Shocking Conclusion to Trouble



Lakshman was flying through the trees in the forest. He was desperately trying to keep distance between himself and the girls at the waterfall. The girls had misunderstood him thinking he was a pervert because he was there by accident.


“Why…? Why the hell…? Why…?” Lakshman was muttered unhappily as he flew through the forest trees.


At that moment, he heard the Decisive Player’s voice speak in his mind.


“Something feels wrong…”


“Yes! Something is wrong! I’m being blamed falsely!” Lakshman shouted.


“No… Not that. I feel this strange… negative energy…”


“Huh? Negative energy?”


“Stop. Just stop!”


“O-Okay…” Lakshman said and he came to a stop with his feet getting dragged on the grass.


For a while, there was only silence where they were. Lakshman looked over his shoulders and sighed in relief to see them not chasing after him.


“Use Elemental Sense, I fear something bad is nearby,” he heard the Decisive Player say.


“Elemental Sense? Why?”


“There’s no time! Just use Elemental Sense already!” the Decisive Player said desperately.


“O-Okay!” Lakshman said quickly.


He clapped his hands together and brought them to his chest. Then he closed his eyes and said “Elemental Sense!”


In an instant, all the layout around him became grey. The forest trees, rocks, grass and other wild animals all became great coloured.


“What now?”


“Try sensing nearby where you saw the girls.”




Using the Elemental Sense gave him a clear image of who is ally and enemy from the world’s perspective. Blue shimmering light meant they are allies and red shimmering light meant they were enemies.


Lakshman concentrated and shifted his view. His vision zoomed ahead until it reached the waterfall. He saw seven blue coloured shimmering light, in the shape of bodies, moving around. It looked like they were all allies, but he did not feel they were.


“What’s this?” Lakshman suddenly said when he saw something strange.


Nearby, around fifty meters away, he saw two red shimmering bodies. This made him feel worried and made him wonder what those two bodies were doing there.


“W-What’s with those red shimmering bodies?” Lakshman asked, but he had a feeling he knew the answer.


Like he expected, the Decisive Player told him exactly what he feared to hear.


“They are here to kill the princess.”


“What? They’re here to kill the princess?!” Lakshman exclaimed in a shocked voice.


“There’s no time to stand here and talk all day! Hurry up and go save her and those girls! Go!”


“B-But… I’ll get into—!”


“There is nothing wrong to save people in this kind of situation! So go already!”


Hearing the desperation in the Decisive Player’s voice made him realise. If he did not act now, the princess will be dead and he will blame himself for not saving her when he could have. He decided to go take care of this problem and ignored the fact that he might end up in deeper trouble.


Lakshman quickly turned around and kicked off with great force. He flew back towards them much faster than he did previous when he escaped from them.


“Come on…! Make it in time!” he said desperately as he pushed to move faster.


Back at the waterfall, the girls were a little more cautious, but they did not sense trouble. They had no idea about the Barrier Magic Spell the attacks were using to cloak themselves.


The two attackers were wearing the same uniform as the guards. This meant they had infiltrated the academy by pretending to be guards.


They had been about to start their plan to kill Venezuela, but it was ruined because of Lakshman’s unpredicted presence. Due to the confusion, they hesitated, but they were becoming impatient. They resigned to themselves as bad luck that the others girls will die with the princess.


One of them pulled out a long rod and held it at the girls. Their target was the princess who was leaned against the rock as steam drifted around them. Then he nodded at his partner lying on the grass beside him.


Seeing the nod his partner gave him, he nodded back and his eyes began to glow. He looked at waterfall where the girls were bathing. He was the observer who will give the signal to his partner who will fire some sort of attack at the princess.


The partner, who was doing the observer, gave directions to his partner, who will be doing the shooting. Once the observer was satisfied, he raised his hand which was the signal to shoot.


With sweat pouring down his face, the man muttered “Electron Burst Cannon” and he fired an electrical ball of energy at the girls.


Just then, Lakshman burst out of the trees where he was a few minutes ago. The girls screamed when they saw him and one, who had a towel wrapped around her, raised her hand to attack him.


“Stop right there, intruder!” she said firmly.


Lakshman was not listening. He had felt the release of something powerful from nearby and knew something was headed their way.


So he gritted his teeth and shouted “Get away and look out!”


“Eh?” the girl said and she was surprised to hear the desperation in his voice.


Lakshman pushed her hand aside and continued to fly forward. Venezuela was startled to see him flying right in front of her and was even more startled to see the desperation in his face. Then the attack rocked forward and smashed into him.


“GGAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!” Lakshman screamed as his body was suddenly hit by thousands of electricity.


He flew forward and landed on the grass on the opposite side of the grass. Then he groaned and winced from the attack as his body felt heavy from the attack. Due to the shocking attack, he suddenly found himself unable to move properly.


The girls saw his body literally getting zapped by lighting, were shocked. Then a hushed silence fell around them as Lakshman lay there, twitching horribly.


“W-What the?!”


“Thunder attack?”


“I-It was aimed at us…”


“Which means…”


The girls turned their gazes from Lakshman and looked into the shadows of the trees. They could not see or hear anything and that made them even more suspicious.


The girls quickly wrapped towels around their bodies and faced in that direction with their hands aiming.


“Whoever is there… stop right there!” a girl shouted at the front.


While they were facing where the two attackers were crouching, Venezuela and her attendants moved to where Lakshman lay. She was alarmed by how shocked he looked with his hair looking wild and smoke slowly coming out of his clothes.


“A-Are you alright?” she asked him in a worried voice.


Lakshman heard her voice and slowly turned to look at her. Seeing her safe, he slowly smiled and said “Y-You’re safe… princess…”


“Hold on! We’ll get you help!” the princess said hurried when she heard him speak.


The two attackers cursed and realised they will die if they do not kill the girls. So the shooter readied his rod and released another Electron Burst Cannon. Lakshman felt the surge of attack and realised another one was fired.


“AAAAAH!!!” he yelled and, with pure force, he jumped to his feet.


The princess tried to stop him, but he quickly moved and escaped from her outstretched hand. He stepped in front of the attack and, this time, he swatted the thing directly back at the attackers.


The attackers were shocked at seeing their own attack returning to them. Then they screamed like anything and that caused the barrier to lift instantly and they became visible to Lakshman and the girls.


“Hold it right there!” the girls shouted and they aimed their hands at them.


The two attackers shook off the feeling of getting shocked a lot quicker than Lakshman. Seeing the girls and Lakshman aiming their hands at them, they knew there was no escape for them. That was when they decided to kill themselves and kill them all as well.


At that moment, Lakshman suddenly heard the Decisive Player’s desperate voice say in his mind “Quickly use Volt Force on them!”


“Eh?” Lakshman said in a surprised voice.


“Just do it!”


There was nothing else for it. Lakshman winced slightly because his body has not recovered from the earlier attack.


Lakshman gritted his teeth and he instantly moved forward. Dashing forward, he grabbed the men by their shirts and shouted “Volt Force!”


An electric barrier like field erupted around them and covered the three of them. The two attackers tried to move their limbs, but suddenly realised they could not move them. The Barrier Magic Spell Lakshman used kept them frozen solid.


Then Lakshman kicked the ground as hard as his body would allow. This caused the surrounding lightning and the warriors to soar high into the air. They soared over the top of the trees and disappeared.


“Let’s quickly go after them!” the girl, who seemed to be their leader, said and the other girls nodded.


As the girls quickly began putting their clothes back on, the Venezuela had a worried expression on her face. She was worried about Lakshman because she had a feeling she recognised to whom that face belonged to.


Meanwhile, the three warriors, inside the barrier that Lakshman created, soared through the sky. Then they landed with a great crash that sent lightning waves everywhere. Lakshman was blasted backwards and so were the two attackers.


As thing settled, they heard voices calling.


“Hey! What’s going on here?!”


“Electricity discharge?”


“W-Who are those three?”


The guards came forward to check on the attackers and Lakshman. In an instant, the attackers whipped out their swords and cut the guards down. The dead bodies hit the ground with a dull thud and the two attackers slowly rose to their feet.


“U-Ugh… That was painful!” one of them said angrily.


“You said it! I’ve never felt so much lightning in my life!” the other one said and he winced.


Lakshman slowly sat up while groaning softly. Normally, he would be fine for taking such a strong attack, but he had used his entire body to protect the princess. Because of that, he had forgotten to put up a layered Energy Barrier and took the full damage of the attack.


He looked at the attackers and said “Y-You failed…! You couldn’t… kill the princess…!”


The attackers looked at each other for a moment before letting out sighs.


“You’re right, brat! Thanks to you, our pray got away!” the right attacker said unhappily.


“On the other hand, our boss will have our heads if we return empty handed!” the left attacker said fearfully.


Lakshman chuckled as he knew what they were planning. The attackers decided to kill Lakshman and show his head to their boss. This will most likely save them from getting killed at the hands of their boss, whoever he was.


The attackers walked forward and raised their swords to cut Lakshman down. Lakshman felt annoyed at himself and his body. He was the Phoenix Titan, yet he took so much damage from the attack. He did not know that the Electron Burst Cannon was an Emperor Ranked Magic Attack Spell.


At that moment, Lakshman heard familiar voices coming out of a nearby building. Then Ondine, Tetra, Emilia and Cantia walked out while talking cheerfully.


They suddenly stopped talking when they saw the dead bodies of the three guards lying on the ground. Moving their gaze towards where the two attackers were, she were shocked to see Lakshman kneeling in front of them weakly.


Just as the left attacker swung the sword down, they panicked and screamed “MASTER!!!!”


In that split second of hearing them, Lakshman looked at them. As he recognised who they were, something in him began to surge with power. His eyes widened and a firmness filled his eyes. Then he extended his hand out and caught the sword with his left hand.


“What?!” the left attacker exclaimed in shock.


Before he could do anything, Lakshman quickly got to his feet and pushed the attacker back. Then, in a flowing movement, brought his right hand up and delivered a powerful uppercut. The blow knocked the man out instantly and he flew high into the air.


“W-What?!” the right attackers exclaimed in disbelief at how easily his partner was defeated.


Without stopping in his movement, Lakshman set his sights on the remaining attacker. Then, with one step to the front, he delivered a power punch to the man’s face. The blow was so strong, he was lifted off his feet and he soared back before smashing hard into the building.


With one punch each, Lakshman knocked both men out. Then he winced and let out a pained sound as he felt his body suddenly give way. Feeling weak, he finally collapsed on the ground and fell unconscious.


Later, the two attackers were arrested by the Phintex Rajas. Lakshman was quickly taken to the hospital. The doctor checked him and reported that he was just unconscious and needed plenty of rest. Ondine, Tetra, Emilia and Cantia were all worried, but hearing the news relieved them.


It was several hours later that Lakshman finally woke up. He was surprised to find himself lying in a comfortable bed. Judging from the sunlight streaming through the open windows, he guessed it was still daytime. Then he looked around and saw a woman sitting on a chair next to him.


Seeing him looking at her, the woman smiled and said “I’m glad to see you wake up, Mr. Lakshman Chand.”


“Um…” Lakshman began and hesitated, not knowing who the woman was.


“My name is Carmela Chaikin. I am the principal of Astral Academy.”


“You’re the principle?” Lakshman asked softly.


“I’m the principle, yes,” Carmela said and she smiled at him.


Lakshman did not have the strength to answer questions or think about it. He just sighed and asked “What about the attackers?”


“You can be reassured that the Phoenix Emperor is personally dealing with them as we speak.”
“I see… Then what about you…?”
“What about me?”


“This is Astral Academy, the elite of the elite school with top notch security and all. How did two killers enter the premise so easily and blend in that no one noticed? Were your guards just that blind or were you too lazy to notice?”


Lakshman spoke in a manner that could easily provoke people, but he felt too tired to care. He had questions and he answered them directly without hesitation.


Carmela smiled and said “It appeared that two of our guards were drunk and were killed. The attackers took on their identities and entered the capital. After that, they simply waited for the chance to take the life of princess Venezuela.”


She sighed and said “I was away for a week and this is what happens in my absence. Do not worry, Lakshman. I have had a full word with my staff and everything will be back to normal.”


Carmela smiled happily, but Lakshman shuddered when he looked at that smile. It somehow made him feel cautious around her.


Lakshman could only reply by saying “I see…”


Carmela suddenly cleared her throat and said “I have moved you to Class A.”


Lakshman did not immediately understand what she said.




“You were originally enrolled in Class C, but after witnessing your combat skills, I have taken the pleasure of moving you up to Class A,” she said cheerfully.


Lakshman groaned and said “I don’t know what to think about all this…”


Carmela chuckled and said “It seems like you’re still in a daze. Don’t worry. I’ll speak to you again. In the meantime, please rest and be ready by tomorrow.”


Form the way she spoke, Lakshman thought she wanted him ready whether he was feeling better or not. He sighed and said “Sure… I’ll… be there…”


Then, as a wave of sleep washed over him, he quickly fell asleep. Carmela smiled and she rose to her feet. Then she left through the door and closed it quietly behind.

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