Deciding Classes



The next day, Lakshman was checked by the doctor using strange instruments he did not understand. The doctor ran a rod up and down his body and then closed his eyes while using magic on his head.


Once done, the doctor smiled at him and said “You’re in perfect health! You can return to school now.”


Lakshman smiled happily and said “Thank you very much!”


With that, he was allowed to go. After saying goodbye to the doctor, Lakshman left the room. He walked alongside the corridor inside the hospital building as sunlight streamed through the windows.


The first thing he noticed, after going out, was Felix walking towards him. At seeing Lakshman, Felix smiled and they met a few seconds later.


“You’re all better already after taking such a shocking attack?” he asked him in surprise.


Lakshman nodded and said “The doctor said I was all better so I could leave for school.”


“Oh really? That’s good to hear. So let’s talk while we go together.”


As they set off, Lakshman asked “You have something to do here?”


Felix nodded and said “Yup! I got business with the principal.”


“I see…” Lakshman said and he nodded in understanding. Then, when he saw Felix grinning for some reason, he asked “Why are you smiling?”


“Ah! I’m amazed you recovered in one day after such a power attack!”


“It’s just Electron Burst Cannon which is a Saint ranked Magic Spell. It shouldn’t exactly leave me crippled, right?”


“It is a Saint ranked Magic Spell, but they used an Amplification Rod.”


“Amplification Rod?”


“It’s a crude, but very powerful tool that increases the power of magic spells by several times.”


“R-Really?” Lakshman asked in amazement.


Felix nodded and said “Yup! Which is why that simple Saint ranked attack turned into an Emperor ranked attack.”


“Gah! Emperor ranked…! Now it makes sense why I was so hurt by it yesterday!”


“Yet… Even after all that, you’re back to full health in just a day. You have remarkable resistance or resilience I should say. Maybe I should get Wolfenstine to come over and examine your body. Maybe he could make some sort of potion that’ll make our bodies as strong as yours?”


Lakshman widened his eyes and he shouted “NO!”


Felix laughed and they entered a building. Then he was surprised to find that Lakshman was still following.


“Aren’t you going to classes?” Felix asked him curiously.


Lakshman shook his head and said “I don’t know what class I’m in anymore. So I’m going to the principal to find out.”


“Ah. Then I guess we’ll be going to the same place then,” Felix said and he flashed a grin at him.


They walked through the hallway for a few seconds before climbing a set of stairs. This brought to the first floor of that building and they climbed another pair of stairs. They reached the second floor and walked along the hallway.


Beside them were the classroom and students sitting there with teachers teaching them. Lakshman glanced around curiously and caught their attention. The girls glanced at him curiously and then began to talk to each other.


“Um… Felix?”




“W-Why are there only girls here?”


Felix looked surprised at his question. Then he sounded surprised as he said “Ah! That’s right! I remember now! I forgot tell you something else about this school.”


“Tell me what?”


Felix smiled widely at him and said “Astra Academy is full of girls.”


For a moment, Lakshman looked at him as if he could not believe the words he just heard. Then he loudly exclaimed “What?! Only girls? Why? Is this an only girl’s school or something?”


Felix laughed and said “Don’t be silly. It’s a mix school. You went to the male dormitory yesterday, right?”


“I did, but… You’re saying there are no males, but me here?” Lakshman asked and Felix nodded at him.


“That’s right! You’re the only male in this school of girls! On top of that, yesterday’s events should’ve made an impression on them about you.”


“If I had known, I wouldn’t have gotten into trouble! I would’ve stayed in my room like a good boy!” Lakshman said in a sad voice. Then he sighed and muttered “Ugh… I hope I won’t get tormented…”


He was mainly thinking about what Ondine, Tetra, Emilia and Cantia will say to him later.


“Relax and get into the school spirit!” Felix said energetically and he clapped Lakshman on the back.


“Sure. I’ll try my best,” Lakshman said and he smiled at him.


A while later, they reached the end of the hallway. There was a brass door which looked fancy in Lakshman’s eyes. At that moment, they heard voices coming from behind the door.


“I don’t approve of it, principle! Putting him in Class A all of a sudden? What were you thinking?”


“Why are you so unhappy about it? You should’ve seen him and how he fought yesterday, right?” the principal’s voice said.


“I did and, although he showed skill, he couldn’t manage at all after getting by such a puny attack! There’s no way he is ready for the higher end of Class A!”
“Ah. You’re saying that because you didn’t see his combat skills. He showed some excellent combat skills and I’m impressed by the level of his power.”


“He tried to peep on us while we were taking the Holy Bath, that pervert!”


At those words, Lakshman shivered and he looked uncomfortable. Felix was chuckling without making a sound.
“Mercia… He saved our lives,” another voice said which Lakshman recognised to belong to princess Venezuela.


“That may be, but to put him in Class A on his first day is… I’m disapproving of it!” the girl called Mercia said firmly.


“Regardless of your disapproval, I believe Lakshman Chand will be joining the Class A,” the principal said smoothly.


Lakshman looked confused because he did not completely understand the classes. He looked up at Felix and asked “What class did I enrol in, Felix?”


“I enrolled you into Class C to keep attention away from you,” Felix said quietly.
“Well… It looks like that’s not going to work…”


“No… It certainly doesn’t look like it… Damn!” Felix said and he looked irritated.


There was a handle at the centre of the two swinging doors. Felix, however, chose to use a direct method and he knocked on the door with his fist. With a bang, the door burst open and it swung inward.


“Hey! What’s the meaning of this?” Felix asked in an annoyed voice as he walked in.


Lakshman walked into the room and briefly thought it was a beautiful room. Racked shelves lined the walls with papers and folders. There were medals stacked neatly on a glass casing at the top.


The principle looked at Felix and irritably said “Felix! Even if you are the Phoenix Emperor, please remember to knock before you enter!”


“What are you talking about? I clearly knocked and the door let me in!” Felix said and the principle sighed.


“Um…” Lakshman said hesitantly as he stood beside Lakshman.


He looked around and saw the black haired girl with red eyes. From how red her eyes were, he guessed she was from the Phoenix Clan. Standing beside her, with a surprised expression, was the princess. She seemed to be surprised by the appearance of Felix.


“Sir, Felix. What are you doing here?” Mercia asked after bowing to him courteously.


“I’m here because this old hag is doing things I’m unhappy about!” Felix said and he looked very annoyed.


The principal laughed and said “Hag? Maybe I won’t mind giving you some overtime lessons on manners.”


“Quiet!” Felix snapped at her. Then he leaned forward and asked “Why are you switching Lakshman from Class C to Class A? Hmm? Answer me, Carmela.”


Carmela sighed and said “Lakshman has the aptitude which I don’t want to waste by putting him in Class C!”


“And I’m telling you you’re wrong! Lakshman doesn’t have the aptitude that you think he does!” Felix said angrily.


She scowled at him and said “My feelings don’t exaggerate and my eye’s don’t lie! I watched him beat those two with tremendous force and that’s when I decided he belongs in Class A!”


It was his turn to scowl as he asked “What were you doing watching him instead of paying attention to your work?”


She shrugged her shoulders and said “I want a break and that’s when it all happened. Isn’t that right, ladies?”


She shot the question towards Mercia and Venezuela who both nodded their heads silently.


Felix was frustrated and wanted to tell her a lot of things, but he knew it will cause more trouble. He never expected this kind of trouble on the first day that Lakshman got into school. Inwardly, he sighed heavily for not being well prepared.


“I take your silence to mean that you’re agreeing with me,” Carmela said with a smile on her face.


Felix gritted his teeth in frustration. Then he thought of an idea and asked “How about we get Lakshman demonstrate if he is capable or not. Then we can all decide on whether he fits into Class A or not!”


For a moment, there was silence in the room. Then princess Venezuela said “I think that is a good idea. Perhaps by this, we can all be assured of how capable Lakshman is. This will save the trouble of arguing on and on endlessly.”


They were nodding their heads at her in agreement. She clapped her hands happily and said “Then it’s settled.”


Half-an-hour later, they were standing in what looked like an arena. It was not as big as the colosseum that was situated outside the capital.


“How is it? Our battle ground?” Carmela asked Lakshman.


“It’s… big,” he said in a surprised voice. Then he asked “Is this where tournaments and completions are held?”
“Yes and this is also the testing grounds for people to conduct experiments and physical exams.”


“Ah,” Lakshman said and he nodded in understanding.


Just then, three guards brought in a heavy looking statue using hovering magic. It was large and magnificent looking which made a great impact once it landed. Looking at it, Lakshman thought future of the statue looked like an armoured knight with his hands on the hilt of his sword stabbing into the ground.


“That is the Statue of Knighthood!” Carmila said dramatically.


Felix sighed and said “You mean a replica, right?”


“Yes, yes. It’s just a replica,” Carmila said irritably when she glanced at Felix. Then she turned back to Lakshman and smiled as she said “This statue is what we use to test the strength of the students.”


“How do you do that? By breaking it?” Lakshman asked and he looked a little unimpressed.


Carmila chuckled when she saw his dissatisfaction. Then she said “We do break it, but it’s not that simple. Mercia, please demonstrate.”


“Yes, principle,” Mercia said and she walked forward by pulling her sword out.


Lakshman was impressed when he felt the surge of her energy. It was strong and condensed as if she was controlling it masterfully.


She held her sword with both hands which began to glow brightly as she applied Weapon Force to it. Mercia raised the sword and held it over her head. Then she swung it down and sent a powerful slicing energy at the statue.


When the attack made contact, there was a loud bang followed by a large explosion. Once the dust cleared, they could see the statue still standing. Lakshman was amazed that it had no scratch at all while electric current flowed formed around it.


“As you can see, the statue has ten layers of King ranked Barrier Magic Spells! Just now, Mercia destroyed seven of them with her attack which we saw by the bursts of electricity.”


“Oh! So people get marked on how well they do in destroying the barriers and probably destroy the statue as well.” Lakshman said and he sounded amazed.


“That’s right,” Carmila said with a nod of her head at him. Then she explained “Most Class A are capable of destroying seven to ten and even destroy the statue. Students below Class A are only capable of destroying the first six layers of barriers and that is at full power.”


Lakshman nodded as the guards returned to cast the ten layers of Barrier Magic Spells on the statue. Just then, Lakshman looked at Felix and saw him trying to signal to him.


“Try to destroy only the first three barriers! Just the three barrier!”


Lakshman received the message and he simply smiled at him and turned back to face the front. If this was a normal situation, Lakshman might have did as he was told, but there was a difference. Felix was not aware of the promise to not hold back which Lakshman made to Stuart.


“All ready, madam!” the guard called and Carmila nodded at them.


“Show us your power, Lakshman,” Carmila said told him.


“Sure,” Lakshman said and he nodded at her.


He walked forward and Mercia gave him her sword. When he took the sword, she scowled, but did she not say anything. Instead, she walked back and stood next to the princess. Venezuela was watching him observantly which caused him to feel a bit embarrassed. Then he shook his head to clear away unnecessary thoughts.


The sword was beginning to brightly as he challenged energy using Energy Force. He had gotten very good at handling the sword after three long years of constant training. Then he griped the sword firmly and held it over his head.


“With one hand…?” Mercia asked curiously while princess Venezuela looked amazed.


Felix, however, was shocked. He suddenly felt he amount of power Lakshman was about to sue. Quickly, he walked forward and shouted “Lakshman! Wait! That’s too much power!”


He was too late to stop Lakshman from swinging the sword down.


Lakshman swung the sword so fast, it was a blur. The next moment, the ground began to shake violently as a violent power erupted from the sword and rocketed away. The mighty slicing energy smashed into the barrier and easily smashed through them.


The statue was destroyed, but the energy did not stop there. It continued to move on and then, with a great blast, the opposite end of the arena erupted in a massive explosion. Wind, dust and rubble went everywhere as a powerful shockwave was sent in all directions.


A few seconds later, everything settled down and the dust slowly cleared. Once it did, Carmila, Venezuela and Mercia were shocked. A deep hole in the ground where the energy cut through and the smashed fragments of the statue, but that was not all. Even the opposite end of the arena was smashed to pieces with rubble lying everywhere.


They were not the only ones who were shocked. Every student in their classrooms were shocked to see the massive explosion erupting from the arena. They simply could not believe the kind of power that caused that to happen.


Carmila, Venezuela and Mercia continued to remain frozen to the spot when they suddenly heard Lakshman speak.


“Oops… I used too much power…! Oh well…” he said and he shrugged his shoulders.


Then he looked at the sword in his hand disintegrating and he yelped in surprise.


“Aww… That’s a waste, but there’s nothing I can do about that,” Lakshman said with a sigh.


He turned around and walked back to where the principal and the girls stood. With a smile on his face, he handed the crumbling sword over to Mercia by saying “I’m sorry, but the sword couldn’t handle that much power.”


Mercia was speechless as she looked at her crumbling sword. Even princess Venezuela was lost for words as she stared at how damaged the sword was. Only the principal was smiling pleasantly.


“I see that you’ve been holding back on us!” she said and she grinned at him.


Lakshman scratched the back of his head in embarrassment and said “I’m sorry…”


She laughed and turned to look at Felix who had his eyes wide open and he mouth gaped open. He could not believe Lakshman did all that and even went against his advice.


“I think this settles which class he belongs to, don’t you think?” Carmila asked him.


Felix clapped his hand over his face and sighed. Then he nodded and heavily said “Yes…”


“Good!” Carmila said in satisfaction and she turned back to smile at Lakshman. She extended her hand out to him and said “Congrats on joining Class A!”


“Yes! Thank you!” Lakshman said and he shook her hand with his own.


Thus, Lakshman moved to Class A on his second day at school with an explosive display of power.


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