Energy Theory [End]



“Before I begin, I’d like to say that I’m not boastful, prideful or arrogant. Additionally, I am no loser that many of you might be thinking of me right now. So please… Give me a break, okay.”


The class was stunned by his words and he could see it. Lakshman saw their eyes widen slightly in surprise in reaction to his words. He spoke the truth, but it was also something he wanted the class to know; he was not a pushover.


Belinha looked impressed by his speech. Then she chuckled and said “Alright. You made your point, but can prove it?”


“Excuse me?” Lakshman asked when he turned to face her.


“I don’t know if you realise, but many of the girls here are waiting for you. They will make up their minds by what they see. If you are a lecherous sort of person, your aura will be purple because that is negative thoughts. If you are like that, you never convince them with no amount of words you come up with.”


She gestured towards the class of girls facing the front. Lakshman looked and he saw narrowed eyes and suspicious expressions on their faces. Then he sighed and resolved to the one thing he knew will blow all that away.


“Okay then. I will prove myself with my Power Up and Elemental Glow!” Lakshman said fiercely.


In an instant, he curled his hands into fists and clenched them tightly. As he exerted his power, he gritted his teeth as the wind blew faster and faster around the room. Very soon, the wind was blowing wildly and the students had to desperately hold onto their desks.


As he exerted his power, Lakshman screamed “AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!”


The entire classroom full of students were shocked by the power Lakshman was unleashing. It was much strong and more powerful than princess Venezuela. Even their teacher was staring at him with eyes of disbelief.


Belinha widened her eyes and muttered “No way…!”


“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!” Lakshman screamed with raging power from within.


Suddenly, there was a burst of energy which caused the wind to blow hard. The girls screamed as they felt themselves pushed to the back of the room by the sheer force of the wind and energy.


Next thing they knew, the windows began to rattle before smashing into pieces. The walls began to crack and rubble began to fall to the ground. This created more noise along with the screams of the students.


Far away, in the principal’s office room, Carmela Chaikin was busily working on a pile of paper. She had her hand on her forehead with a dull expression on her face. It looked like she was not enjoying the paper work any better than sitting there all day in front of her desk.


She put away a paper to the side and just about to pick another when she suddenly felt something. There was a sudden surge of energy from somewhere. It was a powerful energy that she had never felt before and it caused her to worry.


“I don’t remember feeling this kind of power before,” she muttered when she ruled out the possibility of it being teachers.


Then something clicked into her mind. On his second day, he had demonstrated how powerful he was by destroying ten King ranked Barrier Spells, a heavy replica statue and the side of an arena. She wondered if this strong power source was coming from him.


“Only one way to check,” she muttered and she closed her eyes to feel the location of the energy source. Then she nodded her head and said “Okay. Warp 3SB!”


In an instant, she was warped out of the seat she was sitting out. Moments later, she warped directly outside the classroom. Her eyes widened at the sudden shock of feeling the strong power. Gritting her teeth and with a determined expression on her face, she walked forward and slid the door open.


When she stepped in, she was startled to see there was dust inside the room. It slowly settled and revealed chairs and desks in disarray. There were students slowly getting up while coughing because of the dust. She was also alarmed to see that the windows were smashed and the glass lying on the ground.


“W-What the hell happened here?!” she demanded in a loud voice.


Just then, the dust cleared at the front and the view became clearer. There was a tall person standing there radiating in red aura with a firm expression on his face. She looked at him and thought “As I thought…! It was you!”


Lakshman radiated in pure red aura which was glowing around him. Then he noticed the principal standing near the entrance and he smiled at her.


“Hello, principal. It’s good to see you,” he said brightly.


“Don’t hello me! Explain yourself!” Carmela said in an annoyed voice. She gestured at the mess and asked “What happened here? Did you attack the class or something?”


“Eh?! No, no! Not at all!” Lakshman said and he quickly waved his hands defensively. Then he gestured towards them and said “I just used Power Up to activate my Elemental Glow and… yeah. Looks like things got messy because I went a little overboard by mistake.”


“A little overboard by mistake? This is no mistake…!” Carmela said and she pointed at the wrecked classroom. Then she walked towards the students and asked “Is everyone alright? Does anyone need medication attention?”


“Not really, no. We are fine thanks to how the desks seemed to land directly in front of us. It was as if the desks were trying to shield us against Lakshman’s mighty power surge!” Belinha said as she rose to her feet and dusted her clothes. Then she looked at Lakshman and said “I didn’t expect you to be so strong!”


Lakshman shrugged his shoulders and said “I did tell you I’m not one who is boastful, prideful or arrogant. At the same time, I think I did a little too much damage… hmm… Let me fix it up.”


“Huh? What are you talking about?” Carmila asked him quizzically.


“I caused the mess so I should clean it up,” Lakshman told her and his energy surged forth.


“Seriously? Don’t say you can fix this level of damage! The wall’s cracked, the windows smashed and the desks are broken. Along with that, there are a lot of girls with wounds not quick enough to escape.”


Lakshman did not say anything. Instead, he just smiled as his energy began to surge around him. Then he stretched his arms out to both ends of the room and said “Reparus.”


In an instant, the broken shards of glass glowed brightly. Then they magically lifted into the air and began to reattach themselves to the window frames. The cracks in the walls began to mend themselves. Even the desks got lifted into the air and flew back to where they stood previously. Once all was done, the room looked like it was back to normal.


He turned his attention to the girls who were wounded. He stretched his right hand out and said “Healing Harmony.”


In an instant, a strange sort of wind began to breeze through the wind. It was smooth, soft and felt nice as it touched the people within the room. As the wind touched the skin where the students were bleeding from, the skin began to mend itself. It regrew the torn skin until there was no blood and the skin looked unharmed.


“There you go. No more injuries,” Lakshman said with a smile on his as he dropped his hands to his side.


He was right. All the damage done was repaired in a matter of seconds. Even the injures the students sustained appeared to have healed without a scar at all. They were astonished by how easily he handled everything and made it look easy.


While they remained silent, Carmila walked up to him. She was looking at him with narrowed eyes full of suspicion. He, on the other hand, was smiling back, but was curious why she was standing so close to him.


“W-Who are you?” she asked him finally.


Lakshman looked surprised by her question. Then his smile widened as he said “I’m a King ranked magician and King ranked swordsman.”




The entire class, full of girls, exclaimed in shock. They could not believe he was a King ranked warrior when they were mostly Sage ranked. The students were aware of the difficult track leading to the King ranked and knew it cannot be achieved through easy means.


“Are you serious?” a student asked him in a voice full of disbelief.


He turned his head to look at her and smiled as he said “I am serious.”


“Then what’s your proof?” she demanded quickly.


“Well… Let’s see. I was trained to master the North Sword Style and Water Sword Style by the Sword King, Darian Ronald. Then I was trained in the hand-to-hand combat by the Money King, Rumb- I mean, Hanuman Monkaggy. On top of that, I was also trained to use various different kinds of skills by the Phoenix Emperor, Felix Phorn and the Death Titan, Sevedant.”


Everyone in the room became silent while staring at him with wide eyes. They could hardly believe that he was trained by the Sword King, Monkey King and the Phoenix Emperor. If that was not enough, the knowledge that the Death Titan, who was ranked the fifth strongest within the Nine Pillars of Power, trained him was utterly shocking.


“The Sword King… The Monkey King… The Phoenix Emperor… And… The Death Titan? What?!” Carmila exclaimed in a voice full of shock.


“If you’re trained by them and are already that strong, then why bother coming here?” Belinha asked curiously.


Lakshman shrugged his shoulders and said “They believed my combat training has finished and it’s time I start my mental training. That’s why Felix got me to join Astra Academy to learn knowledge and various other things.”


“D-Did you just call the Phoenix Emperor b-by his name…?” a student asked and Lakshman nodded at her.


They could not believe it. Everyone around the world referred to Felix Phoron by his rank which also happens to be his title. They did not dare try to get close to him due to how he handles people when they tried to trick him. It was also because of his incredible power that caused people to begin to fear him and began calling him respectfully by his name.


As the silence stretched on, Carmila looked at Lakshman and asked “Wait… Does that mean you’re…?”


Whatever it was she was about to ask got drowned by a loud ringing of bell from outside. It was the bell signalling the end of lesson and Lakshman was quite glad to hear it.


He gestured towards the sound and said “Ah. It’s the bell which means the lesson has ended! See you all in the evening when we have Magic Theory lesson!”


Then he pushed past them and reached the back of the room. Then he slung his bag over his shoulders. Before anyone could say a word, he said “Warp!”


Lakshman waved at them as farewell and he was warped out of the classroom. He left sixteen students in silence, a teacher who was looking impressed and a principal with a suspicious expression on her face.


Later, word spread quickly about the fact that Lakshman was a King ranked warrior. The entire academy was ringing buzzing with excitement as they conversed with each other about it.


“Did you hear?”


“About what?”


“About Lakshman?”


“Oh yeah! He’s a King ranked warrior, right?”


“That’s right! They say he got trained under the Sword King, the Monkey King, the Phoenix Emperor and the Death Titan!”






“That’s amazing!”


“Ah! It’s that kid whom we thought was a lecherous pervert!”


“Oh him? What happened?”


“I heard he demolished an entire classroom!”




“Did he destroy it utterly?”


“I don’t think so, but guess what? He repaired it using King ranked magic techniques!”


“Wow! He’s really amazing!”


“Yeah… I want to meet him…”


“They say he looks pretty handsome and lives alone at the boy’s dormitory.”


“You know we can’t go there… Can we?”


“Who knows, but we should go to see him later.”


“Yeah, later! I really want to know about him!”


“Let’s find out about him!”


“Let’s do it!”


Since then, Lakshman kept running into girls wanting to talk to him. At first, he was okay with it, but soon it became tiresome and he escaped to the shelter of his dormitory.


Due to the same barrier applied over his dormitory, the girls stayed away. Although he was relieved, it still made him feel partially sad because it meant Ondine, Tetra, Emilia and Cantia would cannot visit him.


One time he slept fitfully while dreaming strange and vibrant colours swirling around him. The images of Ondine, Tetra, Emilia and Cantia kept appearing in his mind and they always appeared to be in trouble. He would wake up to find that he was still in his room and realise it was just a bad dream.


Lakshman was not alone in the night. When all the energy crystals go out, the room became dark. That was when a shadowy figure would come out and continuously gaze at the sleeping form of Lakshman. This figure would watch Lakshman silently through white glowing eyes in the dark.


Even while asleep, Lakshman felt its presence, but he always thought it was his imagination. However, one day, he decided to pretend to be asleep so that he can catch whoever it was. So he went to bed in the night three days after struggling to escape from the nonstop questioning girls.


That night, he felt the presence of the figure appear. He knew it was no human because he could not hear the sound of footsteps. Whatever it was, it hovered over him and silently watched him sleeping. It did not know yet that he was pretending to be asleep.


He was waiting for the right timing to capture whatever it was. Then he suddenly wondered if it was just the wind breezing through the windows in the night. He ruled out that possibility because he could not feel the wind in the room at all.


Just then, he felt something touch his cheek. He thought it was the touch of a hand, but it was cold and it caused him to shiver slightly.


Then he heard the voice of a girl sadly say “So young… So handsome… Makes me sad…”


Lakshman was surprised to know that it could speak and was referring to him sadly. Then something watery hit his face and he realised the girl was silently crying while looking at him. He suddenly felt a rush of annoyance because someone was crying while silently looking at him.


He quickly raised his left hand and grabbed the girl’s arm tightly.




The girl, shocked by him suddenly grabbing her arm, let out a girly cry. Lakshman quickly opened his eyes and stared up. He was surprised to find himself staring at the glowing of two dots. It confused him because he certainly could feel the girl’s arm that he tightly gripped.


The next moment, there was blinding flash of light from above. He quickly covered his eyes, but he still tried to look up. Then both of his eyes widened in awe as the light slowly surrounded something above him. Then, as if something was blooming, the light disintegrated into tiny specs and revealed a sliver haired cute looking woman floating above him.


Lakshman stared up at the girl that glowed brightly in the room full of darkness. The girl looked down at him and was as equally amazed as him.


Then Lakshman found his voice and he tentatively asked “W-Who are you…?”


The girl blinked in surprise at his question. She could not believe that he could see her or the fact that she had appeared in her human form. It did not make sense and it made her very curious. She looked down at Lakshman who had an expression of amazement mixed with awe.


Then she remembered him asking her a question. So she gestured at herself with her other hand in response to his question.


“Me?” she asked him. When he nodded his head at her, she smiled and said “I’m Spectra. I’m a ghost.”


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