Informing the Situation



“Dad… Mum… I’m the Phoenix Titan.”


Lakshman told his parents when they were sitting in the living room. His father, Indra, and his mother, Lakshmi, looked at him with surprised expressions on their faces. Then they turned and looked at each other silently. The next moment, the two of them burst into a roar of laughter which caused Lakshman to look confused.


It has been more than thirty minutes since Lakshman came home. At first, he and Lakshmi just stood outside and hugged each other warmly. Then Indra came out wondering what was happening. When he saw his son, he let out a yell of joy which caused the mother and son to separate.


“How has my awesome son been?!” Indra exclaimed cheerfully as he ran over and hugged him.


“G-Good, dad…” Lakshman said and groaned at how tightly his father hugged him.


After that, they greeted Ondine and Tetra cheerfully. When they saw Emilia skulking around the carriage, they asked them who she was. It was a bit of shock for them when Lakshman informed them of who she was.


“Another slave?!” Indra exclaimed after finding out. Then said “Don’t tell me you got some slave fetish or something? Now I feel bad as your father!”


Lakshmi looked at him and sternly said “You’re being rude, Indra.”


“Rude? I’m just astonished our son brought home another girl!” Indra said indignantly. Then he leaned closer to Lakshman and asked “By the way, is she pure?”


“Huh?” Lakshman asked and he blinked at his father in surprise.


At that moment, Lakshmi suddenly elbowed him in the stomach. The impact so hard, he groaned and sank to his knees. Ondine and Tetra grinned appreciatively to see Lakshmi being the same as always.


“Alright, girls! Let’s get the luggage in and let the horses lose. They’ll graze around and become friends with our horses,” Lakshmi said brightly.


Mariana nodded at her and they began unloading their luggage. There was not much considering they threw out their old clothes and bought new ones. So each of them only had one bag full of clothes and other belongings they kept.


As they led the horses inside and parked the wagon to the side, Indra finally got to his feet.


“Elbowing your husband like you… How could you…?” he asked Lakshmi weakly while patting his stomach gingerly.


“Oh stop pretending it hurts. You’re a hundred times stronger than me and you’re a man. Act like one for a change,” Lakshmi told him sternly.


“Fine, fine. Hey, Lucky! Give that stuff to me!” Indra said and he took the three bags from Lakshman.


While easily lifting them, he quickly walked into the house and disappeared. Lakshman watched him go with his eyebrows rasied.


“Dad’s gotten stronger,” he said and he sounded impressed.


Lakshmi sighed and said “Ever since you left, he’s been training every day. It seemed he knew you will become stronger by the time you return.”


“Master bought four gravity rings a few months back,” Mariana informed him.


“He did?” Lakshman asked in a surprised voice.


Lakshmi looked annoyed as she said “Would you believe it? Gravity Rings are rare and each of them costed three-hundred gold! I was so mad at him when he bought four of them!”


“It was worth the buy!” Indra said when he came back out. Then he winked at Lakshman and asked “I bet you have Gravity Rings, don’t you?”


When Lakshman nodded, he smiled and said “I’ve been working at hundred times gravity! How much have you gotten up to?”


Lakshman was taken aback by the number. He wondered whether he should tell him that he had trained under thousand times gravity.


At that moment, Ondine gave him a nudge. He looked at her and she nodded reassuringly. Understanding what she wanted him to do, he nodded back at her.


“I trained under thousand times gravity, dad,” Lakshman told Indra.


At first, Indra thought it was a bad joke. When Lakshman told him about how he was forced to train under it by the Death Titan, Sevedant, Indra let out a yell of shock. He looked so shocked that they thought he became a statue. Lakshmi sighed as she pulled him into the house.


While Lakshmi was tending to Indra, Mariana led Lakshman, Ondine, Tetra and Emilia into a room. It seemed that his parents shifted downstairs after Lakshmi gave birth. In that room, Lakshman saw two swings and in them, fast asleep, were the twin sisters.


“Oooohhh~!” Ondine, Tetra and Emilia squealed quietly when they looked at the sleeping babies.


The babies were small, but cute as they slept peacefully. Lakshman was very surprised to find the two of them looking the same even though he knew they were twins. He then asked why they had the same faces to which she gave him a quizzical look.


“I thought twins would have, you know, some facial changes and stuff to identify them by,” Lakshman informed her.


Mariana was very surprised and she chuckled softly. Then she said “Twins will look identical, but that will sort of change as they grow up. Their appetite, exercise, environment of growth play a great part in how they appear once they grow up.”


“Ah. So that’s what happens,” Lakshman said as he understood.


After lightly touching the babies and watched them move a bit, he left the room. The girls remained to stay and watch the babies with really happy expressions on their faces.


He returned to the living room and that was when he saw Indra and Lakshmi sitting quietly. Indra suddenly looked older, but quickly recovered when Lakshman walked in. Once Lakshman sat down, he decided to inform them about him being a Phoenix Titan.


Lakshmi was the first to recover while Indra continued to chuckle.


“Come on, Lucky. Did you get swallowed in one of those Felix’s ancient myths and legends?” she asked him curiously while smiling gently.


Lakshman shook his head and said “No, mum! I’m serious! I am the Phoenix Titan! I’m not lying!”


He looked confused because his parents were not taking him seriously. Then he suddenly realised how stupid he was. He realised how difficult it would be for his parents to believe his words when he flat out tells them he was the Phoenix Titan.


His thoughts were confirmed when Indra, after recovering, said “Come now, Lucky. The Phoenix Titan lived like eight-thousand years ago! It’s just a myth… Nothing more than a mere legend to make us believe in heroes!”


Lakshman was startled to hear those words, especially when they were coming out of his father’s mouth. Then he decided it was time he showed them the proof of his being.


“No dad… There are heroes in this world,” Lakshman said and he got to his feet.


Indra and Lakshmi were startled to see him wearing a serious expression on his face. Lakshman brought his hands forward and clenched them tightly. Then he began to surge with power and created a wild wind to blow within the room. Then, with a scream, he transformed into the Phoenix Titan.


“Wha… wha… wha…” Lakshmi said slowly when she saw her son transform in front of her.


“No… way…” Indra spoke quietly with his eyes wide with shock.


Lakshman had spiky blond hair with red crown shaped light blue eyes. In history, the Phoenix Titan was a great entity with immeasurable power. Additionally, his blond hair and the shapes of his eyes were easily distinguished between the Nine Pillars of Power.


“Y-You really are… the Phoenix Titan…?” Lakshmi whispered as she saw her son radiating in crimson aura.


Lakshman smiled, but sudden felt pressure in his energy level. He tried to hold on, but the pressure became intense. With no choice, he winced as he powered down and returned to his normal state.


“Lucky!” Indra and Lakshmi exclaimed when he collapsed in his chair and breathed a little quickly.


They quickly rose to their feet and reached him. Then they sat down and asked him if he was okay and whether he needed a healing from Lakshmi. Lakshman reassured them he was fine.


“It’s just a tad bit difficult to control the Phoenix Titan form properly,” he informed them as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.


They looked confused and he told them everything happened to lead him to it. His parents were shocked at the news that the Demon Emperor attacked Floria Kingdom. Then Lakshmi clapped her hands over her mouth and Indra groaned when he told them how he almost died because of his attack.


After that, Lakshman explained that he broke the second last seal due to the Decisive Player’s urging. Once he awakened and transformed into the Phoenix Titan, he went into battle and brilliantly defeated the Demon Emperor.


“I hardly used any more than fifteen percent of my full power. That Demon Emperor was no match compared to how strong I became,” Lakshman told them with a smile.


He was taking it lightly, but Indra and Lakshmi were shocked. They never believed their own son would become the Phoenix Titan or that there were four seals placed on him.


“So that’s how you became the Phoenix Titan?” Indra asked and Lakshman nodded with a smile.


Indra and Lakshmi looked at each other and sighed. Up until now, they believed their son to be exceptionally strong for his age due to good fortune. They never once considered the off chance of him being a legendary figure.


For a moment, they just looked at each other. Then Indra and Lakshmi hugged Lakshman while saying “That’s so amazing! Our son’s the Phoenix Titan!”


Lakshman was startled by them suddenly hugging him, but he hugged them back. He was worried his parents would not tolerate the idea of him being superior to them.


They were very happy to know their son was the Phoenix Titan, which made him the strongest warriors in the world. At the same time, they also realised he was a being they could never be on even footing. This fact caused great sadness to Lakshmi because her son will soon be out of her reach.


“What’s wrong, mum?” Lakshman asked curiously when he saw her distressed expression on her face.


“Ah. No, it’s nothing,” Lakshmi said quickly and attempted to smile at him, but it felt stiff.


Sensing that Lakshman was becoming suspicious, Indra quickly asked “So what will you do now?”


Lakshman thought for a moment before saying “I’m not a full-fledged Phoenix Titan yet and I got a lot of things to learn. So I’m thinking of applying for higher studies when I turn sixteen. How does that sound, dad?”


Indra looked impressed and said “That’s a great idea! You’re going to be getting higher education and not be like your lazy old dad. That’s a good choice since you’re going to be the Phoenix Titan in the future… right?”


At his questioning gesture, he looked at his wife. Lakshmi nodded and asked “Are you officially recognised as the Phoenix Titan?”


“Everyone is treating me pretty normally. Felix said that, since I’ll be the Phoenix Titan in the future, they want to make a good impression of themselves on me,” Lakshman informed his parents.


Indra and Lakshmi both snorted at the same time. They understood Felix’s words and disliked the higher officials and noblemen.


“Those top brass are always doing things to make an impression,” Indra said and he looked annoyed.


“They never change, those top idiots of society!” Lakshmi said and she looked irritated.


“Is there a problem?” Lakshman asked curiously.


Indra looked seriously at his son and said “Lucky, listen very carefully! You are now about to enter into a world people literally fight kill each other to survive! It’s the survival of the fittest and it couldn’t get any uglier than it already is.”


Lakshmi nodded and said “Make sure to keep your guard up against noblemen and such. They can be all nice and sweet today, but they can become as dangerous as a rattle snake without hesitation! That’s how dangerous the world you’re about to enter!”


Seeing their serious expressions and hearing their serious words of wisdom, Lakshman understood. He had seen such a behaviour at that time when the king held a celebration banquet. Those noblemen were very nice to him, but switched to lecherous behaviour with his companions.


Lakshman nodded at them and said “I know what you mean, mum… dad…” Then he told them about what happened which caused him to decide to leave the capital the next day.


“You were wise to decide to leave the next day. Even with Felix being there, they would have done something terrible…” Indra said as he nodded his head in satisfaction by his son’s decision.


Just then, they heard Ondine, Tetra and Emilia talking happily. It seemed they had closed the door to the room the babies were sleeping in.


Indra quickly looked seriously at Lakshman and said “Lucky, you better take responsible for all of them, got it? Even if the Shambasa Religion dare to go against you, just shut them up and do what you have to do!”


Lakshman knew who the Shambasa Religion was. They were a religious cult who believed in the God of Justice and impose that only one man and woman should marry. He also knew that they loathe the idea of polygamy and punish those that break it with utmost severity.


He knew what his father was talking about. Two months ago, he was shocked when he discovered that all the girls loved him because the Decisive Player pointed it out. He wanted them all to be happy, but at the same time wondered if that was okay. Then the Decisive Player told him to share their love and be happy.


Lakshman had already made his decision. Once he becomes a man and is able to support the girls, he will take care of it. Until then, he will shower them with love, but not cross the line. That was his decision to handle the affair.


“I know, dad. I’ve got it all under control,” Lakshman said and he smiled at his father.


After that, he joined the girls in moving their bags upstairs. Indra gave Emilia the room Sumara, Lakshman’s magic tutor, had once used. Emilia was hesitant at first, but she gladly accepted it after much pushing from them.


After that, they spent the rest of the day catching up on things. Everyone was telling each other the stories of their past. Meanwhile, Lakshmi and Mariana were impressed at how good Emilia was at cooking and how far Ondine got in her cooking.


Lakshmi was impressed when Ondine informed her about training under Marilia, the Sword King Darian Ronald’s wife. They were able to taste each other’s foods and were happy how good the food came out to be. That night, they presented the food for dinner and everyone ate happily. Only Ondine drank water, but she was happy.


Once they completed eating, they moved to the living room while Lakshmi, Marian, Emilia and Ondine took the empty plates away. Once they sat down, Indra told them about his great adventurers when he was in the Demon Continent. They listened, but they were feeling quite sleepy after eating so much delicious food and half of it did not make sense.


“I think it’s just about time to sleep…” Indra said when he saw Lakshman yawning hugely.


So they all bid each other good night and went upstairs. Tetra tried to go into Lakshman’s room, but Ondine grabbed her and dragged her into her room to sleep. Lakshman bid the girls to sleep well and he closed the door to his room.


He groggily walked towards his bed and fell on it. He lazily crawled towards the pillow and lay still and silent. It had been a great day for him because his parents had easily accepted him being the Phoenix Titan and even offered him help in what to do to get ready for his duties.


Feeling very happy, he felt asleep. He slept soundless, like always, with his blankets to the side. He actually did not take everything out of his bag and decided to do it tomorrow morning. The long journey tired him out and he was not in the mood to set his clothes and belongs away.


Time went by and he slept peacefully. The wind was slowly blowing through the open windows which caused the curtains to move back and forth with the force of the wind.


Then it happened. A bright shimmering light entered through the open window. The small particles of energy took on the form of bluish butterflies and they circled while hovering over Lakshman. Then they moved to the edge of the bed and began to form a vertical wall.


There was a bright glow of light and the room was dazzled, but Lakshman slept through it. The next instance, the light faded and a man appeared wearing a strange assortment of clothes. He was glowing in a blue light as he opened his eyes.


The glowing man’s eyes had a strange design to them; four small diamond shapes with two red curved shapes in the centre.





The man looked down at the peacefully sleeping form of Lakshman and smiled. Then he just stood there while staring down at him without saying anything. For some reason, he just kept smiling as he watched Lakshman roll over in his sleep.


Then a voice asked “What are you doing here?”


The glowing man turned to look to the side. A man stood there while glowing in golden aura.


The blue glowing man smiled and said “Ah. It’s you,” when he recognised the Decisive Player.


The Decisive Player narrowed his eyes and asked “Why are you here, God of Energy, Engraut?”


The God of Energy, Engraut, chuckled and said “Why I’m here? For this boy, of course. I just came to see him since he’s just recently awakened as the Phoenix Titan.”


The Decisive Player sighed and said “You should leave. This is no place for a god like you.”


The God of Energy, Engraut, laughed lightly and said “Oh? What are you saying all of a sudden? Have you forgotten, already? You were once a god yourself… God of Wisdom, Whamana!”

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