenched fists to chest height with firm grip.




As he screamed, began to surge with great power. Strong winds and force were unleashed by his surging power. It caused Tetra and Emilia to widen their eyes in shock. Emilia was shocked because she never felt this kind of power before, but Tetra did. She had sensed this power a long time ago when she served her previous masters.


“No… way…!” she whispered in disbelief.


The two girls watched Lakshman scream and scream as the ground shook and the air got think. He was radiating with pure power like never before which was mind blowing. As his screams intensified, a sudden flash of light erupted around the area. Then a massive energy exploded and soared high into the air.


Everyone nearby suddenly sensed the sudden rise of a mighty power. They stopped their battle and looked in the direction. At that moment, a massive energy erupted into the sky which shocked them.


“What the?! What is that power I’m sensing…?” Halquza, the Demon Emperor, said as he stopped from fighting Felix.


Felix looked in the direction the light was coming from and muttered “What is this? I’ve never felt this kind of power before…”


Even Rumble paused his battle with the monster to look in the direction the enormous light was erupting into the sky.


He squinted and said “Wow! What the hell is that light?!”


Everyone was shocked to see the sudden outburst of the enormous power. Then they began to feel the ground trembles beneath them. Whatever it was, they knew it was incredibly powerful.


The light then slowly became smaller until it finally faded and everything returned to normal. A lot of dust erupted around Tetra and Emilia as they watched with wide eyes. Then, as the dust cleared, they gasped at seeing their master.


Lakshman had changed. Before, he had black hair and black eyes, but those have changed. Now he had brilliant spiky blond hair and eyes with a crown like shape in them. Even his wounds have healed, but his clothes remained torn.



He remained motionless with his eyes down slightly so Tetra tentatively said “Master…”


As if he just noticed them, he turned to look at them. Then a smile broke on his face and he seemed really happy to see them.


Noticing their torn clothes, he raised his hands at them and said “You girls shouldn’t so carelessly rip your clothes for my sake. It’ll cost too much to replace them.”


The girls were stunned by his words. Then Tetra suddenly got irritated and said “What’s that supposed to mean?! Are you saying it’s too much for you to take care of us?”


As he laughed, Emilia burst into more tears and rushed forward to hug him. Emilia really began to cry as she said “Master…! You’re alive and safe…! I’m… I’m so… relieved!”


He rubbed her head gently and said “No crying now, Emilia. I’m alright. See? No blood. No injuries.”


“Master…!” Emilia said before she managed to calm down and wipe her tears away.


Tetra became serious and said “Master! The Demon Emperor and the army are causing a damage! I don’t think Felix will manage to hold him off for much longer. If he had the blessings of the Divine Spirit of the Phoenix, he could fight better, but…”


“I know and I’ll take care of it, but first I need to give Rumble an incentive to fight harder. Otherwise, he might end up dying…”


“Eh?” she said in surprise when he looked in the direction Rumble was fighting at.


He extended his palm out and aimed in that direction. Then a powerful energy beam was released and it soared in that direction. It soared through the sky, crossed great distance and finally reached Rumble.


Rumble was just blasted away by a powerful energy beam from the monster’s mouth. He was just getting to his feet while grunting in pain when the light hit him.


Rumble closed his eyes in shock and then the scene changed. As he reopened his eyes, he suddenly found himself standing in a white space. Then he saw Lakshman floating in front of him which surprised him.


“What? Lakshman! What are you doing here? I told you help them out!” Rumble told him in annoyance.


“Yes, I am, but what are you doing? Don’t you have all the power in the world to defeat that thing for good?” Lakshman asked him sternly.


“I-I know that, but… there are some complications you won’t understand…!”


“There’s a limiter on the Divine Ring of Strength, isn’t there?”


“There’s a limited on the Divine Ring of Strength… What? Wait! What?! How do you know that?!”


Lakshman sighed and said “Stupid limiter,” and he aimed his palm at the large ring slung on Rumble’s arm and said “Jai Anjaneyam!”


At his words, the ring began to glow brightly before returning to look normal. Rumble looked at him in surprise and asked “How did you… know that?”


“I’ll explain later. Now go and beat that thing for good!” Lakshman said and he gave him a thumps up gesture.


“Ha? Wait! Lakshman!” Rumble said, but the white space surrounding him disappeared and he found himself back on the battle ground.


The monster in front of him was roaring at him. He sighed and smiled as he said “Without the limiter, this is all too easy!”


Then he charged forward and the ground shook with each of his foot stomping the ground. The monster quickly gathered lots of energy into its mouth and fired at him.


Rumble raised his right hand and instantly a large Gaga appeared. Grabbing it, he swung the Gada around and smacked the energy beam away. Then he charged forward and smashed it into the monster which roared in anger and pain.


Then he groaned and lifted the monster by his weapon and threw the monster into the air. The monster’s roars became smaller and smaller. Looking into the sky, he could see the dim form of the monster.


With a grin on his face, Rumble began swinging his Gada. It sun faster and faster in his hand for a few seconds before he released it into the air. The Gada shot up like a bullet and pierced through the monster’s belly. Then Rumble quickly gathered the required energy he needed to beat that monster.


“Warrior Wave!” he shouted and raised his hands up.


In an instant, a massive wave of energy was unleashed it soared high into the air. The energy wave completely swallowed the monster up and instantly vaporised it. As everything cleared, the spinning Gada hit the ground near him.


Walking over and grabbing it, he slung it over his shoulders and began to walk towards the battle raging at the capital.


Lakshman smiled when he sensed Rumble’s victory.


“What happened, master?” Emilia asked curiously.


Turning to her and still smiling, he said “Rumble won. He killed that giant monster for good.”


The girls cheered excitedly at the good news. Lakshman nodded at them and said “I have all I need to go and fight the Demon Emperor.”


“Eh?! You’re going to fight him already?!” Tetra exclaimed in shock.


“Master! You’ve just been defeated by him! How can you go and fight him when he’s so strong?” Emilia asked him fearfully.


Lakshman began to rub Emilia’s head gently and smiled before he said “I’m the Phoenix Titan. It’s my job. Comes with the title.”


Tetra looked up at him surprise. Then her expression became serious as she said “I’ll help you, master! I am the Phoenix Blade and your sword!”


Lakshman nodded and he folded his hand around her outstretched hand. She smiled at him and turned into light. The next moment, he was holding onto the handle of the Phoenix Blade. Until now, he had never really noticed just how magnificent the sword was.


Then he turned to Emilia and said “Emilia! Listen. I don’t you to come with me.” Just as she was about to protect, he said “I don’t arguments right now. There’s no time for that. This is my battle now and it’s going to get really dangerous from here on. I don’t want you to get into harm’s way because of my selfishness to keep you close to me.”


“E-Eh?” Emilia said and she suddenly blushed at his words.


“Do you get it? It’s better for us if you go and help Darian, Wolfenstine and Marilia. Ondine would already be there by now so go and help them out. That way, I can feel reassured and fight to my fullest!”


Emilia nodded in understanding and she smiled as she said “Yes, master! I won’t fail you!”


Lakshman nodded and said “You won’t! I know you won’t!”


With that, Lakshman sheathed the Phoenix Blade. Then, as he prepared to go towards the fight, Emilia suddenly shouted at him.


“Give him hell, master!”


“With pleasure!”


A large ball of light surrounded him and for a moment, nothing happened. Then the ball of energy blasted away high speed and headed towards where the Demon Emperor and the Phoenix Emperor were battling.


Emilia saw him go. Then she turned towards the direction the many battles was taking place and said “Time to be useful!” Then she hurried away with a wide smile on her face.


At the place the Demon Emperor and the Phoenix Emperor were fighting, a lot of destruction lay. Lots of ground was destroyed and many had deep holes in them. Then there was a sudden explosion and the two warriors appeared fighting furiously. Then the Demon Emperor kicked the Phoenix Emperor away to the ground.


Felix landed and knelt down as he clutched his stomach. He was bleeding from his forehead, nose, mouth and other parts of this body as he was heavily bruised. All this time, he had been desperately fighting the Demon Emperor in an effort to try and defeat him, but it was no good. He could barely touch him, let alone put up a decent fight.

The Demon Emperor, Halquza, landed meters away from Felix. He looked down at the bleeding Phoenix Emperor and said “Seriously? For all your worth, that’s all you can manage?”


Felix suddenly shouted “Not yet!”


He lunged up and tried to throw a punch at the Demon Emperor. Halquza instantly dropped down and avoided the punch. Then he delivered a powerful blow to Felix’s stomach which caused him to spit blood out.


Halquza instantly grabbed Felix’s head and smashed him onto the ground forcefully. The powerful impact caused Felix’s body to press into the ground to create a groove shape around his body.


Felix lay there with his face pressed to the ground and not moving. It looked like he was knocked out and will not be able to fight anymore.


“Well, well, well. This is rather boring! The mighty Phoenix Emperor is nothing more than a bird without wings. Seriously? I was expecting more of a challenge, but this is ridiculous! I’m actually bored fighting him like this! Dang…! Isn’t there anyone around to challenge me or maybe make me break a sweat?!”


At that moment, a sudden burst of light appeared and Lakshman appeared out of it. He soared right at Halquza and raised his fist back. As he reached him, he said “Your wish is granted.”




Halquza turned around only to get a Lakshman’s fist planted on his face. With the powerful impact, Halquza was sent flying away. He soared through the air, but quickly recovered and landed. His feet got dragged on the ground before he finally came to a stop.


“What do you mean ‘your with is granted’ and then punch my face?! That’s so wrong!” Halquza complained angrily.


He looked at who that had hit him and was surprised. Pointing a finger at him, he said “You! The kid from before! What the heck are you doing here?! Moreover, why are you even alive after taking my Death Ball?”


Then he was surprised by how different he looked from before. So he decided to ask “You have blonde hair? I could’ve sworn you had black hair, but again I didn’t really check. I don’t usually check whether my targets are alive after receiving one of my attacks because I don’t miss.”


When no reply came, he became irritated and said “Hey! Hello! I’m speaking to you!


Lakshman was not listening to him and turned to Felix. Realising he was more wounded than he thought, he began to heal by placing a hand on his back. The blood disappeared, the bruises vanished and Felix was back to looking like his original self.


“Um… Hello? I’m speaking to you… God this is why I hate kids!” Halquza said irritably.


“Felix? Are you alright?” Lakshman asked once the healing was done while continuing to ignore to ignore the Demon Emperor.


Felix looked surprised when he saw that all of his injuries have been healed. Then he looked up at his saviour and widened his eyes. It was Lakshman, but his eyes were different and so was the colour of his hair.


“What happened to you? Your hair… your eyes… what?” Felix said as he pointed at them while looking confused.


Lakshman smiled and firmly said “I’m the Phoenix Titan.”


Felix’s eyes widened at hearing Lakshman’s words. The strong voice and the strong feel of power suddenly made him realise the second last seal was broken. Lakshman now has obtained more immense power of the Phoenix Titan.


Just then, Halquza got tired and loudly said “Are you done with the reunion because I’m getting annoyed here! If you keep ignoring me like that, I’m seriously to become angry and destroy this whole place!”


Lakshman and Felix straightened up and turned around. Seeing them, Halquza laughed and said “So…! You’re planning to fight me with that phoenix… I mean, broken chicken?”


Felix gritted his teeth and got very angry. Lakshman, however, was smiling as he said “A Phoenix certainly is a bird, but is certainly not a chicken. Besides… We’re not alone.”




There was a loud whistling noise coming from above. Then a figure appeared from above and soared down. With great force, they landed on the ground with their huge body and caused the ground to shake violently.


“What?” Halquza said and he slowly turned to see who it was.


Just then, he saw a large weapon bearing at him from the side. As the Gada smacked hard into him, he yelled “Gah! A Gada?!”


By the force of the Gada, Halquza was snet flying away. He soon recovered and forcibly stopped himself from flying away. He winced as he flexed his shoulder while saying “Oww.. That hurt!”


“Ah. I should’ve put more power into it!” Rumble said and he swung the Gada onto his shoulder.


Lakshman looked at him, smiled and said “I’m glad you could make it. I’m also happy it took you fifteen minutes to take out that monster.”


Rumble looked surprised and he said “Really? Did it take that long? I didn’t even notice.”


“Stop exaggerating, Lucky!” Felix said, but he was smiling.


At that moment, Halquza felt better and looked at them. He looked at giant form of Rumble and said “Wow! A giant jumping monkey! A giant jumping monkey! You don’t get to see that every day! It’s usually monkeys jumping off tress that gets the most attraction.”


“I won’t mind jumping again… on your face!” Rumble said and he started smacking the Gada against the palm of his other hand.


Halquza laughed at his words and said “Well…! A giant monkey man, a broken phoenix and a hot headed blonde! Great! Just great! All that’s left is to smack you all down! How exciting!”


In that instant, he began surging with and sent a strong force of wind everywhere. Lakshman and Felix also surged with power while Rumble held his Gada at the ready. The four warriors were about to do battle to decide the fate of their capital and the world.

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