Energy Theory [Part II]



“Now it’s your turn to use Power Up and see the kind of Elemental Glow that will appear for you,” their teacher, Belinha McKowen, said once she powered down and her glowing aura disappeared.


All the female students got excited and only them. Being the male student and sitting at the back, Lakshman was not. He is happy to do it, but he was worried what might happen if he did. No one knew that he was a Phoenix Titan and, on top of that, they want him to do Power Up.
“I think I might act sick and get out of here…” he muttered under his breath.


He suddenly heard the Decisive Player tell him in his mind “Why?”


“Decisive Player… I don’t think I can do this. The teacher’s asking me to do Power Up so we know what our individual Elemental Glow would be.”


“You didn’t need to explain everything. Did you forget I’m always watching or that we were one and the same?”

“No, I didn’t, but I’m worried doing it might hurt them.”

“Then don’t go overboard like usual. Just doing it like you normally do when you spar with Stuart. It’s as easy as that.”

“Ah! Okay. Now that I’m okay with doing.”


Lakshman nodded his head in acceptance. Now he was okay with doing Power Up, but he still felt he should hold back a little. He did not want to do it fully in a way it will hurt the girls in the classroom.


At that moment, their teacher was speaking and he concentrated on listening to what she said.


“Before I get you to do it, I want you to write down what sort of colour you believe your aura will be. Whether it is red, blue, green, gold or purple… Just state what colour you would expect it to be.”


A student raised her hand and she asked “What if we expect more than one colour? Is that also possible?”


Belinha nodded at her and said “It is possible. There have been many occurrences around the world of the Elemental Glow of people being more than one colour. Take Phoenix Titan for example… His aura is red and gold because of his pure power and sense of justice.”


Lakshman was caught off guard by her words and accidentally gulped. This caused him to start coughing while clutching his chest.


“Are you okay?” Belinha asked him and the girls turned to stare at him.


“I-I’m fine!” Lakshman said firmly while looking nervously around at the girls.


“That’s good. Now I’m going to walk around and I should see you written down what sort of Elemental Glow you would expect. I’m giving you… one minute! One minute should be more than enough to set your choice. Now start!”


With the instructions given, the students began thinking. There were those that looked at the types of colours and tried to match it with their personalities and beliefs. A few had their eyes closed as they tried visualising what colour their aura will be. Other simply took a wild guess and wrote it down.


Belinha walked around and checked what they had written. She stopped a few times and asked them what they think and then consulted with the people sitting around. It looked like she was getting them to think seriously about the kind of aura colour they should expect.


Lakshman had already written down his colour on his page. He had written the colour red which he knows since he had used Power Up so many times in his short life, he was used to seeing the colour of his aura. However, it made him curious why he only had one aura colour while he had two whenever he transformed into the Phoenix Titan.


“The Phoenix Titan is the entity of both power and justice and that is why your aura is red and gold,” the Decisive Player told Lakshman in his mind.


“Then my red aura is mainly due to…?”

“Come on… Do I have to do everything for you?”

Lakshman chuckled and thought “My desire to be strong is mainly why it’s red, but for the Phoenix Titan, it’s more than just power… Responsibility!”


He heard the Decisive Player clapping in his mind as he said “Well done! You’ve finally graduated from being a person with a kid’s brain to a teenager’s brain!”


“Knock that off, Decisive Player. I’m just a bit confused about the Elemental Glow. That’s all.”

“Well my dear Innocent Player… It took the first Phoenix Titan less time to realise it than it took you to finally recognise the fact that you were the Phoenix Titan all along…”


“Seriously… Are you planning on arguing with me about that now?”


At that, the Decisive Player laughed. Lakshman shook his head, but he smiled anyway. The Decisive Player kept reminding him of the time that it took Lakshman to realise his powers and know his destiny.


“Anyway, thanks for the advice. I know what I have to do.”

To that, the Decisive Player only laughed happily. Just then, Belinha reached the back row where he sat. He was the only one who sat at the back row as she walked over to him. When she bent her head down to read the colour of the aura he predicted, she was amazed.


“You believe your aura will be red?” she asked him curiously.


He nodded and said “I am confident it is because I want to be the strongest I could possibly be, ma’am.”


She nodded in understanding and, with a smile, said “Good goal.”


Then she straightened up and walked back to the front to address all the students. It looked like the one minute was finally up and she has decided it was time. The students noticed her standing at the front with her arms crossed while looking at them. They took this as a sign that she wanted their attention.


After facing the front and going quiet, Belinha smiled and said “I’ve gone around and saw many people have put down different things. There were even some that had options from one to five and, I must say, that is quite interesting.”


At her words, the girls chuckled while a few smiled in embarrassment. Then Belinha laughed and said “Anyway! Now I will start by selecting students, one by one, from left to right of each row. I want you to come up here and stand where I am, right here. Then introduce yourself so we know who you are and then you can do Power Up. Do you agree?”


“Yes!” the students said in resounding voices. It looked like they were quite happy with the plan Belinha came up with.


“Okay! Without further ado, let’s get the first person up to the front,” she said and she indicated towards the girl sitting in the first row to the left.


The girl appeared to be surprised and she smiled grinned as she rose to her feet. Belinha walked over to the side to sit down as the girl walked to stand at the front of the room. The girl was nervous at having so many eyes staring at her, but she smiled nevertheless.


Belinha took up a seating position at the side on a chair and said “Don’t be nervous. Just talk easily and introduce yourself; who are you and what colour you expect your aura to be.”


“Y-Yes,” the girl said and she nodded at her teacher. Then she faced her classmates and said “My name is Stacy Markwell and I think my aura colour will be blue.”


“Good,” Belinha said in satisfaction while nodding her head. Then she said “Go for it.”


Stacy nodded at Belinha and she closed her eyes. For a moment, nothing happened as everyone looked at her. She was clenching his fists tightly while shaking slightly. Then her eyes flashed open and she suddenly began to surge with power and a fast wind was sent in all directions.


Everyone were able to quickly recover from the initial shock of the strong wind hitting them. They turned to face the front and were surprised to see Stacy surrounded by a blue aura. It was glowing as energy flowed around her while the wind blew strongly in the classroom.


“Wow! You were right on! You really are radiating in blue aura!” Belinha said before she and the class clapped their approval at her correct choice of the colour. Then Belinha asked “Why did you choose blue would be it? What was your reasoning behind it?”


Stacy looked towards her and said “My parents would often say that I’m cute and nice, but often impact when things don’t get done quickly. Additionally, I believe I did a few silly things and I keep on doing them which makes it look like I’m reckless.”


As everyone chuckled, Belinha smiled and said “Everyone has gone through that growing phase in their lives and that also includes our parents. So don’t feel ashamed of the past. Embrace it and you will keep getting better!”


“Thank you, miss,” Stacy said with a smile.


Stacy then began to breathe easily and she powered down. Once the glowing light disappeared, she breathed a sigh of relief. Then she walked over to her desk and sat down while breathing quickly to catch her breath. This was because of her nervousness and the sudden loss of energy.


“Alright! Next!” Belinha said and she selected the next student to come up.


Like a repeating cycle, Belinha would select the next student sitting beside the just finished student. When they reached the end of row, she would return her gaze back to the left. Then she would continue the cycle from the next row onward.


Lakshman watched the girls go up and sit down to demonstrate their Power Up. Some of the girls were quite strong and would cause the entire room to get buffeted by really strong winds. This caused many to desperately lean against their desks and put their heads down to defend themselves.


Everyone was having a go at the demonstration which was taking a slow progress. He was not complaining one bit about it because he got to see the kind of auras his classmates had. Most of them radiated in blue or green aura while a few radiated in red aura.


Then it was princess Venezuela’s turn and everyone was eager to see her Elemental Glow.


They were marvelled by how beautiful she appeared as golden aura surrounded her. Due to her beauty, she looked like an angel descended from the skies above to most people.


“I am princess Venezuela Sargold of the Floria Kingdom. I am uncertain, but I believe my aura will be gold.”


With that, she activated Power Up and instantly the wind blew even faster than before. The surge of power around her was immense as compared with those that came before her. Then she began to radiate with energy and she was surrounded by a golden aura.


Looking at her, the girls were stunned into silence. They stared at her with wide eyes and their mouths hanging. Then they began to whisper the same thing amongst each other.


“A-An angel… has come…”


“An angel is standing in front of us…”


“Look at her… She’s an angel…”


“An angel…”




Lakshman heard the girls whispering in awe at the sight of Venezuela surrounded by golden aura. He looked closer and that was when he noticed how the glowing light was casting winged shapes around her.


“Mmm… Looks like an angel to me…” he muttered in a wondering voice.


“What are you thinking? The aura of Angels is white,” he heard the Decisive Player tell him in his mind.


“Really? Why’s that?”


“It’s because the Angel race are the so called Messengers of God and are often referred to purity due to how pure their powers are. You can say the same for their wings since it shows us the kind of Angel they are.”

“Wow…! I wonder if I will get to meet an Angel in the future…” Lakshman thought wishfully.


“Don’t worry. You will meet them when the time is right.”


Lakshman smiled and looked at the princess. He had to admit she really appeared to be an angel due to the golden aura surrounding her. The streaming going out looked like energy wings, but he knew she was not part of the Angel race.


Nearly half-an-hour later, it was finally his turn. The girl sitting at the far end of the row in front of him just returned. Sensing the gaze of his teacher, he looked at her and she smiled at him.


“The last and final, the only boy to make his last entrance. If you could come to the front please,” Belinha asked him politely.


“Uh…” Lakshman moaned as he rose to his feet.


He wondered if the Decisive Player will help, but he no longer sensed him. It looked like he had returned to his deepest part of Lakshman’s mind to watch while resting. This made Lakshman feel a little lonely and an object to be stared at.


While walking to the front, he looked around and noticed all the girls looking at him. Just then, he noticed princess Venezuela smile at him. Then she mouthed the words “Go for it,” before showing him a thumps-up gesture with both of her hands.


Although he was momentarily surprised, he smiled back and nodded in thanks. If her intention was to make him feel confident, then it certainly worked. Lakshman suddenly felt a surge of strong feeling in his hands and legs as he walked to the front of the room.


Once he reached the front and turned around, Belinha smiled at him. Even from sitting there, she could see how strong he appeared beneath the clothes that he wore. Astral Academy did not force students to wear uniforms nor did it give them any. So he was wearing the usual clothes he wore which his mother enlarged due to her Magical Knitting skills.


As all the girls looked at him, Belinha said “Now it’s time to see what the only boy in the class will do. Show us, boy.”


Lakshman found it funny how she called him ‘boy’ even though he understood she used that term because she did not know his name.


He looked at her and nodded before saying “Yes, ma’am.”


He turned to the face his class. The eyes of all girls were on him and they waited expectantly. Many of them still were cautious of him and their thoughts will be confirmed by the colour of his Elemental Glow.


Lakshman smiled confidently and said “Hi, all. My name is Lakshman Chand and I am confident my aura will be red with power!”

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