Unbelievable Power



The explosion slowly faded and a great deal of silence ensued. The destroyed ground was covered by the rubble and dust hung in the air. It was very dense and caused everything to be hidden from clear view.


Felix knelt down while breathing quickly. He had just experienced one of many massive explosions in his life. This was caused by the attacks Lakshman and the Demon Emperor, Halquza, fired.


“Oh man…! What power those two released!” Felix said in exclamation as he watched the area where the clouds of dust was thicker.


Then he heard a loud cackling laughter and his heart sank. He knew to whom that voice belonged to and it certainly was not Lakshman. He does not remember ever hearing Lakshman laugh like that.


As the dust cleared on one side, Halquza appeared as he laughed and laughed. He slung his lance over his shoulder and grinned at the cloud of dust covered the area in front of him.


“Stupid kid didn’t even stand a chance! Heck! I probably should’ve given him some time to say his goodbyes, but who cares?!” Halquza said and he laughed madly.


“Damn you…!” Felix said in an angry voice.


He attempted to go to him and he tried to grab his sword while he was at it. Then he was surprised to find that he was unable to pull his sword. Fearing that he had stabbed the sword too hard into the ground, he began trying to pull it out of the ground.


“You stay here,” he suddenly heard the Legendary Sword of Justice, Justina, speak in his mind.


“No! Lakshman’s gone and that’s my fault! I’ll fix this by making up to him for my failure as the Phoenix Emperor!” Felix said as he tugged at the sword as hard as he could, but it did not come out.


Justine suddenly sounded stern as she said “Do you really believe the Phoenix Titan would die just from that?”


“Huh?” Felix said in a surprised voice.


As Halquza continued to laugh hysterically, they suddenly heard a familiar voice said “Would you please stop laughing? It’s becoming painful to hear you laughing like that!”


Halquza stopped laughing and looked towards the clouds of dust with an expression of disbelief. He watched as he heard someone sigh from behind the veil of dust. Then, with a swing of their sword, the dust cleared and Lakshman came into view.


“Lucky!” Felix exclaimed happily at the sight of him.


Lakshman was standing with a firm expression on his face as he looked at Halquza. The Demon Emperor was shocked at seeing Lakshman perfectly unharmed. It looked as if he had not taken any damage at all while Halquza was sprouting some bruzes and cuts on his body.


“You…!” he exclaimed and pointed at Lakshman.


“Me?” Lakshman asked as he pointed at himself.


“Why…? Why won’t you just die?!” Halquza complained angrily.


Lakshman looked at him with his eyes closed a little. Then he sighed and said “I can’t believe the Demon Emperor is complaining like some three year old. I guess he is much of a kid than me.”


“ARGH!” Halquza yelled and he lunged at Lakshman.


In an instant, he reached him sand and swung his lance only to see that he had vanished.


“Anyway! I think that was a good enough warmup!” Lakshman said as he began to walk away from Halquza without bothering to look back.


Halquza turned around and stared at Lakshman in disbelief. He could not believe Lakshman had gotten past him or the fact that he did not even see him move at all.


Lakshman walked a few steps before coming to a stop. Then he turned around and faced the angry faced Halquza. The Demon Emperor became very angry at the smiling expression on his face and lunged at him.


“DIE!” Halquza screamed and he lunged forward.


Lakshman quickly brought his hands up and said “Time out, time out!”


Halquza, hearing those words, suddenly came to a stop. He looked at Lakshman with a puzzled expression on his face and asked “Why are you calling for a time out? This isn’t some sort of competition, fool!”


Lakshman nodded at his words in agreement and said “Yes, I know, but I just realised something during our fight. We are putting too much strain on our weapons. So I think it’s better if we fight with nothing, but out fists from here on.”


As if to follow with this plan of his, Lakshman lifted the Phoenix Blade and flung it into the air. It soared straight towards where Felix was standing with a dumbfounded expression on his face. Then there was a flash of light and Tetra appeared in her human form and gently landed on the ground.


“Master you idiot! I hate you! Why can’t you treat a lady more nicely?!” Tetra shouted at him.
Halquza looked at where she had landed and then looked back at Lakshman. Seeing the smile on his face, he suddenly felt really angry and he shouted “You’re a fool!”


Halquza quickly moved forward with his Legendary Lance of Darkness. He raised it over his head and aimed it directly at Lakshman’s face.


“Didn’t I tell you we’re going to be fighting this out with our bare hands?” Lakshman asked him quietly.


“Huh?” Halquza said in a surprised voice.


He suddenly realised he could no longer feel the touch of his lance. The Legendary Lance of Darkness was spinning high in the air and it soared away. Then it landed with its blade pressed into the ground far away from them. Halquza was stunned that Lakshman had hit it so far away or that he managed to do it without him noticing his actions.


“You bastard-!” Halquza yelled, but suddenly felt two slaps land on either side of his cheeks.


He raised his hand instantly and rubbed his cheeks since because his cheeks sting. While blinking in confusion, he looked at Lakshman who continued speaking.


“I told you we’ll be fighting bare handed, right? Stop making me repeat myself! Bad Demon Emperor!” Lakshman said wearily.


Halquza’s eyes suddenly widened in shock. He clenched his fists tightly and shouted “You dare to treat me like a dog?! You bas-!”


In an instant, Halquza received several blows to his face and chest. The impacts caused him to soar backwards. Then he quickly recovered and did flips and maintained a good deal of distance between himself and Lakshman.


“What’s going on? Why am I taking these sudden hits when he isn’t moving at all…?” Halquza asked in a wondering voice.


He looked towards Lakshman as he calmly walked towards him. Just looking at how calm he was made the Demon Emperor very angry. Deciding it was just an illusion, he rushed forward to attack Lakshman and, just like that, the battle began.


“Ha? How do you call that a battle?” Felix asked in a wondering voice as he watched Lakshman and Halquza.


At that moment, Halquza rushed at Lakshman. Then, for some unknown reason, he stopped and he looked like he was pushed back when he reached Lakshman. Then he straightened up and tried to throw a punch only to start swaying on the spot.


“W-Why is he swaying like that?” Felix asked curiously as Halquza shook violently.


Halquza was shaking like a leaf. Blood began to appear each time that he swayed on the spot. Lakshman, on the other hand, was just standing there with his hands by his side. It looked like he was doing nothing, but stare at the Demon Emperor.


At that moment, Felix heard Justina say in his mind “Think about it…! Why do you think the Demon Emperor is swaying like that while the Phoenix Titan stands there and does nothing?”


“Um…” Felix said with a confused expression on his face.


Tetra sighed and said “Come on, Phoenix Emperor! Pay closer attention and you’ll figure it out!”


At her urging, he focused on Lakshman and Halquza. As he narrowed his eyebrows and focused his eyes, he still saw nothing. Then, his widened his eyes when something like a blur suddenly went bath and forth. As he concentrated more, he began to see the blur movement become clearer until he could see what it was.


His eyes widened in shock and he said “No way?! He’s moving his hands at that speed?!”


Felix had just discovered that Lakshman was not standing still. While appearing to stand still, he was actually moving. His hands and legs back and forth as he punched and kicked Halquza.


He suddenly stopped punching and began waving his hands as if to rest them. Halquza, who was swaying on the spot with blood dripping out of his mouth, slowly fell backwards. Lakshman quickly grabbed him by his left hand and brought him closer. Then he started delivering power punches to his face and stomach while kneeing him in the guts with his leg.


“I can see this, but I couldn’t see the one from earlier!” Felix exclaimed in a loud voice.


Tetra sighed and said “Don’t be so surprised! Master is the Phoenix Titan and he just unsealed the second last seal! With that, he’s obtained fifty percent of his true power! The fact is, he’s not even using ten percent of his full power as he is right now!”


“Seriously?! Only ten percent?!” Felix exclaimed in shock.


Tetra nodded and said “He’s also using Phoenix Drive, Phoenix Mode and Phoenix Form! So yes… Master’s certainly gotten really strong!”


Felix looked at her in disbelief before turning back to watch the fight. Rather than a fight, he decided to think of it a one sided beat down. Halquza was unable to do anything against the incredible speed and power Lakshman was using as he punched and kicked him.


After several minutes of this, Lakshman decided he had done enough. As Halquza’s eyes spun in a circle and he swayed on the spot, Lakshman raised his fist and slammed it onto Halquza’s forehead. By the immense strength and power Lakshman had applied, Halquza was sent flying with a blast.


Halquza flew through the air for several meters away. He smashed through several walls that still remained after all the destruction. Then he crashed once and began to flip wildly before crashing into more building foundations before finally crashing to a stop.


As the dust slowly rose into the air, Felix looked at where Halquza had crashed. Then he looked back at Lakshman as he winged his hand in an attempt to free the stiff muscles. After all that, Lakshman did not even break a sweat. It was as if he was taking it easily.


“Unbelievable… He’s only using about ten percent and all this from just the second last seal breaking…” Felix said and he shook his head before sighing heavily.


On the surface, he could not believe it. Deep down, however, he was happy. It had been eight-thousand long years since the Phoenix Titan appeared. Now, at seeing the rise of another, it made Felix feel really glad to be alive to see the rise of a legend.


He suddenly widened his eyes as he felt a tremendous surge of power. He looked at Lakshman and saw that he it was not coming from him. Then he looked to where Halquza had crashed and his hair seemed to stand on end.


Halquza stood up while wearing a crazy smile on his face. His eyes were covered by his long hair so he could not see the expression on his face. However, just from the smile and the surge of energy, Felix guessed Halquza has finally gone mad.


Halquza slowly rose high into the air while chuckling darkly. Then his looked at them with a max expression on his face as he began to glow in a purple aura full of twistedness.


He suddenly began to laugh hysterically which was very menacing. Then he looked down at them and shouted “You certainly did a number of on me, Phoenix Titan, but this is the end! You might’ve been able to survive the Death Ball, but won’t survive against my Revenge Death Ball!”


He quickly brought his hand forward and had his index finger out. A small black energy ball suddenly formed there. As it grew bigger and bigger, he raised it over his head and held it there. In a few second, it grew so large that it blocked the sunlight.


Felix looked up at it and shouted “Holy crap! So that’s the Revenge Death Ball! I heard that it triples the amount of damage. Then it gets added onto the Death Ball which is why it’s called Revenge Death Ball!”


Tetra looked at him with narrowed eyes and asked “”Who are you informing?”


He looked at with panicked expression on his face and said “No one, but we’ll become nobodies if we don’t get the hell out of here!”


He suddenly heard Justina say in his mind “We’re staying.”


“What?! Why?! We’ll surely die if we get hit by such massive amount of power!” Felix exclaimed as he pointed at the large black ball of energy in the sky.


“Because master is also staying…” Tetra said and she pointed towards Lakshman.




Felix turned to look towards where Lakshman stood. Lakshman was staring up at the Revenge Death Ball silently. Then he folded his arms and closed his eyes. Seeing that action alarmed Felix.


“What the hell is he doing folding his arms and closing his eyes?! It’s as if he’s accepted his fate to die today!” Felix shouted.


“Would you please calm down and act like a Phoenix Emperor! If master decides to stay and he is the Phoenix Titan, then it’s a simple order for you to stay as well!” Tetra said to him angrily.


“Ah…” Felix said and he blinked in surprise.


Realising the truth behind her words, he looked down and looked unhappy. He suddenly felt ashamed for letting his feelings control him. In that instant, he suddenly felt like digging and hiding himself underground from the shame.


Instead, he firmly stood his ground and shouted “Go ahead and throw the damn ball, Halquza! I triple dare you!”


Halquza went silent for a moment at his words. Then he smiled badly and shouted “If that’s how you want to die, then so be it! AAAARRRRRRRUUUUUUHHHHHH!!!”


With the Revenge Death Ball ready, he swung it in their direction. The gigantic ball slowly moved towards them and slowly picked up momentum. As the ball grew closer to them, the larger it appeared.


Felix was sweating, but he gripped his hands firmly and stood his ground. Whatever happens, he decided he will face this challenge like he always should as the Phoenix Emperor.


As the ball drew closer, Lakshman stood his ground. He still had his arms folded and eyes closed as if he did not care. Seeing that, the Demon Emperor let out a roar of laughter.


“Why are you just standing there and doing nothing?! Did you realise how powerless you are against the might of my Revenge Death Ball?! I don’t blame you, but to actually stand there and do nothing, but take the attack head on! I’ll give you eighty points for having guts, kid!”


At that moment, Lakshman took a deep breath. Then he loudly said “Are you done?”


“Hah?” Halquza said as if he misheard him.


The Revenge Death Ball got really close to him and that was when Lakshman made his move. He flung his eyes open and glared up at the incoming attack. Then he unfolded his hands and took a position.


The next instance, he kicked hard off the ground and rocketed towards the Revenge Death Ball.


“What the hell is he doing?!” Felix exclaimed as Lakshman’s actions shocked him.


“Just be quiet and watch!” Tetra told him irritably.


Lakshman soared straight at the Revenge Death Ball. He was like a tiny ant compared to how big the ball was. Even so, he rocketed towards the ball fearlessly.


Then he brought his fist forward and smashed it against the Revenge Death Ball. For a moment, it looked like the Revenge Death Ball had stopped moving. Lakshman’s face contorted slightly as he pressured his clenched fist to keep it stationary.


“UUUUUUURRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Lakshman screamed and, with great surge of power, punched the Revenge Death Ball back.


The Revenge Death Ball flew back towards it owners a lot faster than it initially was. Seeing his own attack coming straight back at him shocked the Demon Emperor.


“What?!” Halquza exclaimed in a shocked voice.


He brought is hands in front of him to try and stop the attack. Attempting to control the attack failed and he suddenly realised it was no use. So he screamed as the Revenge Death Ball rocked back and slammed hard into him.


For a moment, the ball came to a stop. Then there was a violent flash of black light and a massive erupted took place in the sky. They heard the Demon Emperor screaming over and over as his own attack inflicted the damage meant to be taken by Lakshman.


While all of that was happening, Lakshman hovered in mid-air and watched the explosion take place. The force of the explosion sent a mighty shockwave everywhere and it buffeted him. He was grinning broadly as he hovered firmly against the force of the wind and looked at the grand explosion.


“Too easy!” he said before winking up at the explosion.


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