They left the castle with Lakshman following the butler and soon entered the crowded streets. The streets were packed with people going back and forth, talking to other people or just looking at things. Everything looked the same to Lakshman even though it had been three years since he visited the capital.


After waking for a while, they turned a side street and went there. Here, Lakshman noticed how the buildings were looking grander. They were headed towards the east of the capital where he had never been before.


“Here we are, sir,” the butler said after several minutes of silent walking.


“Wow…! So this is Astral Academy…!” Lakshman exclaimed in awe.


They had come to a stop at a set of tall gates. Beyond the gates, Lakshman could see a splendid buildings, gardens and forests. Right now, it appeared to be deserted which puzzled Lakshman since it was the day school was starting. He guessed that students were already there and he could not see them.


At that moment, two guards stepped forward with spears in their hands. One of them extended their hand and asked “Provide your permit.”


The butler nodded and turned to Lakshman and asked “Sir, would you please take out your enrolment letter.”


“Sure,” Lakshman said and he pulled the enrolment letter out of his pocket. “Here you are,” he said and he handed the letter over to the butler, who handed it to the guard.


The guard placed a hand on the sheet and it glowed for a moment. Lakshman did not know what they were doing, but respectfully stayed silent. A minute later, it looked like everything was checked and verified.


“You can enter,” the guard said and he clicked his fingers.


In an instant, the gates began to split in the centre and move to either sides. Lakshman pocketed the letter and, with a little adjustment to holding the bag, he and the butler set off.


Lakshman marvelled at how beautiful the gardens looked. The grass was knit neatly and the edges were cut just right. The path they were walking on was clean and tidy. It was a bricked footpath which let them pass through the garden situated on either sides of the road.


“This place is really beautiful,” Lakshman commented as they passed a large fountain with water pouring out of the top.
The butler nodded and said “It is the pride of the Floria Kingdom. It is an elite academy which only accepts those with great potential to reach the King or high rank. Anyone else are not welcome.”


“I see. So it only accepts the best,” Lakshman said and the butler nodded at him.


After walking for a while, the butler suddenly turned right and Lakshman followed him. They continued to walk and more and more of the neatly cut grass was situated on either side of the footpath.


Several minutes later, the butler finally came to a stop. Lakshman stopped beside him and felt a little tired. They had been doing nothing, but walking for more than fifteen minutes. Naturally, Lakshman felt his feet were tired.


Where they stood was several kilometres away from the rest of the buildings. In front of them was a large two-story building which was magnificently constructed. It was also the only building for kilometres around. For some reason, it was built well away from the rest of the buildings.


“What is this place?” Lakshman asked curiously.


“This building is the male dormitory, sir,” the butler informed him.


“R-Really? Amazing!” Lakshman said happily and he smiled with renewed energy.


They walked through the open door and entered the dormitory building. It was magnificently built with a large set of stairs leading to the second floor. The ground was carpeted with a smooth blue colour.


The butler led him to the side where a woman receptionist awaited behind a counter. She looked to be wearing what looked like a uniform. On it, there was writing that read “Astral Academy Service” sewed onto the shirt.


“This is where you provide your enrolment letter and receive your Student Identification card and Student Badge,” the butler informed Lakshman.


“A Student ID Card and a Student Badge… Okay,” Lakshman said and he nodded in understanding.


“Please provide your enrolment letter,” the receptionist asked Lakshman.


When Lakshman passed him the enrolment letter, the woman placed his right palm on it and touched the desk with his left palm.


For a few seconds, the sheet glowed brightly and it soon turned into a miniature card. Then there was a popping sound and an object materialised with a pup of smoke.


“Your Student ID Card and Student Badge, Lakshman Chand,” the receptionist said and she handed the transformed card and the materialised object.


“O-Oh…” Lakshman said and he took the Student ID Card and Student Badge.


After he ticked them into his pockets, the receptionist bowed and said “Welcome to Astral Academy. We hope you will have a wonderful time studying here.”


“Yeah… I’m hoping the same,” Lakshman said brightly.


A moment later, the wall behind him suddenly opened much to Lakshman’s shock. A woman, wearing the same uniform as the receptionist came out. She smiled and handed Lakshman a card.


Then the woman said “Please place the card in the middle of your palm.”


“O-Okay…” Lakshman said and he did as he was told.


Once he placed it in the middle of his palm, the woman said “Now say Insert.”




In an instant, his hand began to glow brightly. Then the light faded and the card disappeared.


“Um… What just happened?”


“The card has been absorbed into your biological system. Now you will be able to access your room through voice command such as…” and she explained how the commands worked.



Locks the door



Opens the door



Closes the door



Makes the energy crystals inside the room to light the room


Lights Out

Causes the energy crystals inside the room to power out



Warps the user directly into the room unless location within grounds were specified



Allow the user to connect to a specified person and speak telepathically


“I-I see… That’s pretty handy,” Lakshman said, but he felt a little unnerved by how he could not touch it.


Lakshman suddenly he saw a small arrow thing appear hovering just above his eyes. He tired touching it, but his hand passed through it as if it was not there.


“Uh… What’s this thing hovering near my eyebrows?” Lakshman asked while looking confused.


“It is the navigation which will show you the way to your allocated room. It will constantly appear while you are inside the dormitory,” the woman said cheerfully.


“That’s helpful,” Lakshman said and he smiled at the women.


With that, the exchange was over and the butler let him away. Lakshman put the Student ID Card and Student Badge into his pocket and turned around.


“Well then, I should leave, sir,” the butler said with a bow.


“Ah. Thanks for showing me the way,” Lakshman said appreciatively.


The butler smiled and said “No worries. I am just doing my job. Well then, have a good day.”


With that, the butler left through the entrance. Lakshman sighed and he walked over to the steps and climbed them because the arrow was indicating upward.


Once he reached the top, the indicator pointed towards the left and he turned left. He walked along the corridor lined with doors and windows, but could not see anything through the blanketed window glasses.


After a while, his indicator came to a stop pointing at a door. He held his hand out and tried turning the door knob, but it would not move.


Guessing it was locked, he said “Open.”


He heard a loud click sound and the door automatically opened by itself and swung inward. Lakshman walked in and surprisingly found the room to be dark. No light entered through the closed windows and curtains.


“Hmm…” Lakshman thought for a moment. Then he said “Lights.”


In response to his command, the energy crystals around the room switched on automatically. It threw a wide birth to the room and made him feel amazed. It was a room much bigger than the one back at home. There were two cupboards, a king sized bed with a bed side table and a desk with three chairs in total.


Lakshman walked over to the bed and placed his bag down on it. He jumped onto the bed and looked around. It was a well-built room with an open kitchen big enough to be able to cook anything. He decided he will look at it later since he does not need to worry about food just yet.


So he set to unwrapping his bag and taking out his clothes. They were a little ruffled, but he were still in good condition to wear. He got up and walked over to the cupboard and opened the doors.


“Wow…!” Lakshman exclaimed when he saw the things inside.


On the shelf was a Crystal Clock which showed that the time was eight-ten. At the side, there was a large space which had an ironing board with an iron box.

Lakshman decided he will use it later when he needs to iron his clothes. They work by simply channelling his energy into the box and it becomes warm. He can even set the kind of heat it will output when ironing.


With his discovery complete, he set his clothes into the shelves. He finally put the clothes closed the sigh and let out a sigh. Then he put the put the bag aside and lay on bed. With nothing else to do, he fell back into his bed.


At that moment, he suddenly got an idea. Speaking with Felix earlier about Warp made him curious about it. He got to his feet and was about to use it when he wondered if it was safe.


He shrugged his shoulders and said “I’ll just explore a bit. After all, what’s the worst that could happen?”


Smiling with eagerness, he remembered what the woman downstairs had said. To use Warp, he had to specify the location within the academy grounds. The only place he knew was the forest and that was only from the outside. This made him feel even more eager to try it.


“Let’s see… Warp Forest!” Lakshman said firmly.


In an instant, he felt like he was being sucked into the something and disappeared from the room. The next thing he knew, he reappeared as if he was pushed out. He instantly knelt down while breathing heavily.


“Ugh… I forgot how bad the sensation was…” he muttered unhappily.


A few seconds later, he felt better and he stood up. Looking around, he was surprised to find himself deep in the forest. He turned a direction and there, through the trees, he could see the entrance gates. This meant that he was just a bit deep in the forest.


At that moment, something soft bumped into the side of his face. Lakshman looked around and saw many small light balls floating around and recognised them as young Spirits


“Hello!” he greeted them happily.


The Spirits bobbed around him curiously which reminded him of the past. When he was a kid, he had often visited the forest near where he lived. Within that forest was a great lake and there were these young Water Spirits. He often played with them and enjoyed a nice friendship between them.


Looking at them now made him feel like he missed the old days. Then he noticed the Spirits bobbing around as they headed in a certain direction. Curious as to where they were going, Lakshman followed them.


After several minutes of following, Lakshman knew they were deep within the forest. He was not afraid because he was confident with his fighting ability. At the same time, he did not believe the Spirits would purposefully lead him into danger.


Then he heard the sound of running water. It came from nearby and made him curious.


“Hmm… Why would water be here so deep in the forest?” Lakshman thought curiously.


At that moment, he suddenly heard the Decisive Player’s voice say “Tread carefully unless you want trouble.”


“Huh? What do you mean, Decisive Player?” Lakshman thought curiously, but he did not hear the Decisive Player’s voice again.


He wondered why Decisive Player said that, but he listened to the advice. Walking carefully, he made his way towards the sound of the waterfall. As he gradually got closer, he also heard an unusual sound; the voices of girls laughing.


“Wha…?” Lakshman said in a surprised voice.


Just then, he reached what looked like the edge of a lake. There was a large waterfall which had water running down and splashed into the large. Lakshman cautiously got close to the waterfall and looked up at it in wonder. He saw a random form at the top as water streamed down.


That was when the voices of girls got louder. He stiffened and slowly turned to look in the direction the voices were coming from. His eyes widened in shock when he saw woman bating in the water surrounded by steam.


There were several girls and they were bating in the water while happily talking. Lakshman watched them through wide eyes in shock. It was then that he recognised a certain face to whom he had met three years ago. It was the princess of the Floria Kingdom, Venezuela Sargold.


As the steam from the waterfall shifted slightly, he caught the sight of bare skin. In an instant, he realised the girls were naked and quickly covered his eyes with both of his hands. It seemed the girls were having a wonderful without any clothes on.


Lakshman decided staying any longer will be bad and made to leave. Unfortunately, he accidentally stepped on a twig which cracked loudly. The loud sound it made got carried to the girls and it made them look in his direction.


There was a moment of frozen silence as they looked at him and him frozen in place. Then all hell broke as the girls let out their girlish screams and tried to duck into the water to cover themselves. They had no idea that Lakshman had his eyes closed and did not even see anything.


Lakshman thought he was done for when he heard the girls scream attacks in his direction. At the same time, he heard the Decisive Player’s voice in his mind.


“I’d run like the wind if I were you…”


“My thoughts exactly!” Lakshman shouted in his mind.


“Fire Blast!”


“Water Cannon!”


“Frozen Cannon!”


“Heat Blast!”


“Rock Bullet!”


“Light Fire!”


Various attacks were released and they all flew directly at him.


Lakshman gritted his teeth and muttered “Stone Wall.”


A stone wall appeared behind him like a shield. When the attacks made contact, a violent explosion erupted and sent wild wind everywhere.


Taking the opportunity, Lakshman kicked off the ground and retreated as quickly as he could, but not before hearing the cries of the girls.


“There’s a pervert in the academy grounds!”


“Alert the guards immediately!”


“We need to hunt him down!”


Speeding away through the forest, Lakshman cried out “How the hell did I end up in this situation?!”

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