Energy Theory [Part I]



The next day, early in the morning, Lakshman had Energy Theory lesson. So he quickly got up and checked the Crystal Clock on the bed side table. It read six-twenty-five and he knew he had one hour before classes would begin.


“Brush, brush, brush!” Lakshman said hurriedly.


He hurried over the bathroom where he brushed his teeth with a toothpaste and brush. Then, once he rinsed it all, he jumped into the shower and had a quick bath. For the cold morning, his body was pretty warm, but it always has been due to his high resistance to normal weather.


Like always, regardless of how cold or hot it was, he bathed in fifty percent cold and fifty percent hot. This gave him a warm bath and he enjoyed it with a sigh. Almost ten minutes later, he finally got out and quickly changed into new clothes.


Then he opened his bag and began to mutter as he stuffed the books and stuff into it.


“Right. Textbook… check! Stationary… check! Classroom… Hmm? What classroom am I in?”


He pulled up the sheet with the timetable. On it, he read what he had for today; Energy Theory and Magic Theory. Then he checked the times they were they were on that day.


“Hmm… Energy Theory is in classroom 3SB. Magic Theory is in classroom 2MB, but I don’t have to worry about it just yet. It’s in the evening and I got time to spend freely in the meantime.”


With a bright smile on his face, he pocketed the timetable. Then he grabbed the bag and clung it over his shoulders.


“Warp 3SB!” he said aloud.


In an instant, he was sucked until he disappeared from the room. Moments later, he reappeared in a building. He swayed a little as he slowly recovered from the warping effect. He looked up at the room and there, in bold letters, were the letters “3SB” etched onto the plat.


He looked around and realised he was the only one there. It looked like he arrived a bit early so he decided to patiently wait. Minutes went by in silence as he quietly waited for his class.


Thirty-minutes almost went by before he heard the sound of footsteps. He looked towards the right and saw someone appear at the top of the stairs.


“Ah. Looks like you are here already, Lakshman,” princess Venezuela said with a smile on her face.


Princess Venezuela just arrived after climbing the stairs and was followed close behind by Mercia.


At seeing the princess, he waved and called “Hello princess,” but when he saw Mercia, he made a frown face and said “and Mercia…”


Mercia scowled and walked up to glare right in his face.


“What? What’s with that reaction when you saw me? Hah?” Mercia demanded.


Lakshman looked surprised, but he looked away and said “Nothing really… I just dislike your foul attitude, that’s all.”


“W-Why you…!” Mercia said indignantly and her face turned red.


“Now, now. Calm down, you two,” Venezuela said peacefully.


“By the way, what does 3SB stand for?” he asked curiously.


“3SB? Well it simply means Level 3, Science Building, Room B,” she explained to him.


Lakshman looked surprised and he said “Wow!”


Then she looked around and said “Isn’t anyone here yet?”


Lakshman shook his head and said “No, princess. It’s been like this for a while.”


She looked at him in surprise and asked “When did you get here?”


“I got here around six-thirty…” Lakshman said as he vaguely remembering seeing the time on the Crystal Clock.


“Six-thirty?! That’s early! What the heck were you doing wake up that early?” Mercia asked in a surprised voice.


Lakshman shrugged his shoulders and said “I thought I will be late and I didn’t know where to train in the morning.”


“Do you train every day?” Venezuela asked him.


Lakshman nodded his head and said “Every day, I would wake up early in the morning and train for half-an-hour. Then I start doing things for the day.”


“Wow. Do you train with the sword or just the usual body exercise?”


“I do both. It helps maintain my energy and strength up every day. Additionally, I get stronger by constantly using these Gravity Rings.”


“That’s amazing! You possess the few rare items that cannot be made or forged. It would require high class manufacturer to make such an item.”


Lakshman shrugged and said “A friend lend me his and then I found a few while exploring a Dungeon Tower.”


“Ah! Now it makes sense,” Venezuela said and she nodded as if she understood something.


“What is it, princess?” he asked curiously.


“With your power and strength, I wondered if you had live combat experience. If you experienced and survived a Dungeon Tower, it makes perfect sense at how strong you are,” she said as she praised him.


As Lakshman scratched his head while looking embarrassed, Mercia looked unimpressed.


“So what gravity did you put those Gravity Rings at?” she asked him flatly.


“Well…” Lakshman said and he pulled his sleeves to reveal five rings on his arms. “I have five on my arms and five on my legs so that’s ten in total. I set each of them to hundred times gravity so that would be—!”


“Ten times hundred… that’s…. thousand!” Mercia exclaimed and she looked shocked with wide eyes.


Venezuela looked at him shock and asked “It’s not really… right?”


He looked confused as he said “It all adds up to thousand times gravity.”


The two girls were stunned into silence. They could not believe there was someone capable of such a feet.


Lakshman looked at them with a puzzled expression on his face. He did not know yet that anyone, capable of training at such intense gravity, are ranked higher than King.


At that moment, people began warping into the corridor they were in. Then the door to their classroom opened by a stout lady. She was strongly built with strong muscles, but not as strong as Lakshman’s.


Lakshman was amazed by her size and strong she appeared to be. He also noticed the several scars on her face which she assumed she received in combat. So he decided to keep his mouth shut as the lady fully opened the door and stepped out.


“Now, before we get start, I would like to check that everyone here came to the right lesson. Class 1A for Energy Theory?” she asked and Lakshman was astonished how gentle her voice was for such a strongly built body.


When everyone nodded, she smiled and said “Alright then! Let’s all go in and get seated.”


She stepped away from the door and the class filed in. Lakshman hung bag to let all the ladies go in and, yet again, he saw them, glance curiously at him. He inwardly sighed and wondered when it will die down, but he was determined to prove his worth.


Once they all went in, he walked into the classroom with his bang slung over his shoulder. Just as he walked into the room, he suddenly twitched in surprise as his teacher began examining him.


“Hmm… So you’re Lakshman,” she said while examining his body.


“Y-Yes, ma’am.”


“You’ve got a nice body. Strong muscles, well trained legs… Hmm… Ten Gravity Rings! Impressive!”


“T-Thank you, ma’am,” he said nervously.


Hearing her words, the girls began whispering to each other, but Lakshman was not listening. He was preoccupied by the full examination he was going through by his teacher. Finally, she stepped back and nodded at him in satisfaction.


“All good. You can go and sit down, class is about to start,” she told him.


“R-Right…” Lakshman said hastily


He quickly walked to the back of the room and sat down. Unslinging his bag, he placed it underneath the table while breathing a little quickly. He was surprised by her actions from earlier when she examined his body by touching and poking.


The teacher sat down on her desk and said “Hello, class! My name is Belinha McKowen and welcome to Energy Theory. Now, for most classes, teachers would mark the role by calling out their names. Instead, I will mark the attendance by knowing each and every one of you person.”


At her words, the students looked at each other in wonder. Then they faced the front as she continued speaking.


“But before we got into it, are you all aware of Power Up and Elemental Glow?” she asked the class at large. When they nodded, she said “Good! So tell me… What are they?”


A tentative hand rose into the hand and Lakshman saw it was the girl sitting in front of him. When Belinha gestured towards her, the student nervously said “Power Up is the release of energy and… Elemental Glow is… um… your glow, I think.”


Belinha nodded at her and said “Good! That’s very good! Is there anyone want to take at answering?”


She looked around at the class, but there was no reply. Lakshman decided not to answer because he did not want to get wrong and that seemed to be the case for most of them.


She nodded at them and smiled knowingly. Then she grinned and said “The fact is…um… What’s your name, young lady who just spoke?”


“S-Sarmila Mueller,” the girl said clearly.


“Yes. Sarmila is right in saying what the Power Up is! It’s an energy that comes bursting forward from within you. Then it gets released in a surge of power and that’s when you surge with power! Now… That is also when Elemental Glow activates.”


When the students nodded their heads at her in understanding, she said “Again, Sarmila is correct in saying that Elemental Glow is how you glow with power, but is that it? Elemental Glow is just a glow of energy? You shine like the stars at night? You might as well say ‘I’m a Super Star!’”


At her words, the girls chuckled and Lakshman smiled. He had a feeling that would be something his friend, Stuart, might say. At that moment, far away, Stuart sneezed and wondered whether someone thought of him.


Once the chuckling died down, Belinha smiled and said “Elemental Glow is more than just a simple glow of light. It displays the nature of your power, your strength and beliefs. You can tell just by looking at the colour of their Elemental Glow. Take out your notebooks and copy these down.”


With instructions given, the students bent down and took out their books and stationary equipment from their bags. Then they began taking down the notes that Belinha was writing on the black board with her finger. As he finger moves, writing magically began appearing on the black board.


Red: Power

To be the strongest


Blue: Impatient

Always strong, brave and reckless


Green: Freedom

Righteous beliefs and mind


Gold: Justice

Fights to protect and keep order


Purple: Violent

Constantly fighting, destroying and feeling negatively


Once she finished writing them down, she turned around and looked at the student. Everyone was copying down the notes into their books in a manner of looking at the board, then write them down, then back at the board before turning back to their book.


“There are more types of Elemental Glows, but we will only look at these basic ones. These are also the most commonly encountered Elemental Glow you will see,” she told them.


Then she stopped talking and began to walk amongst them while looking at what they were writing down. She corrected a few mistakes in spelling and such, but she just observed her students while they took down the notes.


It took the students almost five minutes to note down what was written on the board. By then, Belinha had returned to the front of the desk. She clapped her hands energetically as the students put down their pens and looked at her expectantly.


“Now we will do a quick demonstration of Power up and see the kind of Elemental Glow each of us will get,” she told them and the students became excited to get started.


As the students eagerly waited to see what her next plan would be, she brought his hands up. She curled them into fists and tightened them as her expression became serious. Then, with a surge of power, she was surrounded by a blue aura.


“As you can see, my Elemental Glow is blue because I’m a bit impatient and a bit quick to act,” Belinha said with a smile.


The students watched with wide eyes as the fast wind caused their hairs to flow behind them.


“Now it’s your turn to display your mighty Power Up and to see what kind of colour your Elemental Glow will be,” she said with a smile and the students nodded eagerly to do it.

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