Discovery of Plan





“Wow…! You were attacked by the Demon Dragon King, Razzel.” Lakshman said in awe once Sevedant finished telling him what had happened.


Sevedant nodded and then he sighed before saying “Tried to stop. Was no use. Got time frozen.”


“Yeah, but you couldn’t help it when you suddenly used a Time Crystal on you like that. Anyway, he’s probably discarded that crystal already since it’s used up by now.”


“Not necessarily…” Sevedant said slowly.


“Eh?” Lakshman said and he looked surprised.


At that moment, Spectra coughed which caused him to look at her. She had been quiet as Sevedant revealed the past. Now she finally found the good reason to use her mouth again.


“A Time Crystal has the power to time freeze everything around for thirty seconds. They can only be used numerous of times before getting destroyed. Along with that, they permanently remove a portion of the user’s energy force.”


Lakshman was stunned by her words. He looked at her with wide eyes and asked “A Time Crystal removes a portion of your energy permanent? Then how was he able to be as strong as Sevedant when he is the Death Titan?!”


Spectra shrugged her shoulders and shook her head. She did not know and could not answer his question. He turned to look at Sevedant and wondered if he would know. Then he changed his way of thinking when he saw the depressed expression on his face.


“So, after that, you went directly to the Demon Continent to find out about things?” he asked finally.


Sevedant shook his head and said “Not directly. First assisted. You were unconscious. Escorted demon army back. Left things to Felix. Departed for Demon Continent.”


“Okay, but did you find anything while you were there?”




“Really? What is it?”


“Razzel restores removed energy. Uses souls of the dead.”


Lakshman’s eyes widened in shock and he said “What?! He uses the energy of dead souls to… to… restore his removed power?!”


“Despicable…!” Spectra said in a sickened voice.


“Sevedant! How is he doing it?” Lakshman asked him quickly.


“Same as me,” Sevedant said and it confused him.


“Huh? Same as you? What do you mean?”


“My Death Sword, Devastrator. Used technique called Soul Devour. Near the Forest of Fog.”


“Mmm…! Sorry, Sevedant, but my memory’s failing me. It’s been over three years ago so I don’t think I would remember about it.”


Sevedant sighed and said “Soul Devour. Razzel used similar. Soul Absorption. Sucks out the souls.”


Lakshman finally understood and he nodded his head in understanding. So it was basically the soul of the living or the dead was extracted out of the body and sucked into the staff Razzel used. That explained why Lakshman saw blue orbs of light coming out of the bodies of the people.


“Is there a way to stop this?” Lakshman asked, but Sevedant shook his head instead.


“King ranked Magic Spell. Very hard to stop or repel. Souls will get sucked,” Sevedant said sadly.


Lakshman became frustrated and he said “Great…! Just great! We know what technique he uses, but we don’t have any means of stopping it! Damn…!”


For a moment, they went silent as each of them thought about it separately. Lakshman was frustrated that there was no way of stopping that spell from taking souls of the people.


He sighed and asked “At least, did you find out what he’s planning to do?”


To that, Sevedant nodded and said “Yes.”


“What is it?” Lakshman asked instantly.


“Capture Demon Slayer,” Sevedant said in three small words.


For a moment, Lakshman did not quite understand what Sevedant meant by that. Spectra, however, understood and was the first to react in shock.


“You mean… He plans to acquire the Demon Slayer?!” she exclaimed and Sevedant nodded at her. Seeing his nod, she raised her hands and muttered “Oh no…!”


Lakshman, who was still confused, asked “What are you two talking about? Is there something I’m missing that the two of you understand?”


Spectra looked at him impatiently and asked “Lakshman! What is the one thing that rings a bell when you hear the word ‘Demon Slayer’?”


“Eh?” Lakshman said in a surprised voice. Then he said “Let’s see… Demon Slayer… Hmm…”


At that moment, it finally hit him like a hammer. It was so obvious, but he missed it amazed him.


“The two of you are referring to the Sacred Spirit known as the Demon Slayer that’s buried deep beneath the boy’s dormitory?” he asked them finally.


Spectra nodded and said “Naturally! In this world, there is only one word a Demon Slayer would associate with and that’s the Sacred Spirit. For those who hunt down demons and such, they are called the Demon Hunters or Hunters with a respective name at the front.”


“Oh…” Lakshman said and he looked surprised at that. Then he turned to look at Sevedant as he asked “How did you come to know about this?”


“Entered the World of the Demons, Demagrad. Went into the laboratories. Discovered documents on Sacred Spirits. Documents mostly about Demon Slayer and Phoenix Blade.”


“I see. So they were comparing the powers of the two Sacred Spirits from ancient records. That’s how they came to recognise the potential power of the Demon Slayer. Right?”




“I see. It’s good we know what they are after.”


Lakshman was pleased, but Spectra looked worried. In a worried voice, she said “I find it strange that they just left such important documents so openly like that.” Then she looked at Sevedant and asked “Couldn’t this could be a guise to divert our attention from something else?”


Sevedant firmly shook his head and said “Unlikely. Razzel goes after strongest. Never interested in second-rate.”


“Hey! Are you calling Phoenix Blade a second-rate Sacred Spirit?” Lakshman asked indignantly.


“No, but think… He goes only after strongest. Never considers the worth. Never cares for something weaker.”


“So what you’re saying is he’s just a mad scientist bent on obtaining the strongest Sacred Spirit in the world? Why? What does he gain from going to such lengths to do illegal things to obtain that?” Lakshman asked and he sounded totally lost.


Sevedant shrugged his shoulders with no idea, but Spectra had an expression as if she knew what it might be.


“Maybe he’s just desiring a strong Sacred Spirit to show his clan that they were mistaken about him?” she asked hopefully.


“Eh?” Lakshman said with a puzzled expression on his face.


Spectra took a deep breath and said “Within the Dragon Clan, they have five Dragon Kings along with the Dragon Emperor. Take note that they are not the ranks that we are all used to. The Dragon King and Dragon Emperor are titles. I’m sure many of the Dragon Clan are around King ranked.”


“Just what are you getting at, Spectra?” Lakshman asked curiously.


“When the new Dragon Emperor was being selected, I’m sure he was expecting himself to be chosen. Instead, someone else was chosen because they could wield the Dragon Sword which is also a Sacred Spirit. Instead of getting what he wanted, he was given the title of the Dragon King of Darkness.”


“Oh… So he got infuriated about his people choosing someone because of possessing a powerful Sacred Spirit. From that and his boiling hatred towards his clansmen finally made him cross the line and go after strong Sacred Spirits all around the world.”


“Exactly and that lust for power turned him into the Demon Dragon King. He is still part of the Dragon Clan regardless of whether he is related to them or not. Being once part of the Dragon Kings, he should contain vast amount of knowledge of the techniques only taught to those at that rank.”


“So we should expect an extremely powerful warrior that could be on par with the Phoenix Emperor… Dang…” Lakshman said and he sounded unhappy.


At that moment, Sevedant looked at him and said “Include yourself.”


“Eh?! Why me?”


“You should. After all, you are…” Sevedant said without finishing the sentence.


Spectra looked confused, but Lakshman understood what Sevedant was implying.


“Yes, but that’s only with the title. In a contest of power and strength, I’m superior to Felix, but I’m no match when it comes to using skilful techniques. Like how you used that Palm Strike or how Razzel used Dragon Reflection. I’m not as skilful enough to compare with those guys just yet.”


“Honesty. Well thought out,” Sevedant said and he sounded satisfied with Lakshman’s honesty.


Lakshman shrugged his shoulders and said “Earlier, Spectra told me to slow down because she got worried I might start a dust tornado because of how fast I was running. That I’m good at, but in a test of knowledge and wisdom, I will fail miserably. So it is better I don’t lie to myself and then face the painful consequences of making such a foolish decision.”


Sevedant nodded and said “That is true. I understand.”


“Well said,” Spectra said and she winked at him.


Lakshman chuckled at her and said “Thank you.” Then he turned to Sevedant and asked “Did you tell Felix yet?”


“Not yet. Decided to inform you first,” Sevedant instantly replied.


“Oh. That’s okay, but what do you want us to do now? Should I start finding a way to dig ourselves to the bottom level to where the Demon Slayer sealed herself at?”


Spectra looked unhappy and she asked “Why don’t you call her by the name she’s currently got?”


Lakshman quickly looked at her and she was startled to see him looking annoyed.


“No! I don’t want to call her by that ridiculous freaky name! I’m not some sort of evil numbskull that would name a Sacred Spirit Zemitra… uh… whatever the rest of her name is! I’ll just call her Demon Slayer!” he said in a firm voice.


Spectra sighed and said “Alright, alright. So what now?”


Sevedant looked at the two of them and said “For now, act normal. Do not slip. However, be wary. Demon infiltration is possible.”


“Are you saying there might be demons masquerading as humans and it could be someone we already met or know?!” Lakshman asked and he looked shocked.


“Possibly. In any case, be careful. I will be around. Contact immediately if trouble strikes.”


“Contact you? How? I don’t know how to use Amplify Magic Spell to use speak telepathically with anyone.”


“Then learn!” Sevedant said forcefully.


“Okay…” Lakshman said sadly with a sigh.


At that moment, they heard the sound of voices coming from inside of the arena. It looked like someone else has come to perform their morning training at the arena.


Sevedant rose to his feet and said “Be watchful and be careful.”


“Sure,” Lakshman said and he smiled at him.


With a single nod at him, Sevedant kicked off the ground and soared into the air. Lakshman watched him fly into the air and then turn before soaring in that direction. He soon disappeared as a pair of clouds covered his path of flight.

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    story is still good though (except for the names your kinda spamming “ultimate” attacks)

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      He’s grown, but it’s pretty weird with the way he speaks in a conversation… So I do understand what troubles the readers there.

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    I see.. so Razzel is basically a crazy evil beyond reason man who is very obsessed with wanting to obtain a strong sacred spirit…but so far the weapons he try to get all ended up disliking him…so now he new aim is the demon slayer..

    Btw why Death Titan had no reaction at all when he see Spectra? Like..Why there is a ghost with Lucky? Why does the ghost know so much? Who is the ghost?

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