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There was a moment of silence when the God of Energy, Engruat, said that. The Decisive Player just looked at him in silence before letting out a sigh.


“That title and that name doesn’t have anything to do with me anymore,” he told him.


“Really? I supposed that’s true since there is already God of Wisdom now. My bad,” Engruat said and he stuck his tongue out at him.


The Decisive Player’s eyebrows twitched and he asked “Did you come here to tease me or pick a fight with me?”


At his words, the golden aura around him began to thicken and swirl. More and more power began to radiate out into the air.


Engruat quickly raised his hands in defeat and said “Stop, stop! I only came here to see the new Phoenix Titan! I know better than to mess with you!”


The Decisive Player calmed down, but he continued look at the Engraut suspiciously. Engraut sighed and said “I know full well I’m no match against your Words of Power.”


“Good, but the Phoenix Titan is asleep. Why come so late if you wanted to meet him?”


“I don’t want to meet him before he becomes a full-fledged Phoenix Titan. I was just curious because it’s been eight-thousand years since the Phoenix Titan lived in this world.”


“It certainly has been a really long time…”


“Does he know about you?”


“He knows me as the Decisive Player while others referrer to me as the Voice of the Phoenix.”


Engraut laughed and said “That is funny. They are pretty right on the dot when they called you the Voice of the Phoenix. After all, you’ve been with the Phoenix Titan since the first!”


The Decisive Player looked at Lakshman’s sleeping face and quietly said “Yes. It was around the time the first Phoenix Titan challenged the gods.”


“He certainly did and you were his first challenger. You were magnificently defeated, but still did not make sense how he countered your Words of Power.”




“After that, he went and defeated the God of Freedom, but lost to Justice. However, those two granted him eternal power for his bravery to fight the gods. Then you went down to the world and began observing him.”


“Yes, but…”


“Yeah… That happened… The God of Destruction, Druesion, destroyed you utterly for shaming the gods by coming to this world.”


The Decisive Player’s face contorted slightly at the memory of his body being destroyed. That was when the Phoenix Titan accepted him into himself and they began to coexist in one single body.


“Still… He won’t make a move now even though he hates the Phoenix Titan,” Engraut said with a laugh.


The Decisive Player suddenly chuckled and said “Naturally he would. The first Phoenix Titan nearly killed Druesion, but Druesion’s wife begged him for mercy. Ever since suffering that humiliation, Druesion hasn’t done anything to carry out his godly role.”


“Ah… That takes me back…” Engrat said reminiscently.


For a few seconds, they remained in silence. Then the Decisive Player turned and asked “How is your wife?”


Engraut smiled and said “Jena is doing fine even without me around.” Then he laughed and said “It’s funny that even we gods have wives like the living beings.


The Decisive Player smiled and said “That’s the decision out creator made, but I never had a wife. Even the God of Life, Cratian, has a wife.”


“You were just destined to be alone for all your life,” Engraut with a smile.


“Huh…?” the Decisive Player said and he suddenly looked menacing while his energy began to surge again.


“S-Sorry… That was a bad joke,” Engraut apologised quickly.


The Decisive Player shook his head and said “Being the God of Energy, you’re full of energy as always!”


Engraut laughed and turned to look at the sleeping form of Lakshman. He had his back turned to them now due to moving around restlessly. It appeared that he continued to sleep, oblivious to the fact that the God of Energy and the Decisive Player were right there.


“So the revolution will begin with him…” Engraut muttered quietly. Then he asked “Will you help him with your power of foresight?”


The Decisive Player shook his head and said “I don’t have that power anymore…”




“It doesn’t matter. I’m just the Decisive Player. All I can do is provide guidance to him as I did to the Phoenix Titans before him.”


“Then why not return his memories or were they that badly damaged from the battle eight-thousand years ago?”


The Decisive Player nodded and said “Most of his memories were damaged beyond repair and I don’t have the power to repair them.”


“What? Of course you can repair them! You just need more power to draw from him. Doesn’t he already have the power necessary?”


“Only the fifty percent of his full power’s been unsealed…”


“Ah. I see… Only the fifty percent… So only three of the four seals are unsealed,” Engraut said in a frustrated voice. Then he clicked his tongue and said “If only you could unseal the last one, it should be easy.”


The Decisive Player looked at him and smiled before he said “I’d rather have the last seal broken if worst comes to worst…!”


“Oh… You’re right. That person will awaken and cause a lot of problems…” Engraut said and he nodded in understanding. Then he sighed and said “This puts you in a tight spot.”


The Decisive Player just laughed, but Engraut was looking at him worriedly. Seeing the worried expression on his face, he asked “Why are you looking so worried?”


“The God of Destruction certainly will not make any move against him, but don’t expect the same from the God of Chaos and the other gods that hate the Phoenix Titan. They will stir trouble for him and might even go after the Destiny Queens!”


The Decisive Player looked unhappy as he said “I can’t do anything, but wait. If I tell him all this, it will cause a chain reaction and the final seal will break. It’s better to let things play out naturally.”


Engraut sighed and said “You are so calm even though you are slightly worried… Things went your way this time, but what about next time? At least he needs to know that he is the fir—!”




In an instant, the Decisive Player’s energy surged and swept the room. Engraut went on speaking, but none of his words could be heard. He stopped and looked at the Decisive Player in shock. It appeared that the Decisive Player muted Engraut’s voice.


The Decisive Player placed his forefinger over his mouth and said “Shh…! No one needs to know about that yet…! As for informing him… That role is left for…” and he gestured upward.
As Engraut looked up at the roof, the Decisive Player said “Voice!”


As if being sucked, his energy returned to him and began to swirling around him. Then he heard Engraut speak.


“I see… Even he is in on your plan…”


“It was his plan. I’m simply assisting.”


Engraut sighed and he looked at him and asked “Could you let me in on the plan?”


The Decisive Player shook his head firmly and said “No. You’re too energetic for your own good. Who knows when you will accidentally blab about it? Besides, he doesn’t want anyone to know about it as well.”


Engraut looked unhappy and said “So many secrets! Ah my brain will explode soon by thinking so much about it!”


The Decisive Player chuckled and said “If it does, you’ll just return back to normal through the Golden Resurrection.”


“Yeah! The Golden Rebirth! Always glad it existed,” Engraut said happily. Then he looked puzzled and he asked “Why don’t you use it get your body back and return?”


“It’s not Golden Rebirth you stupid… It’s Golden Resurrection and I can’t because I can’t because I’m destroyed by a fellow god,” the Decisive Player said heavily. Then he asked “Why do you think a new God of Wisdom exists?”


“Oh right… I forgot about that part.”


The Decisive Player shook his head wearily and said “I forgot… You’re all energy and no brains.”


“Ah, come on. I never died before so I wouldn’t know!” Engraut said indignantly.


“Right…” the Decisive Player said and sighed tiredly.


At that moment, Engraut’s light began to glow dimly and then brightly. His powers are telling him something and he narrowed his eyes for a moment. Then he widened them as if he was surprised.


“Oops. Looks like I have to go now. Jena’s waiting back in our world with something to tell me.” Then he grinned and said “It was nice meeting with you again, Whamana!”


The Decisive Player scowled and said “I’m not Whamana!”




“Yes! I don’t associate with that name anymore! Call me Decisive Player.”


“Seriously? Decisive Player? Why?”


The Decisive Player sighed and waved at him to leave.


“Just go already… It wasn’t meeting you…!”


“Ah! That hurt, but oh well! I’m used to hear that sort of thing from you all the time!”


At that moment, he turned around pointed at the Decisive Player. His eyes were glowing mysteriously as he said “Remember though… I’m always watching…”


Then he smiled before a flash of blue light occurred within the room. A moment later, blue glowing butterflies appeared. They flapped around the room one final time before flying out of the open windows.


Once they disappeared, the room became dark once again. The only thing that glowed in the room was the Decisive Player’s golden aura.


“Good grief… The God of Energy’s too much to deal with…” the Decisive Player said and sighed heavily.


Then he turned and looked at Lakshman sleeping peacefully on the bed. He had missed a great deal of important information which the Decisive Player was keeping a secret from him.


“Now is the time to grow and become strong. Learn the knowledge of the world and acquire the Destiny Queens. That way, when I’m finally gone, you’ll be ready to face… it…” the Decisive Player said and he smiled sadly.


Then there was a flash of golden light. Once it vanished, a golden orb appeared. It floated towards Lakshman and passed right into him through his head. With the last of the golden light fading, the room became dark once again.

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    Finally know some more bit info about The Decisive Player, Gods, Phoenix Titan (Lucky), and the mention of the Destiny queens.

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    I knew it, he so gonna become Lucky’s stalker. He gave me that feeling since his first appeared sneaking in thru Lucky’s room window in the middle of night watching Lucky sleepy face…smiling. LOL

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