Destructive Power



“AAAAHH!!” Felix shouted and he lunged at Halquza.


Halquza and Felix fought at incredible speeds that normal people would never be able to follow. Each blow they delivered sent a shockwave everywhere. The might of their blows caused a shocking wind to blow and caused trees to shake violently.


Felix was punching the Demon Emperor with all his might. Several times, he sent Halquza flying into the distance and chased after him. Halquza tried to punch him, but was surprised to see that he disappeared. Hovering behind him, Felix whacked him across the back and sent him flying into the ground.


Halquza got to his feet and suddenly got himself beaten up by high-speed punches and kicks. Felix was not holding anything back as he sent Halquza flying straight at Lakshman. Halquza right through him as if he was not there, but managed to regain his footing.


At that moment, Felix reached him and delivered a power uppercut that lifted him into the air. Felix then grabbed his leg and smashed him to the ground. Dragging him across the ground, he lifted him into the air and sent him straight towards Rumble.


“Hit him as hard as you can, Rumble!” Felix shouted.


“One demon emperor pie coming up!” Rumble said and he held his Gada like a bat.


Halquza turned over and over as he went to him. From the numerous spinning his body was performing, anyone would have become dizzy and sick. He, however, was smiling for some strange reason.


Rumble took a mighty swing at the spinning Halquza. At that moment, Halquza suddenly brought himself upright and stopped in mid-air. Then he extended his left hand and instantly stopped the Gada from hitting him. Rumble grunted as he tried to push, but Halquza held it firmly in place.


“Before you got me by surprise, but I won’t fall for the same trick twice!” Halquza said and he flashed a grin at him.


“What?!” Rumble exclaimed in shock.


Rumble tried to free his Gada, but it would work because of how strong Halquza had on it.


Halquza smiled and gripped the Gada with even tightly. Then he turned around and swung the Gada over his shoulders and, as he did, Rumble was suddenly lifted into the air. Halquza brought the Gada down and smashed Rumble onto the ground.


“Maybe I’m in the mood for some monkey meat. Thunder Clap!” Halquza said and shouted the technique name.


In an instant, Rumble began screaming like anything. His body twitched wildly from the sheer shock of feeling electricity coursing through his body. Then Halquza began to swing him up and smacked him back to the ground several more times until Rumble went limp.


Rumble was unconscious and could no longer fight. Satisfied, Halquza cheerfully said “One monkey down for the count!”


“Damn you!” Felix shouted and he lunged at him.


Halquza looked at him, smiled and said “Here! You can have this idiot monkey back!”


With great force, he lifted Rumble by the Gada and threw him towards Felix.


“Damn!” Felix exclaimed in shock at seeing the giant form of Rumble suddenly thrown at him.


Rumble’s unconscious body smacked hard into him and they went smashing into the ground. They tumbled several times before crashing. Dust rose into the air and a groove marked the ground where they crashed.


Halquza began to laugh and say “Still a broken chicken and wasted fried monkey meat!”


He suddenly stopped laughing when he sensed something dangerous. He swirled around and saw Lakshman about to swing at him with the Phoenix Blade in his hand which was glowing lightly.


“Wow!” Halquza shouted as he instantly dodged the sword.


Lakshman did not falter and continued on swinging his sword at him. Halquza did his best to quickly avoid them all as the swings continued to come.


Feeling frustrated, Halquza and said “Enough of this!”


He dodged the next sword stroke and quickly moved away to give some distance. Lakshman immediately raised his sword above his head and swung it down with a tremendous force. The ground began to crack as a powerful slicing wave was sent directly at Halquza.




Halquza quickly caught the slicing energy with his bare hands. A struggle ensued between his hands and the shimmering energy. During the struggle, part of the Demon Emperor’s face got cut and black blood began to stream out.


“EEEERRRRAAAAGGGHH!!!” Halquza screamed and closed his hands on the energy which burst into thin air.


As the cloud of smoke from the burst energy slowly vanished, he smiled. He looked at the sword Lakshman was wielding and said “Well if it isn’t the Phoenix Blade!”


Lakshman spun his sword stylishly and placed it on his shoulder. His spiky blonde hair ruffled by the slight breeze as he and the Demon Emperor stared at each other. Halquza then grinned at seeing how confidently Lakshman stood.


He spread his arms out and said “Since you got your weapon out, I might as well get mine!”


With that, he raised his hand over his head and said “Summoning Lance!”


In an instant, dark particles of energy began to gather there. A moment later, it formed into the shape of a lance. Halquza grabbed the lance by his held out hand and spun it a few times in various ways before placing it upright beside him.


“Say hello to my Legendary Lance of Darkness!” Halquza announced in a loud voice with a grin on his face.


Lakshman looked at the lance and saw the dark energy it was emitting. Then he heard Tetra speak in his mind “Master. Be careful. It’s really the Legendary Lance of Darkness!”


He nodded his head in understanding and said “So I take it to mean that is another Legendary Weapon.”


“You’re correct, kid! This is indeed a Legendary Weapon that’s chosen me!” Halquza said proudly.


“I see. Now it makes sense.”


“What does?”


Lakshman pointed a finger at him and said “You made replicas of that Legendary Weapon and handed them to your clansmen. That’s why it’s driving to insane! That’s why they are behaving so wildly!”


Halquza looked surprised for a moment before letting out a roar of laughter. Then he said “Hundred points for noticing the connection, kid! Very good…! Hmm… Yes! I certainly did make replicas of the Legendary Lance of Darkness and handed them to my clansmen! I wanted them to fight with me, but they refused. So I was left with no choice, but do it this way!”


“How could you…? They are your clan!”


“So? What if they are my clan? Why should I care about something as stupid as belonging to a clan or a group when I’m the ruler of the demons?!” Halquza shouted in a powerful voice.


Lakshman did not say anything. Instead, he sighed. This somehow reminded him a bit of Rumble which made him curious as to why he left his clan. He decided it was none of his business to find out.


“Fine, but defeating you will ensure your clansmen will stop attacking us! After all, you are the one mind controlling them into attacking!” Lakshman said and he prepared his sword to fight.


“Oh yeah? You think you can defeat me?! Ha! Stop thinking and do it then!” Halquza said with a mad expression on his face.


“As you wish…” Lakshman said quietly.


The two prepared their weapons and charged them with energy. Then they lunged at each other and began to fight with lance against sword.


Their battle was fast, hard and tough. Each of their blows caused violent sparks of electricity to burst out. The sounds of their clashes rang through the destroyed space as their struggle caused more destruction. They kept moving faster and faster with each clash of their swords.


“You’re quite good for a kid! You’ve able to keep up with me at least!” Halquza shouted after several minutes of fighting.


Lakshman did not reply because he was focused on watching his enemy move. While they were fighting, Lakshman slowly began to adapt to how his opponent moved while careful to not get hit by any of the attacks.


“Lance Blast!” Halquza shouted as he aimed his lance at him and fired an energy blast.


Lakshman swung his sword horizontally and shouted “Slicing Phoenix!”


A bird-like energy erupted from his sword and soared at the incoming beam cannon. The two energy attacks struggled for a moment, but Lakshman’s attack prevailed. It cut straight through Halquza’s attack and soared straight at him.


“Damn!” Halquza said and he jumped into the air to avoid it.


Then he widened his eyes to see Lakshman waiting for him there. With a heavy force, Lakshman swung his sword and hit the lance middle of the lance. The heavy impact sent the Demon Emperor straight down and he crashed into the ground.


For a moment, his crashed location was surrounded by the dust that rose up. Then the dust cleared and an energised spear soared straight at Lakshman. Instantly reacting, he tilted his head aside and the spear missed him.


At that moment, he suddenly heard Halquza say “Gotcha!”


Lakshman widened his eyes and looked around. Halquza was holding onto his spear and grinning at him. Then he delivered a powerful punch to the side of Lakshman’s face and sent him flying. He quickly chased after him and began trying to hit him with his spear, but kept getting blocked by Lakshman’s speedy reflexes in moving his sword to defend.


Lakshman swirled around and gritted his teeth while narrowing his eyes at the same time. Then he kicked Halquza away and they both landed a few seconds later. Both warriors were breathing quickly as sweat and blood streamed down their faces.


“Not bad for a kid!” Halquza said with a hearty chuckle.


“Not bad for a twisted demon!” Lakshman said and he glared at him.


The two of them were panting, but soon their regained their breathing pattern once again. Then they did nothing, but glare at each other without saying anything. Other than that, the only thing moving was the wind which was blowing smoothly.


Meanwhile, Rumble had shrunk back to his normal side and lay on the ground, unconscious. Around him were the ruins of a destroyed building, crushed by his crash landing. There no sign of Felix anywhere as rubble and destruction surrounded him.


There was a sudden movement in of rubble and. Then a fist smashed its way up and Felix pushed his way to the top. He breathed a sigh of relief and said “Finally…! Fresh air!”


As he took great lungful of air, he looked at Rumble and muttered “I can’t believe Rumble weighed that much just by getting bigger… Hmm?”


He turned and suddenly saw Lakshman and Halquza standing far away from each other.


“Oh no! Lakshman needs my help!” Felix said in a voice of concern


He struggled to get out of the rubble and quickly straightened up. Then he spotted his sword, the Legendary Sword of Justice, lying nearby. He quickly walked over to it and instantly winced when he tried to grab it.


“Sorry I lost you…” he said to the sword apologetically and was able to touch it after that.


As he turned around, he heard the Lakshman and Halquza talking.


“Hey, kid! I’m growing tired of this lengthy speedy battles!”


“What a strange coincidence. I’m also feeling the same,” Lakshman said with a sigh.


“Oh really? Then how about we put everything into next attack? Let’s end this with our next attack!”


Lakshman chuckled and said “Sure…! Let’s see who’s the strongest between you and me!”


“You got that right! Now prepare to be obliterated!” Halquza shouted and he quickly began to gathered great loads of energy into his sword.


“The only one going down here is you” Lakshman shouted and he also began to gather large amounts of energy into his sword.


Felix watched in shock as the levels of their powers skyrocketed. Both warriors were preparing to use an enormous power at each other. Felix was feeling worried and tried to get there as quickly as he could.


“Wait for me, Lucky! I’m coming to help!” Felix said and he rushed over to him.


At that moment, he suddenly heard a voice in his mind say “Stop or you’ll die!”


“Wha… Justina! What are you saying?! If I don’t help him, he’ll die! He’s no match for the Demon Emperor’s power!” Felix thought in his mind.


“Stay right here and watch. You’ll soon find out,” Justina, the Legendary Sword of Justice, said.


“What?!” Felix asked in disbelief when he heard her voice say that.


At that moment, Lakshman and Halquza were ready and they began to surge with power. Lakshman was coated in crimson aura while Halquza was coated with violet aura. Then they charged at each other while shouting out their respective attack names.


“Blasting Lance!”


“Star Burst Blade!”


The sword and lance began to emit brilliant lights with immense power coursing through them. When they reached each other, Lakshman and Halquza drew their weapons back and clashed them against each other.


As a mighty power struggle occurred, Felix was knocked off his feet and he fell to the ground. He watched the struggle and heard both warriors screaming with power.






Then a violent flash of light went off which was followed by a loud bang and that resulted in an enormous explosion. The radius of the explosion was so huge, it expanded all the way to where Felix was, but stopped just in front of him.


Felix instantly used his sword and stabbed it hard into the ground. Then he held on for dear life as the mighty explosion sent a wave of powerful wind, force and energy everywhere. Even half destroyed buildings were uprooted and that also included trees. Nothing withstood the might of the explosion of Lakshman’s and Halquza’s attacks.


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