Deathly Disappearance (Start)



Three years ago, Floria Kingdom came under attack by an invading Demon Army. On that day, the Phoenix Titan was awakened and he defeated the Demon Emperor with astonishing power.


Grobula Demon Clan were the ones invading and they brought spears. These were the replicas of the Legendary Spear of Darkness wielded by the Demon Emperor. The Grobula Demon Clan are virtually a clan that stays in the Demon Continent, but they went on a rampage due to losing control of the power of the spears.


Even before all that, the Floria Kingdom was holding a tournament. It was a tournament called the Battle of Prematria and as held to give away the Legendary Sword of Justice to the strongest warrior. It was a Legendary Weapon originally wielded by the Phoenix Emperor, Felix, but was taken away due to being labelled a traitor by the Phoenix Clan.


The Death Titan had come to watch the battle. No one knew he had used a very powerful Barrier Magic Technique to hide his presence and power. This helped him be able to move around unseen and undetected.


The line was big and large as people pushed each other to try and get to the front. Sevedant, who was standing near the trees, watched as the crowd jostled each other. The crowd finally calmed down when the men arrived to give out tickets. There were also no choice when a few Phintex Rajas made their appearance.


They told one man to get in line and stop pushing. The man unnecessarily took offense at the Phintex Raja’s words and attacked him. It was a foolish move because he was easily ground with a simple tap on the man’s forehead. Then he was take away while Sevedant chuckled due to how funny it was.


“So glad. I’m safe,” Sevedant said as he watched the man get take away by the Phintex Rajas.


Nevertheless, this made Sevedant think “It was the right choice not to get into them.


At that moment, he sensed something soaring through the air towards them. From sensing whom it was, he looked up at the sky. A few seconds later, some appeared as it soared down before landing on its two feet. It was Lakshman appearing as the Sacred Armoured Phoenix Titan.


“Mmm! Impressive,” Sevedant said quietly as he watched him.


Lakshman was an impressive sight with his armour gleaming in the sunlight. Unfortunately, no one noticed his arrival due to how busily they were trying to buy tickets.


“Stupid humans…” Sevedant muttered with his fists clenched.


Sevedant was frustrated at the how stupid the people were. They were more curious about buying the ticket than paying attention to things around them. It made him really want to walk out there and give them a piece of his mind.


At that moment, the Sacred Armoured Phoenix Titan raised his hand and held it in a vertical position. Then he release a slicing energy that soared towards the people and pushed them aside. The people went down like rocks from the sheer force of the energy he had released.


“Wha?!” Sevedant exclaimed in astonishment when he witnessed that.


As the Sacred Armoured Phoenix Titan walked through the crowd, Sevedant was nodding his head at him. He was really impressed at how far Lakshman had come in controlling his powers and suspected him to be close to breaking the second last seal.


He watched as the people withdrew in awe as the Sacred Armoured Phoenix Titan walked through the crowd. Sevedant was quite glad at him for doing what he did. It managed to calm the crowd and make them take notice of his presence.


“Calm… Strong… Good!” Sevedant said as he was happy that Lakshman was not feeling nervous.


It took more than an hour for the crowd to finally allow them to enter the colosseum. Sevedant noticed Darian, Marian Ondine, Tetra and Emilia. He was happy to see them there to cheer on Lakshman, but he also saw someone that stunned him.


At first glance, he could not tell who it was. The person had a cloak draped over their body with red eyes through the uncovered eye space. Sevedant also felt the energy the person was releasing and instantly figured out who he was.


“What the…? Felix? What are you doing? Why are you even here…?” Sevedant muttered in a worried voice.


Without a care in the world, Felix was talking and laughing with Darian. Sevedant wanted to walk over and slap some sense into him, but he resisted. Soon, everyone had gone into the colosseum and this signalled his next move.


Sevedant soared high into the air and hovered the colosseum. It was a large colosseum with the seats crowded with people roaring and cheering. The noise was deafening as Sevedant hovered over colosseum to watch as the tournament got underway.


He was not paying attention to what the announcer was saying because he felt something strange. It was a familiar feeling, but he could not place it right. So he decided to be on guard as he watched the battle get underway.


The people were going wild as the three-hundred warriors began attacking each other. They were making bets and passing gold to one another, but the Death Titan did not care about that. He was closely monitoring only one person among the three-hundred warriors.


“Contyes Lakshman Chand,” Sevedant murmured as he looked at the fighting warriors.


His vision quickly attached itself on the Sacred Armoured Phoenix Titan. This enabled him to set his eyesight on the specified person and watch them for some time. In his case, Sevedant’s eyesight was focused on Lakshman who appeared as the Sacred Armoured Phoenix Titan to public.


Lakshman was fighting many warriors with great skill and techniques. It looked like most of them had gone after him in an effort to use numbers to overpower the Sacred Armoured Phoenix Titan. Unfortunately, the term ‘strength in numbers’ proved false and they were all knocked out of the ring.


Sevedant saw a person covered in a cloak and flying around as she attacked him. It looked like the energy balls she was releasing continued to chase Lakshman around the ring. Unable to deal with them from the ground, Lakshman took to the skies and flew around while attempting to destroy them.


“Nice!” Sevedant said and he wounded impressed when he witnessed Lakshman perform an Infinity Step in mid-air.


Just then, Sevedant felt a savage power from nearby. This savage power was strong and threateningly wild. He deactivated Contyes and turned to look at the source of that wild power. He was astonished to see who it was; Zenahart.


Zenahart fought and defeated many of the warriors that attempted to take him out. It seemed the warriors were divided in taking out the strongest. In the end, all were thrown from the ring which only left the Sacred Armoured Phoenix Titan and Zenahart.


The two warriors faced off each other for a moment before charging at each other. They banged into each other and were blown back and they tried again with their swords only to get blown away again.


Sevedant chuckled and said “Morons…”


Getting frustrated, the two smashed into each other before fighting at incredible speeds. The speed of their footwork, manoeuvring ability and the release of powers was truly amazing.


“Come on… Win…!” Sevedant said with clenched fists as the two slashed at each other and fired energy techniques at one another.


A while later, just as the Sacred Armoured Phoenix Titan delivered a powerful blow to Zenahart, Sevedant felt something strange. He looked over his shoulders and look toward the capital of the kingdom.


There, in the sky, was a large magic circle glowing in purple light. It was glowing brightly as it lit the sky and then slowly move downward.


Sevedant instantly recognised what it and exclaimed “No way… Isn’t that-?!”


At that moment, the crowd suddenly gasped and he turned his attention back to the battle. Sevedant was shocked to see that Lakshman was stabbed by a cowardly act of a defeated Zenahart.


He sensed the sudden increase in Zenahart’s power and correctly guessed that he had used Power Charge. His increase of speed was something Lakshman could not follow and it resulted in him getting stabbed form behind.


“Damn bastard…” Sevedant muttered angrily.


He could clearly see that Zenahart was enjoying the moment as he held the sword stabbing through Lakshman. It seemed that his increase in power also allowed him to bypass the protective barrier around the Phoenix Armour and stab right through him.


“L-Lakshman…” Sevedant said as he saw Lakshman couch and groan painfully. Then he got angry and said “Kill him, Lakshman. Kill him! He’s a waste of life!”


Lakshman did not hear him nor did he respond to those words. He just stood there and groaned painfully with a sword pierced through his armour and body. Sevedant got really frustrated and when Lakshman’s next actions stopped him.


The Sacred Armoured Phoenix Titan pulled out his sword in a flash and cut Zenahart’s blade of where it was stabbing into him. Then he slowly swung around and with great force, cut Zenahart right at the shoulder and diagonally across his body. Blood spurted out as Zenahart fell back with his broken sword.


“Good,” Sevedant said in satisfaction.


He watched Lakshman painfully pull the remaining shard from his body and throw it aside. Then he began to heal himself using Healing Force while Zenahart lay on the ground with his mortally wounded body.


At that moment, Sevedant felt a wicked power soar past him. He was stunned because he did not sense it at all. The person was wearing a cloak covering their entire body as they soared past him. It looked like the cloaked figure did not notice that Sevedant was even there.


The cloaked figure soared through the air landed on top of the central tower without anyone knowing. Everyone, except Sevedant, were focused on the platform where the Sacred Armoured Phoenix Titan stood over the defeated Zenahart. Even the guards missed the strange cloaked figure that randomly appeared standing atop the central tower where the king, queen and princess were sitting under.


Sevedant saw the cloaked figure suddenly smiled as he said “You did well, Zenahart! Be happy your sacrifice was not in vain!”


Then he raised his staff and muttered “Ancient Monster of Destruction, Zoremar, arise!”


His staff began to brightly glow and Sevedant noticed that blue shaped orbs appeared out of the bodies of the knocked out warriors. They soared high into the sky and were absorbed by the staff. The finally blue orb came from Zenahart and it got absorbed into the staff.


Watching the blue orbs fly towards the staff, Sevedant realised what the cloaked figure did.


“T-That’s… Soul Absorption! Which means he is absorbing the souls of the people knocked out!” Sevedant muttered in a shocked voice. He clenched his skeleton hands and angrily said “Dammit! How could I miss this?!”


The final orb got absorbed by the staff and it glowed very brightly. Then the ground began to tremor which soon began to shake violently. Sevedant looked at the ground as he finally realised what the cloaked figure was after.


“So it was to awaken the slumbering giant after all…” he muttered unhappily.


The crowd were getting restless as panic ensued. They were confused and the increase in shaking was causing them to fight to find a way to escape to live.


Just then, the Phintex Rajas appeared and began coordinating the people to escape.


“Good. Felix made his move,” Sevedant said with a nod of satisfaction.


At that moment, Sevedant suddenly sensed the presence of death from behind him. He turned around and looked at the capital only to find smoke rising in the distance. There was so much death and destruction that he could feel all the way from here that shocked him.


“Who…? Who is doing this?!” he demanded in a voice of disbelief.


He could feel an ominous energy surging through the capital. The power, the released energy and how it was being used caused great destruction to the capital.


“What power…! This is… something only a Legendary Weapon would possess, but how…? How do they have a Legendary Weapon or even a replica?” Sevedant asked as he began to speak like everyone else due to shock.


Just then, the ground erupted and something large began appearing. Sevedant quickly turned around and saw that the cloaked figure was still standing at the central tower. His staff had turned to glow in purple light as the monster emerged.


“I know I cannot stop it, but I’ll at least stop him from doing anything more!” Sevedant said in a firm voice.


He rocketed forward and soared straight towards the cloaked figure. The man, behind the cloak covering him, did not notice Sevedant until the last moment. Just as Sevedant reached him, the man widened his eyes in shock. He tried to use his staff, but he did not make it in time.


“Palm Force!” Sevedant shouted when he reached the cloaked man.


In an instant, he grabbed the cloaked man’s face. Then, with incredible force, they shot away into the distance and well away from the colosseum. The man was grunting with pain from the strong grip on his face and the sheer force Sevedant was pushing him back with.


A few seconds later, they soared towards the ground and crashed with heavy impact. This caused both warriors to roll on the ground several times before coming to a stop. Then they slowly rose to their feet while grunting slightly.


Sevedant glared at the cloaked figure and said “You won’t hurt anyone anymore!”


The cloaked man froze when he looked at Sevedant who thought his appearance had caused fear to erupt within that man. Then he was puzzled as the cloaked man began to laugh hysterically. Sevedant was confused as the man continued to laugh hysterically.


“You said the same thing last time, but I’m still here,” the cloaked man said and, for some reason, he sounded cheerful.


In that instant, Sevedant became shocked. He had heard this voice many, many years ago. It was the time when he was chosen to became the Death Titan. He had met this man who was seeking power of the Sacred Spirit, the Death Sword.


“No way…! You… You can’t be…!” Sevedant whispered in a shocked voice.


The cloaked man chuckled and finally removed the cloak off his head to reveal his face. Sevedant was shocked when he looked at who it was. It was the man whom he thought he had killed a long time ago, a man that had nearly come close to killing Sevedant.


The man smiled and said “Long time no see, Sevedant or should I call you Death Titan now?”


Sevedant, in a shocked voice, exclaimed “Demon Dragon King, Razzel!”


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