Deathly Disappearance (End)



Sevedant, in a shocked voice, exclaimed “Demon Dragon King, Razzel!”


The man called Razzel, was smiling at he stared at Sevedant. He had a bald head with a slim body. There were two visible scars running down both side of the man’s eyes.


Sevedant could not believe this man was standing in front of him right there.


“Why are you here? Why are you even alive?! I killed you!” Sevedant shouted at him.


Razzel nodded with a smile and said “Yes, yes. Twenty years ago, I was traveller the world to become really powerful until… I was killed by you!”


Razzel put heavy emphasis on his finishing words and looked very angry.


Sevedant clenched his skeleton hands tightly and said “You… kill my entire clan and even tried to kill me!”


Razzel nodded and said “That’s true. You’re clansmen were annoying me, so I obliterated them. Then you were annoying me so I tried to kill you as well.” Then he sighed and said “But then, that stupid Death Sword came and stabbed into me! Then you activated it and destroyed me!”


Razzel pointed at him and asked “Do you have any idea how painful it was to be killed like that?!”


Sevedant shook his head and said “I don’t know and I don’t care because you deserve what you got! You tried to forcibly take what is not yours and you paid for it with your life!”


Razzel let out a cackle of laughter before he said “Yes, yes, but I’m here and I still want to be powerful!”


Sevedant shook his head sadly and said “Why… Why is it that you, one of the five Dragon Kings that served the Dragon Emperor, would become a demon?!”


“Five Dragon Kings that served the Dragon Emperor? Ha!” Razzel said and he spat on the ground. Then he said “Fire Dragon, Water Dragon, Wind Dragon, Earth Dragon and Darkness Dragon. Out of all of them, I was chosen to become the Darkness Dragon even though I am stronger than the emperor!”


Sevedant looked at him in shock and asked “What?”


“You heard me! I was stronger than the Dragon Emperor, but he was chosen by the Dragon Sword and everyone believed him to be a better person than me! Seriously and that’s why I chose to hunt down and obtain weapons that make his weapon look puny!”


“Because of that selfish reason, you abandoned your role as a Dragon King and walk the path of darkness? Is that why you became a demon with a limitless hunger for power?” Sevedant demanded.


“Oh, believe me. Even before I left the Dragon Clan, I tried to obtain the Dragon Slayer. I thought I could obtain it since the Dragon titan doesn’t really care, but it looked like the sword itself disliked me!” Razzel said and he gritted his teeth in frustration.


“How could you do that?! Why would you try to steal such sacred weapons from really strong warriors?! Where has your pride as a Dragon Warrior gone?! What happened to the proud and might clan that are the Dragon Clan disappeared?”


At those words, Razzel started laughing and said “Oh, believe me. Pride? Warriors? Sacred? What a load of crap! Every time a Dragon Titan is chosen, we send them off into our ruined world so we don’t have to see him! Even though he was the one who saved us, we hate him because we blame him for not saving us in time!”


“So you want me to respect my clan which doesn’t even respect the Dragon Titan?” Razzel shouted at him.


Sevedant could only look at him silently. Then he shook his head and said “You are beyond reason…”


At that moment, there was a violent shock that shook the ground.


“What?!” Sevedant exclaimed and he looked around.


Stumbling slightly, he looked towards the colosseum and saw a giant monster standing.


“Z-Zoremar!” Sevedant exclaimed when he recognised the monster. Then he said “I better take care of it!”


He began quickly walked forward to kick off the ground at it. Then he suddenly hit something invisible and solid. He backed away and walked forward again, but hit the same invisible wall.


“What? A barrier?”


“That’s right. I’m not letting you go out until I collect my data.”


Sevedant looked at Razzel, who was smiling brightly. Then he turned back to see the monster let out a very loud roar.


“You think you’re barrier will stop me, the Death Titan, from leaving?”


Razzel held his hands up and said “If you want to leave, feel free to break free.”


“Fine!” Sevedant said and he turned back face the invisible wall. He raised his skeleton hand and drew it back. Just as he brought it forward, he shouted “Death Fist!”


In an instant, a powerful energy got released from his hand as it slammed into the barrier. For a few seconds, his energised fist clashed with the barrier keeping him there. Then there was a bang and Sevedant was suddenly blasted backward before he crashed on the ground.


“What?!” Sevedant exclaimed as he sat up again.


Razzel chuckled and said “You should’ve realised by now… I’m stronger than I was previously.”


Sevedant quickly got to his feet and faced Razzel before shouting “Let me out!”


Razzel spread his arms out and said “If you’re truly the Death Titan, then defeat me. I’m sure it’ll be an easy task because you’re the Death Titan, right?”


“Fine!” Sevedant shouted and he began to surge with great power while radiating in purple aura.


Razzel laughed and he also began surging with power while radiating in purple aura. Then he pointed at Sevedant and said “My original plan didn’t involve dealing with you, but I’ll be glad to destroy you here and now!”


“In your dreams!” Sevedant yelled at him.


The two warriors squared off each other with intense staring. Then there was a flash of light from behind and that signalled the start of their battle. Sevedant and Razzel rushed at each other before their fists collided. Then they began to fight really fast with fists flying, energy raging and power radiating.


Razzel took an opening and punched Sevedant into the face and sent him flying back. He followed up by firing rapid energy blasts at him.


Sevedant quickly recovered and started diverting the energy blasts with his hands. Once that was over, he put his hands together and fired an energy beam cannon at Razzel. He dodged the beam of energy and released his own at Sevedant.


Like that, the two of them kept firing several energy blasts and beam cannons at each other. The colliding energy attacks caused great clouds of dust to rise into the air, but neither of them cared. They were fighting real hard to kill each other.


Sevedant dodged a beam cannon and rocketed forward. Razzel was surprised as Sevedant delivered a powerful punch to his face, but Razzel quickly grabbed Sevedant and flipped him onto the ground. Sevednat crashed onto the ground, but he still held onto Razzel’s body and he threw him away with a lick to the chest.


Razzel crashed before he quickly recovered to stand straight. Sevedant also jumped to his feet and turned around to face him. Both of them were breathing quickly, but were certainly not done fighting.


“Not bad. You’ve certainly improved from twenty years ago! Last I remember, you were grovelling at my feet!” Razzel shouted before laughing loudly.


Sevedant snorted and said “You’re a fool think I would remain the same! I’m Death Titan, fifth strongest of the Nine Pillars of Power! There is no way you can win against me!”


As if to prove his point, he clapped his hands together and shouted “Hell Fire!”


In an instant, the whole area began to go up in purple flames. The flames erupted out of the ground and surrounded everything. Razzel was shocked as the flames caught him and began to burn him severely. Sevedant, however, was fine as he stood tall and firm.


“Gah…! Not this stupid nonsense again!” Razzel exclaimed loudly as he tried to put out the fire, but it was no good.


“You know the fire won’t go out, even if you pour water on it! It’s Hell Fire! It’ll burn until it burns you to death!” Sevedant informed him.


“I know! I don’t need you to inform me as if I’m new to this!” Razzel yelled and he glared at him fiercely.


Sevedant chuckled, but his red eyes began to gleam brightly as he said “Palm Strike.”


At that moment, his hands also began to glow brightly which surprised Razzel.


“What are you doing?”


“Watch and learn!”


As soon as he finished speaking, he charged straight towards him. Razzel was about to use a technique when the Hell Fire sudden caused him to flinch and distracted him. Sevedant quickly reached him, but Razzel still managed to move his hands to hit him.


Sevedant skilfully used both of his hands to push his hands away. Time seemed to move slowly as Sevedant slowly brought the palm of his skeleton right hand to Razzel’s chest.


He began to deliver eighteen superfast blows by hitting Razzel’s body with the palm of his hand. Then he landed the last blow to the centre of Razzel’s body. For a moment, nothing happened and Razzel thought that was the end of it. Then his eyes widened in shock as he felt a powerful surgical force coursing through his body and the energy erupted out of his back.


“Gah…! Ah…!” Razzel groaned as he backed away.


He spat blood out which was coming out of his wounded body from the previous impact. Then he glared fiercely at Sevedant.


“W-What was that…?”


“I call it the Palm Strike. How did it feel?”


“Yeah… It was good. So tell me… How did it feel for you?”


“Huh?” Sevedant said and he sounded surprised.


The next thing he knew, he felt something painful hit him. He was shocked as he slowly sank to the ground. Then he realised it was the very same attack he had used on Razzel, but he was confused. He used on him so it did not make sense how it had affected him as well.


Razzel laughed and said “Dragon Reflection! The damage taken by the user is doubled and returned to the attacker!”


“I see…” Sevedant said as he understood that his own attack was sent back at him by doubling its power.


At that moment, both of them were shocked when they felt something. It was a sudden release of energy and it was so massive, it caused the clouds above to change shape.


“T-This power…? What is it?” Razzel demanded in a shocked voice with wide eyes.


Sevedant did not speak, but he had a hunch. This power was familiar after feeling it over and over so many times. It made him realise, in satisfaction, that the second seal of the Phoenix Titan was broken. This meant that Lakshman had awakened fifty percent of the full might of the Phoenix Titan.


Just then, they heard a loud painful roar from the monster fighting several kilometres behind them. The two warriors saw Zoremar get sent flying into the air. Then a huge Gada flew high into the air and pierced straight through the monster’s body. Then a large wave of energy was released and it obliterated the body of the monster in mid-air.


“Take that, you stupid monster!” Sevedant said brightly. Then he saw the large form of Rumble walking towards the capital and nodded in satisfaction.


“Well, well, well…! Looks like that thing’s been done for!” Razzel said without the slightest bit of sadness in his voice.


Sevedant turned around and looked at Razzel. For some reason, he did not seem all that sad about the death of a monster he just released.


“Don’t you care about it after releasing it from collecting countless souls?!”


Razzel shrugged his shoulders and said “Like I said, it’s only for my research.”


“What research? What are you trying to do? What requires you to kill so many lives to achieve?”


Razzel laughed and said “You’ll know soon enough. For now, I will take my leave.”


Sevedant was shocked and, at that moment, he felt the presence of the Demon Emperor. It looked like he was fighting against a familiar force which he knew belonged to Felix. Then he sensed that an even more powerful force was headed their way.


Razzel pointed into the distance and said “Can’t you feel that enormous force? It’s more powerful than the two of us combined! If I stick around, I’ll wind up getting killed unnecessarily!”


“You aren’t going to assist the Demon Emperor?”


Razzel chuckled and said “Why should I? I’m not his comrade and he’s certainly not my comrade. We’re just partners in my great scheme to achieve something great!”


“So you think you’ll get away after killing countless lives, reviving an ancient monster with that power and then bringing a demon army to invade the capital?!”


Razzel suddenly smiled and he clapped his hands at Sevedant as if he did something great.


“Well done! Full marks on figuring it out! Yes… I did indeed do that and even sued the mass teleportation spell, Portalisation, to summon all of them here at the same time! After all, the Teleportation Zones are constantly monitored and this would’ve all failed!”


“Damn you… Treating life as if it’s expandable… I can’t believe you’ve sunk so lo—!”


“Yeah, yeah! Say whatever you want, I don’t care!” Razzel said as he cut across Sevedant’s speech. Then he smiled and said “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must leave. I got a lot of things to do now.”


“I’m not letting you escape!” Sevedant shouted and he lunged at him.


Razzel smiled as he coolly put his hand into his pocket and produced a crystal.


Sevedant did not know what that crystal was which was glowing in green light. The next thing he knew, he stopped in mid-flight. He suddenly found himself unable to move his arms or legs. Even his mouth was frozen in place except for his eyes as he stared at Razzel.


Razzel held the crystal near Sevedant’s face and said “This here… is a Time Crystal! It’s been pretty handy in stopping time for about thirty seconds. So you’re totally outmatched by the power of a single crystal. How lame…!”


Razzel was just about to walk away, but he stopped and turned around. He walked to look Sevedant in the face with a serious expression on his face. Then he raised his hand and slapped Sevedant fifteen times across the face on both sides.


Once he was done slapping, Razzel sighed and said “I could’ve killed you right now, but there’s no fun in it. So I’ll settle to slapping you fifteen times. Now so long, Idiot Titan!”


With a laughter, Razzel waved at Sevedant. Next thing, he was surrounded by a white ball of light. It soared into the air and shot off into the distance.


As soon as he was gone, the time freeze was lifted and Sevedant landed on the ground. He was on his knees with his arms shaking. The slaps delivered to his face hurt and it caused him great anger and humiliation.


“GODAMMIT!!!” Sevedant screamed at the top of his lungs.


He raised his clenched fists into the air and slammed them hard onto the ground. There was a sudden flash of light which was followed by a great explosion of power that erupted from where he was. It grew bigger and bigger until it covered the entire forest before destroying everything as a wild force of wind and shock was sent in all directions.

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  1. Nathanha17 on May 15, 2015 at 12:42 pm said:

    That Time Crystal isn’t slightly overpowered at all….. Lol. I wonder if there’s any drawbacks for using such an item, such as a portion of their energy force being permanently removed on each use, etc.

    • Vijay Kakani on May 15, 2015 at 12:47 pm said:

      Time Crystal
      • Permanently removes a portion of the user’s energy force
      • Causes time to stop for about thirty seconds
      • Breaks after a certain amount of uses

  2. Kenken on July 17, 2015 at 1:06 am said:

    I agreed with Death Titan there, Demon Dragon King, Razzel is beyond reason. I guess that mostly the reason why sacred weapons dislike him.

    Oh and let me take a guess…Erm…Razzel is trying to resurrect something or someone really evil and strong…but he can’t yet resurrect it so he is experimenting, like by resurrecting these ancient monster for his plan to work.

    Well he is doing a necromancer stuff and is evil beyond reason so I’m not really surprise if he is planning to resurrect something or someone really evil and strong.

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